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+24    Introducing QuickerPicker the fun way to improve and maximize your odds of picking that winning lottery ticket on your iPhone. QuickerPicker is an iPhone implementation of your lottery's "QuickPick" feature basically it's just a fancy way of saying it ...    369 kb    Views 1801
+30    Euro Millions 649 Powerball Many more Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Enhanced algorithms Best number generator Use 'Snatch Lotto Win Pro' to generate a wide variety of numbers for your chance to be a multimillionaire Features Enhanced algorithms Best number ...    2 MB    Views 6563


kinds number numbers
+15    From 43 numbers, six pieces are displayed in consideration of the appearance ratio of each number. The calculation method is performed with two kinds of algorithms. Since there are about 6,090,000 kinds of combinations of six numbers, I have not guaranteed success ...    2 MB    Views 1460
+19    Feng Shui (風水) is a 5000year old technology that utilizes the environment to improve various aspects of one's life. It is said that one's health, wealth, and relationships are directly affected by one's immediate surroundings. By gaining knowledge of the ...    1 MB    Views 2730


-1    rand+ is a simple random number generator for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. InApp purchase to Remove Ads, and allow Custom Number ranges. iOS 4+ required    913 kb    Views 8743
Related Apps numbers lottery generator game number based lotto
0    Do not miss your chance Lotto is a randomness based game Lottery is a randomness based game Use ONLY randomly generated numbers to gain higher profit Use Lottery Numbers Generator. Lottery Numbers Generator (Lottomat) is a tool which can be used ...    480 kb    Views 982

Lottery Free

set numbers lottery draws random picks
+9    Helps to find your lottery picks. It draws a set of random numbers out of a given range. Random picks usually lead to higher winnings than the usual birthdays and lucky numbers because fewer players sharing the same set. Can be ...    287 kb    Views 3926
-5    The BEST NEW WAY to stay up to date on the largest multimillion dollar lottery games in the U.S This will be your one touch stop for lottery results, featuring results from both PowerBall and Mega Millions drawings. This app displays ...    3 MB    Views 7627

Lotto Lucky Numbers

lucky numbers lotteries lotto lottery birth millions south euro usa
+4    Lotto Lucky Numbers is an app that allows the generation of exclusive daily lucky numbers to play your favorite lotteries. Free Quick Pick: Get instant lucky numbers for any lottery Personalized Lucky Numbers: Insert your name and birth date to ...    15 MB    Views 3353
+19    Be the lucky one Play 777 Best Lottery Poker Bash 777 Best Lottery Poker Bash is the ultimate poker game for all poker addicts out there Who says you have to have lots of money to play this game? ...    23 MB    Views 9330

CreditCard Expense

card cards credit expense number date
-3    CreditCard Expense is smart tool for keep track of your credit card expenses, especially if you have multiple credit cards from several banks. You can keep cards information such as card number, card type, expiration date, support phone number and ...    2 MB    Views 1511
Related Apps playing piano game block number merge fibonacci
+11    When playing the game, what you should do is just to merge the block in fibonacci order, like 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377 and so on. The game supports GameCenter and the score ...    8 MB    Views 9261
Related Apps merge number block game
+5    When playing the game, what you should do is just to merge the block with number. The game supports GameCenter and the score depends on how reasonable you can merge the block.    10 MB    Views 5474
Related Apps calculator rate easy percent number percentage
+30    This app is an easytouse percentage calculator. You can use it to calculate anything related to percent number, like tips for dinner, tax rate, investment return rate, sale price discount, etc.    12 MB    Views 947

I'm In It

jackpot analyzer lump lottery sum simple mega millions
+29    I'm In It is a super simple Mega Millions and Power Ball jackpot analyzer. It downloads the current jackpot data and shows you an estimated net lump sum and annuity payment based on your location's local taxes. All numbers are estimates. ...    4 MB    Views 7320
Related Apps calculator easy rate percent number percentage
-8    This app is an easytouse percentage calculator. You can use it to calculate anything related to percent number, like tips for dinner, tax rate, investment return rate, sale price discount, etc.    14 MB    Views 1492

EZ Tip Calculator

calculator tip total amount number calculates settings easy
-8    EZ Tip Calculator is an easy to use Tip Calculator. It is fast, clean, intuitive and needs no settings. • Calculates tip amount • Divides tip and total amount among number of people • Calculates total bill • You can pick exact tip, round ...    347 kb    Views 2435

LFM Money

Related Apps money accounts unlimited number easy
+20    SALE: 80% OFF FOR A WEEK ONLY LFM Money is an easy to use personal finance application to simplify your daily expense tracking. Take control of your money and improve the health of your finances. LFM Money unites all your accounts ...    412 kb    Views 6083
+15    Euro Millions 649 Powerball Many more Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 23 famous global lottery settings predefined Finally there is now an app that generates lotto numbers in a fun and exciting way Tired of your local lotto centre picking ...    3 MB    Views 7503
china lotto wizard lotteries draw lottery select united numbers
-2    3Step Lottery Wheeling System Lotto Wizard uses advanced statistical analysis to select the most popular winning patterns consisted of active, average and passive numbers. Our lottery software works with almost all lottotype lotteries that draw 56 numbers out of a ...    4 MB    Views 8335


work pay number year
+25    WageCalc is a Wage/Salary Calculator for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, that calculates your pay per hour and pay per year, depending on your pay frequency. Supported pay frequencies: Yearly Monthly Semimonthly Biweekly Weekly Hourly Set the number of hours you work a day, the number of days ...    2 MB    Views 1967


work number create statistics materials objects
+16    The easiest to use and best statistical software for builders Features: Create an infinite number of objects on which the work is done currently. Creation of working groups, with the ability to get statistics on the number of people in a ...    232 kb    Views 3276

LFM Money Free

Related Apps money free version accounts number easy unlimited
+11    LFM Money Free is an easy to use personal finance application to simplify your daily expense tracking. Take control of your money and improve the health of your finances. LFM Money Free unites all your accounts and transactions in one ...    544 kb    Views 3074


Related Apps account mobile customer display number user
+27    Indian Overseas Bank unveils IOBpassbk on your Mobile. Registered account number and mobile number to be entered by the customer. OTP will be sent to the customer for initial registration. Features include Display of Virtual IOBpassbk for the selected account Easy User interface ...    5 MB    Views 1215

Mock Lottery

-2    Mock Lottery Play your favorite daily lottery games for FREE "We offer the thrill of winning, nothing more nothing less"    2 MB    Views 8890

Banknote or Not?

dollar number united peso banknote check
+10    How do you know if your banknote is genuine? Usually we can check by its security features like ghost image, raised ink and other things it should have. Lets check its serial number and see if it is valid Simply enter the number ...    506 kb    Views 7699
Related Apps calculate percentage fast number
+11    Do you need to calculate Percentage of anything? Fast? This is the tool for you. Easily calculate % of anything. Money, proportions, fractions, sales etc. If there is a 37% sale on item, do you know what the actual price is? This app ...    3 MB    Views 4902
-1    Scratch And Win brings you the full experience of scratching your lottery tickets and feeling the rush and excitement of winning. Play with our Lotto Bucks and see how much you can win. Enjoy 5 different ticket themes all with different ...    25 MB    Views 2574

EU VAT Validator+

number vat europe member state union
+24    This application allows you to verify the validity of a VAT identification number issued by a Europe Union Member State by specifying the VAT number you wish to validate and selecting the Europe Union Member State which allocated the number ...    4 MB    Views 3231

Super 3 & 4

work time pick lottery super win needed don put game
0    Super 3&4 App The SUPER Pick 3&4 Lottery App 'they' Don't Want You to know About... Win Pick 3&4 Lottery The Easiest Way Ever to Win Pick 3&4 Now ANYONE Can Win the Pick 3&4 A powerful Pick 3&4 lottery App proven to work ...    2 MB    Views 4554

Lottery Mills

history facebook pick feature numbers pro digits find lottery draws number draw
-4    Lottery Mills is an app which gives you all you can hope for in a lottery app. You can check lottery results, find frequency & ranks of Pick 3 or Pick 4 digits, get instant notifications when your number comes ...    1 MB    Views 1926
racing horse gamble number lottery random luck draw kind lots good choice
-7    "Good Luck for Gambler" is the general gamble random number lottery application that can draw lots with the random number of every gamble. When I want to cling to something when I do not prove right even if I do it, ...    876 kb    Views 7875
personal lucky numbers india access lotto lottery lotteries birth button
+20    Lottery India Lucky Numbers is an app that allows the generation of custom lucky numbers, based on your name and birth date. Supports India Lotteries: Super Lotto 6/49 Thunder Ball Easy Lotto And many others More than 150 lotteries worldwide ...    15 MB    Views 7322


Related Apps money wallet number mobile account
+21    Vcash Ewallet is an electronic account of which account number is also your mobile number. Money in ewallet is called Vcash (1 Vcash = 1 VND). Vcash Ewallet is an easy, convenient and safe payment service for everyday transaction: transfering, receiving ...    3 MB    Views 8998
poker vip experience lottery grand today fun play game
+4    Experience what it 's like to be a Casino VIP Save all your money for a Vegas trip and still feel like a VIP at a casino Come play New VIP Grand Lottery Poker today and experience the fun ...    25 MB    Views 3684
drawing twitter facebook email history tickets numbers save automatically lottery winning
-2    Features: + No Advertisement + Scan Powerball & Mega Millions lottery tickets unlimited + Pool play with friends + Automatically rollover numbers to upcoming drawing dates to avoid repeatedly manual input + Use calendar to easily navigate through drawing and winnings history + Get notified ...    57 MB    Views 4686

Income Tax Free

Related Apps tax number income support
+8    Calculate the Income Tax and IKA amount for 2011,2010,2009 Support for New and Old employees Calculates discounts according to the number of children Support for variable number of monthly payments per year    5 MB    Views 3960
+1    Be the lucky one Play 777 Best Lottery Poker Bash 777 Best Lottery Poker Bash is the ultimate poker game for all poker addicts out there Who says you have to have lots of money to play this game? ...    23 MB    Views 9414


search 0870 number numbers 0800 0845
+25    Turn expensive UK 0870, 0845, 0800, 0844 numbers into cheaper landline numbers for your mobile. This app lets you search for a replacement direct dial number for 0870, 0845, 0800 which are expensive from mobiles, and often not included in inclusive ...    5 MB    Views 9212

Sales Budget

budget sales enter enterprise simple number
+2    Production and operations of any enterprise greatly depend on sales goals that the enterprise wishes to achieve. Sales Budget is a simple budgeting app so you can plan and structure your sales activities. Generate, organize and itemize sales predictions on ...    10 MB    Views 3924
Related Apps retirement lifestyle easy number
+30    Retirement Easy calculators supports lifestyle and currencies in a number of Hong Kong market. The intuitive interface lets you adjust different financial scenarios and lifestyle variables to calculate your retirement and investment number.    2 MB    Views 7343


numbers lottery systems sum averages number high
+5    LottoMate is average based lottery number generator. Features Instantly generates set of numbers then calculates its averages. You can hold numbers (aka power numbers) up to 3. (number of selections are depends on lottery systems) Filtering : avoid set of numbers ...    4 MB    Views 3670
max number set pick lotto lottery numbers generates
+2    The best app Generates balls to ANY lottery (USA, UK, Canada, Australia...ALL COUNTRIES) "Amazing I won 250 in the first week using this app. It generates all numbers that I need." You can customize it to generate numbers to ANY lottery Just ...    457 kb    Views 4700
Related Apps money number
-5    How Much Money Can You Make? This is a simple game to test your luck. You are given £100 to try and see how much money you can make. All you have to do is match your number with the top ...    2 MB    Views 4228
lottery numbers generator
+25    Penguins bring luck This is a FREE lottery numbers generator for all countrys ( USA, GB,Europe, Australia....). You can customize it to generate numbers to ANY lottery Use A clever Algorithm Crack The Jackpot    3 MB    Views 7068
Related Apps calculator percentage number
+16    Percentage Calculator is tool to calculate percentages. Find the percent of a number Increase a number by a percentage Decrease a number by a percentage    3 MB    Views 7702

Lottery Balls

tickets time lottery numbers lines winning number jackpot
0    When using most lottery number generators (even the national lottery's own lucky dip), they will produce multiple tickets independently of one another. That means if you're buying more than one ticket most of the time you're playing the same number ...    17 MB    Views 1510
iban united number validator republic
+13    Easily and quickly validate any IBAN number, directly from your iPhone/iPad The IBAN (Internation Bank Account Number) Validator is supporting the following countries : Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, ...    369 kb    Views 6176


mobile payments registration operating number
+3    Portmanat is an independent electronic wallet operating in Azerbaijan. It gives a chance for every individual to make their daily micro payments online and/or using their mobile phones. Mobile number is the only requirement for registration; any user owning a ...    15 MB    Views 2136
game 2048 number
+17    Game swipe on the screen to plus number to 2048.    4 MB    Views 7437


vat number
+27    Want to verify a company's VAT number?, with this application, you can get the Name, Address, and registration date of any EU VAT number.    4 MB    Views 827


0    PANCheck allows you to enter a primary account number (PAN) and the app verifies the LUHN10 check digit and tells you whether or not the card number is valid. Aimed at people testing payments systems.    96 kb    Views 6148
lottery results lotteries winning check draw numbers lotto date
0    iLottery is your onestop shop for all your lottery needs, featuring results, info, and tickets for the world’s most popular lotteries we have provided uptotheminute lottery results to millions of uses. Our lottery results are also archived, so if you miss ...    3 MB    Views 3621
software house management numbers purchase lottery data select amount winning results notes
0    New York Lotto Pro House This application is an intelligent lottery software system, maintaining many functions like querying historical lottery results, updating data, and analyzing data etc. Features Predict the next winning numbers; Reduce the purchase of Notes by means of rotation ...    2 MB    Views 515
time lottery numbers lucky generator number lotto international winning choose generate
-9    Do You Want to pick the winning lottery numbers, enjoy the lifestyle that comes with mega millions, to go and get the big win, to get your deserved lucky break. Want to choose your winning numbers but are having trouble ...    949 kb    Views 5769


Related Apps user amount total pay number mobile
+13    FirstSmart Anesthesia Mobile Application provides a mobile app for users to pay their dues by Credit Card. User has to provide his/her account number that is in the statement and the SSN number or DOB. Once these details are provided, ...    11 MB    Views 9253

Bitcoin Value

bitcoins bitcoin rates worth number
+4    A simple, fast and beautiful way to stay on top of your Bitcoin investments. Enter the number of Bitcoins you currently own and have immediate access anytime to see how much they are currently worth. Features conversion between 165+ world currencies ...    6 MB    Views 9887

Contents Net App

Related Apps home contents net replacement user application number
+23    Sum Insured’s Contents Net is a powerful application that enables users to quickly and easily calculate the correct replacement cost of their valuable home contents. Contents Net works by asking the user a number of simple questions such as what rooms ...    8 MB    Views 4401

about split

Related Apps split number
+7    It is a split tool. The number put in 'All' is divided by 'Number'. In addition, there are various usages. Please grope for the usage by yourself.    137 kb    Views 6075
stock taiwan lottery
0    台灣股票抽籤表提供最近可申購抽籤的股票列表。 可設個別股票要賺多少才收到推撥通知 可用臉書登入 下拉銀幕更新 查看當天股價 請加入我的粉絲專頁,任何建議或指教請在上面跟我說。 Taiwan Stock Lottery App provides the latest stock available for drawing in Taiwan. Pull to refresh 資料來源: 台灣證卷交易所 免責聲明: 本程式開發者不對資訊正確性與可信度付任何責任    4 MB    Views 8722
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