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+27    KillBiller (or Kill Biller) finds the best mobile phone plan for your usage. We examine your previous bills to determine exactly how many calls you make, SMS messages you send, and how much mobile data you use. With this information, our ...    NAN    Views 3239

D Finance

+11    Your financial planners are right your way to serve the most suitable plans for your future in the sectors of finance. We think all round and give away the best financial plans to you. Being in this nest the app ...    7 MB    Views 858
+16    The BEST way to monitor shared plans and groups. Spottr gives everyone in your group a simple way keep up with who's used what and when you'll go over. It's simple, beautiful and easy to use. Works with shared plans, individual ...    17 MB    Views 2976
-2    This FREE Web App assesses the viability of new business ideas or business expansion plans. Users enter a few inputs and instantly get an indication of the viability of their plans. Calculated results include EBITDA (Earnings before Interest Tax and ...    16 MB    Views 7541
+3    Planserve Relevant IPAD for retirement account service modeling. [View demo at ] Planserve provides recordkeepers, sponsors, and advisors an Ipad App to enable faster and easier access to their retirement accounts. The new App allows easy access for modeling, enrollments, and ...    25 MB    Views 356


+14    PLANADVISER provides comprehensive industry news, regulatory and investment information, research, and training to financial advisers who specialize in the sales, design, and administration of institutional qualified and nonqualified retirement plans and executive compensation plans, including 401(k), defined benefit and deferred ...    4 MB    Views 699


retirement digital provider
+3    PLANSPONSOR is the most respected provider of information and research to America’s retirement plan sponsors and the industry that serves this large constituency. It reaches 100% of the top 1,000 investment retirement plans in America, with assets of 7 trillion, ...    4 MB    Views 6553


+5    A smart shopping tool running on iPhone/iPod touch to make your BlackFriday shopping plans. Key features: make your BlackFriday shopping plans and check whether the item(s) is(are) bought or not when shopping. see how much you can save after the rebate ...    220 kb    Views 2241
0    Federal Tax Course Letter is now available on the iPad Federal Tax Course Letter helps you stay on top of the changing tax scene and take prompt advantage of new, taxsaving opportunities. Each monthly issue offers critical new tax law changes ...    5 MB    Views 8810


0    Lifemodel is a lifetime financial planner that lets you enter you present circumstances and future plans for up to 70 years hence. You can then model the effects of changes in income and price inflation, interest rates, bond yields and ...    27 MB    Views 806

Debt Planner

debt plans planner
+17    Debt Planner calculates a debt free date for your revolving debt with an additional extra payment. Optimized to give you information about when you will get out of debt and how much you will save from 3 different plans. Find ...    8 MB    Views 2449
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+2    You could be saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year with this app Your bank balance is not only about how much money you make, but also about how much you spend and how much you can save. Let's face it. The economic ...    305 kb    Views 8847
patients plans easy create payment full account patient payments
-3    SterlingCare is an easy way for you to create and manage payment plans for your patients. If your practice is not already enrolled with SterlingCare (required to use this app) please visit and click Enroll, or call (800) 7784640 ...    2 MB    Views 8069

VitalityLife MyPlan

calculator protection options products plans additional covers financial intended
+20    VitalityLife MyPlan has been developed specifically for VitalityLife Advisers for use with their clients. Find out more about what VitalityLife has to offer or create a personalised protection report with our protection calculator. VitalityLife Plans & Products We want to make our ...    14 MB    Views 8651
traffic wifi time data control usage plan provider plans month
+30    Data Control will manage your iPhone’s data usage for both your provider’s data traffic and WiFi data traffic. By monitoring the data usage, Data Control will allow you to select the appropriate data plan from your provider. Data Control monitors data usage ...    1 MB    Views 6992
medical budget insurance private plans nhs form simply needed monthly
-3    Comprehensive information about UK private medical insurance (PMI). Why do you need it, what do all the confusing terms mean? App includes a short form that you can fill out to get up to 4 competing insurance offers. Whatever your budget, ...    NAN    Views 1805

des codes application sur votre club plans ligne
+6    Avec l'application trouvez tous les codes promo et bons plans des boutiques en ligne sur votre Tablette Grce à ces codes réduction gagner des euros, des cadeaux ou la livraison gratuite sur votre commande. L'application permet de : Rechercher une boutique ...    NAN    Views 8543


retirement investment access view policy insurance account investments plans
+4    Stay in touch with your MyGuideStone account whenever you want. This free MyGuideStone app for iPhone and iPod Touch provides 24hour access to your GuideStone retirement account(s), investments and insurance plans. Retirement/Investments · Access your investment overview · View accounts, plans and funds · ...    2 MB    Views 8379
0    The Compare Structured Investments and Deposits application gives you information on the investments usually only available through UK Independent Financial Advisers, and provides you with the option to invest without receiving financial advice. The application’s descriptions of the products include information ...    NAN    Views 8687
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+1    Are you where you want to be with your retirement plans? Are you afraid you aren’t saving enough for the retirement you want? Canadian Business helps you make a plan and catch up on your dreams no matter what your ...    22 MB    Views 8090


money management cards facebook save act plan data required www
+22    We are pleased to share with you our philosophy of our own goals achievement. There are just three words: Plan Save Act Try and love with us the brand new experience of conducting a transparent flow of equity. It was ...    13 MB    Views 4885
planning time investment personal singapore estate insurance average plans individual trust
+1    Financial planning with Manulife odyssey finanza Estate planning with Rockwills (Singapore) Pte ltd and Rockwills (Malaysia) Pte ltd Provide estate planning services in Singapore and Malaysia. 9 years experience in insurance and estate planning . 1) personal Insurance and investment planning 2) business insurance and succession ...    21 MB    Views 4259
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+6    Owning your retirement has never been easier. With the Schwab Workplace Retirement App for iPhone, you get onthego access to your retirement savings account: • Enroll in your plan. • Check your progress—see how much you’re saving and how your balance may be ...    35 MB    Views 1383
advertising business marketing plan pro plans save objectives multiple
+2    Advertising Plan Pro can create, manage and edit unlimited advertising plans on the go Advertising Plan includes: • Advertising Plan Summary • Advertising Objectives • Advertising Budget • Creative Talent • Media Channels • Consumer Analysis • Marketing Strategy • Advertising Pitch • Evaluation Objectives • Advertising Calendar and more… Get Advertising Plan ...    2 MB    Views 4630
+9    Policybazaar iOS App brings Insurance comparison at the palm of your hands. With products like Two Wheeler Insurance, Motor Insurance, Terms Insurance and Investment Plans for Tax saving, ULIP, Retirement & Child Plans this app is a must have for ...    17 MB    Views 142

Plan Confidence

plan service plans
+3    Receive monthly allocation recommendations using the funds available in your defined contribution plans (401k, 403b, 457, TSP or VA plans). This is available to any plan participant that is currently subscribed to the Plan Confidence service. A valid Plan Confidence account ...    211 kb    Views 568
Related Apps wifi management monitor data usage background plans account location wireless features
-6    DataCare is a WiFi/3G/4G data usage monitor to help you know current 3G/4G data usage to prevent from exceeding data plan. It collects data usage from iOS without connecting to wireless service provider, and it works for all wireless service ...    10 MB    Views 1407
0    The name of the application, Healthy Wealthy Wise, signals the value of carpenters' benefit plans and the tools the plans make available online. The health and retirement plans have a large array of features and benefits that the mobile application ...    1 MB    Views 8109
centre sales plans online
+19    Buying a property from Emaar has never been easier. Download our Online Sales Centre app and take the next step closer to owning your new home through just a few clicks of a button · Browse & Purchase Units or Villas · ...    37 MB    Views 9958
group benefits coverage johnston eligible plans claims benefit
+5    Get the convenience and simplicity of accessing your benefit information and coverage, no matter where you are. mybenefits allows you to: • View your benefit coverage. • Review submitted claims for you and your dependents. • Check to see your eligible coverage or when ...    16 MB    Views 8111
business monitor tracker projects plan plans status project track manage
+22    Business Plan Tracker is a management and administration tool for everybody who deals with business plans and projects on a daytoday basis. Track all business plan and project activities within your organization. Monitor the business plan and project recipients as ...    238 kb    Views 5323
calculator age final expense pay plans units
+21    This is a simple Final Expense Calculator. Enter Amount, Age, Smoking or Not, Select between 3 types of Plans and you can get an estimate of the Cost. Pay Periods may be: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Anual and Yearly. You may add Accidental ...    2 MB    Views 9442
retirement administrators relationship time relevant participants mobile generation secure host
+10    Planserve Relevant Mobile for the next generation retirement account servicing. This App showcases next generation participant 401k retirement access and servicing. [View this tool video at ] Planserve offers recordkeepers a next generation smartphone connection to give faster access to key ...    5 MB    Views 9766
group benefits coverage johnston eligible plans claims benefit
0    Get the convenience and simplicity of accessing your benefit information and coverage, no matter where you are. mybenefits allows you to: • View your benefit coverage. • Review submitted claims for you and your dependents. • Check to see your eligible coverage or when ...    16 MB    Views 7172

GSP Tax Rates

stock tax plans taxation payable rates
+1    This app offers a summary of the taxation of employee share plans in 50 countries. It covers the taxation of stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, ESPPs and cash plans. Letting you know when tax and social security is ...    1 MB    Views 8612

Business Plan App

business ipad marketing iphone plan plans save summary analysis edit manage
+1    Do you need a business plan? Are you trying to start a business or secure funding? Are you ready to grow your existing business to new levels? If you answered "Yes" then get Business Plan App today Now you can manage ...    13 MB    Views 4925

FSM Mobile

daily mobile pension assets status key plans liabilities
-7    Mercer’s FSM Mobile iPad app allows plan sponsors and fiduciary management to access key information daily relating to the funded status of their defined benefit pension plans. With FSM Mobile – the portable version of FSM Pro – you can ...    3 MB    Views 6238

GSP Lawyers

0    This app provides contact details for law firms in the global share plans network. These firms have expertise in the tax and legal regulations governing employee share plans, as well as many other areas. You can contact the firms by ...    2 MB    Views 4704
plan insurance premium buyer plans application agents
+3    LifeBima application takes away the hassles of managing paperwork while explaining and understanding Insurance Policies. The application makes it easy and simple for Insurance agents to explain various plans such as New Jeevan Anand Plan No 815 New Bima Bachat ...    3 MB    Views 3088
retirement tax planning business benefits pension plans employees employee services
+22    Primark Benefits Pocket Pension Nerd is designed for Financial Advisors, CPAs and Human Resource Professional to help them answer common questions about pension and retirement plans. It’s also a great planning tool for employees, contractors, the selfemployed and others planning ...    5 MB    Views 6972
Related Apps retirement stock health monitor accounts plans information plan account fidelity
+2    NetBenefits for iPad gives you the ability to access your Fidelity workplace accounts — including retirement, stock, and pension plans, plus the health benefits you’re enrolled in — right on your iPad. SEE HOW YOU’RE DOING Interactive features like the Retirement Readiness ...    11 MB    Views 9542

Parity Plans Mobile

Related Apps card email mobile ability plans view details application register
+2    The Parity Plans Mobile app provides a single access point for participants to manage their consumer driven healthcare and other tax favored benefit accounts. Parity Plans Mobile is a completely customizable mobile application. Parity Plans Mobile shares user authentication with the ...    3 MB    Views 2731
Related Apps retirement money work time people planning years life plans plan live insurance thought
+19    No More Worries About Your Future Or The Future Of Your Investments Discover How To Secure Your retirement As Well As your Investments In This Easy To Read book. The average life expectancy of a human being today is set at an ...    342 kb    Views 5297


retirement tax design age cash balance plan client plans contributions
-7    CashBalancePRO is a smart mobile tool for financial advisors, CPAs, TPAs and other retirement professionals who want to grow their businesses with Cash Balance plans. App features include a calculator showing maximum qualified plan contributions based on a client’s age, ...    19 MB    Views 8153
Related Apps wifi management monitor data usage plans background wireless location account
+2    DataCare is a WiFi/3G/4G data usage monitor to help you know current 3G/4G data usage to prevent from exceeding data plan. It collects data usage from iOS without connecting to wireless service provider, and it works for all wireless service ...    9 MB    Views 2393
Related Apps market time personal facebook twitter medical bills insurance send free information paperwork plans 100
-2    Only accessible with a personal invitation code request one on FinanceFox is your personal digital insurance consultant, aiming to make your life a little bit easier by eliminating the hassle and paperwork you previously had with your insurance plans. ...    54 MB    Views 8162
tax business planning marketing search cpa expenses answers rates find filing plans
0    FREE INSTANT ANSWERS TO THOUSANDS OF TAX AND ACCOUNTING QUESTIONS. It’s the only tax reference tool you will ever need. A great tax and business resource for individual taxpayers, business owners, accounting students and tax accountants search for up to ...    2 MB    Views 5103
investment portfolio access focus insurance client manager easy coverage plans summary
-4    Designed for financial advisors who want a clean yet detailed interface that can be easily understood by clients during review meetings and presentations. Client Portfolio Manager will enable you to record your clients’ insurance policies and investment plans information in ...    9 MB    Views 5421

Business Plan

Related Apps business plans plan
-4    Got a great idea for a business? This app will guide you through the essential steps to create a professional business plan. Edit, delete, duplicate and rename your saved plans. Guides and Sample plans for each section. Checklists make sure ...    552 kb    Views 9262
tax planning magazine issues practice federal current estate developments plans articles
+2    Published monthly by CCH, TAXES provides cogent, innovative and practiceoriented analyses of federal, state and international tax issues. Articles selected for publication in this monthly magazine furnish pragmatic guidance for navigating a strategic course through the intricate landscape of tax ...    5 MB    Views 9243
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