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+6    CEPTETEB şimdi de iPad’de Üstelik Dünya’da ilk defa ATM’den QR kod ile kartsız para çekme özelliği ve Çizerek PIN girme özelliği Türkiye’de ilk defa CEPTETEB’de. CEBTETEB iPad uygulaması ile bankacılık işlemlerinizi her an, her yerden, hızlı, pratik ve güvenli bir şekilde ücretsiz ...    NAN    Views 9041

Cash Scanner

+2    Cash Scanner helps you determine whether your dollar and euro notes are authentic. Cash Scanner checks security features on dollar bills and euro notes, and serial numbers on euro notes. Just follow the easytouse instructions and authenticate your currency. Currently only supporting USD ...    18 MB    Views 4987

Expense Account

+29    An App Store What's hot in Finance Category "With ‘Expense Account’ you can quickly save expense information quickly and adjust and add details at a later time if necessary. You can sort your expenses into categories, different formats and currencies, create ...    3 MB    Views 1659

Mercury 5

0    Mercury 5 for IPad Proudly brought to you by Connective Services. This version includes CRM and Calculator modules, including: + Product Search + Product Comparisons and Funding Positions (Borrowing Capacity currently under construction). + Search, edit and create Opportunities, with notes, tasks, attachments, and assets ...    8 MB    Views 7710


+10    Finanz – a fine app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all transactions ...    10 MB    Views 826

Notes and Coins

notes coins total count
+5    If you need to count the Euro notes and coins in your register you can enter it into this app and get the total amounts of the different types of notes and coins. The total sum of your cashbox is ...    NAN    Views 6399

Compass e-Access HD

+1    Compass eAccess Mobile offers you a convenient and secure way to manage your company’s critical banking needs while on the go – anywhere, anytime. The mobile access channel, combined with Compass eAccess functionalities of delivering eventbased alert notifications and OneTime ...    14 MB    Views 7659
time netbanking mobile transactions payment application
-4    Welcome on BCGE Mobile Netbanking Stay connected to BCGE and carry out your online transactions using the Mobile Netbanking application, Functionalities : Accessing your accounts and deposits Your payment orders in Switzerland (to known beneficiaries) A builtin scanner for payment slips Buying ...    14 MB    Views 2714
budget planner finances notes currency free control simple transactions
+15    Budget Planner Free is the app that helps you take control of your finances, and allows you to keep track of your budget, along with converting currency and keeping notes. Featuring a simple, clear and easy to use design and interface, ...    27 MB    Views 3360
+26    Trusted Message Sign is the next generation of SMS when it comes to securing binding mobile transactions and business activities while providing more user comfort and significantly improved reliability. SIGNING HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY With our Trusted Message Sign App (TMS) ...    25 MB    Views 1820
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+3    Personal Finance is a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all ...    4 MB    Views 961
card time security payments mobile point products transactions online higher
+10    Higher One's CASHNet Mobile Payments App conveniently accepts payments for your institution anywhere, any time. It is compatible with iPads version 2+ running iOS 7.1+. The app and optional mobile card reader allow you to convert your iPad into a mobile ...    4 MB    Views 2647
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0    ▲▲ Featured by Apple in "Staff Favorites" and "What's Hot" lists ▲▲ If you are looking for a smart, easy to use and featurerich financial App to control budget/spending, track bills, replace paper checkbook, manage income and track as many accounts ...    7 MB    Views 880

Axiom Bank for iPad

Related Apps money banking time axiom bank mobile branch account balances transactions
0    Axiom Bank offers you convenient, secure access to your accounts using your mobile device. Manage your money at any time, from anywhere. Axiom Mobile Banking lets you: • Check your account balances • View transactions • Receive account alerts for balances, transactions, and ...    13 MB    Views 9033

Compass e-Access

compass time security access mobile bbva wireless services transfers transactions
+8    Compass eAccess Mobile offers you a convenient and secure way to manage your company’s critical banking needs while on the go – anywhere, anytime. The mobile access channel, combined with Compass eAccess functionalities of delivering eventbased alert notifications and OneTime ...    12 MB    Views 9877
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-2    Currency+ a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. A really great app and you can ...    4 MB    Views 221
dollar currency note notes selected conversion visual converter
-1    Visual Currency Converter is an augmented reality app that allows the conversion of the value of notes put in front of the camera to the currency of your choice. The conversion rates are updated from a live feed every time the ...    11 MB    Views 5815

Hume mBank

money time ibank branch mbank transactions quick balance phone transfer pay
-2    Hume’s brand new mBank app makes managing your money on the go quicker and easier than ever. Tap into Hume’s convenient banking any time, anywhere. • Quick login: Log in securely with a PIN of your choice • Pay anyone: Transfer money using ...    NAN    Views 3454
0    Hide your photos, videos, notes, music, contacts and bookmarks from other people All the content is password protected with this app and you can be sure in your information safety. All this content can be safely kept and used with Content ...    7 MB    Views 1955
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+22    Accentro Your Condominium Expert Welcome to Accentro Real Estate You are looking for a flat to live in or seeking to buy one as private investment or as a retirement arrangement? The Accentro portfolio consists of a large range of attractive ...    25 MB    Views 600

Bipsync Notes

Related Apps research investors notes access
+6    Bipsync is the digital notebook and research automation tool for professional investors. The Bipsync Notes app gives you access to your research notes and files on your iPad and iPhone. Access your personal and shared fund notes Take notes in meetings ...    7 MB    Views 7923
Related Apps banking time savings account privacy information mobile transactions
+4    Get the convenience of 24/7 banking on your smartphone. It’s easy to use, secure and convenient. Monitor Your Account Get realtime account balances and activity Search account history for specific transactions Make Transactions Transfer funds between eligible accounts—Isn’t it time to start ...    5 MB    Views 6898


Related Apps business time accounts real credit transactions bank
+12    Featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, TechCrunch, Mashable, and VentureBeat. Trusted by Thousands of Business Owners. inDinero is the easiest way for businesses to manage their finances. With a realtime finance dashboard hooked up to your bank and ...    8 MB    Views 7253

GRSB Mobile

Related Apps banking security time mobile click enroll information transactions account internet accounts
+6    Grand Rapids State Bank – Mobile Banking Mobile Banking from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Take the best of hometown banking with you wherever you go GRSB Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances, review recent transactions, and ...    5 MB    Views 1697

Shopping Notes

-2    Plan your shopping list Be organized and efficient at the supermarket. With this application, you can enter the entire list of shopping that you have purchased. The list contains data about photo, price, location, barcode, and others. With these data, you ...    1 MB    Views 1734
personal time finance transactions easy beautiful application charts category categories reports
+2    Zee is the fastest, easiest and most elegant way to manage your personal finance. With a beautiful interface and easy to use. The application is fully customizable and adaptable to your needs. Record your expenses and incomes any time, manage by ...    3 MB    Views 4086


Related Apps time cash balance transactions data reports expense spending accounts dashboard
+26    Managing your money becomes child’s play With Cash, there’s no more need to keep all these sales receipts that fill your wallet and fade over time. Keep a trace of your expenses on your iPhone to simplify your daily life Thanks to ...    3 MB    Views 1510


+13    Finavo is a simple yet powerful personal finance app. It allows you to easily manage all your money and investments in one place, anywhere, anytime. Track your income and expenses, create budgets and manage your investments. Improve your cash flow ...    2 MB    Views 4917
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0    This week was featured with App of the Day HD. Budget Notes is your new financial application, which makes budgeting easy and amazingly beautiful. Buy now Everything is visual: budget planning and limits, actual receipts and color reports. You easily work ...    34 MB    Views 1740

Easy Comptes iPad

Related Apps ipad management time transactions easy accounts balance data icloud
+28    NEW Easy Accounts for iPad is available and synchronizes via iCloud Easy Accounts is a personnal finance management app. Enter your expenses and incomes in real time, set up your recurrent transactions (such as your salary, bills, rent or mortgage) ...    4 MB    Views 6958

Money Tracker Free

Related Apps money time tracker add spending information expenses purchase income transactions
0    Do you want to find it easy to save money? Imagine you were able to track your spending in seconds & could see spending patterns to help you save more easily? Well now you can with 'Money Tracker Free'. FEATURES ● Add transactions ...    684 kb    Views 9966

KBC Mobile Banking

Related Apps card banking time personal business kbc mobile account credit function transactions
+4    With the KBC Mobile Banking app, you can bank on the go where and when you want. It's packed with great features that let you: transfer funds in real time between your own accounts or to accounts at other banks ...    25 MB    Views 6754
calculator calculations notes easy calculating petrol consumption modules bmi enter
-6    A very simple calculator. Enter up to 99 calculations and notes. Use a picker to spin through all calculations. Includes 2 modules one for calculating BMI and one for calculating Petrol Consumption. Never has a calculator been so easy to use ...    4 MB    Views 9333
books business bills time iphone money subscription period transactions auto manage
0    Today no business goes to sleep. Being able to manage transactions and access your financial information anytime is vital for any business. Zoho Books is available on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With the Zoho Books iOS App you can 1. Manage ...    27 MB    Views 6064

Checkbook Pro

Related Apps calendar search time transactions checkbook multiple monthly pro export reports transfer
+8    An easy & quick way to manage your daily finances, Checkbook Pro keeps track of your credit card charges, cash expenditures...etc. With Checkbook Pro application, it can totally replace your paper checkbook. You can create multiple accounts, save recurring transactions, ...    10 MB    Views 1073

Axiom VPO

work time vendor axiom performed vehicles transactions dealers
+3    Have you ever wondered whether a vendor actually fixed that dent you were billed for? Was that bumper even scratched to begin with? How does that sales manager know that tint guy anyways? Why is your lot damage account running ...    10 MB    Views 1797
Related Apps banking time bank mobile west state milton online deposit bill transactions
+4    WE are where YOU are Manage your finances anytime, anywhere, and when it’s convenient for you, all from your iPad. Whether you’re traveling, or moving away, or just don’t have time to make it to the bank, Mobile Deposit brings ...    6 MB    Views 8515


+3    A simple app to keep record of your daily expenses, share them easily, and more. App that allows you: 1. Take note of your ordinary expenses in a very simple way, distinguing between cash and bank. It can be created several accounts ...    4 MB    Views 2791
calculator time apps data calculations notes column numbers entering income
+27    Streamline your operations, and save time and energy. PNL app for iPad allows you to perform calculations and make notes at the same time. You don't have to switch back and forth between the calculator and notes apps, as PNL ...    28 MB    Views 572

Wallet Tracker

shopping list incomes notes items manage expenses
+13    Manage your expenses, incomes, shopping list, notes. Features • Transfer your checked items from shopping list to incomes with one tap • Manage incomes and expenses • Custom category for items • Posibility to add currency symbols • Awesome statistics graph • Posibility to access application through ...    4 MB    Views 4849
Related Apps time card mobile cimb account number change pin login phone transactions
+11    Description Go Mobile by CIMB Niaga provides wide and fast access to your bank account anytime, anywhere. It’s practically banking at your finger tips: 1. Balance information on all your accounts with CIMB Niaga. 2. View up to 10 last transactions of your savings ...    1 MB    Views 7174
apps email time accounting transactions accounts standard ledger customers general device online
+23    Acctapp 2 is a Mobile Accounting app for browsers, smartphones and tablets. Create sales invoices and purchase orders quickly and easily. Email perfect PDF copies to yourself and your customers and suppliers. Store detailed information about your companies, your customers, your suppliers, ...    15 MB    Views 6662
Related Apps finance budget time currency notes financial information expenses transactions easy review
+10    Finance+ a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Income and expenses: one balance for all ...    4 MB    Views 6979

management mobile manager notes side meeting
-3    ATTN: AN IR.MANAGER ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED TO AUTHENTICATE INTO THE IR.MOBILE APP. is a “mobile companion” to IR.manager, the Investor Relationship Management platform by IR.soft. gives IROs and Management Teams immediate access to their important buyside, sellside, and other key ...    26 MB    Views 1126
tax add state terms list term glossary notes
+10    Tax is very important part of our routine life. Tax is imposing of financial charge or other levy upon taxpayer by state or similar authority like state and that failure to pay is punishable by law. Tax Glossary provides comprehensive list ...    1 MB    Views 6392

Finance Plus

finance budget time currency notes transactions easy keeping information financial
0    Finance Plus a great app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all transactions ...    16 MB    Views 8450
calculator formulas notes offers input variables
-6    eng.Notes 1x1 is not purely a calculator. An integrated formulary offers an evergrowing number of formulas from mathematics and finance. You can also create your own formulas by defining input variables and combine the results with a formula and input ...    12 MB    Views 3958
Related Apps money add due additional lending notes manager
-7    A quick drink, a cinema ticket, or a menu in a restaurant. Do you happen to quickly forget about things you owe or things you lend someone? OweMe, the Money Lending Manager, helps you there. You can easily jot down small amounts ...    2 MB    Views 1914


shopping items prices list price item notes store lowest register
+4    Do not forget to buy the shopping and you? This app is to prevent the application to help you remember buying. You can register store/prices/notes for different items. Therefore, all registered as the price listed in a variety of your supermarket flyer, to calculate ...    657 kb    Views 9723

Team Expense

facebook time team member transaction message report delete send transactions real
-2    Team Expense is an easy approach to manage individual or team financial expenses that put you in full control. Team members can track all members expenses within the team, generate report, send message and many more. Key Features Transaction: Track transactions Add ...    3 MB    Views 9416

Note Submit'R

quote mobile note notes phone send submit
+27    Download our free app today and start submitting your quote request to us directly from your mobile phone. Using Charter Financials Mobile Note Submit’R app, you can easily send us information about your clients privately held notes. Our app is FAST, FREE, and SECURE No need ...    385 kb    Views 6367


time calculator unit converter notes currency easy exchange rate
-4    ++ 2013 EVERNOTE TRUNK New & Noteworthy Featured App ++ 《Real time Currency Converter + Universal Unit Converter + Note》 Secure your notes and edit freely through Evernote synchronization IMPORTANT: WriteRoom for iOS 3.2+ can no longer support iPhone 3G and lower, or ...    15 MB    Views 1485
apple time income version transactions finances statistics watch full expenses
-3    My Finances helps you to track your income and expenses with ease. The app lets you categorise your transactions and provides weekly, monthly and yearly statistics. Beautiful line and bar charts make analysing your income and expenses fun. The app is ...    9 MB    Views 5152
Related Apps budget time finance currency notes keeping information easy pocket financial
+3    Pocket Finance is a best app for budget, currency convert and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any time you need. Budget: one balance for all ...    5 MB    Views 3736

iBudget Deluxe

Related Apps budget time search add transactions income spending report category yearly graph
+1    If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you iBudget Deluxe helps you to track your spending and keep budget under control. You can add transactions to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly spending/income budget ...    2 MB    Views 6715
Related Apps time insider transactions trading notifications push stocks quotes platform real
+30    Do you know that insider trading is legal? Track insider transactions with real time quotes With our simple to use platform you can monitor insider trading activities. Know when your favorite insiders buy or sell stock. Our push notifications alert you when ...    1 MB    Views 3233

The My Expenses

Related Apps time currency financial expenses keeping notes easy transactions review simple
-6    The My Expenses a simple and easytouse application for keeping record of income and expenditure, currency exchange and keeping notes. Simple design and easy navigation will help you to watch over your financial position and information about currency rates any ...    3 MB    Views 1474
time banking transactions password manage pending login services mobile
+10    Users are able to access our Mobile Banking services anytime and anywhere Simply connect with any mobile devices, and login with your existing Internet Banking password, you can have realtime enquiry at fingertips For example: Pendingtoauthorize and pendingtoexecute transactions Past transaction details Account ...    5 MB    Views 2557
Related Apps time bitcoin wallet transactions technology addresses control send requests
+6    Take back control of your Bitcoin Blocktrail's Bitcoin wallet features unparalleled security through MultiSignature technology, keeping you in full control of your coins at all time. Transactions are signed on your device so we never see your private keys. With our HD ...    5 MB    Views 4423

Instant Balance

time balance paid account paypal instant signing eye transactions
+5    Want to keep a close eye on your PayPal account balance and your recent transactions but don't like signing in all the time? Instant Balance displays your account balance, along with your most recent transactions, instantly This app is designed for ...    645 kb    Views 664
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