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+28    STAH is a financial simulation game suitable for all ages. Immerse yourself in a fun learning experience as you try to make sound financial decisions to achieve a secure retirement within 10 turns Compete with your friends and see how ...    29 MB    Views 1230
+5    We 'll bring Vegas to your hands Ace Wild Deluxe Video Poker is the best video poker app out there as it gives you the opportunity to feel what exactly is like to play in Vegas Wild, exciting, ...    24 MB    Views 9170
+6    The only free credit score app that helps you master your credit. Developed by real credit experts and personalized to you, the mobile app goes beyond scores and credit monitoring to offer expert guidance tailored to your situation. Let ...    8 MB    Views 2793


+6    Description Use the MORE TH>N DRIVE app to see how safe a driver you are. The safest drivers can earn a discount of up to 20% off their insurance with MORE TH>N (no minimum premium requirements). How Does It Work? MORE TH>N DRIVE ...    NAN    Views 2283


-3    UpayChilli is a sophisticated online payment processing and account management portal. UpayChilli allows you to pay for purchases at your work, school or university with your mobile, associated security pass or through online payments. UpayChilli makes payment quicker and allows ...    29 MB    Views 6709
+12    Most consumers don’t know the facts about credit scores and how significant they are to our finances. In fact, it would be fair to say that your credit score is more important than the value of the money you have ...    8 MB    Views 6458

Pass the Series 7

+11    Pass the Series 7 allows you to take over 600 flashcards covering all Series 7 topics wherever you go. Pass the Series 7 is designed to be a textbook replacement for the Series 7 Qualification Examination for General Securities Registered ...    5 MB    Views 1442
lotto numbers lucky world find version rate generate score luck
+2    DO YOU STILL PLAY QUICK PICKS IN LOTTO ? FIND OUT YOUR OWN LUCKY NUMBERS ====================================== NOTE : This app is a lite version of "World Lotto My Own Lucky Numbers" All features are same as full version except following ...    4 MB    Views 5288


pass fees
+11    This app is for education management. School staffs can check, search and manage fees of students in mobile. They also can notification to student’s parents if fees meet the payment term. It has basic function for staffs as log in, ...    4 MB    Views 7698
0    COLLEGE FAFSA FINDER: YOUR FIRST STOP TO STREAMLINE COLLEGE SEARCH AND STUDENT FINANCIAL AID REFERENCE. Try our flagship financial aid planning app FINANCIAL AID MAXIMIZER (FAME). College FAFSA Finder provides the most essential information for US college applicants around the world: (1) ...    1008 kb    Views 9095


home videos score buying learn process credit mortgage buy information increase
+2    Home Buying info made easy. Learn the real process of buying a home from start to finish in this app. Yes You Can Buy A Home helps you get organized and ready to buy a home. Best of all it includes ...    33 MB    Views 3560

Smart PASS per iPad

ipad smart pass vodafone numero tramite applicazione
+11    Vodafone Smart PASS e' l'applicazione che ti permette di gestire direttamente dal tuo iPad la tua carta prepagata Vodafone Smart PASS. Tramite l'applicazione potrai accedere in modo semplice e immediato alle seguenti funzionalità: Saldo disponibile Vodafone Smart PASS Elenco degli ultimi ...    NAN    Views 8189


driving gps trip insurance details score helps feedback receive
-5    The ChilliDrive app by Autoline Insurance Group helps you manage your ChilliDrive Motor Insurance policy. ChilliDrive Insurance is a low cost telematics based insurance product and online community designed specifically for young drivers. Please download this app after purchasing ChilliDrive Motor Insurance ...    NAN    Views 6391

myFICO Mobile

monitor credit identity score mobile monitoring reports analysis
-1    The official mobile app for users. View and monitor your FICO Score, credit changes from all three bureaus and access full credit reports based on Experian, TransUnion and Equifax data. Monitor your identity and get instant notifications on your ...    9 MB    Views 6557

Ajusto The Personal

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0    Ajusto is a free application from The Personal that lets you monitor your driving habits and watch them improve trip after trip. Some functions are also available on Apple Watch, including your score, data from your last trip and the ...    NAN    Views 6307

TransUnion Mobile

Related Apps management credit information protect report score alerts mobile million
0    TransUnion’s Mobile App truly puts your credit in your hands. Now you can check your credit health, get alerts to help protect against ID theft, lock your credit report, and more—at home, on the train, in the bank—wherever and whenever ...    12 MB    Views 8868
driving program trips trip insurance desjardins application score habits premium auto
+17    AjustoTM is a free application from Desjardins Insurance that lets you monitor your driving habits and watch them improve trip after trip. Ajusto is the first 100% mobile telematics insurance program in Canada You can try the application free of charge ...    NAN    Views 5069


Related Apps time protection identity evaluation score purchase data risk information dollar required
+21    Million Dollar Identity Theft Protection backed by proactive monitoring of your identity risk evaluation score. We monitor and protect you 24/7 by scanning more than 350 billion identity elements. In the event your identity is stolen, our certified fraud resolution ...    1010 kb    Views 8105
-1    The control of your "Human Resources Area" in the Palm of your Hand, a complete Dashboard that lets you Monitor the Progress of your Business Strategy in the HR Area and Design your own Balanced Scorecard . You can Control ...    4 MB    Views 3224

My Credit Score

money finance time credit score consumers calculate rating financial improve features based
+3    (The My Credit Score app is being retired in favour of My Credit Score+. The new app comes with an entirely new infrastructure and is primed for a new suite of functionality. We will cease support of this app by ...    NAN    Views 8774
exam management business finance cards government flashcards cpa federal audit accounting standards pass financial taxation
-7    Universal app that includes ALL 4 sections of the CPA exam. This app has thousands of flashcards and formulas you need to pass. No need to login or set up an account. Just download and go on your iPad, iPhone ...    8 MB    Views 3111
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0    Paper or plastic? Chances are the credit card is swiped before you can count the dollar bills, hoping to suffice covering the cost of the purchased products. However, owning a credit card with a moderate limit does not qualify anyone ...    1 MB    Views 859
video poker ace deluxe scores sharing vegas play themes
-2    We 'll bring Vegas to your hands Ace Wild Deluxe Video Poker is the best video poker app out there as it gives you the opportunity to feel what exactly is like to play in Vegas Wild, exciting, ...    24 MB    Views 9005
scores levels game touch
+26    Candy Cake is a new version of Jewel game. If you love cake, you should come with us We will give you many kinds of cake with extremely cute shapes. Many cakes are waiting you unlock at levels: 10, ...    15 MB    Views 9606

Kanetix DriveSmart

0    How good of a driver are you really? Test your skills with the DriveSmart app that grades your driving. Why? Auto insurers in Canada are increasingly offering drivers the opportunity to join a usagebased insurance program, which monitors how ...    11 MB    Views 1161

Pass the CPA FAR

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+30    Pass the CPA FAR has over 600 study cards to help you master the CPA Financial Accounting and Reporting Exam. Review anywhere you go on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with our Universal app. Focuses on the definitions and ...    4 MB    Views 9039
monitor ipad tracker iphone credit score report sign key updated day
+7    For existing Experian Credit Tracker℠ members in the U.S., this app lets you quickly access your Experian Credit Report, FICO Score, and monitor your credit. Your Experian Credit Report and FICO Score are automatically updated for you each day you ...    20 MB    Views 252
-3    JA Build Your Future™ allows teens to explore more than 100 careers; see what levels of education are required , from no education to a doctorate; learn about potential income; and then calculate the cost of education, including factoring the ...    21 MB    Views 6040
exam tools twitter email learning iphone cfa level iii study institute pass resources
+6    Level III CFA Exam Study Guides: 2015 Edition What's On the Exam CFA Institute provides you with Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) for the June 2015 Level III CFA exam. We provide the answers to EVERY LOS in our Level III ...    13 MB    Views 7289

Equifax Mobile

credit file companies access fraud area agencies score report
-1    Now, you can stay on top of your credit and protect your identity on the go Equifax Places utilizes your GPS location to show you: Equifax Credit Score: Average credit scores in your area Fraud Index: The frequency of identity fraud ...    8 MB    Views 4120

UniWeb Mobile Pass

application pass simple mobile
+13    With the application UniWeb Mobile Pass and with your smartphone you can work in a simple, fast and safe way to generate singleuse passwords (OTP – One Time Password) to be used in UniWeb to confirm your payment transactions. It is ...    NAN    Views 7045

Wildlife Park FREE

game fun scores world
0    Welcome to animal world Zoo. This is a new version of classic puzzle game. But in this game, we have many innovations for gamers. You will be explored animal world with many kinds of animal in extremely cute shapes. ...    16 MB    Views 4267
exam cpa regulation company questions 2015 pass
+11    CPA REG Mastery 2015 allows you to efficiently study anytime and anywhere so that you can be fully prepared to take the Regulation portion of the CPA. Try it risk free as we offer a 14day money back guarantee. Our Scientifically ...    32 MB    Views 3320

Pass the CPA REG

cards business twitter facebook exam federal cpa review pass regulation taxation score passing
-3    Pass the CPA REG has hundreds of study cards to help you master the CPA Regulation Exam. Review anywhere you go on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with our universal app. Focuses on the definitions and rules you need ...    2 MB    Views 2241
money card time apps passbook credit fraud alerts score identity protection
+18    THE MONEY APP THAT’S GOT YOUR BACK View all your accounts in one place, track your credit score and spending, and protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. It’s the smartest, easiest and most secure way to manage your hardearned money. THANKS TO ...    26 MB    Views 567
sports facebook twitter football games news league game live scores melbourne
+11    ScoreCube is the ultimate live sports scores and statistics App. A world first App that allows you to view live scores across multiple sports on the one screen With live scores, statistics, ladders, newsfeeds and live odds; ScoreCube gives you everything you ...    22 MB    Views 3711

1 Stock a Day

stock card score trade trading community day signal traders
+20    BEST TRADING MODEL EVER DESIGNED "1 Stock a Day" is an app where you can share predictions and get community signal for posted stocks. It is a trading model powered by you. INNOVATIVE AND FUN The app is designed to create a score ...    4 MB    Views 8712

My Credit Score+

-2    The UK's most popular FREE Credit Score tool on the iPhone My Credit Score presents you with an indicative credit score and status based on the real calculations banks and financial institutions use in the UK to determine your success rate. ...    16 MB    Views 513

Repair Your Credit

Related Apps credit learn discover score find repair
+21    Are you wanting to buy a house or a new car? Do you or someone you know have bad credit or no credit at all? If so, pay close attention This book covers everything there is to know about credit repair Here ...    308 kb    Views 3289

Pass the Series 63

ipad cards facebook twitter finance flashcards series securities pass understand topics score passing
-7    Pass the Series 63 allows you to cover all Series 63 topics wherever you go. Pass the Series 63 is designed to be a textbook replacement for the Series 63 exam. The flashcards provide detailed explanations that are easy to ...    1 MB    Views 5078
Related Apps card history management credit debt score debts paying step interest stay pay
+1    How You Can End the Fear and Worry Created by Bad Credit and Debt Collectors... Get Out of Debt Quickly and Easily There's a lot of misinformation floating around when it comes to debt management and credit reporting...Here are the top ...    968 kb    Views 1371


market score earnings
+1    This application computes ZScore and interprets ZScore from market value measures; such as, Net Working Capital (NWC), Retained Earnings (R/E), Earnings Before Interest & Taxes (EBIT) Market Value of Equity, Book Value of Liability, Sales and Total Asset using Altman's ...    415 kb    Views 2549

Pass the Series 65

ipad cards twitter facebook flashcards finance series pass score understand www passing
+1    Pass the Series 65 allows you to cover all Series 65 topics wherever you go. Pass the Series 65 is designed to be a textbook replacement for the Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law exam. The flashcards provide detailed explanations ...    5 MB    Views 3233
Related Apps cards management finance twitter flashcards facebook los score passing pass cfa 2015 updates formulas
+3    Free update to 2016 LOS changes with new design, formulas & more coming this year 20162015 LOS comparison PDF available on our website now. Now updated for 2015 Universal app with the 2015 LOS, hundreds of flashcards, formulas and graphs you need ...    14 MB    Views 2168
time sale credit score information rating understand restore guide repair
-2    ➠ SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Calculate your credit score in seconds Find out exactly how to boost your credit score by 50200 points This brand new app is packed with everything you need to know about credit recovery and credit restoration. ...    7 MB    Views 971

Pass the Series 66

ipad cards facebook twitter flashcards finance series pass understand www passing
+2    Pass the Series 66 allows you to cover all Series 66 topics wherever you go. Pass the Series 66 is designed to be a textbook replacement for the Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law exam. The flashcards provide detailed explanations ...    4 MB    Views 4531
flashcards accounting play study cpa teach debits online bookkeeping pass
+12    Learn financial accounting using flashcards, audio, and lessons. Study for your class or career in the car, bus, or beach. By Accounting Play we teach accounting, only where you need it. Pass your CPA or bookkeeping class, just achieve ...    47 MB    Views 8033
time exam learning flashcards testbank questions series pass test performance
+22    100% Pass Guarantee... "When you purchase any Series 6, 7, or 63 TestBank today, you will get 100% of your money back if you fail your exam." Easy to use. Take FINRA TestBank for a FREE test drive. Play to Win These are ...    34 MB    Views 3707


passbook personal mobile bank account book pass accounts network
+1    VePassBook+ (a mobile PASSBOOK packed with features): We have launched a new IT enabled service (VePassBook+ ) to enable the account holders to maintain their pass book on their mobile devices and update the same whenever they like over mobile network. ...    6 MB    Views 4075

Pass the Series 6

Related Apps cards flashcards facebook twitter finance investment series pass securities accounts understand passing
-6    Pass the Series 6 allows you to take over 400 flashcards covering all Series 6 topics anywhere you go. Pass the Series 6 is designed to be a textbook replacement for the Series 6 Investment Company Products/Variable Contracts Limited Representative ...    2 MB    Views 9247


driving car time score based insurance
+25    Try before you buy Want cheaper car insurance but not sure what all this “Telematics or Black box” jargon is all about? Download our FREE App now, checkout how telematics works and discover your driving score and how much money you could ...    NAN    Views 475

Appetite For Risk

investment office mutual risk wealth authority financial limited online client score
+9    This app is for UK financial advisers only. Getting your clients to understand and agree their ‘appetite for risk’ is one of the key stages in the investment process. The task of risk profiling and risk discussion can however be time ...    NAN    Views 7958

Balanced Scorecard

business ipad design strategy monitor balanced strategic indicators implement multi easy
-3    The control of your Business in the Palm of your Hand, a complete Dashboard that lets you Monitor the Progress of your Business Strategy and Design your own Balanced Scorecard . You can Control the Success of your Strategy each ...    5 MB    Views 9134

Pass the CPA AUD

cards twitter facebook audit cpa pass review aud study www score
0    Pass the CPA AUD has over 600 study cards to help you master the CPA Audit and Attestation Exam. Review anywhere you go on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with our Universal app. Focuses on the definitions and rules ...    2 MB    Views 9490
Related Apps calculator credit score great rating instantly free
+14    SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW Calculate your credit score in seconds Is your credit rating good enough to get that mortgage? Or car Loan? Find out using this handy credit calculator No need for expensive credit checks from equifax, transunion, or experian. Just select ...    8 MB    Views 6490
money home monitor card credit score save free mobile loans mortgage
+21    Credit Sesame enables you to view your credit score and monitor important changes to your credit report—all for FREE, wherever you are. With our safe and secure app, you can monitor the real cost of your credit cards, loans and mortgage ...    28 MB    Views 8980
Related Apps personal driver driving drivers score intelligent information insurance data phone journey
-3    Intelligent Marmalade is a fun app the allows you to record your journeys and get a feel for what could be the future of insurance Here is how Intelligent Marmalade works: first register an account – this allows you to log ...    3 MB    Views 3807

wHealth Check

health program financial check score information minutes answers quickly
+20    Why buy financial advice apps or books written for the masses? Let us develop a financial plan tailored specifically for you. Instead of spending hours reading page after page of generic advice, spend 15 minutes with our interactive wHealth Check app ...    719 kb    Views 5158
tap don game score interface hit touch
+4    Make the bird fly Don't tap too much or you'll hit the spikes, you hit the spikes its Game Over Bounce and Avoid the Spike How long will you last? With the BEST Tap Interface, it will make your gameplay simple and ...    13 MB    Views 6912
exam tools twitter email learning iphone cfa level study institute los pass allen
+8    Level II CFA Exam AllenNotes: 2015 Edition What's On the Exam CFA Institute provides you with Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) for the June 2015 Level II CFA exam. We provide the answers to EVERY LOS in our Level III Readings ...    12 MB    Views 5182
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