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+5    Easy to use mobile POS and payments for iPad. Ideal for use in retail establishments, cafes, coffee shops, mobile catering or anywhere else that a mobile point of sale is required Providing easy to use ePOS apps for desktop and tablet ...    13 MB    Views 5080

incwo POS

+26    incwo POS is the cash register for retailers. It's very intuitive, you'll need only a few minutes to learn how to do use it. Rich, it has all the standard cash registers requirements : tickets, sellers, partial payments, credits, discounts, ecotax, daily ...    4 MB    Views 5225

FX Trading Buddy

+4    FX Trading Buddy is an educational app for people to learn how to trade Forex and Commodities on spread betting platforms. The app enables students to register for webinars, track their progress, receive daily trade ideas,register for webinars and interact ...    12 MB    Views 1677


food ipad wifi octopus server pos sales multiple terminals orders
+26    OctoWaiterPlus OctoWaiter+ is a mobile ordering module for "Octopus Food POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution. "Octopus Food POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application specially designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets. By using OctoWaiter+, you can ...    35 MB    Views 7261
+22    UniCredit MPOS è l’innovativa soluzione di incasso pensata per aziende, commercianti e liberi professionisti che operano in mobilità. Ti basterà scaricare ed installare l’App gratuita su uno smartphone/tablet con linea dati attiva e collegare la PIN PAD che un nostro tecnico ...    NAN    Views 7765

ProcessNow Register

+1    ProcessNow is a merchant solution for businesses of every size offering everything from instore and mobile payments to valueadded business management tools. Running a business is easy with ProcessNow Register.    61 MB    Views 8335

db POSMobile

con che pos gli carte pagamento
-1    'db POSMobile' è l’applicazione ufficiale del Gruppo Deutsche Bank che può essere scaricata dagli esercenti già convenzionati con Deutsche Bank. E' una App dedicata a liberi professionisti, artigiani e a tutti gli esercenti che svolgono un'attività commerciale in mobilita' o ...    4 MB    Views 6535

Mobile Register 2

sale register mobile markets csv local format day export
+2    Are you in need of a cash register and find all POS systems too expensive for your operation? Are you having a yard sale, working a local charity event, or organizing a fundraiser? Do you sell products at flea markets, ...    1 MB    Views 5082
octopus display customer pos
+1    Octopus Customer Display This is a supporting app for following four Octopus POS apps. 1. FoodPOS 2. RetailPOS 3. FoodPOS Plus 4. RetailPOS Plus Basic requirements: Both POS and Customer display must be installed in 3rd generation iPad or later version. Only supports Bluetooth 4 (low energy) iPads    6 MB    Views 8355

Zoompass Paymobile

+5    Move your money safely, here to there and everywhere. No bank account needed. Zoompass is a unique mobile payment service that offers a simple way for you to send, receive, and request money instantly and securely from your mobile phone. Use Zoompass ...    4 MB    Views 1381

Salon i-POS

salon und pos
+26    Salon iPOS ist eine Salon Management Software für Coiffeurs und Salons. Neben einer Kassensoftware beinhaltet sie Kundenbeziehungsmanagement und Artikelbewirtschaftung.    NAN    Views 6893


Related Apps iphone pos
+22    FCP POS + iPhone = Mobile Card Terminal. Download now FCP POS enables you to accept credit cards with your iPhone    3 MB    Views 8788


community register
+2    FriendCoup is an easy, fun and viral shopping app that scans product barcodes, instantly retrieves matching coupons, enables sharing/gifting/trading with friends and redemption at retail. Users must first register at (inivitation code = Friendcoup2011) and then register on the ...    1 MB    Views 535

Cal Pos

card business cal pos transaction credit 1700 transactions day customer
-8    CalPos – Mobile credit card processing It doesn't matter what kind of business you have, you too can process credit card payments from a smartphone or tablet easily and safely, anywhere, and at any time, using the CalPos app and a ...    6 MB    Views 2090

TD Mobile POS

business email mobile pos pinpad easy step smartphone data payments
-6    Accept payments wherever you do business across Canada with TD Mobile POS. This easy to use, secure mobile app allows you to use a smartphone with a data plan that is connected to an active cellular network or WiFi– paired ...    NAN    Views 1780

Revel POS Retail

Related Apps business retail ipad management sale software managers time revel pos track inventory sales reporting
-1    Revel iPad POS is the cash register for the 21st century. This mobile POS software provides uptotheminute reporting to track the sales at your retail store in real time. There is no backofthehouse server needed, no mandatory contracts, and no ...    66 MB    Views 2131
business retail marketing hardware customer system designed including complete point pos
-5    Echo Business Builder POS is a fully hosted, tabletbased PointOfSale system including payment processing, customer loyalty program, a complete back office and marketing system and all the necessary hardware. Designed for both Retail and Restaurants alike, the software is designed to ...    7 MB    Views 719
retail management time office sale pos product quick store order inventory pricing buttons
+11    The Agiliron POS is a powerful, elegant and easytouse cloudbased iPad & iPhone Point of Sale (POS) system. As a component of the “Agiliron MultiChannel Commerce Solution Suite”, it is quick to setup and enables businesses to leverage the endtoend platform ...    2 MB    Views 2605

S2Pay Merchant POS

-2    S2Pay Merchant POS is a specially designed application for S2Pay merchants. This is only for S2Pay merchants and allows them to accept payment from S2Pay users as well as redeem coupons issued to S2Pay users. It also features a powerful ...    NAN    Views 9926


ipad management business time pos mobile operations store register sales
-3    Let’s make Point of Sale mobile and fun Run your POS operations on your iPad from any location with the easy to use iPad mobile POS app by ERPLY. Are you a store owner that wants the power of POS without ...    1 MB    Views 9593

Practi POS

pos https
-3    PRACTI POS .אפליקצית קופה חכמה חינמית ל14 יום מבית פרקטי מערכת נתמכת ענן. אפשר להרשם בחינם באתר האפליקציה שלנו מאפשרת לכם לנהל את כל העסק שלכם בחנות פיזית אחת או רשת של חניות וחנות אינטרנטית מפלטפורמה אחת. בנוסף, המערכת תומכת במערך של ...    NAN    Views 1149

Future Register

future register check transactions spend
+1    Not your usual check register Even better Future Register is a simple, clean and unique check register that lets you do common check register entries PLUS the ability to log future transactions and see what your future bank balance will be. This ...    1 MB    Views 2727


shopping items prices list price item notes store lowest register
+7    Do not forget to buy the shopping and you? This app is to prevent the application to help you remember buying. You can register store/prices/notes for different items. Therefore, all registered as the price listed in a variety of your supermarket flyer, to calculate ...    657 kb    Views 9723
Related Apps transactions easy bank debt account register add spending easily
+2    Easily keep track of your spending and determine what your current balance is using the Check Register phone app. Debt Consolidation Center has launched a new app that will allow you to add all your transactions in one easy place, ...    4 MB    Views 7808


+7    Retail Reports is a reporting module for "Octopus Retail POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution "Octopus Retail POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets. By using Retail Reports, you can ...    10 MB    Views 3375

Check Book Register

business register check book managing expenses save
0    If you are just getting started managing your finances or have a new business and need a quick solution for tracking expenses, Check Book Register is the best app for you. You can record expenses, and develop an aggregate balance. The ...    29 MB    Views 7738

Meal Magic Presto!

magic meal customer suite items day sales register
+19    Meal Magic Presto is a powerful sales register for schools that ties directly to your Meal Magic Suite system, enabling you to record meals and deposits quickly and conveniently through a simpletouse layout. You manage customers, menus, and food items ...    7 MB    Views 5255

Green Bits Register

+29    Green Bits Register empowers your budtenders to efficiently sell products and process payments — all from your iPad. To make a sale, scan the barcode of your marijuana product and take cash or swipe a card. Print the receipt or ...    15 MB    Views 3926

Point of Sale

Related Apps sale sales application point pos
+29    Point of Sale (POS) is an application for business like small shop, cafe, van selling etc. The standalone solution does not require any back office. Manage your sale items, methods of payments, users, discounts directly on your iPhone or iPad. Then ...    2 MB    Views 4878
food wifi web ipad octopus pos sales multiple server terminals internet system
-2    Octopus Kitchen Plus OctoKitchen+ is a supporting module for "Octopus Food POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution. "Octopus Food POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application specially designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets. By using OctoKitchen+, you ...    25 MB    Views 5569

Digicash POS

tools business sale banking software web digicash pos payments solution system bank processes easy
+28    Digicash POS enables you to accept payments triggered by your customers using their mobile phones. They will be able to use their smartphone to pay their bills, make payments at your point of sale or on your e/mcommerce website or ...    NAN    Views 6109

Zuza POS

business tickets marketing program email time pos easy customer inventory create menu
+14    Zuza is a white label POS that you can brand and sell as your own. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to sell The Zuza POS comes with everything a business needs to run efficiently. This app includes a demo ...    26 MB    Views 609
ipad keyboard pos screen reader
+5    Revel POS now offers the “Accessibility Screen Reader for the iPad POS System” for the visually impaired. Just add the Apple bluetooth keyboard and you are set. To activate Accessibility mode you must on the login screen click "Accessibility on". ...    66 MB    Views 9152

Anchor D Bank

Related Apps bank anchor mobile launch download access register
-4    The Anchor D Bank Mobile App allows you to access your bank accounts on the go You can view balances, transaction history, deposit checks, manage your cards, and transfer funds at your convenience with your mobile phone. In addition you will ...    19 MB    Views 2086

Mobile Register

Related Apps sale register mobile csv format customers transaction
-1    Are you having a yard sale and need cash register? Do you sell products at flea markets, events, trade shows and other gatherings? Mobile Register is the app for you With Mobile Register you can ring customers up on the fly during the ...    187 kb    Views 8616


software work easy pos demo org product http
+10    EasyPos is a Point of Sale App to be used for the PrestaShop webstore. EasyPos is a GREAT pos software for any store owner. It allows YOU to get started in minutes, and gives you access to your complete inventory immediately. EasyPos ...    9 MB    Views 4164

offices pos
+4    The map with locations of AMT, POS and offices of DKIB. Now you can find all ATMs, POS and DKIB offices near you.    3 MB    Views 934

Tiny POS

+5    Tiny POS Point of Sale on iPad แอปพลิเคชั่นสุดชิคที่ช่วยให้ร้านค้าขนาดเล็ก กลาง หรือธุรกิจ SME ได้มีระบบการจัดการข้อมูลการขายสินค้าที่ใช้งานง่าย สะดวก รวดเร็ว ขนาดเล็ก พกพาไปได้ทุกที่ ไม่ต้องเชื่อมต่อกับอินเตอร์เน็ต และเพิ่มยอดขายของร้านค้าให้ได้มากที่สุด SOME OF OUR CUSTOMER • The Hidden Resort & Restaurant Ranong (ระนอง) • CASE STUDY Asoke (กรุงเทพฯ) • The Calories Cups ...    10 MB    Views 1440

Vappt Carteira

card credit phone pos password top cell authorize
-3    Vappt Carteira is the simplest and safest way to buy directly from your smartphone with your credit cards: Buy airtime topup for your own or someone else’s prepaid phone; Authorize your purchase’s started from a vendor that sells with Vappt POS; Soon you ...    14 MB    Views 1931


business social media products leave comments connect fill silver pos
+3    NPSBANK is a full service company that gives your business the tools and advice you need to succeed. The NPSBANK app allows to view our extensive list of products & services, watch product demonstration videos, connect with our social media pages ...    14 MB    Views 3679

MobiCash POS

security payment accepting payments phone businesses acceptance pos
-7    The MobiCash POS app is designed to make payment acceptance easier without compromising security. It is simple to use and offers businesses a cheaper and more inclusive way of accepting payments via a mobile device. The service is not tied ...    51 MB    Views 1628

Trans POS

time business pos based extra custom inventory spent affordable
-8    TransPOS is the most powerful POS app in the marketplace. TransPOS is specifically designed to provide all types of businesses with an affordable solution that maximizes efficiency and profitability. Our stateoftheart app helps decrease the amount of time spent on ...    15 MB    Views 7077
Related Apps business tickets management sale marketing scheduling time email program pos inventory customer sales items track
+25    Provident Point of Sale (POS) is an affordable point of sale iPad app for managing retail shops, restaurants, and more. Provident Payments POS tracks and reports all business activities, including employee hours, scheduling, inventory management, customer management, and detailed sales ...    15 MB    Views 8581


register events
+1    You can register your scheduled events by category.The event date will be calculated automatically with past events.And also you can register cost,photo,memos.    934 kb    Views 1104


Related Apps full live transaction register
+5    Manage all your stores from your phone. Stay on top of everything happening in your store even when you are not present. View full day reports See live transactions as they are happing on your register See full transaction receipts ...    14 MB    Views 4138

Payfirma POS

sale business card pos cash credit tablet register support
+1    Payfirma Tablet POS (PointOfSale) turns your iPad into a mobile cash register that can easily accept credit cards, cash, checks, and other payment types. Plug in Payfirma's credit card reader for a fully integrated and secure point of sale, or ...    36 MB    Views 3704
green retail inventory based barcodes product pos barcode receive
0    Green Bits Inventory puts you in control of your marijuana retail store. Accurately track both marijuana and paraphernalia on the go using the iPod Touch. Receive product and audit inventory with seamless traceability reporting. Add a nonmarijuana item ...    9 MB    Views 9177

Revel POS Bitcoin

Related Apps business pos bitcoin revel track owners lead easy days
+8    Revel POS for Bitcoin is the first POS to accept Bitcoin. This mobile POS software provides uptotheminute reporting to track the sales at your restaurant, grocery or retail store in real time. There is no backofthehouse server needed, no mandatory ...    66 MB    Views 9627

Zahir Point Of Sale

iphone ipad pos untuk anda yang mobile dan
+9    Era Baru Transaksi Kasir Zahir POS Mobile merupakan aplikasi yang diguanakan untuk mencatat order penjualan di iPhone atau iPad. Zahir POS Mobile memungkinkan Anda atau tenaga penjual untuk memberikan pengalaman yang luar biasa kepada pelanggan dengan menunjukan daftar dan gambar produk yang ...    4 MB    Views 452


time transaction merchants reports prepaid airtime sell access traditional pos
-9    Sell prepaid airtime, anywhere, anytime directly from your iOS device. EmidaPOS allows you to turn any iOS device into a safe vehicle for any prepaid airtime transaction—free of cost. EmidaPOS is a simple solution for merchants who want to sell prepaid airtime ...    1 MB    Views 5492

IWD POS System

Related Apps customer experience service pos
-6    Introducing an adaptable sales experience for any environment. IWD POS will spark a revolutionary customer service experience for customers on your website, in your store, or on the phone. The crisp design and Magento compatibility makes eCommerce simply fun while: ...    2 MB    Views 5112


Related Apps card account payment transactions service online register
+1    IMPORTANT INFORMATION • This app works alongside our new eVanquis online account service and lets you manage your Vanquis card more easily. • If you have not used the eVanquis online account service before, you will also need to register before downloading ...    NAN    Views 4571
Related Apps banking online mobile bank registered register
+27    The Polonia Bank Mobile Banking App is available to all registered Polonia Bank Online Banking customers. The new safe and secure mobile app allows you to: − check available balances and activity, − transfer funds, − pay and manage your bills, − deposit checks, and − locate Polonia Bank ...    1 MB    Views 1355


pos desktop inventory
+13    Simple to set up and easy to use. Accept cash, checks or credit cards, print or email receipts, all with cloudbased security. Reports that track sales and help manage inventory. The POS includes a web site and unified inventory management, a ...    20 MB    Views 633


ipad iphone business pos ipod ipos customizable device payment
+15    Business on iPad/iPhone/iPod, payment on POS, perfect combination of SMART and SECURITY PAX iPOS is inspired by combining the advantages of both iOS devices and financial POS. With PAX iPOS on iPad/iPhone/iPod and PAX POS device, customer not only got an entire ...    26 MB    Views 6930


email marketing program tickets scheduling management pos loyalty reporting customer information customers feature
+27    NPOS is a robust, full featured, easy to use POS app that can be used at restaurants, retail businesses, nightclubs/taverns, coffee shops, hair salons and many other businesses.  N POS provides detailed reporting, mobile and wireless options, clock in and ...    15 MB    Views 2306

POS Mobile

pos tuo mobile tutte del
0    "POS Mobile" è l'interfaccia che permette dal tuo dispositivo mobile di gestire il tuo POS ICMP. Attraverso "POS mobile" hai la possibilità di gestire tutte le operazioni previste come incassi e storni, controllare on–line l'elenco di tutte le transazioni effettuate ...    5 MB    Views 3494

Prolific POS

Related Apps business pos system industry free sales tool features manage
+7    Prolific POS is a cuttingedge pointofsale solution that is winning over thousands of merchants across the U.S. If you are looking for a robust POS system that is affordable and has the most functionality amongst any other in the market ...    15 MB    Views 3366

Kling POS

application pos
+6    The Application for Kling's Distributors Kling Point Of Sale (Kling POS) is an application for distributors that let you make orders for you or your clients in a very easy way.    83 MB    Views 6417


time insurance agents kinds real register find platform
+4    立即下載香港保險業聯會(保聯)的應用程式,親身體驗這個嶄新的互動資訊平台 現在您可以透過保聯應用程式,取得更多保險資訊,以及查詢為您服務的保險代理登記資料,包括: 保聯簡介及保險公司會員名冊 保險代理登記冊(你可以透過這個平台,即時查核保險代理的登記狀況及資料) 保險貼士(扼要介紹各類保險的特色,購買保險時應注意的事項,索償時又有甚麼需要留意) 保聯最新消息(簡介保聯的活動概況和最新訊息) Come and join us at this interactive information platform. Download the HKFI App now You can now access all kinds of latest information on insurance and the real time agents register at this onestop shop app: Introduction to ...    63 MB    Views 1352
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