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PointBuster I.N.

+8    When buying a product to use POINT BUSTER POINT BUSTER is an application to convert into cash discount cashback points ...    2 MB    Views 9444


+4    This app requires POSIM EVO version 1.6+ as the server on a Mac™ or Windows™ computer with an available Mobile Seat connection. POSIM EVO is not a free product iPOSIM is designed to enhance the POSIM EVO sales and inventory solution. ...    3 MB    Views 2181

Oh! point

+10    Oh point(오포인트)는 다양한 업종의 가맹점에서 할인도 받고 적립 '또' 받는 새로운 포인트 서비스입니다. Oh point는 기존 포인트와 달리, 전국 Oh point 가맹점에서 포인트를 사용하여 할인 받고 추가적인 적립 혜택까지 받을 수 있습니다. Oh point 어플리케이션을 통해 간편한 모바일카드로 포인트를 ...    4 MB    Views 87

CardConnect Mobile

+30    CardConnect Mobile – Delivering True Mobile Point of Sale Take the point of sale to your customers With CardConnect Mobile, businesses using CardConnect can accept credit card payments on a mobile device, transforming a smartphone or tablet into a true mobile ...    10 MB    Views 1843
discount coupons card management cards membership coupon widget earn quickly point
+14    membership widget discount/saving by membership,coupon,point quickly You can easly and quickly discount or save point when you purchase any goods by The membership widget management as a group, such as membership cards, earn card, coupons. In this situation you need it ...    5 MB    Views 7703
+6    Store Point helps you Refining your search by location, home features and more. Or simply enter keywords to Store listings just right for you. Store your criteria to get alerts when new Stores that match your search hit the market, ...    7 MB    Views 1693
+2    Do you travel for work? Go to Conferences? Live in a low or no income tax state like Florida or Arizona? Have business expenses? Do you get stuck with a lot of receipts to organize? Point. Shoot. Receipt. let's you quickly snap ...    928 kb    Views 1936

Stocks Assistant

Related Apps stock price projected gain shares calculates based buy stocks point prices
+1    At what price will my stocks profit? How many shares can my money buy? Let Stocks Assistant help you answer these questions. This application has 3 calculators to guide you in your stock trading. =======Features======= 1. Pivot Point Calculates the pivot point, resistance ...    3 MB    Views 7410

ITP Point and Claim

tax time receipts receipt claim point nominate agent
+22    ITP Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses, deductions, reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your ITP Tax Agent. Record and manage your receipts easily, ...    NAN    Views 8695

Currency by ANZ

+15    Currency by ANZ is your musthave App for foreign exchange information, no matter whether it is for business or pleasure. In order to provide the most flexible service possible, all rates used in Currency by ANZ are indicative midmarket rates ...    NAN    Views 3370

Money Quiz

money quiz answer test answers give points knowledge banknotes
+12    "Money Quiz" is a quiz which invites you to test your knowledge of banknotes of different countries around the world. It may be used for testing and educational purposes for people wellinformed about money appearance. Game consists of 50 illustrated ...    5 MB    Views 8815
tax time receipts receipt claim point nominate agent
+10    Moneytax Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses, deductions, reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your Moneytax Tax Agent. Record and manage your receipts easily, ...    NAN    Views 8922


reporting point
+7    PhoenixPOP is a Point of Purchase, or PointofSale, system that simplifies customer management and sales reporting. Your business will be able to ring up customers and print receipts, then let the iPad take care of paperwork for you. Features include Labor, including ...    35 MB    Views 4324

Old Point

banking security point online mobile view account accounts services transfer
+5    Mobile Banking from your iPhone/iPad is a free service offered to all Old Point Online Banking customers. FEATURES: CHECK BALANCES – View current account balances for your checking, savings, and loan accounts. VIEW TRANSACTIONS – View recent transaction history in your checking or ...    3 MB    Views 425


Related Apps sale card ipad iphone mobile point merchant support customers merchants device
+21    miniTerminal by Nets Delivering Mobile Point of Sale Bring the point of sale to your customers Miniterminal goes beyond just enabling mobile payment acceptance, transforming your iPhone or iPad into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class security, ...    8 MB    Views 9541
Related Apps banking web mobile west point access online contact account transfer
-3    Point West mobile app offers 24/7 FREE, secure member access for online banking. Manage your money with confidence using the following Point West Mobile App features: • Locate Branches and ATMs • Verify account balances and history • Transfer funds to other suffixes and/or ...    30 MB    Views 2246

Rococo Point Reward

customers point view secure www store latest
+4    Rococo is a specialty fashion retailer that offers shoes, accessories, and clothing for men, women, and children. Ever since, we are committed to bring joy, smiles, and happiness through our fashion offerings. Anytime you purchase on Rococo Store or, you ...    249 kb    Views 93
stock sale business retail cash point inventory automatic register supported experience pos
0    A Complete Point of Sale, Cash Register And Stock Control Solution For Retail And WholeSale Business With Apples secure iCloud you get automatic live updates Automatic backups where ever you may be on multiple devices Pos Plus will improve your revenue Tracking each stock ...    42 MB    Views 3836
+1    R J Sanderson Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses, deductions, reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your R J Sanderson Tax Agent. Record and ...    35 MB    Views 4665
sale point mobile integration systems application nbc
+1    Mobile Point of Sale application providing full integration with instore PRISM and WinPRISM point of sale systems. Application cannot be used without PRISM and/or WinPRISM point of sale systems with NBC Mobile integration.    2 MB    Views 9399

Student Cash Point

news student funding point cash
+13    Student Cash Point is the ideal place to keep uptodate with funding news to support your studies at a university or college. News is provided on funds relating to any aspect of student life from course and accommodation to ...    7 MB    Views 574


sale contactless application payments mobile pay point phone payment
+7    CardMobile is a mobile payment application which allows you to use your mobile phone to make contactless payments. Please note that the CardMobile application only works with the MicroSD card and the iCaisse accessory provided by Raiffeisen Bank International AG and ...    NAN    Views 5369

humble Till

management sale works cloud reporting full inventory offline point
+10    The humble Till is a cloud based Point Of Sale System that not only works on an iPad but also on an iPhone or iPod Touch Making it truly mobile. While the humble Till works beautifully online it also works ...    18 MB    Views 2465

Break-Even Analysis

business iphone money managers entrepreneurs break analysis point profits sales product increase
+4    The Hidden Secrets to Profitability That Most Business Consultants Don't Want You To Know Are Just A Click Away. “If You Want To Grow Your Business Even Faster, This Little App Is Like Helium For A Balloon.” “We frequently need to price ...    3 MB    Views 5449

Astro Point of Sale

+3    A full featured point of sale and inventory management solution. Simplifies and streamlines the process of running a small to medium retail operation.    6 MB    Views 4270
Related Apps security payment pay mobile point partners customer secure solution gateway
-5    Pay Way is a vibrant and cutting edge mobile payment solution of two strong partners – The Payment Gateway Ltd. and Wirecard that extends the point of sale to a modern mobile environment in an innovative and secure manner. Both ...    17 MB    Views 6916

Payment Jack

Related Apps card sale security payment mobile point device support application merchant
-8    Payment Jack – Delivering True Mobile Point of Sale Take the point of sale to your customers Payment Jack goes beyond just enabling mobile payment acceptance, transforming your iPhone into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class security, innovative ...    12 MB    Views 5414

MyPayRoll Point

0    MyPayRoll Point allows to track attendance and people access just by scanning a barcode (or QrCode). Using Studio Ziveri web portal, companies can manage the working time and the activities executed inside the organization and outside also. Using this tool, italian companies ...    10 MB    Views 6490

Point Money

point exchange currency banks
+18    “Point Money” Application will provide you with daily currency rates at all banks in Moldova and will choose the most favorable exchange rate for you. You will be able to convert one currency to another and find the nearest banks ...    15 MB    Views 2895

TPC Business

business card management advertising marketing customers point purchase service store rewards owner
0    This is a new application that allows any small business owner to provide points and rewards to its customers. No purchase of any new device or equipment is needed, nor does a store owner need to carry any inventory of ...    3 MB    Views 823

TW Point of Sale

sale por con point para
0    TW Point of Sale 2014 Versión Mobile le permite equipar a su personal de ventas con un sistema completo de preventas y ventas, manejo de clientes y rutas predefinidas por dia, mapas, niveles de precios, etc, Impresion directa por bluetooth ...    6 MB    Views 7795

Money Thermometer

Related Apps money financial point goals track
+25    Visually track financial goals with Money Thermometer. Choose the start point, end point, and current value of your financial goal. The thermometer bar changes color as you make more money. Track up to 16 financial goals this way.    2 MB    Views 4048

HPB Mobile for iPad

banking ipad mobile online free point bank access account
+7    Welcome to the new Hickory Point Bank & Trust Mobile App. Offering the services of the bank with the convenience of an iPad, this FREE App makes it possible to quickly and easily: check account balances and transactions pay bills make transfers locate branches ...    19 MB    Views 3477
magazine east middle deloitte view point
+3    An app that shares articles and opinion pieces from the Deloitte Middle East Point of View magazine which is distributed to thought leaders in the Middle East region.    2 MB    Views 8620

Point of Service

point service wealth
+5    Established in 2010, The Point of Service Pte Ltd (TPS) is a boutique Consultancy & Advisory firm whose mission is to create and protect wealth for its clients by maximising the value of their current assets in Singapore. This is the ...    29 MB    Views 9847

QuickSwipe P2PE

Related Apps pci point system data device
-3    QuickSwipe P2PE provides all of the benefits of Bluefin’s QuickSwipe mobile POS system but with the added security of PCIvalidated PointtoPoint Encryption (P2PE). QuickSwipe P2PE encrypts cardholder data within the PCIapproved Prima M device, so that cleartext data is never ...    5 MB    Views 2887

CSA Unwired

time business cash order point deposit usage
+12    A smarter, safer way to order and clear business cash online; anywhere, at any time. Integrate with existing cash suppliers, cut cash handling time, optimise cash flow and gain complete visibility of your business cash cycle. CSA Unwired can be ...    NAN    Views 6123

Point Mobile

-7    Point Mobile gives mortgage professionals “onthego” capability through realtime integration with Point or PointCentral. With Point Mobile you can: Collect borrower information Search and view loans in your pipeline View loan status    3 MB    Views 3645
rent business costs point break sold variable cost
+11    This is an app for calculating the breakeven point used in managerial accounting. When should this app be used? It should be used when you wish to make your business more efficient by clarifying expenses. For example: Consider a business that sells hamburgers for ...    13 MB    Views 6496

Coinzone POS

sale business bitcoin customers support point account today payment easy
+2    With Coinzone Point of Sale, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments in your store or business today. We’ve worked hard to make our app simple and even fun to use ­ you’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is ...    2 MB    Views 5766

MercadoPago Point

point seu você vendas permite
0    O aplicativo oficial do MercadoPago Point permite receber pagamentos pelas vendas do seu negócio com cartões de crédito e débito. Para usálo, você precisa comprar o leitor de cartões do MercadoPago Point e conectálo ao seu celular. Será possível oferecer aos seus ...    NAN    Views 2259

Nova Point of Sale

Related Apps sale business iphone time point inventory mobile control products price
0    The Nova Point of Sale iPhone mobile app empowers you to be connected and in control of your business when you are remote by providing tools that are both extremely powerful and easy to use. As a store owner with one ...    5 MB    Views 7979

Pocket Coins

stock sale percentage pocket return coins point application
-2    Pocket Coins is an application that is simple to use for calculating your return percentage on a stock. This application is meant for small time investors looking for a quick sale point of their stock. Input the stock quantity, total ...    899 kb    Views 2813


card sale iphone ipad security mobile merchant point support application
+2    ROAMpay™ X4 – Delivering True Mobile Point of Sale Take the point of sale to your customers ROAMpay X4 goes beyond just enabling mobile payment acceptance, transforming your iPhone or iPad into a true mobile point of sale device. Incorporating world class ...    NAN    Views 884
Related Apps tax time receipts receipt sage claim nominate point agent
-2    Sage Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses, deductions, reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your tax agent. Record and manage your receipts easily, safely and securely with the Sage Point and Claim app. ...    NAN    Views 6786
sale card iphone payment transactions stored gateway inventory credit point
0    Accepting credit cards through your iPhone is secure and simple to use with the CashLINQ Point of Sale Credit Card Payment System. Process a quick transaction or build a full order for a customer payment processing has never been ...    15 MB    Views 1180

OneCard Mobile

card students wifi virtual map onecard campus mobile access terminals payment point account system
+19    OneCard Mobile is your single point of access to campus life, combining student ID functionality with electronic payment processing and access control to enhance the whole student experience. OneCard Mobile is a unique, mobilebased technology from the Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI ...    3 MB    Views 408

iSales MyShop

ipad shopping apple store customers send point support automatically
+1    iSales reinvents the cash point Provide to customers of your store a new shopping experience thanks to iSales MyShop. How it works: The cash point of your store must have iSales for iPad available on the Apple App Store, invites customers to download iSales ...    15 MB    Views 8964
stock retail business ipad time reading iphone management email sales customers inventory printers product reports transactions point lite
+13    Octopus Retail Point of Sales Lite – Point of Sales system
 Default user; username – admin password – admin Are you a store owner that yearns to be able to easily tabulate your daily sales, know your stock inventory and yet still be able ...    10 MB    Views 6351
tax apps person editing coffee calculator history time tip tipping control total point split
+2    Highly Recommend by iPod App Cast Top 100 Finance App in 10+ Countries Check youtube movie by The iPod App Cast People who already bought tipping point says ...  Everything I was looking for: rounding, tip on tax option, UI, adjustable ...    2 MB    Views 1815

TPC Personal

card time iphone personal points point save smartphone easy life touch
+1    The Point Card Personal application is a truly unique and universal rewards program, that has all the traditional functions and features, but on a smartphone. From collecting reward points to using coupons, all activities can be managed very easily in the ...    11 MB    Views 745
point performance

Tip Genius

tax party people tip bill amount decimal point features percentage
0    Tip Genius is an easytouse, fullfeatured tip calculator, designed exclusively for all iPhones and IPod Touch devices running iOS7. Key Features Include: Bill amount can be entered using a fixed decimal point (ATMstyle) or floating decimal point keypad Jog dial permits ...    309 kb    Views 3150

Break Even Point

break point
-8    Use This Free App To Help Calculate the Break Even Point 6cb0fc7fe3    812 kb    Views 4933
tax time receipts receipt claim point nominate agent
+21    Trojan Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses, deductions, reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your Trojan Tax Agent. Record and manage your receipts easily, ...    NAN    Views 5432
ipad card business cards sale mobile point pin debit credit chip
+7    Turn your iPad into a sleek, easy to use, point of sale solution. With sproutPOS you can accept Interac Debit, chip and PIN (EMV) credit cards, and contactless payments anywhere you do business 1. Download the free sproutPOS app to your ...    19 MB    Views 3418

S2Pay Merchant POS

Related Apps sale pos merchant based cloud support users point
-1    S2Pay Merchant POS is a specially designed application for S2Pay merchants. This is only for S2Pay merchants and allows them to accept payment from S2Pay users as well as redeem coupons issued to S2Pay users. It also features a powerful ...    NAN    Views 9926

Point One

point 000
+5    Rich Point The world's easiest Stock & Finance App The once setting get info forever, Will soon become your favorite: 50,000+ realtime stocks 20,000+ financial instruments in total 200+ countryies 247 service and your local Dollar index    1 MB    Views 3973
tax time receipts receipt claim point nominate agent
-7    Pembertown Point and Claim is a free receipt management app that helps process receipts and record your tax expenses, deductions, reimbursements and claims, in a format that can be shared with your Pembertown Tax Agent. Record and manage your receipts easily, ...    NAN    Views 6641
business retail marketing hardware customer system designed including complete point pos
-3    Echo Business Builder POS is a fully hosted, tabletbased PointOfSale system including payment processing, customer loyalty program, a complete back office and marketing system and all the necessary hardware. Designed for both Retail and Restaurants alike, the software is designed to ...    7 MB    Views 719
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