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+9    You go on a snowboarding trip with your mates and everybody pays for different things during the trip. You come home with a pile of receipts and you’re trying to work out how everyone can settle up (and stay friends). ...    2 MB    Views 6937
+7    To view a demo video of one of our apps paste the link into your browser Must have an iPhone4 or greater CameraCalc is the world's first camera calculator. CameraCalc is an app that makes finance a lot easier. It allows ...    3 MB    Views 3172


-1    Solar Payback Lite is THE application for anyone who wants to quickly see how much payback they are likely to receive from the current generous UK FeedinTariff for Solar PV Panels. For anyone considering making a Solar PV investment of £5,000 ...    NAN    Views 3595
+4    BA Financial Calculator Pro best emulates Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Built with identical algorithms and formulas of original, it provides exact same capabilities and operation sequences, with BETTER user experience. Just as ...    11 MB    Views 1047
solar calculator payback send tariff savings electricity pay
0    Does solar pay? Solar Payback Calculator does rigorous financial analysis on your planned home solar power system and shows you exactly how the finances will work out. Solar Payback Calculator includes calculations for: · Payback period · Annual savings · Total savings · Net Present ...    3 MB    Views 10
+6    Cost Split helps you share costs within a group of people where each person can add expenses from their own devices thanks to the cloud sync. 5.0 average in Sweden (45 ratings) Top 10 in the Finance category in Sweden, India, Denmark, ...    7 MB    Views 2764
Related Apps business payback period
+5    This application helps to calculate the potential costs of setting up a business and predict its payback period.    264 kb    Views 1895

Capital Budgeting

projects period payback capital annual cost present higher net
0    Classification of your projects using capital budgeting tells you what projects to carry through. This application use methods such as Net present Value, Payback period and Equivalent Annual Cost to rate your investment alternatives. The result can then be reviewed ...    1 MB    Views 8719


investment heat payback incentive fuel years
+11    From the makers of the hugely successful iSolarPayback comes iBiomass. The essential 'lite' app for those who wish to see how an investment will perform over the lifetime of the UK's new and unique Renewable Heat Incentive. See iBiomassLite demonstrate the Return ...    NAN    Views 7881


-1    iPhone and iPod Touch Application: IOUO A Lending Management iPhone Application Main Features: Keep track of anything someone owes you Keep track of anything you owe someone Keep track of anything someone owes someone else Send an email, SMS(text message), or make a phone call easily ...    190 kb    Views 9429

Xpense Split

bills email home holiday people transaction easy currency payback splitting ability application
+4    SPLITTING BILL WILL NEVER BE THIS EASIER IF YOU USE THIS APPLICATION v1.2 now supporting multiple payer and partial payback You don't have to worry splitting bills when you have a group outing anymore This application will allow you to split ...    776 kb    Views 4689
money easy add pay payments paid payment loans small
-4    Give money, get money. Never forget. PayBacks allows you to keep track of your small loans in a super easy to use interface. How does it work? Add your payments Quickly add your payments to your log by entering details like amount, currency and ...    16 MB    Views 5698
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