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OTP m-banking HR

+1    Opis OTP banka d.d. Hrvatska svoju ponudu proizvoda i usluga dopunila je aplikacijom mobilnog bankarstva pod nazivom OTP mbanking koja je namijenjena korisnicima pametnih telefona baziranih na iOS operativnom sustavu. Aplikacija omogućuje razne preglede po prometnim i štednim računima, različite financijske ...    6 MB    Views 2876

CMO Mobile Payment

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0    Changing the way you pay. CMO is available for download on any smart device, and facilitates your payment method no matter what mobile platform you use it on. The CMO Mobile Payment application is a service that: Lets you pay your bills simply ...    7 MB    Views 6083

State Bank Secure

state otp secure bank
+14    State Bank Secure (Software Token) is a mobile resident application which generates a One Time Password (OTP) in lieu of SMS OTP, for authenticating transactions in    3 MB    Views 76

Dataifx OTP

+21    Autenticación OTP para acceder a la plataforma Citivalores Etrading.    11 MB    Views 597
+14    아이패드로 기업은행에서 제공하는 아이패드용 어플리케이션을 구동하여, 가입/사용중인 이동통신사의 통신망과 무선인터넷을 통해 예금조회 및 이체, 펀드, 대출업무 등 기업은행에서 제공하는 금융거래를 언제 어디서나 사용할 수 있게 하는 어플리케이션입니다.
본 어플리케이션(IBK기업뱅킹)은 다양한 태블릿 디바이스를 사용하고자 하는 국내 사용자의 필요성을 충족시킴과 동시에 공인인증서를 기업은행 ...    33 MB    Views 3908
+21    Samjong KPMG Flexsolutions Mobile App. This app is not for public users but for our client users including British Petroleum Korea, Chanel Korea, etc … Flexsolutions is a fully web based ERP solution including payroll, Financial Accounting and Business(Inventory/Purchase/Sales) modules. Mobile App provides ...    288 kb    Views 8745


banking security time personal password pin che otp una authorize
+5    EDOCToken ti consente di autorizzare in modo sicuro le transazioni online effettuate tramite l'eBanking EDOC. L'app installata sul tuo smartphone ti permette di generare una password valida solamente una volta (OTP One Time Password) per autorizzare le operazioni dispositive ...    2 MB    Views 8323

RBS Mobile Banking

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-6    RBS India Mobile Banking Application Welcome to RBS Mobile Banking – the official mobile banking application for Retail Banking customers of The Royal Bank of Scotland, India. RBS Mobile Banking provides you convenience, freedom and flexibility to conduct your banking transactions on ...    5 MB    Views 4705


user pin otp digits generate application menu
-6    KOBIL soft OTP is using for generating One Time Password for use authentication based on RADIUS protocol. Whit this application on user iPhone, user runs the application and after splash screen there is a menu for selecting activity. Here user can select ...    152 kb    Views 1023
+4    Merk: Telefonen må restartes etter installasjon hvis du opplever problemer med å klikke på linker i SMS meldingene. For autorisasjon av BankID ved innlogging i Nettbank eller Mobilbank, og for signering av betalingsoppdrag med BankID blir du avkrevet en engangskode. Denne ...    3 MB    Views 581

Payoo Mobile OTP

otp password
+21    Payoo MOTP is an application that was implemented to increase secure and authenticate your access permission on to Payoo account Features: Activation and authentication at the first use Use this OTP when login to Payoo Inapp password to open Automatic disable ...    8 MB    Views 7161

Safeway OTP

-4    Turning a mobile phone into a One Time Password (OTP) generation device which can be used in the place of hardware tokens. Safeway OTP implements the RFC 4226 HOTP/OATH algorithm standard.    610 kb    Views 4235


otp service key
+1    Askkey iPhone app is a client to Locotel OTP Service. It receives encrypted messages from Locotel OTP Service and decrypts them after entering a personalised PIN. The produced One Time Password can be used for system and application login or ...    228 kb    Views 795

Salt mCodeXpress

time iphone pin based issuer otp
+12    Salt mCodeXpress is a convenient mobilebased "second factor" authentication (2FA) method used in conjunction with Echidna to provide an outofthebox solution for high assurance authentication of remote users connecting to enterprise networks via VPNs, Citrix gateways or other RADIUS aware ...    665 kb    Views 3911

ICICI Bank i-safe

banking otp mobile account application registered pin icici number sms
0    "iSafe" mobile application allows you to generate OTP/URN on your mobile device instantly rather than receiving it through SMS. All that is required, is to follow a simple 4 step registration process. Registration steps: 1.Download application on registered mobile phone. 2.Login to your ...    387 kb    Views 2805


security secure otp transactions customers change code
+5    ธนาคารกสิกรไทยพัฒนา Application KSecure ขึ้นสำหรับลูกค้า KCyber/KCyber for SME ใช้เป็นเครื่องมือในการอ่าน QR Code ในการยืนยันตัวตนสำหรับการทำรายการที่สำคัญ เพื่อความปลอดภัยที่เพิ่มขึ้น KSecure is a security tool for KCyber/KCyber for SME’s customers use to verify financial transactions or change personal information by scanning QR Code on the computer screen and get ...    4 MB    Views 5254

Julius Baer e-Code

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0    With the Julius Baer eCode App you can generate a One Time Password (OTP) whenever you want and wherever you are. The OTP is needed for the login to eBanking. The preconditions to use this App is an existing bank relationship ...    NAN    Views 8552
+5    1.서비스개요 IBK기업스마트뱅킹은 기업용 서비스로 기업전용 인터넷뱅킹 가입고객이 스마트기기에서 조회, 이체, 결재/승인 등의 기본적인 금융거래 뿐만 아니라 휴폐업사실조회 등 기업특화서비스를 이용할 수 있습니다. 2.서비스특징 쉽고 직관적으로 인터페이스와 기업의 중역사무실에서 업무를 보는듯 한 분위기 연출 ①이용대상 : 기업은행 기업전용인터넷뱅킹 가입고객 ②로그인 없이 계좌의 거래내역 및 잔액조회가능한 스피드 ...    26 MB    Views 4394
+9    FEITIAN provides multiple OATH compliant token forms tailored for organizations's strong authentication requirements with considerations of security, budget, and deployment difficulties. The FEITIAN Mobile OTP token installed on various mobile phones will generate a PINprotected OTP password. Strong authentication is customized ...    452 kb    Views 1526

Banca Del Sud

del banca conto corrente pagamento otp
+2    BANCA DEL SUD MOBILE APP Il servizio che ti permette di accedere e operare sul tuo conto corrente e controllare i tuoi depositi direttamente dal tuo iPhone e iPad in modo rapido semplice e sicuro. Al fine di garantire un servizio nel ...    28 MB    Views 4734
banking aplicatia smartbank
+3    Aplicatia SmartBank vine in ajutorul tau Acum, direct de pe telefonul tau mobil, platesti facturi, transferi bani, iti verifici conturile Oriunde teai afla Functionalitati OTPdirekt: • Vizualizarea soldurilor tuturor conturilor, a listei de tranzactii si a detaliilor tranzactiilor • Operatiuni intre conturile proprii: transfer ...    6 MB    Views 4432

RelaxBanking Mobile

banking tuo con anche otp del
+14    La App Relax Banking Mobile è stata realizzata per offrirti la comodità di uno sportello bancario sul tuo Smartphone e Tablet e per darti la libertà di fare operazioni ovunque ti trovi. A tua scelta potrai decidere di scegliere l’accesso veloce ...    4 MB    Views 6990

CA Mobile OTP

time organization security personal otp mobile online account device passcode enter
-4    NOTE: CA Mobile OTP is the new name of the former CA ArcotID OTP app. The CA Mobile OTP app is an allpurpose onetime passcode (OTP) generator that provides an extra layer of security when you shop online or access online ...    8 MB    Views 6380
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