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Race for the Money

+1    More than 3000 already available in play Over 25 1 races available every day Special 20 races on weekends You are a financial athlete, but do you have the skills needed to beat your friends (or enemies) from around the world at this ...    776 kb    Views 1285
+3    iAuditERM for the iPhone takes auditing risks mobile, right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. ALIGNING WITH CORPORATE OBJECTIVES Optimized performance; create, view and update your audit risk tasks offline. Focusing on key risks that matter. WE ARE HERE TO HELP Documentation ...    629 kb    Views 7531
+4    If you're going to sell your time share in the near future... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read You're About To Learn The Secrets To Selling Your Time Share For The Highest Price Possible, No Matter How ...    772 kb    Views 6054
+19    The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and J. Berg Esenwein The best way to become a confident, effective public speaker, according to the authors of this landmark book, is simply to do it. Practice, practice, practice. And while you're ...    6 MB    Views 1855

Rekoop Time Capture

+13    Rekoop for iPhone and iPad is the ultimate in mobile time capture. Easily capture time on the move from your iPhone or iPad and also view and amend your entire time sheet directly from your device. Rekoop is fully enabled once ...    9 MB    Views 8269

Plan Big Life

+15    Get a plan how to buy something big, what you always dreamed of. Quick start: 1. Add your goal: for example, to buy a car, a new house, or to arrange a wedding, or start a family. Enter the amount of money ...    19 MB    Views 3965

A Squared Advisers

tax business time accounting including squared simple contact lodge quick
+5    A Squared Advisers is an Australian Chartered Accounting firm at the forefront of technology. We simplify your business and accounting matters through using our expertise with this technology. Our app includes the following features to help simplify your accounting and tax: ...    NAN    Views 1872

iDTE 2.0

time entries axiom information data matter user fields
-1    iDTE improves productivity and profitability by providing law firm personnel with a mobile solution to enter and edit critical time information from any location just as they would if they were sitting at their desk. Unlike other time entry applications ...    5 MB    Views 9360
iphone risks controls sap key matter support objectives designed
+1    iAuditKRI for the iPhone takes auditing SAP Risks and Controls like yours mobile, right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. SAP RISKS & CONTROLS ON THE IPHONE Optimized performance; view and update your audit tasks offline. Focusing on key risks ...    663 kb    Views 7294

First Tech

-6    When you've got big things to do, you need to be connected to your finances no matter what. We understand that you're busy. So whether it's in a branch or on your phone, we do whatever we can to make ...    4 MB    Views 5568
matter financial life branch step takes mobile federal
+2    Managing your finances should be easy, no matter if you’re on the steps of the Capitol, traveling crosscountry with friends, or simply heading back home to visit family. With Congressional Federal’s mobile app, you can stay on top of your accounts ...    10 MB    Views 5702
Related Apps money military family financial information
+4    Financial tools and information at your fingertips to help you stay financially fit on the go Money Matters is designed to motivate, educate and support Active Duty and Reserve Army Soldiers and their Families to save and plan for ...    3 MB    Views 942
car people news credit bad buy financing find matter contained
+1    Are you Having Problems With Trying To Buy A Car With Little Or No Credit? Look No Further This Book Explains Just How Easy It Is To Owning That Car You've Always Dreamed Of Having There Are Plenty Of People Out ...    639 kb    Views 1715
business sales matter metrics performance organizations 000 bankers industry
-6    The Sales Metrics That Matter App focuses on the Banking Industry, specifically focusing on developing the next generation of sales intelligence, the metrics that matter and performance management. In 2003, I initiated a seminal research project in which I continuously ...    25 MB    Views 7329
iphone process matter support designed auditing erp
-8    iAuditERP for the iPhone takes auditing ERP systems like yours mobile, right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. AUDITING FOR AUDITORS ON THE IPHONE Optimized performance; view and update your audit tasks offline. Focusing on key objectives and risks that ...    756 kb    Views 660
debt saving wealth financial purchases save matter
+5    Urge is a financial behaviorchanging app that helps you and your family and forego impulse purchases and save for things that really matter: Eliminate debt, pay off bills, credit cards Saving for a vacation Giving money to charity Teaching children ...    2 MB    Views 2814

TSB Mobile

banking web text tsb mobile view account bank matter accounts based
+3    TSB Mobile is a mobile banking solution that enables you to use your iPhone or iPad to access your TSB Online Banking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can view your TSB accounts, transfer between accounts, ...    12 MB    Views 565

ombudsman news

news money financial interested case
-4    ombudsman news is the Financial Ombudsman Service’s regular magazine for people interested in money matters – providing news, case studies, interviews and more from world’s largest financial complaints handlers. ombudsman news brings you every issue from the ombudsman’s 14 year backcatalogue ...    5 MB    Views 9319


+2    Imagine a simple and intuitive CryptoCurrency price app that focused more on price (what you care about) than a million meaningless statistics (that only Warren Buffet needs). Imagine an interface packed with features, but clean and simple. Imagine support for ...    5 MB    Views 3873
expense income application support penny saving feedback categories features
+4    New year new resolution. Get organised in 2015. Track your INCOME and EXPENSE more efficiently with all new and effective app available on store. A feature rich application focused on easy to use and efficiency. Penny matters is expense and saving ...    13 MB    Views 3854
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