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Currency - Widget

+9    Quick, easy, accurate, beautiful. Currency Widget gives you fast access to exchange rates from the notification centre, giving you up to date exchange rate information from a single swipe. Access currency information direct from the lock screen we know ...    6 MB    Views 8644
+10    3Step Lottery Wheeling System Lotto Wizard uses advanced statistical analysis to select the most popular winning patterns consisted of active, average and passive numbers. Our lottery software works with almost all lottotype lotteries that draw 56 numbers out of a ...    4 MB    Views 8335

Nail Calculator

language select service information input review edit group currency services
+17    You need to review your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly income to calculate taxes ? This app will help you to calculate the total sum of every service, tip, and you can review such data at any time [How to use] Select ...    1 MB    Views 381

Budget Quick

+8    Welcome to Budget Quick 2.2 "FREE" as a service (no in App Adds Please leave your positive comments and look at my other apps at Shoppers see "Ez Shopping Calculator" Runners see "Jogging Tracker" & "Jogging Pacer" Golfers ...    402 kb    Views 8440
Related Apps home finance currency exchange select data rate rates based
+14    MoneyMarket takes currency calculators to the next level. The benefit of MoneyMarket is to decide whether or not you as an investor should purchase a certain currency at its current exchange rate AND to gain a better understanding of your ...    197 kb    Views 4985
+20    F2b barcode reader for Brazilian bank boletos and utility companies bills. Use to scan boletos and send to your email or pay using your F2b account. Use "Search" to verify if a boleto was issue by F2b and to get the biller's ...    863 kb    Views 7012

Eclipse Bank Mobile

Related Apps banking deposit pay mobile bank account phone payment select amount enter
+14    Our free mobile banking service puts your most important banking functions right at your fingertips A free and convenient way to bank on the go. Account Activity • Stay on top of your finances 24/7 • Check uptotheminute balances • Make transfers between accounts Mobile Deposit (Rearfacing, autoadjusting ...    1 MB    Views 8753
Related Apps account navigator hastings financial providers statements select
-2    Petersen Hastings Navigator provides a secure, anytime, anywhere account detail for clients to monitor their progress on their personal journey down The Trusted Financial Path™. This one stop client resource provides insight and information including: • Custodial Statements (select providers) • Daily ...    4 MB    Views 7881

SAGA Select

+11    Get all the information you need on the SAGA Select family of funds    3 MB    Views 8725
+6    MWBT help you save money, Monthly, Weekly, Daily budget control. Available photos, location, multiple accounts and other control your expenses, know where the money went. MWBT by weekly spending budget, weekly countdown, allowing you more intuitive understanding of all of your ...    3 MB    Views 6605
Related Apps currency exchange user convert interface rate currencies world friendly select
+26    Currency Converter is the most powerful currency tool on your iPhone/iPod/iPad touch. provide you with exchange rate information for over 150 currencies around the world Simple design and userfriendly navigation will help you to calculate the latest exchange rates in no time wherever ...    3 MB    Views 8898

Select Stock

stock software investment stocks select selections order cases decide priority application
+16    ”Select Stock” is an application software to solve three selections problems. By comparing the importance of three criteria, and for each criterion by comparing the importance of three selections, ”Select Stock” decides the order of priority of three selections. There are some ...    649 kb    Views 2795
Related Apps banking security fidelity bank select mobile account phone cell
+5    Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking provides convenient, 24/7 access to your Fidelity Bank account information from your iPhone. It’s fast, secure and FREE. With Mobile Banking you can easily: •Check account balances •Monitor account activity •Transfer funds between linked accounts •View and pay bills •Search for ...    1 MB    Views 357
tap button list product group delete price edit change select
-9    "My RockBottom Price List(MyRBPrices)" is to record the lowest price free app. Please enjoy the cheap shopping with this app. The easy input is the first priority, so it is very simple. Because treated as a single product the number difference and capacity ...    439 kb    Views 1616
monitor currency rates user month theme live select data converter
0    Convert every world currency with Converter for Currency application. This app lets you exchange and monitor world currency on your mobile. This app consist of more than 30 color theme background, and user can select any of the theme in this ...    5 MB    Views 7612

VAT Calc (HD)

Related Apps work vat price application enter exclusive rate amount select inclusive
+4    VAT Calculator is the only one universal VAT calculation application which supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on App Store. It's a great tool to calculate any VAT component including VAT amount, VAT exclusive price and VAT inclusive price. This ...    7 MB    Views 3166
Related Apps banking card email enrollment accounts atm account select form
+9    Managing your account on the go is now easier. RCBC Mobile Banking keeps you in touch with your finances, wherever you are. It's free, secure and easy to use. This facility is available to all RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank customers. With ...    8 MB    Views 8133
Related Apps banking deposit pay account mobile payment phone amount enter select
+13    Our free mobile banking service puts your most important banking functions right at your fingertips A free and convenient way to bank on the go. Account Activity • Stay on top of your finances 24/7 • Check uptotheminute balances • Make transfers between accounts Mobile Deposit (Rearfacing, autoadjusting ...    11 MB    Views 4557


-2    Dollars is Free to Download, BUT you will need to Purchase the App once to email PDF documents to your clients. It has been done this way so you can test the app out before you buy. Import all your products ...    17 MB    Views 8964

VM Mobile Classic

card payment select transactions mobile pin application secure
+5    Accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime with this intuitive, easytouse application that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a secure, affordable pointofsale terminal. VirtualMerchant Mobile is a mobile payment application that allows businesses that are using Elavons payment processing ...    1 MB    Views 3670


pick select number picks option bonus range based random
-5    A simple lottery number picker allowing the user to select a variety of options. Store all of your picks to your phone and select a random pick based on your saved history of prior picks. Shake to pick feature generates ...    295 kb    Views 1789
business calculator expenses claim select distance form mileage
+6    My Business Expenses is a comprehensive app for recording all your business purchases and mileage. The App functionality allows you to capture photos of receipts and record these with your expenses throughout your working day. The mileage calculator helps you work out ...    4 MB    Views 9239
tax calculator fuel support calculate select
+4    Calculate IFTA tax for your vehicle(s) with the Fuel Tax Calculator. This application is the quickest & most convenient way to calculate your IFTA fuel tax in just seconds from your iPad All you need is Select your Base Jurisdiction Select ...    2 MB    Views 7302
building house calculator cost estimated user meter wall select square obtain
+10    You want to buy a stand to build your dream home. You know what the cost of the stand is but how much will it more or less cost you to build your dream house? You don’t want to be ...    3 MB    Views 8347

PowerBall House Pro

-9    This app is an intelligent lottery statistics and analysis software. It has several useful functions like querying historical results, updating latest winning results, calculating by Rotation Matrix, analyzing results data, and etc. ●●●Features●●● ● Calculate the next winning numbers by historical results; ● ...    2 MB    Views 7127

eInvoice Lite

card sale authorize net mobile select lite enter credit customer
+15    Mobile eInvoice Lite allows you to create customers and inventory on your iPad. You can also sale products and services to customers and collect credit card payments thru gateway services. Detailed Invoices are then mailed to the customer. You ...    326 kb    Views 4189
records supports select currencies category export choose reminder
+7    Paylog is an application for recording payments quickly and easily. Now you can keep track of even your smallest daily expenses as they happen Demo video is here: ● Simple interface You can insert amounts as soon as the app has started up. 1. ...    4 MB    Views 3954
-8    Select Employees Mobile Banking allows you to check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, pay bills and pay loans on the go Features: Check Balances View Transaction History Transfer Funds Pay Bills Pay Loans    11 MB    Views 3416
realty executives select
+6    Realty Executives Select App has many powerful tools such as a Mortgage Calculator, Virtual Tours, Contact Info, Property Searches and much more, all in this free app So even if you're a buyer, a seller or just a real estate ...    14 MB    Views 1534
calculator cost savings location hour average led select
+3    "...The app is great as it makes it clear what a no brainer it is to switch..." Brendan, Our calculator is designed to instantly give you an estimated annual cost savings based on the average kilowatts per hour your ...    290 kb    Views 2761


Related Apps banking deposit mobile view account select pay checks snap check
+13    Go Mobile with USALLIANCE. Never used our app before? Select First time user? to begin. Not a USALLIANCE member yet? Select Apply to begin. The USALLIANCE Mobile Banking platform provides ultraconvenient features that allow you to: Apply Open an account with USALLIANCE Check your ...    16 MB    Views 9677

Calco VAT

calculator time vat rates world select notes handy variable scroll
+10    VAT CALCULATOR Spinoff and calculation of VAT Discount percent Percent change Currency conversion Gross and net, variable percentage, variable decimal places. On the iPhone: Rotate application, scroll and select world rates or take notes in a notebook handy IPad: Touch the button, scroll down and select world rates or ...    6 MB    Views 6926


time games news bitcoin converter currency convert box select conversion drop
+11    BTCxe is the easiest to use, most intuitive Bitcoin converter you’ll ever use and the last one you’ll ever need. With just a couple of taps you can convert BTC (including µBTC, mBTC and kBTC units) to the currency of ...    3 MB    Views 7076
cards card mobile merchant services process payment device select
+28    Accept credit card payments anywhere, anytime with this intuitive, easytouse application that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a secure, affordable pointofsale solution. Merchant Services Mobile is a mobile payment app that allows businesses to securely process credit and ...    12 MB    Views 9477
email top mobile payment code overview select easily
+2    Topup your Ortel Mobile Belgium prepaid credit via the new Ortel Mobile Belgium App. It is easy, fast and safe Try it now and simply pay by Bancontact, Credit card (VISA and Mastercard), eMaestro, Paypal, iDeal or Bank Transfer. How does ...    NAN    Views 8127

SAYE Calculator

calculator saving select enter scheme entering price share bonus
+28    SAYE Calculator can help you choose which of your company's Save As You Earn schemes is most suited to you. For those looking for a Sharesave Calculator or a Savings Related Share Option Scheme Calculator, SAYE is just another name ...    493 kb    Views 6490
Related Apps banking select internet mobile mutual nearest access find locate
-9    Select brings you banking convenience in the palm of your hand with the Select Mutual Banking app. Take your banking anywhere with our secure mobile and internet banking sites. Transform your phone into a simple, secure and fast tap and pay ...    18 MB    Views 8913

Gold Charts

+21    Gold Charts shows the current charts for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. You can select currency and weight (oz or kg). Currency charts are also available at an extra page. The data is refreshed once per program start. Only the ...    131 kb    Views 7390


bank account select application convenient payment
+8    TopUp is an extremely fast, easy and convenient way to topup your subscriber’s account or friend’s. OneTopUp is such an application like that. Users just need to make some basic steps as: enter TopUp account, select TopUp amount, make online ...    551 kb    Views 9484
calculator iphone set functions real display select calculation memory added
+25    The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in finance, business, accounting and real state. The R.L.M. Software's 17BII+ calculator simulates the real HP 17bII+ calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 retina display. Over 250 builtin Menudriven functions ...    10 MB    Views 5516


people person coffee group item add save select split
+8    Going out with friends and you've got to split the bill? There's usually the moment when you need to decide who'd compute the bill or how to split it. Don't worry about it anymore because KKB's going to help you with ...    1 MB    Views 7823

CB-Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking text ipad iphone mobile accounts bank settings account features select
-4    The CBMobile Banking App is free and available for online banking customers of Civista Bank, headquartered in Sandusky Ohio. Access your accounts anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy these features: Check account balances View Transactions Transfer money between accounts Pay bills Deposit checks Locate the bank's ...    12 MB    Views 9799
currency exchange user convert 150 select world interface friendly rate
+1    Currency Converter is the most powerful currency tool on your iPhone/iPod/iPad touch. provide you with exchange rate information for over 150 currencies around the world Simple design and userfriendly navigation will help you to calculate the latest exchange rates in no time wherever ...    2 MB    Views 3703


calculator iphone functions display set real memory added select
-9    The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in Science, Finance, Business, Accounting and real state. The R.L.M. Software's RLM17BII calculator simulates the real HP 17BII+ calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 & 5 retina display, with ...    10 MB    Views 8432


Related Apps finance time currencies values converted conversion view currency select rates yahoo
0    This application gives a facility to select one Currency and then view the value of this currency visàvis multiple currencies. The user can select the currency for which they would like to see the conversion values. User also can select and save ...    2 MB    Views 9248


iphone currency currencies select rates united rate press button
-7    iCurrencies is an easy to use and powerful currency converter for your iPhone. The exchange rates are updated using an Internet connection automatically after startup, or by pressing the Refresh button. Features: Support of 137 currencies Uptodate exchange rates Easy conversion ...    1 MB    Views 6782
industry australian practitioners select questions subscription day free
+14    The Australian Insolvency APP is a powerful insolvency resource that you can take anywhere. The APP was created by one of Australia’s leading insolvency firms, and it is designed to be used by industry practitioners, associated professionals, creditor firms, banks ...    1 MB    Views 5685
Related Apps budget time month expense select add months view set debit
+28    Do you need to track your finances each month so that you remain within the budget you set for yourself? Do you need to track future expenditure to see the months when you may have to find additional financing to ...    1 MB    Views 8111
text banking web mobile step tcb account select enrollment alerts receive
-9    TCB 2Go is a mobile banking solution that enables The Citizens Bank customers to use their iPhone or iPad to initiate routine transactions and conduct research anytime, from anywhere. Customers can view account balances and transaction history, view account alerts, ...    10 MB    Views 2221


time income today long notification simply centre select
-8    Observe your income grow in every second real time CashWatch is a minimalistic app that tells you how much you have earned today. It updates your earnings every second to the accuracy of cents. Simply tell the app how much your ...    13 MB    Views 8828

Card Select

card apple cards time money credit select watch pay information
+5    Give yourself the longest possible time to pay A quick glance at your Apple Watch or iPhone running the Card Select app and you will know which of your credit cards to pay with right now. Using this app could ...    3 MB    Views 8390

Currency Now

dollar currency peso select south krone easy convert
-5    Currency Now is the most userfriendly currency converter on the App Store.
 daily exchange rate is automatic updated on a regular basis. 
It's very easy to use: 
Just enter the amount you want to convert select your main currency and select the ...    943 kb    Views 5125

Select Money

money card select free mastercard pay instantly purchase load
-9    Say hello to better banking with the Select Money prepaid MasterCard App. NO CREDIT CHECK. Register from the App and receive your FREE Select Money MasterCard in the mail. Load funds to your card (remember, it is a prepaid card) and ...    27 MB    Views 9727
currency margin calculate position select pair account
+5    Calculate the margin required when you open a position in a currency pair. 1.Choose your primary account currency. (The tool will calculate the margin in this currency) 2.Select the position's currency pair from the list. (Its exchange rate then appears.) 3.Select the margin ...    765 kb    Views 3831

OnPoint Mobile App

Related Apps banking mobile account pay charges free select online service
+3    OnPoint’s mobile banking app allows you 24/7 access to check account balances, view account history, transfer funds, pay bills, pay other people, make deposits, and locate branches or ATMs all from your iPad. Mobile Banking is free with your ...    9 MB    Views 7094

Budget 101

budget category 101 report device screen add select categories file
+9    Budget 101 is the simplest and easiest way to keep track of your finances. Simply enter in your transactions either a deposit or expense designate a category for it (by either selecting an existing category or creating a new one) ...    240 kb    Views 6432
Related Apps currency rates select exchange rate easy converter
+15    Currency Rate Converter gives you the daily exchange rates for 150+ different currencies. Features >The builtin calculator also makes life easier when you need not just transfer a sum of money from one currency into another just enter amount and select Currency ...    3 MB    Views 112

Meal Robin

person meal present paid payments cost view select
+2    Meal Robin helps keep track of whose turn it is to pay for a meal or other shared expense. Features: Create groups for different shared costs. Meal Robin tracks how much each person owes and selects the person with the highest balance to ...    6 MB    Views 4247


Related Apps rewards earn select user password retailers log
+10    Welcome to the ScoreMore™ Rewards mobile app, where you can find available retailer offers in your area.  Participating retailers will offer 2X, 3X, 4X or more additional awards. FEATURES Browse the “What's Near Me” feature to get a quick list Keyword search if ...    4 MB    Views 6928


calculator people tip select number check include options support clear
+2    So What? Another Tip Calculator? Hmm... Take a look further. This isn't just ANOTHER tip calculator. We've got tip suggestions based on what others have already tipped. The app has all the regular features of other tip calculators and more... Features include: Location ...    9 MB    Views 6036
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