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Salon i-POS

+7    Salon iPOS ist eine Salon Management Software für Coiffeurs und Salons. Neben einer Kassensoftware beinhaltet sie Kundenbeziehungsmanagement und Artikelbewirtschaftung.    NAN    Views 6893
+4    Mobile Commodity Trader untethers traders and originators using Triple Point’s Commodity XL™ solution from their desks by delivering realtime market data and enabling trades to be executed from virtually anywhere. Mobile Commodity Trader provides all the tools for managing trades ...    5 MB    Views 1783

OneCard MyPay

+22    OneCard MyPay allows cardholders to make purchases at participating OneCard terminals directly from MyPay, no need to swipe your card, just use your iPhone or iPod Touch. Participating MyPay terminals can include vending machines, photocopiers, laundry controllers, print stations, financial terminals, ...    1 MB    Views 4559
+8    "Explore Your Business when moving" The commercial information needs to be fetched promptly. So you can make decision quickly, and get the benefit from it. SAPB1Item allows you to input the Item code, and obtain the necessary data fast than ever. Key features Simple ...    122 kb    Views 1517

Kling POS

+2    The Application for Kling's Distributors Kling Point Of Sale (Kling POS) is an application for distributors that let you make orders for you or your clients in a very easy way.    83 MB    Views 6417
-1    All in one currency converter which supports 160 + currencies For simple currency conversion , always use the first tab . Just select the base currency, target currency , amount and then click on convert button Second tab contains a set of ...    8 MB    Views 5558

Tiny POS

0    Tiny POS Point of Sale on iPad แอปพลิเคชั่นสุดชิคที่ช่วยให้ร้านค้าขนาดเล็ก กลาง หรือธุรกิจ SME ได้มีระบบการจัดการข้อมูลการขายสินค้าที่ใช้งานง่าย สะดวก รวดเร็ว ขนาดเล็ก พกพาไปได้ทุกที่ ไม่ต้องเชื่อมต่อกับอินเตอร์เน็ต และเพิ่มยอดขายของร้านค้าให้ได้มากที่สุด SOME OF OUR CUSTOMER • The Hidden Resort & Restaurant Ranong (ระนอง) • CASE STUDY Asoke (กรุงเทพฯ) • The Calories Cups ...    10 MB    Views 1440
+3    Revel POS now offers the “Accessibility Screen Reader for the iPad POS System” for the visually impaired. Just add the Apple bluetooth keyboard and you are set. To activate Accessibility mode you must on the login screen click "Accessibility on". ...    66 MB    Views 9152

Secret Wallet Lite

card personal history weight information account manage date application server bank
+3    Save your personal and private information to your own space. Main Features √ Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of United States is used to secure information √ Allows you to backup all information. All information will be encrypted twice and saved in Goole Docs ...    7 MB    Views 4023

Extend EBI

+1    Extend EBI provides a mobile dashboard for key DPS Extend ERP indicators. Key Data: Sales Margin Cost Order breakdown by status Drill to Orders A/P Aging A/R Aging This is the Extend EBI Mobile client. The Extend Web App server component is ...    4 MB    Views 5851

Ezio Mobile Token

time signature challenge support mobile advanced transaction server pin protection
-2    Ezio Mobile is designed to secure your online financial operations, like accessing to your bank account balance or doing money transfer. It provides Strong Authentication by generating One Time Password thus making ineffective all attempts to steal your regular credentials. ...    2 MB    Views 7238

BeeDesk Receipts

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+5    BeeDesk Receipts is the easiest solution for keeping track of receipts for tax and reimbursement purpose. Snap photos of your receipts, organize them in categories and generate professional looking PDF and Excel (CSV) report. All receipts are immediately and securely saved on ...    13 MB    Views 3317


management application energy server corporate
-6    iCEM HD is an iPad client for the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management (CEM) Application. Use iCEM for monitoring your industrial system consumption, consulting energy trends, viewing alarms and active events everywere you are in the world, as you do in the ...    3 MB    Views 3134

CrediAmigo POS

-8    Com o CrediAmigo POS, qualquer pessoa física ou jurídica pode visualizar pagamentos via cartão de crédito de onde estiver, de forma simples.    4 MB    Views 3280

ACCURATE Dashboard

business software apps accurate dashboard server accounting database sales month computer
+15    WORK ONLY WITH ACCURATE 4 ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE You can download ACCURATE 4 Accounting software from Ever want to have your your business report on your pocket while you're away from office? Ever want to spent your time analyzing your business indicator ...    5 MB    Views 3062


food ipad wifi octopus server pos sales multiple terminals orders
+15    OctoWaiterPlus OctoWaiter+ is a mobile ordering module for "Octopus Food POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution. "Octopus Food POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application specially designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets. By using OctoWaiter+, you can ...    35 MB    Views 7261

eKassir POS

+14    eKassir POS is a terminal application for connecting to eKassir PayServer.    2 MB    Views 4733

Sell It Anywhere

ipad server sell customers orders accounting barcode database create price
0    Welcome to Sell It Anywhere The mobile app for salespeople on the go. ALWAYS CONNECTED Create orders on your iPad and upload them to your server and directly into your business accounting package. All in real time If you have a wifi ...    10 MB    Views 9187

Moolah POS

+1    Moolah POS turns an iPad into a powerful and intuitive point of sale solution for your Storefront, Restaurant, Bar or mobile business. Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you have to operate like one. Introducing Moolah POS. Scan barcodes, accept ...    19 MB    Views 1434

db POSMobile

con che pos gli carte pagamento
+9    'db POSMobile' è l’applicazione ufficiale del Gruppo Deutsche Bank che può essere scaricata dagli esercenti già convenzionati con Deutsche Bank. E' una App dedicata a liberi professionisti, artigiani e a tutti gli esercenti che svolgono un'attività commerciale in mobilita' o ...    4 MB    Views 6535

RiskMonitor HD

monitor market program time risk account clearing position trading server
+7    The Object⁺ Risk Monitor is intended for clearing houses, clearing members, traders, brokers and other financial institutions that make decisions based on the management of risk. It allows monitoring the positions and P&L of your traders in real time. The program ...    1 MB    Views 7458
calculator percentage survey tip amount leaving server leave simple
-3    Tip percentage calculator and survey. There are many apps on the market that will do a simple calculation for a tip, but what percentage do you leave the server? This application uses a simple, customizable, survey to determine how much ...    716 kb    Views 2227

S2Pay Merchant POS

Related Apps sale pos merchant based cloud support users point
+1    S2Pay Merchant POS is a specially designed application for S2Pay merchants. This is only for S2Pay merchants and allows them to accept payment from S2Pay users as well as redeem coupons issued to S2Pay users. It also features a powerful ...    NAN    Views 9926


stock time portfolio button press price server latest refresh
0    CSETracker allows users to get real time price of stock/shares from Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Users can also maintain their Stock Portfolio in CSETracker. Press the Refresh button any time to get the latest price from CSE server and recalculate ...    372 kb    Views 2062
-5    More than just a tip calculator... TipMatic is your convenient, tableside tipping monitor that takes the question of how much to tip your server right out of your hands TipMatic’s simple, retroinspired interface makes operation intuitive and fun. You won’t feel ...    6 MB    Views 5800

Odhen No Cash

Related Apps card products client terminals cash website purchases recharge credit
+3    Odhen No Cash is a software to be used with selfcatering terminals, reducing operating cost and diminishing queues in the establishment. Innovating your catering services, every client has a rechargeable magnetic card used for purchasing products, which can be recharged ...    5 MB    Views 6586


customer amount pos
-9    Start accepting iPAYst payments in your store today 1 Download the POS app, and register with iPAYst as a merchant. 2 Enter the Amount you want to receive from your customer 3 Present the iPad to your customer to pay ...    9 MB    Views 6337
-7    Order Manager for OpenCart is a packetclient application. Using this application the Manager is able to view Orders, Report and the Statistics of his OpenCart eShop. PUSH service for your store After installing the Manager you have an opportunity to switch on the ...    3 MB    Views 3661

offices pos
+5    The map with locations of AMT, POS and offices of DKIB. Now you can find all ATMs, POS and DKIB offices near you.    3 MB    Views 934

Green Bits Register

green business sale ipad register inventory based pos
+4    Green Bits Register empowers your budtenders to efficiently sell products and process payments — all from your iPad. To make a sale, scan the barcode of your marijuana product and take cash or swipe a card. Print the receipt or ...    15 MB    Views 3926
Related Apps web running iphone work wifi microsoft nav server information services user customer connection settings
+18    NAV Widgets for IOS can bring Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality to your IOS device (iPhone and iPad). With a properly configured NAV server and firewall accessibility, a NAV widget connection can be made via the cellular network or a WIFI ...    978 kb    Views 8452


mobile companies sales server erp inventory level
+1    AcctVantage ERP is next level business management and accounting software for companies that have outgrown offtheshelf, entry level, applications. AcctVantage focuses on inventory centric companies in wholesale, distribution, import/export and light manufacturing. The AcctVantage Mobile App connects to AcctVantage ERP Server ...    2 MB    Views 3380

OneCard Mobile

card students wifi virtual map onecard campus mobile access terminals payment point account system
+6    OneCard Mobile is your single point of access to campus life, combining student ID functionality with electronic payment processing and access control to enhance the whole student experience. OneCard Mobile is a unique, mobilebased technology from the Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI ...    3 MB    Views 408


food sales octopus pos server terminals multiple system
+1    OctoReport 1.0 OctoReport is a reporting module for "Octopus Food POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution "Octopus Food POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets. By using OctoReport, you can monitor ...    1 MB    Views 2062

POS Mobile

pos tuo mobile tutte del
0    "POS Mobile" è l'interfaccia che permette dal tuo dispositivo mobile di gestire il tuo POS ICMP. Attraverso "POS mobile" hai la possibilità di gestire tutte le operazioni previste come incassi e storni, controllare on–line l'elenco di tutte le transazioni effettuate ...    5 MB    Views 3494

CFS Gold

trip deposit mobile customers cfs give check convenience waiting server session
0    CFS Inc. recognizes the growing trend in mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) because it's easy to use, accurate and twofactor secure, allowing consumers and business people to deposit checks using their cameraequipped smartphones. Using their smartphones, in effect, as scanning ...    24 MB    Views 98
software spanish work accounting erp sync customers products http server
-6    Bestseller is the integrable salesforce sell for your company. NOTE: This program is made for small companies with several salesman. Is not the right tool for freelancers or individuals. A update for that is planned for the next months. IMPORTANT Is necessary to ...    7 MB    Views 2271

汇付POS mini

+18    “汇付POS mini”是汇付天下专为中小微商户创新研发的手机客户端,此客户端可将商户的手机改造成一台微型POS机,并提供实时交易信息查询等功能,让商户可以随时随地的把握商机。 五大特色功能: 1. 账户管理:在手机上即可查看账户信息、收款信息以及设置取现银行等。 2. 商户收款:为中小微商户提供在手机上完成刷卡收款的功能。 3. 商户退款:当日的刷卡交易可以在手机上完成实时退款。 4. 交易查询:提供每日的交易信息查询,实时掌握交易数据。 5. 帮助中心:提供POS mini常见问题的解决方案。    NAN    Views 3390
collection payments agent mobile process payment server application record data
+2    ENCollect is designed to make the payment collection process for a bank/finance company much more efficient. The goal is to enable collection of payments overdue & record any paymentcollected details by a field agent immediately using a mobile application and ...    19 MB    Views 1961


business social media products leave comments connect fill silver pos
+4    NPSBANK is a full service company that gives your business the tools and advice you need to succeed. The NPSBANK app allows to view our extensive list of products & services, watch product demonstration videos, connect with our social media pages ...    14 MB    Views 3679
ipad iphone software sales server rep entry order
-6    Sales Rep Order Entry program designed for food and beverage sales. Works in conjunction with the EIC Software iPhone/iPad server. To purchase the EIC iPhone/iPad server, please contact EIC Software at 8004857208 or More information can be found on our website:    389 kb    Views 7920
unicredit mpos che pos una tablet smartphone con
+18    UniCredit MPOS è l’innovativa soluzione di incasso pensata per aziende, commercianti e liberi professionisti che operano in mobilità. Ti basterà scaricare ed installare l’App gratuita su uno smartphone/tablet con linea dati attiva e collegare la PIN PAD che un nostro tecnico ...    NAN    Views 7765

OneCard MyAccess

wifi card access onecard entry campus door system terminals gain
+3    OneCard MyAccess allows cardholders to gain entry at valid OneCard Access doors directly from MyAccess, no need to swipe your card, just use your iPhone or iPod Touch. Cardholder must have access privileges for selected access door to gain entry. Participating ...    1 MB    Views 4650

Trans POS

time business pos based extra custom inventory spent affordable
+5    TransPOS is the most powerful POS app in the marketplace. TransPOS is specifically designed to provide all types of businesses with an affordable solution that maximizes efficiency and profitability. Our stateoftheart app helps decrease the amount of time spent on ...    15 MB    Views 7077


Related Apps easy reports pos
-9    A POS system design for iPad, especially for café and restaurant. Main Features: 1. Customize the amount and position of tables. 2. Add/Edit product and category. 3. Easy order and checkout workflow. 4. View sale reports. 5. Can split the bill (go dutch) by person in ...    5 MB    Views 2571


Related Apps business pos system industry free sales features tool manage
-9    CMS POS is a cuttingedge pointofsale solution that is winning over thousands of merchants across the U.S. If you are looking for a robust POS system that is affordable and has the most functionality amongst any other in the market ...    15 MB    Views 464


expenses analyze server upload
+29    Capture, upload and analyze your expenses using expense4you. Choose from multiple profiles to suit your location, including USA, UK, Eurozone, India, Australia, South Africa and International, with many more to come. Handles local, foreign and mileage/km expenses, with automated currency conversion. Your uploaded ...    4 MB    Views 7354
trip gps business time tax trips charity medical apps realtors server report irs log mileage refund
-6    TaxMileage Track Electronically your Trip by GPS, produces a Mile Log for IRS Deduction and Business Expenses Reimbursement report. A TaxMileage user saves in average 2,500 every year in mileage expenses reimbursements or for Tax return purposes. For more information: ...    29 MB    Views 1606


Related Apps iphone pos
+2    FCP POS + iPhone = Mobile Card Terminal. Download now FCP POS enables you to accept credit cards with your iPhone    3 MB    Views 8788

i Accounting plus

business accounting file categories statements bookkeeping financial server invoices sales
+5    i Accounting plus app is your bookkeeping and accounting file management angel. i Accounting allows you to upload a receipt or invoice from your camera or a PDF file, categories it based on bookkeeping categories and then upload it to a ...    1 MB    Views 9556
push store order view orders notification service server mode manager
+11    Order Manager for VirtueMart is a packetclient application. Using this application the Manager is able to view Orders, Report and the Statistics of his VirtueMart eShop. PUSH service for your store After installing the Manager you have an opportunity to switch on the ...    2 MB    Views 2483

Mobile Pos

real pos
+3    Turn your iPhone, iPad into a real POS. Accept card presentment transaction smarter and safer. Satisfy your clients with real time SMS notice, email and/or customized prints. Supports Persian fonts and calendar.    3 MB    Views 3804

MinuteWorx Client

time server access client
+23    The MinuteWorx Client app is used to connect to the MinuteWorx time clock server. NOTE: This app is intended for existing MinuteWorx users who require server access from the iPhone or iPad devices. You will need your MinuteWorx username and password ...    273 kb    Views 40


ipad iphone business pos ipod ipos customizable device payment
-6    Business on iPad/iPhone/iPod, payment on POS, perfect combination of SMART and SECURITY PAX iPOS is inspired by combining the advantages of both iOS devices and financial POS. With PAX iPOS on iPad/iPhone/iPod and PAX POS device, customer not only got an entire ...    26 MB    Views 6930
web card customer nav contact server information services ios devices
+27    NAV Widgets for IOS can bring Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) functionality to your IOS device NAVws:Customer taps into the Customer and Contact web services. The app searches customers by name and presents the user with a list, allows ...    650 kb    Views 3207
Related Apps messenger store push notifications manage service notification mode order orders server
+4    With the "Administrator for osCommerce" you can manage your online store via a mobile device and register in the AlphaStore and through the Multishop application connect mobile users up to your site. Administrator includes: 1. Administrative managing panel of eshop and Notifications ...    3 MB    Views 5329


pos desktop inventory cloud easy
-6    Point Of Sale that is easy to set up and easy to use. Accept cash, checks or credit cards, print or email receipts, all with cloudbased security. Reports that track sales and help manage cloud inventory. The POS includes a web ...    7 MB    Views 8506
Related Apps cards pos payment create loyalty merchants
+4    Only for merchants With Kuapay POS, you can accept payment from anyone on the Kuapay network using only your smartphone or iPod Touch. Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and reward/loyalty programs. Simply open up Kuapay ...    13 MB    Views 1345
octopus display customer pos
+21    Octopus Customer Display This is a supporting app for following four Octopus POS apps. 1. FoodPOS 2. RetailPOS 3. FoodPOS Plus 4. RetailPOS Plus Basic requirements: Both POS and Customer display must be installed in 3rd generation iPad or later version. Only supports Bluetooth 4 (low energy) iPads    6 MB    Views 8355

Split Up My Bill

Related Apps tax bill total enter friend tip server split cost pre
+3    Split Up My Bill allows up to six friends to quickly determine what they owe for a common bill. It works by proportionally distributing the tax and tip onto each friend's total. Each friend is required to total the cost of their ...    2 MB    Views 4457
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