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Pay Check HD

+4    This utility calculates US Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes during calendar year 2015. It allows for setting the Social Security rate to zero after a maximum salary of 118,500 is reached. If federal withholding or tax rates change ...    3 MB    Views 3128


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0    LuxTaxes allows you to calculate, based on the tax rates applicable since the 1st of January 2011 respectively the 1st of January 2013 in Luxembourg, the income tax as well as the salary and pensions withholding taxes: the annual income ...    454 kb    Views 5166
tax canadian calculations salary income
0    An easy to use app to calculate your 'after tax' salary based on 2013 Canadian income tax laws. Use this app to get general info about how much will you earn after tax from your net pay. It includes Quebec ...    17 MB    Views 7806
+3    The salary calculator app for finding out your true salary after tax and deductions (now includes 20152016 salary calculations). Input your gross wage and let the app calculate your tax, deductions and allowances on your salary. The results can be ...    10 MB    Views 7665

Budget Salary

+11    Budget Salary its very comfortable application for fast control of your money. The capabilities of Budget Salary is: salary accounting costs accounting fast add salary/costs categories of costs reports of costs and salary option password for secret detail statistic month ...    2 MB    Views 6755

Salary Negociator

+1    Salary NegoCiator Iphone version for individuals  salary calculator for parttime and fixed income, works for every country and currency, languages: English and French Include vacations and holidays in the calculations Helps you visualize changes in wages by the number of hours, ...    8 MB    Views 7947
+4    Lön & Lån is the multifunction finance tool that helps you calculate: Percent, salary after tax and employer payment, apartment/house loan or any kind of loan. Main features: Percent calculator: + Automatic calculate as you type or change any field. + Support ...    580 kb    Views 6475


+11    Do you want to keep track on your salary? Do you have an hourly wage? Have you ever felt unmotivated at work? We have the solution for you Applications: Adjust your payment amount and type (hourly wage, holiday compensation, inconvenient time compensation, ...    1 MB    Views 1137

Global Net

cajeros global net
+5    Bienvenido a Global Net, la red de cajeros más grande del Perú. Ahora podrás saber que tan cerca tienes a nuestros Cajeros, Monederos y Cajeros Plus con sólo tocar este botón. Agradecemos tu preferencia.    8 MB    Views 8671

S-net Mobile

-8    Snet Mobile, the Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg (BCEE)’s free mobile banking app allows you to: • view the transactions on your accounts and credit cards, • execute payments (Eurotransferts), • send secure messages to the BCEE and access your received ...    37 MB    Views 650


government public salaries employees salary sector big
+12    Big Earners is the only App whose main goal is to make public the salaries of all Government employees who earn more than 100,000. Version 1.1 has Ontario's 2010 (2011 is coming shortly) Public Sector Salary Disclosure data along with ...    3 MB    Views 493

Salary Calculator

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+2    Salary calculator, know net income after tax. Support Apple Watch    594 kb    Views 6000
net www ios
-8    [새로운 기능] 페이톡 iOS 버전 애플리케이션이 출시되었습니다. 본 애플리케이션을 통해 결제내역 및 포인트 조회, 회원가입 및 정보 변경이 가능합니다. 본 애플리케이션을 통해 결제는 불가능하며, 결제에 사용할 수 있는 바코드 생성만 가능합니다. 본 애플리케이션은 페이톡 회원으로 가입하신 분만 이용할 수 있습니다. _________________________ [Description] 일반폰, ...    NAN    Views 9488
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-6    Updated with the latest 2015 Tax Rates KONNEKT Malta Tax Calculator allows users to calculate their net salary, income tax and social security contributions by inputting their gross salary and any additional cash benefits. This app uses the latest data from ...    872 kb    Views 3147
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-2    UK REAL SALARY CALCULATOR 2015/16 What do you really earn each year? Easily calculate your real takehome salary for the NEW 2015/16 tax year Calculation accounts for: • Annual gross salary • Basic, Higher and Additional tax brackets • National Insurance • Student loan repayments • Private pension ...    NAN    Views 8140
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+2    Time for those who work, parttimer is counting app salary in time irregular. And the total amount of time worked, can be calculated by a simple operation is the amount of salary. Feature of this application is as follows. The hourly rate ...    3 MB    Views 5362

Income Calc NZ

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+7    Now updated for the 2015 financial year Income Calc – An allinclusive Income Tax Calculator “Tax is Complicated, using apps is not” As tax time quickly approaches wouldn't it be nice to know how much tax you will need to pay? The Income ...    NAN    Views 5788


salary offered
+7    Cartoon characters setup the scenario for a salary negotiation. The user is asked to answer a question to segue into negotiation styles. Ten short tips, illustrated with colorful sketches, are offered for negotiating salary, promotion, etc. A calculator sums up the ...    2 MB    Views 2564


-2    Browse in quotations, market news and financial news of the biggest markets in Switzerland, Europe and North America with the moneynet Trading iPhone App. myTrading You can use your virtual portfolio, watchlist and the SMS service for limits after a onetime, free ...    999 kb    Views 245

Pay Check

social security check pay wages 2015 salary hourly withholding federal
+27    This utility calculates US Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes during calendar year 2015. It allows for setting the Social Security rate to zero after a maximum salary of 118,500 is reached. If federal withholding or tax rates change ...    3 MB    Views 6928
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0    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Ever wondered how much you've earned during an exact period of time? With Time & Money Converter GOLD, you can easily calculate the sum you got on specific days and within certain time frames. It's also easy ...    44 MB    Views 6599


npv cash net irr
+2    Calculate the Net present value (NPV) and Internal rate of return (IRR) of your finances in seconds Up to ten periods with cash flows and discount rates and one cash outflow. Comments? Contact to npvirr (arroba)    154 kb    Views 9377

Virtual Terminal

virtual authorize net lock terminal
+9    Virtual Terminal allows you to charge credit cards through You must have a merchant account with to use this app. Your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Transaction Key are stored using the Apple Keychain, which provides encryption and ...    255 kb    Views 9523

MySalary Israel

days salary
-5    A salary viewer application with ability to view the free days, sickness days and more private details of the salary.    9 MB    Views 8049


-5    Advantage Salary Packaging service over 350 NFP organisations and administer the salary packages for more than 50,000 employees. We are the 3rd largest provider in Australia and employee over 35 staff across our salary packaging and car leasing divisions.    26 MB    Views 491
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0    Would you like to know your net monthly salary for a determinated gross annual salary? Are you negotiating your salary and do not know how much gross salary to request? In this great application you may know what salary you will ...    491 kb    Views 7510
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0    The world of Selectus salary packaging awaits. Discover our latest packaging calculator and tools to make an informed decision. As a prospective salary packager, you will be introduced to our latest packaging calculator, giving you the figures for salary packaging a ...    15 MB    Views 7074


-8    Ever wondered where on earth all your salary went last month? (I know I do every month). £35.00 on dinner. £12.00 on a bottle of wine. £22.49 catching a movie. (That movie really wasn't worth it, was it?) All those little ...    1 MB    Views 378
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+5    Quick and easy income tax and salary calculator to work out tax, national insurance and your net income. You can also calculate childcare vouchers, pension contributions and student loan repayments.    NAN    Views 9296
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-4    App to calculate your 'after tax' annual salary based on New Zealand tax rates from April 2012. Install this app to be able to calculate your earnings after paying taxes right from your pocket This app uses New Zealand current ...    17 MB    Views 6554

Open The Books

government search federal employees illinois location transparency spending salary
+5    Search the United States Government checkbook since the year 2000. 31 Trillion in spending. The app also contains five year salary histories for 2.2 million federal employees and the last four years of all farm subsidies. Hyperlocalize all federal spending by ...    5 MB    Views 9631

Tax Compare

tax work casual 2012 income compare rates pay week scenarios salary overtime
-4    Featured by Apple in 'What's Hot' Calculations for 20112012 and 20122013 Financial Year Quickly compare how much tax you will pay and your take home pay for multiple scenarios. Example scenarios ☞How much will I benefit with a 5% pay ...    NAN    Views 8957
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+4    Ever wondered how much you've earned during an exact period of time? With Time & Money Converter, you can easily calculate the sum you got on specific days and within certain time frames. It's also easy to find out how ...    49 MB    Views 6591
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+22    Calculate you Australian income tax from your annual salary A nice and easy way to calculate what you will be paying from your wage in Australian dollars. Includes Medical levy, Low Income Tax Offset and is updated with 20122013 tax ...    16 MB    Views 3346


salary based calculation calculations taxes individual calculate amount deductions
+29    Maskorot application helps you to calculate salary amount based on various taxes and deductions. Just choose one of the available calculation methods, input the salary amount and in a moment our app will show which taxes has to be paid. Calculation ...    5 MB    Views 1102
tax pay compute support salary insurance click city easy incoming
+5    with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Select city and compute insurance automatically Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 3500 RMB Support new 7 levels ...    2 MB    Views 6284
job salary estimates post specific paid receive title company
+13    Are you underpaid? Use Schotzy to find out With Schotzy you'll be able to see others' salary specifics anonymously. Estimate their salary and you'll see what they are getting paid. The more salary estimates you give, the more you receive. The ...    3 MB    Views 3052
0    Net earnings calculator for the Dutch employee. Do you want to know what net amount remains from a gross salary? Then this application is the answer. Calculates instantly the net amount given a gross salary or the gross salary given a certain ...    459 kb    Views 1586

CDB Salary Manager

salary income day manage manager
0    Discover the easiest way to manage your salary/ income with the new CDB Salary Manager App. This application allows you to manage your monthly cash flow to meet your personal goals. Features: 1. Record income & expense easily 2. Receive notifications 3. Calendar view to check daytoday transactions ...    8 MB    Views 6558
salary taxes
-5    With this application you will find it very easy to calculate your net salary in Spain after paying taxes and the social security. It is up to date to the current year taxes. You will be able to: Know what you ...    462 kb    Views 5484

Tax Estimator

tax casual income rates workers based salary levy medicare week
+8    Updated for 20122013 Financial Year This tool helps you to quickly estimate your annual tax and take home pay based on your income. Specially designed for contractors or casual workers who are paid hourly or daily rates. Also caters for ...    NAN    Views 5029
celebrity worth net
+22 was founded in October 2008 in Los Angeles California, and has since grown to become one of the most popular and influential celebrity finance outlets on the Internet. Whether you're looking for the latest net worth and salary of ...    6 MB    Views 6181
time iphone money income averages salary period supported calculators
-6    The Income Calculator is a helpful and useful set of tools for computing income, percents, averages, salary, tips, and distances. Included are both left and righthanded versions of the number averages. Calculators:
 Salary Income Annual Income Money Collection Percentages Averages Distances (Small, ...    2 MB    Views 2649


salary direct reverse
+17    Not so simple to calculate a percentage direct and reverse especially with his iPhone SpeedPercent is THE solution % Direct: I give you x% off Your rent will be revalued by x% What will be my net salary (payroll deducted). % Reverse: ...    6 MB    Views 4048
salary gross net calculate modify hourly contributions income
+5    "Salary Net / Gross" allows you to easily calculate your income from net to gross and from gross to net. Calculations are made with approximation method based on percent wich can be modified according to your company contributions. App features : calculate ...    2 MB    Views 3467

UK Salary & Tax

Related Apps tax salary analyse salaries view national insurance income
+1    UK Salary & Tax is an easy to use Take Home Pay, Salary and Paye Income Tax calculator for those that are salaried in the United Kingdom. Using official HMRC inland revenue data, it can provide you with a guide of ...    242 kb    Views 2646


calculator salary gross care net
+11    Cel mai bun Calculator Salariu: Singurul care arată ct de mult puteţi cştiga la o marire de salariu Verifica rapid ct de mult ai cştiga pe oră, săptămnă, un an Cumpara acum acest calculator bine concepute şi practică, care este absolut, ...    NAN    Views 983
tax calculator net income calculate salary 2015
+13    This simple tax calculator can be used to calculate your net income and tax from your salary. This tool is used to calculate your net income in 2015 to 2016 financial year.    397 kb    Views 4690
tax support pay salary easy net incoming input data button
-1    The most cool backboard style calculator, New tax rate support with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 3500 ...    6 MB    Views 2954
time money vacation converter earn easily salary frames week days earnings
-2    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Ever wondered how much you've earned during an exact period of time? With Time & Money Converter, you can easily calculate the sum you got on specific days and within certain time frames. It's also easy to ...    43 MB    Views 5800
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+16    Inverse Tax Calculator, easiest to use, only need one input Just input salary, inverse compute automatically, tell all of the information with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Support the new tax rate that ...    973 kb    Views 4438
tax ipad support pay compute salary insurance click city number input
-4    中国区免费工具类榜第2名 with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Select city and compute insurance automatically Support the new tax rate that passed on June 30, 2011. Support new exemption 3500 RMB Support new ...    934 kb    Views 3843

[email protected]

0    NetPay = Belgian salary calculator gross to net salary. The results are only provided for information.    142 kb    Views 7393
iphone rate weekly monthly hourly helper tool salary fix
+12    MySalary will let you convert from / to any pay rate (hourly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, twicemonthly, and yearly); for example from hourly rate to yearly rate; or to any other rate: weekly, biWeekly, Monthly. MySalary is a great tool for deciding ...    145 kb    Views 7335

Salary Ticker

money salary ticker
+8    Salary Ticker shows you your income. You want to know how much money you make in your sleep? Or do you just want to watch your money increase each second? With this app, you also have the direct comparison: Do you spend more ...    3 MB    Views 7748
person job salaries guide salary offices 000 asia pacific
+30    The annual Hays Salary Guide remains the definitive snapshot of salaries and employment market trends across Asia Pacific. Here's your chance to find out exactly what is happening to salaries in your sector. What are you worth? Our Hays Salary Guide ...    2 MB    Views 5187


packaging salary application free experience fast
+9    Experience the Eziway with fast, free information on the go with the all new My Eziway Application For Licensee. Our valued EZIWAY clients can now experience real time reporting and convenience to access salary packaging account statements, balances, update odometer ...    946 kb    Views 6315

Salary Calculator

english german salary
+11    German: Gehaltsrechner für Freiberufler: Mit diesem Rechner bekommt man schnell einen Überblick seiner abzurechnenden Dienstleistung. Neue Funktionen: Variabler Steuersatz mehrsprachig (Englisch / Deutsch) letzte Einstellung wird gespeichert und beim Start geladen English: With this little Tool every freelancer could calculate his salary forecast for the ...    345 kb    Views 1381


tax user local salary pay updates calculation
+23    This app is allows you to calculate your takehome pay and how much income tax you are paying. Currently, it only supports the Australian tax system however the are plans of making this support others. Calculations include: HELP calculation Local Resident ...    213 kb    Views 4988

Salary Counter

money time counter salary wage start earned
+5    With the Salary Counter app you can always see how much you've been commendable. Just enter your hourly wage, then start the counter and the app shows you how much your wage rises every second. However, this app is also very ...    3 MB    Views 6474
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