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+22    ProjectionFL (Projection For Life and Retirement) is a detailed and thorough financial planning tool for life. You define a model of your annual financial activity.  You can then step through projecting the results for each future year or you can ...    421 kb    Views 5598
+30    This is a very simple UK payroll calculator for the 2015/16 tax year. Simply enter your gross pay, your tax code (eg., if your tax code is 1060L enter 1060 in the tax code box) and select the payment interval before ...    2 MB    Views 5029

Employeur D

+6    Employer D payroll; mobile and alert Employer D; a mobile application that allows you to access to relevant information about your pay anytime anywhere As a paymaster, receive notices confirming that payroll has been run, the amount debited, the number of employees ...    NAN    Views 6900
program conference year stay 2014
+30    The ASFA 2014 Conference app gives you everything you need to plan and enjoy your attendance at this year's ASFA conference. Featuring the full program and speaker information, Twitter feed, maps, and exhibitor details, it is the best way to ...    28 MB    Views 3889
+9    Are you a Illinoisan who has an irregular income because you’re an hourly employee? Do you want to know what your takehome would be on the next paycheck? Do you find it difficult for you to track your earnings, deductions, ...    4 MB    Views 7208
tax calculator code enter codes supported box man payroll
0    This is a very simple Isle of Man (Manx) payroll calculator for the 2015/16 tax year. Simply enter your gross pay, your tax code (eg., if your tax code is 950S enter 950 in the tax code box) and select the ...    2 MB    Views 8366
Related Apps calculator zakat wealth allah year pro
+12    Calculate your annual zakat payable with this great app specifically made for you. Automatically fetches latest nisab value based on real time gold prices. Zakat, obligatory on all Muslims whose wealth exceeds the minimum (nisab) value over the period of one year. This ...    4 MB    Views 5719

SD Online HD

+9    Designed by SargentDisc for the iPad, SD Online provides access to a full range of payroll information and reports from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Features include: Online payslips Employees can view payslips and get a full history of earnings Secure messaging Track sensitive ...    28 MB    Views 1763
iphone dictionary magazine time payroll run pay powered registered information employees employee
+9    Designed for small business owners and payroll administrators, the RUN Powered by ADP Mobile Payroll app is a new convenient way to help you manage your payroll anytime, anywhere on your iPhone. It is a fast, intuitive, and secure mobile ...    19 MB    Views 8133
+1    The Tax Collector is part of Coalinga County’s Finance Department. We collect current and delinquent real and personal property taxes, special assessments for all local taxing authorities, local business tax receipts and convention and tourist taxes. Tax Planning is a yearround event ...    8 MB    Views 180

Payroll by Nethris

payroll employees
+4    Payroll by Nethris is a quick and userfriendly mobile app for employers and their employees. It allows person responsible for payroll to verify their payroll processing summary (payments to employees, amount debited, etc.) and employees to consult their pay slip ...    NAN    Views 6302

Prima Nota

tool year
+11    First Note is an ideal tool to manage the accounting staff and view the balance daily, monthly and carry over the previous month. The research can be done to move or date. For example: do not you remember when you ...    2 MB    Views 5023


tax liability refund review year multiple annual state
-4    YTax assists ALL the US federal (1040) and state income filers to estimate their annual tax liability/refund. It provides additional benefits to individuals with small businesses (SCorp, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc), capital gain/loss transactions, realestate license, etc. The app allows ...    13 MB    Views 3056

Price Inflation

price inflation consumer cpi year effects cost labor
+1    Calculates how much an item of a given value in US Dollars would cost in a different year in other words, the effects of consumer price inflation. Suggested uses: Learn about the effects of inflation over time. Estimate how much ...    132 kb    Views 7851

Netchex Mobile

time calendar payroll employee information phone features mobile
-7    Netchex’s new mobile app puts our fantastic suite of services at your fingertips, allowing you to manage your payroll from the convenience of your smart phone. Our comprehensive and intuitive app lets you perform everything from approving requested time off ...    2 MB    Views 3615

Online Payroll

security ipad payroll intuit online pay quickbooks free
0    Fast and easy payroll onthego that automatically syncs with your Intuit Payroll account. · Create accurate paychecks for employees and contractors · Epay taxes and efile forms in all states · Pay workers by direct deposit (it’s free) · Get timely reminders on upcoming ...    7 MB    Views 6780
driving business tax time personal trips driver car travel gps drives irs battery month route automatically year
+17    Scratch those paper mileage logs MileWiz will catch every drive you make, automatically • TAX DEDUCTIONS Driving your car for personal & business purposes? You are eligible for tax deductions IRS deductions are 57.5c per qualifying mile in 2015. Driving 30 miles a ...    17 MB    Views 5956


organization tax calendar email year form free 990 file support number
+22    Complete your Form 990N (epostcard) for FREE in just a few minutes and keep your tax exempt status. With the convenience of the tablet app, not only it is easy to file, it is also Free. All that is needed to ...    9 MB    Views 3174

Debt Payoff Planner

+1    Debt Payoff Planner allows you to pay off single or multiple debts by letting you organize them very easily. You just have to feed in the details of your loan such as the loan amount, number of years to pay ...    14 MB    Views 5511
Related Apps property investment tax investors government rental incentive find year free
+11    NRAS is an acronym for National Rental Affordability Scheme. A property investment initiative passed into legislation in 2008. NRAS creates significant and substantial advantages for property investors, with the Federal and State government providing a substantial financial incentive tax free each ...    11 MB    Views 5018

Gold Chart

charts gold historical year
+26    Get uptothesecond interactive gold price charts on your iPhone. Everything from 20year historical charts to the past 10 minutes fast, accessible and flexible. Features: Dollar, Sterling, Euro & Yen charts. Ten date ranges covering everything from 10 minute, 1 hour ...    3 MB    Views 1043

RI Connect 2014

conference efficiency growth deliver advice connect year 2014
+1    The RI Connect Conference is now in its 34th year, and this annual conference is yet again set to be the marquee event, inspirational and informative in content. Each year, we endeavour to deliver you a program that is relevant and ...    2 MB    Views 7386
tax time tracker news tools finance business personal income latest payroll mileage vat
-6    This powerful new free Finance & Tax App has been developed by the team at Stipendia to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The Stipendia Payroll App has been designed to be ...    25 MB    Views 1366
tax time iphone work timesheet track york year dgpaycalc deductions copy payroll
+4    Are you a New Yorker who has an irregular income because you’re an hourly employee? Do you want to know what your takehome would be on the next paycheck? Do you find it difficult for you to track your earnings, ...    4 MB    Views 5712
+8    VF's 2012 annual report, titled "Made to Last: Powerful Brands That Never Stand Still," is available for iPad download. 2012 was another year of records for VF—record revenues, record margins, record earnings and record cash flow from operations. It was ...    4 MB    Views 9540


Related Apps email employees payday payroll payslips access view mobile administrator application
+15    IMPORTANT: This PayDay Mobile App will not operate without the necessary activation and use of the backend PayDay SoftwareasaService solution. PayDay is a secure mobile application suite that allows employees onthego to view their payslips (i.e. pay advices) conveniently from any ...    21 MB    Views 5848
tax calculator pay net calculations gross year period breakdown
-1    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some reviewers have recently said that the NI calculations are incorrect. If this relates to a director please check that 'NI on Account' is on in the Director's settings screen. Further information is available in the FAQ on ...    6 MB    Views 8716

Soft1 Quick View

-8    Requires Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition With the mobile application Soft1 QuickView for iPhone and iPad, you can now instantly view the financial picture of your business, regardless of time and location. The application allows the safe and reliable access to ...    4 MB    Views 7191

BEA 東亞銀行

Related Apps banking stock rates year exchange services
-5    東亞銀行手機程式網羅多元化的銀行及理財服務,讓你彈指間處理財務,由此更輕鬆自在。 我的最愛: 直接開啓最愛項目 銀行服務: 流動理財、顯卓理財、個人貸款、物業貸款、保險、強積金、服務熱線、優惠、分行/櫃員機及股票買賣 財富: 股票追蹤及特快落盤、基金、黃金、外幣現鈔兌換率、外幣電匯兌換率及東亞銀行貸款利率 生活: iCoupon、信用卡最新優惠、獎賞、演唱會及電影優惠、「好用錢」、全年餐飲及購物優惠及Facebook專頁 手機程式不時更新,令服務功能更加廣泛,切合你的需要。 The BEA App combines a comprehensive range of banking and financial services, allowing you to manage your finances from the palm of your hand. Banking has never been easier. Favourites: Direct access to your favourite items Banking: Mobile ...    14 MB    Views 5704
tax calculator people loan amortization table simple payment savings total year
-9    The most comprehensive, best selling Mortgage Calculator App in the App Store with 500,000 users. Three calculators in ONE APP Advanced analysis on the go. Unique features no other loan calculator offers. For example, see impact of Tax savings on ...    7 MB    Views 8775


business time mobile employee free payroll device type
+15    There’s a reason why so many small and mediumsized businesses still waste so much time handling their HR tasks on paper and Excel spreadsheets. There just wasn’t an affordable solution that would allow for electronic recordkeeping and operational efficiency. Now ...    381 kb    Views 8574


maps view yield fields year
+12    Thousands of farmers use FarmLogs to improve their yields and lower costs. FarmLogs helps you: Pinpoint inseason yield threats with notifications Track field activities automatically View specific soil maps so you know where to apply nutrients Monitor rainfall on your fields ...    58 MB    Views 3593

NPG Agent Portal

agents industry sales year agency agent portal
0    NPG (your dream builder) is a dynamic insurance agency that serves every consumer’s need in sourcing the best and most stable financial solution. It is one of the fastest growing players in the industry that has registered a brisk growth ...    2 MB    Views 1232


tax profile payroll deductions state amount gross guru paycheck taxes pay
+25    Payroll Guru calculates paychecks with net pay amount and applicable taxes from gross wages. =============== New in version 3: =============== Added total of 8 deductions to be used as posttax and pretax deductions with different taxation criteria (i.e. to exclude deduction amount from Federal, ...    1 MB    Views 4169


business tax money maps recording expenses receipts payroll startup hot entry
+26    Are you tired of forgetting to claim business expenses? Is your wallet bulging with fading receipts? Missing out on all the tax you could reclaim on Mileage by not recording business journeys? The Bullet iPhone app will save you money ...    5 MB    Views 7604
Related Apps calculator interest savings tool compound monthly year frequency
-7    This compound interest calculator can help you determine how much your current saving plan will be worth at any year in the future. Use this tool for retirement planning, kids college savings, or other savings account. This tool will allow you ...    437 kb    Views 6934

Past money

Related Apps money 2011 1800 year calculate choose
+7    Wondering how much you would have to give today for a thing that cost 10 in the 1800? With this application you can easily calculate it. Just choose a initial year, a final year and the amount of money you ...    915 kb    Views 2540


-3    In today’s economy one has to be careful. You need to plan, knowledge is gold especially where your retirement is at stake. This App is here to help you. It contains over 15 retirement functions including detailed year by year ...    2 MB    Views 8360
medical paye year claims revenue expenses
+2    Allows PAYE taxpayers to record medical expenses for a year in a diarylike manner, typically as events occur, and to subsequently send a claim to Revenue. Claims for back years are accommodated. Records are organised into medical, dental and nursing ...    1001 kb    Views 7660
Related Apps iphone payroll information free account totals alerts deposit deductions pay
-1    The first payroll application available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Mobile Payroll is available for free to existing SurePayroll customers. EASY, SECURE, and FREE Enjoy true payroll freedom with 24/7 access at your fingertips to calculate wages, deductions, benefits, ...    1 MB    Views 9566

JMK Group UK

Related Apps tax provider accountancy pay payroll set professional multiple shifts shift
+5    The app will enable you to manage all aspects of your contracting experience. It’s simple and hassle free, below are just a few features: PAYE Calculator: • Decide which payroll method best suites you right now by calculating what your take ...    11 MB    Views 3726

90 Days Tax Rule

tax location days year records option
-5    90 Days is the app to help you keep track of your geographical location during the tax year. To assist you in not getting caught out by the Statutory Residence Test. Features include : Automatically records your daily location by country ...    4 MB    Views 8460
+15    The Green60 Payroll Processing System is a new, alldigital way to process your weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, monthly or annual payroll.    7 MB    Views 6712

My Tax Calculator

tax calculator deductions year liability 2014 find eligible calculate financial
+9    Kotak Life Insurance brings to you ‘My Tax Calculator’. It is a simple and easy to use application to calculate Indian resident’s tax liability for the financial year 201415. An individual can earn from multiple sources and is also eligible for ...    7 MB    Views 8141

Rate Quote

mortgage rate year offer mortgages quote
-4    Check your mortgage rate without any obligation. Rate Quote will calculate the current offer rate for 5 year and 7 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages as well as 10, 15, 20 and 30 year Fixed Mortgages. Contact WEI Mortgage from right within the ...    NAN    Views 1054

IRIS OpenPayslips

software payslips payslip payroll conditions terms subject
+22    Welcome to IRIS OpenPayslips A brand new way for employees to receive and view their regular payslips digitally Payslips are published from within IRIS payroll software to a secure, cloud based payslip portal then seamlessly distributed to employees' smartphones quickly, ...    737 kb    Views 5846


tax year miles
-5    Easy way to track mileage for business/tax purposes. Annual summation of miles, with an export to email option for tax documentation. NOTE: Bottom bar is a text button that summarizes the miles by year: each press will advance to the ...    2 MB    Views 5767
investment business financial advisors special year interest executive information
-6    Investment Executive (IE) is the goto information source for Canada’s financial advisors — stockbrokers, mutual funds salespeople, financial planners, personal bankers, insurance agents and brokers — as well as other professionals in the financial services business. We provide them with ...    14 MB    Views 8894


software office payroll financial year package services
+14    STANDARD BOOKKEEPING SERVICES: Data Entry Reconciliations Invoicing Payroll Debtor Control Your office or our fully equipped office CONSULTING AND ADVICE Xero, Quickbooks Online, MYOB, Reckon Accounts Which software package suits you Troubleshooting End of Year financial & Payroll BAS Preparaton and Lodgement introduce our services provide easy access and contact we ...    13 MB    Views 9541

Royalty Rates

property rates statistics year
+2    RoyaltyStat provides statistics of royalty rates based on net sales, including the median, average and interquartile range. The royalty rates can be sorted by industry, type of intellectual property (patent, knowhow, trademarks, etc.), effective year, or country. You can also ...    7 MB    Views 1942
allowances rates payroll
+13    This is a handy payroll fact app showing rates and allowances figures from 2012/13 onwards. The categories include: Tax Rates Allowances National Insurance Thresholds Statutory Payments & Deductions Notification of when important key dates are approaching Information about CIPP    9 MB    Views 882

My Tax Back UK

tax money rebate year receipts contact pounds snap
-1    'The Money making app for CIS Subcontractors. Take control of your tax rebate today' Here at My Tax Back we know that construction workers are better at keeping track of the tools than record of their receipts The problem is they ...    NAN    Views 9530

Comdata Prepaid

cards payroll prepaid
-5    Manage your Comdata Payroll Card while on the go Download the Comdata Prepaid app to enjoy the convenience of checking your balance, transaction history, nearby ATM locations and more – right from your phone Please note: This application is designed for use ...    2 MB    Views 8444

Auto Loans Rates

Related Apps car rates year auto rate
+5    Instant Auto Loan rates at your fingertips. Current rates, estimated monthly payment and rate discount provided for 3 year new car rates 4 year new car rates 5 year new car rates 4 year used car rate Use it whether you are just shopping around ...    1 MB    Views 4395
Related Apps budget yearly mode year monthly compare
+12    Full featured app for trace your yearly budget.Trace and compare with last year budget. Budgetary is smart app which keeps track of all your incomeexpense.Easily manage your home and business budget. Features Yearly budget mode Monthly budget mode Add past year for ...    6 MB    Views 9775
currency exchange converter update year rates
+5    CurrencyEx A Useful Currency Exchange and Converter A currency converter for 150+ currencies with hourly exchange rates update. Key Features: Auto update exchange rates. Basic money management (called Wallet) for each currency. Click flags image to set Main Currency. History charts, ...    16 MB    Views 1247

Payroll Calculator

calculator iphone payroll free easy paycheck
+8    The Payroll Calculator is THE calculator for all your payroll needs Whether you are a paycheck professional or a self employed payroll, you will increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Why calculate wage the slow way when you can get aid ...    2 MB    Views 3993


payroll view www employer payslip online payslips
-1    An ePayslips application. If you have access to your payslips online at you can download and use this app to view all of your payslip information too. Receive new payslip notifications and view your payslips on your iPhone anytime anywhere. Depending on ...    19 MB    Views 9427

Gift Aid

tax time donations return gift record complete year relief claim
0    Log your donations. Simplify your tax return. This app makes it simple to claim tax relief on your Gift Aid charity donations. It's also a great way to record your donations even if you don't have to complete a tax return. Features: • ...    1 MB    Views 609
school tax security wealth 000 income start provide year account
+4    Our current situation: 86% of high school seniors think that the best long term growth investment is a savings account. (Jump Start 2006) Our proposed solution: Use a simple taxFREE account called a Wealth ReserveTM to learn how to invest for ...    238 MB    Views 8535
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