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+25    A basic loan calculator to answer the two most common questions when considering a loan. What are the monthly payments for a specific amount? And, how much can I borrow for a given monthly payment. This application is simple, straightforward, and ...    81 kb    Views 2485


+1    Discounts and Sales are good words, but isn't it complicated to calculate the discount percentage, or find out how much money you'll save? Off course you have just to take the original price, multiply the discount and subdivide one hundred, round ...    590 kb    Views 4017

Change in my Pocket

-1    Change in my Pocket is an easy to use application which shows you how much money you could have by your selected target date if you were to save 'x' amount per time period. SOME EXAMPLES OF USE: Calculate how much ...    247 kb    Views 1056

Auto Loan

+4    Whether you are rolling in dough, or you barely have two pennies to rub together, Auto Loan is an immensely useful solution for determining how much a loan will ultimately cost you, and what your monthtomonth cost will be. The ...    159 kb    Views 1665


+7    GLOBAL Net, l'application affacturage réservée aux clients Professionnels et Entreprises de Natixis Factor. Où en est le traitement de ma remise de factures ? Mon virement atil été effectué ? Yatil des litiges sur mon contrat ? Mon client estil toujours ...    5 MB    Views 3886
data entry monthly amortization loan mortgage exact payments
+4    Check out my "plus" app for more features: compare loans, refinance, and other features search for Morgulator+, or "morg" on the app store. • Calculate monthly payments • Add monthly extras such as extra principal, taxes, insurance, HOA and PMI • Amortization ...    218 kb    Views 6191


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-2    Morgulator+ is a handy mortgage payment and amortization calculator featuring both standard and Canadian calculations. • Calculates monthly payments • Calculates accelerated biweekly payments • Calculates interest only payments • Includes monthly extras such extra principal, taxes, insurance, and other costs • Canadian mode supports ...    415 kb    Views 380

Financial Calc

Related Apps payment enter monthly semi annual values interest calculate weekly loan
+5    Calculate any component of a loan including payment, interest rate or loan amount. Choose from monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payment. HOW TO USE: Enter the 3 known values into the appropriate text fields and hit the button of the field that ...    67 kb    Views 387
email vos votre vous portefeuille mon paiement ligne pour
+11    Découvrez Mon Portefeuille, le portefeuille électronique de Hello bank pour payer vos achats en ligne et vos factures simplement et en toute sécurité L’application Mon Portefeuille vous permet de régler, en quelques clics : vos achats sur les sites internet ...    NAN    Views 9374
+25    Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" List Mortgage Calculator Pro is a quick and easy to use calculator for brokers, realtors, and home buyers. Within seconds, you will be able to calculate the monthly payment for a mortgage, car payment, credit ...    872 kb    Views 3123

Carte Cadhoc

carte solde votre mon avec
+14    Carte Cadhoc : Découvrez le solde de votre cartecadeau en un clic Avec l’application carte Cadhoc retrouvez : le solde disponible sur votre cartecadeau la liste des enseignes acceptant votre carte les BonsPlans (offres et réductions) exclusifs toute l’année Avec mon ...    4 MB    Views 3789

My Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator card loan interest monthly payment weekly extra loans rate semi
-7    My Loan Calculator is a powerful calculator for evaluating mortgage loans, car and auto loans, and other types of fixedrate consumer and student loans, as well as credit card debt. The loan calculator tells you the overall interest you'll end ...    134 kb    Views 1029
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+1    PocketMoney gives you the most features, at the least cost, in an effective user interface. Find out why says: "The app is easy to use that in fact, it is fastbecoming my mostused app on my iPad." Need to track ...    9 MB    Views 5810
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+30    "Best App Award" 2013 Readers' Choice "Best iPhone apps" CNN Money Magazine 50 Most Useful iPhone Apps (Best Expenses App) LAPTOP Magazine. "Best iPhone Apps: Office and Personal Productivity" PC World "10 MustSee Finance ...    10 MB    Views 6075


cards business spending category spendings tags show remove month application
+22    A simple application everyone looking for to keep their spendings by Payment Type, Tag and of course by spending category. In addition, it will show you the spending in 'RED' color if the current month spending exceeds the average spending ...    399 kb    Views 2666
det danske mon
+28    Med denne App bliver det lidt lettere at være forsikret hos Danske Forsikring. DIN FORSIKRINGSTELEFON Giver dig de vigtigste telefonnumre Tilkald forskellige former for hjælp på stedet ANMELD SKADE PÅ ET ØJEBLIK Enkle formularer optimeret til mobilen Effektiv måde at anmelde en ...    NAN    Views 5942


money bank piggy change
+14    NEW VERSION UPDATE TO 2.0 Do you know exactly how much change is in your piggy bank? Gone are the days of keeping a complex record of the amount of money in your piggy bank, as with the PiggyBank application on your ...    1 MB    Views 9100

Debt Snowball Pro

Related Apps money apps calculator debt snowball debts goal pro payment payments loans interest
+1    Achieve financial freedom with Debt Snowball Pro This easytouse app helps you eliminate debt using the “debt snowball” method that is taught and endorsed by many financial professionals. Featured in Parade Magazine's Intelligence Report. (April 2012) Featured in iTunes "Top 20 apps ...    28 MB    Views 3384

USAA Mobile

0    USAA mobile gives you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. MANAGE FINANCES — Pay bills, transfer funds, send money, track spending with Money Manager INVESTMENT CENTER – Place trades, get quotes and market news, and perform research DEPOSITMOBILE — Qualifying ...    88 MB    Views 5565
shopping mortgage weekly monthly canada
+20    iMC calculates monthly, biweekly and accelerated biweekly mortgage payments when given a property price, interest rate and amortization term for Canada and US mortgages. Also a monthly payment schedule can be produced with an option to have it be sent ...    109 kb    Views 7221
Related Apps budget calculator entertainment allowance child monthly spend daily weekly
+16    Do you have a budget of what you want to spend a month on entertainment, clothes and going out? Do you pay your child an allowance? Are you keeping track of how much you are giving your child? This simple little calculator ...    136 kb    Views 3654
Related Apps accounts track expenses secure monthly manage financial
+7    Financer is a multifunctional application allowing you to track your spending and manage your bank accounts. As quick and intuitive as a checkbook register, Financer allows you to record all of your deposits and withdrawals. You can also easily track ...    103 kb    Views 768
shopping money time items item list lists purchase date shop sort
-2    Create easily your shopping list and save money and time with EcoShop QUICK ACCESS: Add items using your own predefined lists or using your Mac/PC. More than 300 items are already in. WHICH ITEM IS RUNNING LOW ? ECOSHOP KNOWS... Reuse items for your ...    2 MB    Views 6702


Related Apps budget search money browse facebook iphone expenses easy categories view recurring date day
-2    Featured in "Money Matters" in many European countries Featured in "What's Hot" in many countries around the world BudgetCare in Top 10 iPhone Applications for 2009, by BudgetCare is useful, very simple and easy to use application for tracking ...    1 MB    Views 1961


+8    Buxfer helps you see all your accounts at one place, understand where your money goes, reduce unwanted spending, and save for future goals. ALL ACCOUNTS IN ONE PLACE: Add transactions on the go, even when not connected to the internet. Reconcile ...    2 MB    Views 980


son operation coins
+9    IMoneyBox Here is one tools which is going to allow you to create a moneybox for each of your children, this idea came to me when my son, wanted to buy a toy with the coins of his moneybox, in cash ...    1 MB    Views 5275
calculator home house market mortgage easy monthly calculate entry quick tool
+7    The perfect tool for brokers, realtors, and home hunters alike. Mortgage Calculator is a simple and easy to use mortgage calculator that allows you to quickly and easily compute your monthly payments for any home loan or mortgage. It's everything you ...    10 MB    Views 3814
+6    Now more calculators in one app. The main calculator is still the Money Management Calculator for those that follow a system. But to add value to this app, I added yet another tip calculator, and also an On Sale calculator ...    263 kb    Views 3750


paris votre net les contrat vous mon est application
+26    FACTUREA Net(1), l'application affacturage réservée aux clients Professionnels et Entreprises Caisse d'Epargne FACTUREA(1). Où en est le traitement de ma remise de factures ? Mon virement atil été effectué ? Yatil des litiges sur mon contrat ? Mon client estil toujours ...    5 MB    Views 285

Kosten Check D1

budget bills iphone mobile overview data monthly costs complete contracts sms usage
+14    Are you looking for a simple overseeable cost control to keep an eye on your monthly costs for your TMobile bills? Would you like to graphically view your budget that you have left for the monthly usage? Then CostCheck D1 ...    1 MB    Views 2759

Money Calculator

Related Apps money converter tool calculate
+3    A smart tool running on iPhone & iPod touch to calculate your money and investments.You can easily calculate your deposit or loan interest, car rental cost, tip, stock and gold investment yield. Check out our another powerful AllInOne tool: SmartConverter Then ...    180 kb    Views 4767


management finance personal budget money monitor security spending timely easy
0    moneyStrands Personal Finance management Free and Easy personal finance management (PFM) app from Strands Personal Finance. Access your financial data anytime, anywhere. Monitor your latest transactions. Visually see how you spend your money. Keep an eye on your monthly and annual ...    3 MB    Views 796

Dough Free

bills budget apps finance money email work categories transactions account monthly manage dough accounts months icons
+15    THREE APPS IN ONE: Dough is a threeinone solution for personal finance. Manage your accounts, budgets/reports and bills in the same application. Save time by entering everything once. No need to switch in and out of three apps and learn three user ...    1 MB    Views 6513

Every Nickel

email money nickel categories category total spend expenditure ability add data version
-3    NOTE: We have not been able to make updates to this app for several years. So.. it is not compatible with the later versions of iOS. Some of its features work, but not all. So, we're making it FREE We ...    246 kb    Views 963
Related Apps money news israel indices latest current rates exchange
+6    Israel Money keeps you up to date with the latest economy information from Israel (The Shekel, TASE Indices and News) Israel Money will provide you the latest currency exchange rates of the Israeli new shekels. You can see how much the ...    2 MB    Views 9005

LunchMath Tips

tax card person calculator people drink money iphone tip amount meal enter total bill
-4    WORKS WITH iOS7 (including iPhone 5S) LunchMath is a unique tip calculator program. It gives you more flexibility than any other tip calculator we've seen You, Suzy, Sarah, and Renee went to lunch. Suzy just had a salad for 3.95. Sarah and ...    349 kb    Views 8461
Related Apps home loan mortgage month current accounts
0    This is a handy tool for anyone that is in the market for a home, or wants to see exactly what principle vs. interest in their current loan. Just enter some information about your potential home and with one click see ...    215 kb    Views 5434
-3    Special offer for you this week. Expenses app costs only 1.99. Don't miss this limited offer and buy it right now Expenses app is unique money tracking tool in App Store. It offers beautiful and easy to use user interface, ...    1 MB    Views 4476

Mint Bills & Money

bills apps money security 2012 finance time card personal cards mint bill pay credit bank
+4    Mint Bills (formerly Check) is from Intuit, the creators of Turbo Tax, Quickbooks, Mint, and Quicken. Mint Bills is an awardwinning app that stays on top of your bills and money for you. Just set it up once and the ...    30 MB    Views 6092


money budget spending set day
+2    If you're trying to stay on top of your finances by sticking to a budget, it's a good idea to keep a record of everything you spend but it can be hard work writing it all down in a ...    NAN    Views 397


budget track
-4    MoneyChest is a very simple an easy to use budget tracking application. Have you ever wondered if you have spent too much money? Should you go out to dinner, buy that new gadget or shoes? With our busy lives is ...    81 kb    Views 3912
government news business money tax spending programs bank treasury created articles
-2    In 2008, the world economy entered what may be its worst period since the Great Depression of the 1930's. The government of the United States has responded by creating myriad programs (via direct spending, the Department of the Treasury, and ...    450 kb    Views 3152
det mon
-4    Med denne App bliver det lidt lettere at være forsikret hos Topdanmark. DIN FORSIKRINGSTELEFON Giver dig de vigtigste telefonnumre Tilkald forskellige former for hjælp på stedet ANMELD SKADE PÅ ET ØJEBLIK Enkle formularer optimeret til mobilen Effektiv måde at anmelde en skade ...    NAN    Views 5047
Related Apps money budget cards security apps iphone card apple personal bills mint spending credit bill account accounts saving
+8    From Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint Bills, and Quicken: The free Mint app helps you spend smarter and save more. Easily pull all your accounts, cards and investments into one place so you can track your spending, create ...    27 MB    Views 8550


time money personal calculator car program save savings put piggy bank
+7    Have you ever wanted to save your money for a particular item a little bit at a time? Now you can keep track of all your savings, goals, budgets, and finances in one useful program. Every time that you want ...    615 kb    Views 1945
net mon montant vous
-8    Mon Salaire Brut Net vous permet de calculer facilement un salaire net à partir d'un montant brut et inversement. Il vous donne le salaire horaire, mensuel et annuel. Le nombre d'heures hebdomadaire et le pourcentage de charges sont modifiables. Calculez dès ...    243 kb    Views 9411
news stock rss ipad iphone websites finance money time investment information top feeds feed
-7    New Version Now with cloud sync between iPhone, iPad & Mac → More new features... → StockSpy keeps getting more awesome with FREE upgrades StockSpy... ►Featured by Apple in Finance New & Noteworthy ►Featured in the “Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies” book ...    6 MB    Views 2304
email money cards iphone time home virtual search transactions paypal accounts account summary services customer send
-1    MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS support, OFFLINE preview and reporting, CREDIT CARDS TERMINAL, SUMMARY reports by currencies, realtime EXCHANGE RATES People say that big things come in small packages. PayMobile for iPhone, bundles all of your PayPal accounts and transactions into one small package that ...    2 MB    Views 3119
tracker finance calendar year rate month bonds treasury mortgage libor interest rates swap
-5    Interest Rate Tracker Pro is an application which gives you a quick view of the latest key interest rates and a calendar of the day's economic indicators. These can help you if you are in the finance industry (a trader, ...    4 MB    Views 6162
Related Apps calculator interest savings tool compound monthly year frequency
+10    This compound interest calculator can help you determine how much your current saving plan will be worth at any year in the future. Use this tool for retirement planning, kids college savings, or other savings account. This tool will allow you ...    437 kb    Views 6934
shopping money time items list item lists sort shop date
-7    LITE VERSION The shopping lists are limited to 5 items. Create easily your shopping list and save money and time with EcoShop QUICK ACCESS: Add items on your iPhone using your predefined lists and copy functions or using your Mac/PC. More than 300 items ...    2 MB    Views 6449
Related Apps iphone apps personal budget photo money finance search productivity email expense data monthly expenses
+23    "Best App Award" 2013 Readers' Choice "Best iPhone apps" CNN Money Magazine 50 Most Useful iPhone Apps (Best Expenses App) LAPTOP Magazine. "Best iPhone Apps: Office and Personal Productivity" PC World "10 MustSee Finance ...    8 MB    Views 7174

Budget App

Related Apps money budget monitor limited limit application change
+23    Stay in control and monitor your daily, weekly or monthly spendings with the help of this budget tracker application. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget ...    305 kb    Views 6862
Related Apps iphone money transactions sync charts track data currency credit budgets
+28    Manage your money anytime, anywhere. Enter and categorize transactions on the go. Create budgets and then track and analyze your spending with customizable reports and charts. Sync wirelessly with your PC or Mac to stay on top of your finances ...    3 MB    Views 5434
shopping calculator money apple square cubic price prices easy unit
+19    Featured in the Apple & ATT printadcampaign "Helping you stretch your budget, one app at a time." in newspapers like USA TODAY or the New York Times and in Apple's "WHAT'S HOT" section. CompareMe helps you to save money by comparison ...    6 MB    Views 4524
Related Apps calculator money email car time loan save monthly quick loans
+14    The original and 1 loan calculator in the App Store Save yourself time and money (potentially even thousands of dollars) using the What If Loan Calculator. In seconds you'll be able to calculate the monthly payment for any fixed rate loan, ...    3 MB    Views 383

Lemon Way Africa

mobile est mon compte paiement
-4    Le paiement mobile est sécurisé : 1 j'alimente mon compte avec ma carte bancaire 2 j’envoie de l’argent à mes contacts sur leur téléphone mobile : c’est le paiement mobile – Je paye les associations d’entraide alimentaire 3 je solde mon compte en ...    11 MB    Views 4149

Mortgage Calculator

Related Apps calculator home mortgage loan buyer monthly interest payments
+2    This professional mortgage calculator allows you to calculate monthly payments of a home mortgage loan based on the home's sale price, the term of the loan desired, buyer's down payment percentage, and the loan's fixed interest rate. A complete amortization ...    62 kb    Views 8211


tax rent monthly term cost payment total loan interest
-5    2FEB2009: Version 2.0 now with a redemption plan This programm implements the annuity loan model which is the common real estate loan type in germany and other countries. With 'Loan' you get a fast, easy and complete tool for answering the questions ...    135 kb    Views 6257

Finance Formulator

finance stock money car investment business program sales ratio cash ratios price formulas debt analysis cost
-5    120 different formulas make our FINANCE FORMULATOR perfect for you. Whether you are someone who works fulltime in finance, a business student or a businessman, this simple program will be an important tool for you. You can save formula results ...    58 MB    Views 4640
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