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+24    Looking for a simple and accurate mortgage loan calculator? SimpleNexus is your answer. SimpleNexus is a simple mortgage calculator. It's quick and easy to use. Use the app to calculate New Home or Refinance FHA, Conventional, Rural, and VA loans. Enter ...    795 kb    Views 6921
+16    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME To celebrate Christmas and help manage your festive shopping sprees Gorgeous Customizable calculator & includes tip calculator Features unparalleled customisation options, choose from 1,000's of SKIN/GEM/SFX and particle combinations Review, annotate & email or print ...    36 MB    Views 6988
+5    __________________________________________ 'Its Fun, Its Amazing I Love This Beach Run Game Through And Through' 'I Love It When I Was Able To Let The Pirate Jump As High As I Can' 'I Super Enjoy It When I Can Grab All The Coins Along ...    23 MB    Views 7267

Paragon Finance

+6    Paragon use by new, season stock market investor who want to track potential, favorite stock for their portfolio. Most recent, or trending market news and stock information in one centralize app. Great app, start today follow companies you like or ...    2 MB    Views 8464

Summit Mortgage

calculator home love mortgage loan summit accurate calculations easy simple
-3    Welcome to Summit Mortgage Mobile Platform Looking for a simple and accurate mortgage app? Summit Mortgage provides a simple and accurate mortgage app. Summit Mortgage allows you to perform complex mortgage calculations with a simple interface, and accurate results. Now you also have ...    12 MB    Views 6728
-4    Three seconds a bill. Fast, Security and Easy to use is our aim, and iOS notification center widget. Look at other people how to say: ◎ I just downloaded this app and I am so loving it already It seems easy to ...    19 MB    Views 8326
management ipad clock scheduling discount business love time history iphone pos online track employee sales inventory bar
+5    SalesVu is the only iPhone and iPad POS and Kiosk app that addresses all the needs of small and medium businesses – retail, restaurants, bars, breweries, wineries, spas, salons, fitness clubs, and professional services The SalesVu app works in Point of ...    20 MB    Views 5712
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-2    Over a Million satisfied users of our apps "I use this app every single day and is by the the most valuable app on my iPhone 5s." John Fredrick The Easy Spending expense tracker is the most simple and ...    6 MB    Views 8261
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+22    Qapital is the easiest way to use automated small savings to start meeting your financial goals by making your money go further. Set up rules with Qapital and turn almost any activity into a savings trigger. Save alone or invite ...    38 MB    Views 7669

ShoppingList Light

+1    This is the light version of ShoppingList. It is identical to the full version but only allows one list. The most userfriendly and most successful ShoppingList app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 

 Organize your shopping at home. Use ShoppingList as ...    4 MB    Views 6761

Pay Off Debt

money time email love debt pay payment snowball free don
+14    Tired of fighting about money, working for the credit card companies, and feeling stressed out when you buy something? You CAN get out of debt. And Pay Off Debt app can help. You can go from worrying about how to pay ...    4 MB    Views 4006
love discount union credit members rewards find finder
+15    Take Love My Credit Union Rewards with you wherever you go Credit union members can access Love My Credit Union Rewards's exclusive discount offers through this easytouse app. Members can save money from companies like GM, Sprint, TurboTax, and Dell. What the ...    3 MB    Views 985
time management business retail love store free enterprise
+5    Trusted by thousands of retailers, Shopwave is designed to manage and grow your cafe, fast service food & beverage shop, bar, or retail store. As seen in The Guardian, The Telegraph & Retail Week Awarded Best Use Of Technology ...    NAN    Views 2884

Touch Expense Free

love expenses expense daily categories easily custom control touch enjoy
-8    Touch Expense is an easy way to put your daily expenses. Insert and tracking your daily expenses has never been more fun. Enjoy effortless and intuitive expense tracker, and you’ll never dread your daily expense again FEATURES Custom controls Navigate between days easily with ...    6 MB    Views 2960
weight iphone apple love apps tracker home track button
+26    • Apple “New Year, New You” Favorite • Apple App Store Staff Favorite Lumen Trails is an omni tracker. It lets you take notes, make lists and keep track of other things in your life, such as time, workouts, expenses, calories, food, ...    15 MB    Views 1004

CU Finder

love credit union unions finder invest america discounts members
+7    Is there a credit union in your future? Love My CU not only helps you find one near you, but it can also fill you in on exclusive Invest in America discounts for credit union members, give you valuable personal ...    176 kb    Views 8278
apple time love expense category simple tap waste left swipe
+1    Wondering how you can record and manage all the numbers coming out of your pocket on the compact screen of the Apple Watch? With our Xpns app, it has never been easier and more fun • “Simplicity creates beauty”, our timeline screen ...    9 MB    Views 7153
cards card lifestyle love deals promotions collection discounts credit
+24    Cardable is your best option to look for and discover exciting deals from your cards. Featuring a delectable collection of deals from all credit card issuing banks in the city, membership cards from major organisations and more, you'll have a ...    NAN    Views 3862
-8    TOP MOBILE MULTISLOTS EXPERIENCE This free game is fun, exciting and entertaining If you love Las Vegas Casinos, you will love Angry Red Bull Slots Enjoy awesome Bonus Games and FREE COINS Invite your Facebook friends to join you. Top Features • TONS of ...    40 MB    Views 5447
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+5    You can't believe estate agents or ads? Get realAs. Predictions averaging within 5% of sold prices plus reports by buyers like you. Find homes on the web then get the realAs price. Made by buyers, for buyers. Save wasted time, save ...    6 MB    Views 1666

Money Monthly

Related Apps money personal budget love 9733 monthly month easy spending finances transactions perfect
+1    &9733;&9733;&9733;&9733;&9733; "Love this app This is the perfect app for simple tracking of your personal spending. You simply input your total budget for the month, set up categories for your expenses and record your spending each day. The app provides ...    915 kb    Views 8348

I Love Real Estate

love estate real
+16    I Love Real Estate App has many powerful tools such as a Mortgage Calculator, Virtual Tours, Contact Info, Property Searches and much more, all in this free app So even if you're a buyer, a seller or just a real ...    14 MB    Views 2360
job clock work time email ipad home love money add jobs manually data hours
+17    Version 2.0 Available Now Now more handsomer, faster, and even more feature packed than ever (New Invoice Section). Timecard Pro is a multiuse app to keep track of your hours worked and your work schedule. It's great for freelance workers, employers to ...    24 MB    Views 7988
Related Apps people shopping home love games time deals free sales version deal good
+15    Saviry brings you all the best deals on the web People use Saviry to find amazing deals in electronics, discover latest clothing sales and get the best prices for their daily shopping. Saviry helps you save and gives you ideas at ...    13 MB    Views 8910

AFL Betbud

0    Welcome to AFL BetBud Based on years of analysis and precise modelling, AFL BetBud provides detailed quarter by quarter score predictions for EVERY match of EVERY round of the AFL. Want more? We will provide you with what we believe ...    2 MB    Views 4729

Love My C.U.

love credit union unions invest america information financial members
+1    Is there a credit union in your future? Love My CU not only helps you find one near you, but it can also fill you in on exclusive Invest in America discounts for credit union members, give you valuable personal ...    383 kb    Views 751

Apartment Cashflow

apartment love investment work time property cashflow perfect great expense monthly direct helpful
+19    BEST one out there Making investments now became easy because of this app. I can compare monthly cashflow of different properties within the app. Very user friendly. Now I know which property can give me a higher ROI. ...    2 MB    Views 636
-3    If you love your Mint, you're going to love this even more Your Mint Magazine delivered on the Pad This is our finest digital couponing experience. Simply tap to subscribe to your neighborhood Mint, download your first issue and ...    28 MB    Views 3810

My Mtg

home calculator business card virtual love mortgage loan contact calculations simple accurate calculate
+14    Looking for a simple and accurate mortgage app? SimpleNexus provides a simple and accurate mortgage app. SimpleNexus allows you to perform complex mortgage calculations with a simple interface, and accurate results. Now you also have a document scanner at your disposal as ...    13 MB    Views 5767
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0    Pay no fees to buy or sell stock. Invest as little as 10 in any of your favorite brands. LOYAL3 makes it easy to own what you love. Sign up and create an account with LOYAL3 to: Invest: Browse stocks and IPOs ...    9 MB    Views 7799
Related Apps money love time business text send india free service exchange transfer
+22    Welcome to the faster, easier, more affordable way to send money globally. Remitly is the best way to send money to India and the Philippines. Join thousands of happy customers who have already sent millions faster, easier and more affordably. INSTALL THE ...    63 MB    Views 8465

Debt Free!

Related Apps money love time ebook save pay free debt success principles
-4    FEATURED in the "What's Hot" section in the itunes store FEATURED in the Top 100 Finance Apps This Ebook app may be worth a Million Dollars to you Limited Time Offer...We just lowered the price from 4.99 to.... 99 CENTS WHY DOES EVERYONE LOVE ...    3 MB    Views 5418

Money Tunes

money love mind affirmations bad change
+13    Our subconscious mind is able to detect thousands of pieces of information that we are not aware of. For instance, have you ever quietly hummed a melody and minutes later heard a colleague of yours sing the same song? If ...    32 MB    Views 2960
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-1    Save £1,000+ every year on your everyday grocery shopping. Simply download and register, then start saving. Shopitize is a fun and easy way to save money on the brands you love across the biggest UK supermarkets. With Shopitize, you’re not limited ...    NAN    Views 453
money love apple apps iphone calculator budget give expenses easy categories center expense
+8    Three seconds a bill. Fast, Security and Easy to use is our aim, and iOS notification center widget. Look at other people how to say: ◎ I just downloaded this app and I am so loving it already It seems easy to ...    22 MB    Views 3415
apartment love property work investment time cashflow perfect expense great monthly keeping
-1    This Lite version has all of the features of Apartment Cashflow, but only allows you to save a single property. BEST one out there Making investments now became easy because of this app. I can compare monthly cashflow of ...    2 MB    Views 7152
magazine coupons love money email coupon offers free print local
0    If you love your Clipper, you're going to love the MyClipper app even more It's your Clipper delivered on the Pad This is our finest digital couponing experience. Simply tap to subscribe to your neighborhood Clipper Magazine, download your ...    28 MB    Views 2794
-1    Pass subscribe locally. BOSTON ONLY Use Pass to get more of what you love, from the places you love. Pass works with the best local merchants to get their loyal customers more for their money via packages and subscriptions. Buy in ...    9 MB    Views 7229
coupons magazine love time money email free reward offers coupon real local
+2    If you love your Reward Magazine, you're going to love this even more Reward delivered on the Pad. This is our finest digital couponing experience. Simply tap to subscribe to your neighborhood SavvyShopper, download your first issue to enjoy. Lots ...    28 MB    Views 215

xPence Plus

personal love photo currency expenses features data income geo foreign export expense
+6    "xPence Plus [...] gives you a nice picture of what you're spending and on what." APPS OF THE WEEK Personal finances have never been this easy to track Quickly track Expenses and Income with our innovative "Geo Name" feature ...    6 MB    Views 7871
music love game maker sharing making
-7    __________________________________________ 'Share Your Fancy Ice Cream In Cones Or Sandwich Ice Cream' 'Customizing You're Own Dessert Has Never Been This Fun' 'Two ThumbsUp We Love It Very Entertaining' 'I Love Making My Own Ice Cream Sandwich And Sharing It' __________________________________________ Ice Cream Maker is one simple ...    42 MB    Views 4509
Related Apps calculator email time business love iphone paper data cut push tape decimal button nice
-6    Rolled Paper Calculator PRO won the awards every year. 2010 the BEST iPhone App by AppBank 2011 Attract attention App at iPhone Magazine 2012 C|NET JAPAN pick it up for good Business APP And This yaer, we try Flar desghn for the PRO version. We ...    3 MB    Views 5855
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+7    Gorgeous FREE Customizable calculator & includes FREE tip calculator Features unparalleled customisation options, choose from 1,000's of SKIN/GEM/SFX and particle combinations Review, annotate & email or print your calculations to friends, class mates or colleagues Perfect for kids and adults ...    35 MB    Views 8194

Christopher Potter

love university real estate state
-8    Hi everyone A little about me... I graduated from Oaks Christian High School, and then went on to play football and earn a bachelors degree in Business from Boise State University. I met my super Hot wife, Whitney Potter, at ...    16 MB    Views 4095

Magic Future®

magic work age love tools achieve goals www easy actions check habits
+1    Magic Future provides you with education, inspiration and fun online tools in fact everything you need to help you fulfill your potential and be happier After registering with the MagicMobile™ app helps you make plans and achieve more than ...    18 MB    Views 9150

Entbank Mobile

Related Apps banking bills business time mobile pay bank convenience
+13    Enterprise Mobile Banking is a mobile banking application which offers the potential for safe, convenient new ways to carry out financial services, conduct Banking business and pay bills, through your mobile phone any day, any time anywhere without necessarily going ...    3 MB    Views 7675

Essence VS Diesel

love chinese baby time calculator calling application vehicle diesel countries world led call
+6    You are going to buy a brand new vehicle but still don't know what kind of fuel is best ? Do i have to invest in a diesel engine ? Or maybe a gasoline engine would be best for me ? "Gas VS ...    266 kb    Views 3172
camera ipad business iphone love time email software receipts receipt warranty dropbox includes find documents
0    Piikki is an amazing receipt scanner app for your iPhone & iPad. +++ Scan your receipts using the device camera Digitize your receipts right on the spot +++ Connect with Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote Upload your receipts to the ...    24 MB    Views 7280
love christmas lot
-6    Merry Christmas. Send blessings to your friends. Show your love. features: ※※※1.A lot of animation of love ※※※2.Flash light of all kind of love ※※※3.Manual & auto switch mode ※※※4.Cool Calculator ※※※5.A lot of Fluorescent lamp ※※※6.Email your favorite image to your lover it is a convenient tool,wish you like ...    9 MB    Views 1734
calculator work love simple calculate improve data profitability applications
+4    Simple and powerful calculator that will allow you to perform your daily calculations of simple and quick way. • Keys of great size, and their 2 screens with large digits, you will allow to view the cumulative result of your operation, ...    15 MB    Views 8398

Portfolio Armor

investors stock market love finance program portfolio put optimal options tool university financial
-3    Portfolio Armor helps you hedge your stocks and ETFs by showing you the optimal put options to give you the precise level of protection you want at the lowest cost (Portfolio Armor Pro, available as an inapp subscription, also enables ...    1 MB    Views 1144

No Me Paso

time love messages thousands alert sms plan counter single
+10    THOUSANDS OF USERS ARE ALREADY SAVING TIME AND MONEY. AND YOU? THREE BASIC TOOLS IN ONE APP >> What this app can do for you? >> 1. Want fast access to your favorite contacts to make calls or send SMS messages, all with ...    15 MB    Views 9226
frame love frames beautiful 200
-2    Love Frames and Styles helps you create awesome looking love frames with over hundred styles. Your beautiful and sweet memories can be made more wonderful with amazing frame layouts, styles, beautiful fonts, stickers and much more. The only limit is your imagination. ...    64 MB    Views 7613

Empowered Insights

love people personal media center client dreams growing world change
0    Communicating with your trusted advisor has never been easier. We keep you up to date on all tax, accounting, coaching, and advisory info to help you achieve your dreams. You can access all of your daily important login's through our ...    3 MB    Views 4892
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0    Claw your way out of the Rat Race, build your CASHFLOW Empire and claim dominion over the realm (realm being your living room) Based on the original board game proclaimed as “Monopoly on Steroids” by USA Today, learn what it ...    52 MB    Views 5385
time software business management love award small account accounting create accounts
0    More than 40,000 small businesses and freelancers use FreeAgent to manage their accounts. FreeAgent Mobile lets current customers invoice clients and capture expenses on their phone so they can take care of business on the go. This is the first release ...    7 MB    Views 1071

Budget Plus Pro

Related Apps budget search money love transaction pro income category expense report specific date total
+4    Budget Plus Pro is a powerful money tracking app. If you want to track your income and expense, Budget Plus Pro is right for you. You can add many transactions as you want and choose type of your transaction (income/expense). Budget Plus Pro ...    3 MB    Views 2723
Related Apps money budget twitter facebook expenses spending data simple users savings
+19    Money Lover is a powerful yet simple app for managing your personal finance, i.e. your income, cash, spending, expenses, all conveniently from your mobile device. With featurerich Money Lover app, you can easily monitor your spending within your planned budget and ...    22 MB    Views 2413

Cedarcrest Church

love church related great
0    The purpose of Cedarcrest is centered around the great commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all your soul, and with all of your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The ...    11 MB    Views 1623


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+8    Spense. Money. Simplified. You don’t have to make a complicated budget; just set a spending target and easily track it using Spense. No receipts to carry around and you know instantly how much you have left to spend. With Spense Plus, ...    1 MB    Views 8900
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