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Live Poker Manager

+3    Live Poker Manager is the musthave app for any poker player. Every serious poker player should be keeping records on all of their play to keep track of their success and monitor their results. This is essential for knowing how ...    3 MB    Views 5743

ESt Rechner

+8    ESt Rechner lets you calculate the German income tax, solidarity surcharge and church tax essential for freelancers, tax advisers and everyone interested in the development of the German tax rates. ESt Rechner features a streamlined user interface. No internet connection ...    2 MB    Views 3348


+5    YYou need a simple Tool to calculate a Credit offer ? or You need to know what is the possible credit amount based on the monthly rate ? than ImoCalc is all what you need ImoCal can do the following functions: 1 Credit calculation You ...    1 MB    Views 27
+7    Absolut control of your business anywhere and anytime trough this application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The AccSchedule app allows you to have your business information always available. That will enable you to control your business activities wherever you are. Highlights: ...    3 MB    Views 2370

KPI For Business

+26    KPI For Business delivers efficient and accurate Key Performance Information for personal and corporation use. KPI For Business will calculate a total of 12 essential ratios which are highlighted using easily identifiable pie graphs. These ratios include 1.Gross MarginRatio 2.Net Profit Ratio 3.Borrowed Funds ...    410 kb    Views 8251

HSH Nordbank

+4    The HSH Nordbank ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. 
The documents (annual reports and additional publications) are optimized for the iPad. In addition ...    7 MB    Views 4045
calendar 100 financial shareholder events companies results meeting
+11    Financial events in your calendar, a must have for shareholders, brokers and investor relations managers When is the shareholder meeting of Shell and when will its competitors publish their results? And what about the next quarterly results of Boeing? As shareholder, ...    3 MB    Views 140

BTC Miner

btc pool mining pools data results multiple
-3    Mining bitcoins? BTC Miner will help you keep track of your mining results from your favourite pools. At the moment following pools are supported: > Slush's pool ( > 50BTC pool ( > BTC Guild pool ( > BitMinter pool ( > EclipseMC pool ( Leave your ...    8 MB    Views 1895

OR Calc

calculator mortgage estimates republic determine results actual loan data calculations
0    Old Republic is providing you with access to this Mortgage Calculator without charge as a customer service convenience so you can perform your own calculations regarding loans or mortgage financing. Since any results you obtain will be estimates, they should ...    13 MB    Views 9089
0    PortfolioProtectionStrategies provides a detailed analysis of two different optionbased strategies that can be used to protect the value of your portfolio. Each resulting scenario is based on the specific characteristics of your portfolio. Results for both strategies are presented in absolute ...    5 MB    Views 8186
retirement calculator interest annual payments earned ifinance results amount
-4    Are you looking for a simple retirement calculator? I got swamped as I began looking for retirement planning calculators and software. What I really wanted was a spreadsheet for calculating a simple annuity (interest earned plus annual payments), comparing the ...    1 MB    Views 3493
manager results account registered
+6    English "Dashy Dashwhale Manager" is a simple app that will help you keep track of your dash masternodes results from "Dashy Dashwhale Manager" lets you convert all your mastenode results to USD, based on the latest available exchange rates. In ...    4 MB    Views 8631
cold numbers hot warm historical picking lotto results won statistics
+26    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Lotto 6/49 by historical results 6/49 HotWarmCold Lite analyzes the results of the last 25 draw days of multiprovince Lotto 6/49. It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have ...    6 MB    Views 4721


car driving costs searches energy date week forecasts results fuel
+16    Whether you are buying a new car for yourself, your family or your small business, it’s hard to accurately estimate your energy costs. Energy prices are uncertain, and every new car buyer needs to do complex calculations to estimate their ...    4 MB    Views 6046
market mortgage club legal general members results http access products
+16    For Legal & General Mortgage Club members only Password available from The first of its kind, this free app allows Legal & General Mortgage Club members access to all leading mortgage lenders in the UK. By searching through ...    NAN    Views 1988
media financial latest investor key events reports results offline
+7    The Diageo plc mobile app provides Diageo investors and financial media instant access to important financial and business information. Once downloaded, files are available both on and offline. Key features are: Instant access to latest news releases and RNS announcements Interactive share price ...    14 MB    Views 5506
Related Apps calculator time application results date note
+26    This is a calculator and book notes applications. When you perform a calculation, you can record your results with the title and date time. You can review the results with the note name and the date time. You will not be boring this ...    5 MB    Views 345
Related Apps calculator presentation tip fast results dollar intuitive rich
-4    A carefully handcrafted, continental styled tip calculator designed for ease of use and fast results. Enjoy the rich presentation and intuitive controls of this handsome application after you've finished your meal. Features: Rich design Fast, intuitive data entry and results ...    2 MB    Views 4819


+18    This app is intended to estimate the loan interest rate, repayment status, and Etc. Setting of "loan scheme" and "property information" this app is divided. Use to switch the "loan scheme" for "property information". So, To make a lot of easy loan simulation ...    1 MB    Views 281
Related Apps search ipad documents archive pages results publications download reports
0    The DekaBank’s ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports, progress reports, presentations etc.) are optimized for the iPad. In addition to ...    5 MB    Views 4353
Related Apps tax calculator display memory precision main shows results basic functions
+21    This convenient to use calculator provides basic calculations as well as tax calculations. MAIN FEATURES ● Basic arithmetic ● Tax calculation ● Thousands separators for easy reading ● Memory functions: Add to / Subtract from Memory, Memory Read and Memory Clear ● Easy to ...    2 MB    Views 3894

Powerball Lotto

cold numbers powerball hot picking historical lotto won warm results
+12    Play intelligent and calculate the next winning numbers of Powerball by historical results Powerball Lotto analyzes the entire historical results of multistate Powerball, since 2012. It generates the numbers based on 222 Concept: Hot = Numbers that have won the most Cold = Numbers ...    7 MB    Views 1220
Related Apps calculator tax vat price calculations added automatically easy adding results calculated
+14    UK VAT Calculator makes UK Value Added Tax calculations easy to do. Just enter one of three values and the other two will automatically calculate as you type in the number. Select your preferred input by tapping on the relevant row and ...    1 MB    Views 16
Related Apps results check draw latest
+30    Get the latest euromillions results seconds after the the draw EuroGroup can sit on your today widget screen so you don't need to to open the app to check the latest results, and you will see it daily so you remember ...    10 MB    Views 1026
+11    The BEST NEW WAY to stay up to date on the largest multimillion dollar lottery games in the U.S This will be your one touch stop for lottery results, featuring results from both PowerBall and Mega Millions drawings. This app displays ...    3 MB    Views 7627

Calculator Pink

calculator results save calculation
+1    After calculation you will need to save the information to memorize. This is a fully necessary calculator and support to save the calculation results with name and current time. Users can view a list of results were saved earlier. It is designed with ...    4 MB    Views 9021

Tip Calculator ++

calculator people tip support quick optional check display multiple rounding results
0    Tip Calculator ++ is the best tip application for easily calculating restaurant tips. You can use it to calculate the tip or splitting a bill between multiple people. Features Attractive user interface. Quick and accurate calculation of tip. Optional not to ...    7 MB    Views 1483
+16    This amazing audiobook can totally transform your life, and enable you to lead a life of happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment. This is the original masterpiece and best seller on which The Secret and countless other modern books on success and the ...    128 MB    Views 3408


business financial report results pdf ratios reports
+24    BizRatios computes a Balance Sheet, an Income Statement and a Financial Ratios Report for your Business. The app contains extensive financial results with over 15 financial ratios with explanations of each. It is easy to use, requires the minimal user ...    706 kb    Views 5519

Life Calc

life calc protection indicative advisers results analysis
0    Life Calc is a Protection needs analysis App for Openwork financial advisers. Life Calc will help you quickly assess your client’s protection needs (indicative only), based on their current circumstances. Results are presented graphically and can be emailed to the client, ...    5 MB    Views 819
shopping store visit results
+17    Note: Grass Roots Mystery Shopping account required. If you would like to become a mystery shopper please do so here Carry out your accepted mystery shopping visits on your smartphone using the mystery shopping app. Select which store visits to ...    7 MB    Views 3484
slot tax diary results machine play losses report reports
+9    Slot Machine winnings are 100% taxable without a reasonable set of records to document losses. WinLoss ● Slot Player’s Diary is intended to provide an easy to use diary system to support deductions claimed for Slot Machine losses. Data is collected ...    7 MB    Views 5252
sky deutschland contact results company date overview investor relations
+23    Sky Deutschland AG’s Investor Relations (IR) app provides you with all relevant information related to our company. The IR app provides access to all documents published regarding our results announcements – you can also download our results conference calls as a ...    47 MB    Views 5601

M.Video IR Library

Related Apps video library search mobile documents results download archive
+19    M.Video IR Library is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (financial statements, pressreleases, presentations etc.) are optimized for mobile devices. In addition to the ...    10 MB    Views 4070
Related Apps calculator interest full loan values results support beautiful great
+10    A loan calculator app that's been properly designed from the ground up to be easy to use and beautiful to look at. Fully gesture based and real time, just swipe over the numbers to change them and watch the results change ...    3 MB    Views 7090
calculator tax calculation calculations results change operations percentage insert
-4    NEW: Sync your calculations via iCloud (iOS8+) between iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs Calculate. Comment. Correct. CalcTape is a revolutionary new kind of pocket calculator. With CalcTape, also extensive calculations remain clearly structured. CalcTape makes the arithmetic process visible you ...    2 MB    Views 7288


rent results annual provide information amounts calculate contribution
+6    During the financial crisis, it is important to be able to calculate accurately your income tax taking into account a large list of parameters. Provide your annual salary, provident fund contribution, rent, dividents and other relevant information that may apply to ...    2 MB    Views 7631
+18    The Future Value Calculator App, calculates the value of an asset or cash at a specified date in the future that is equivalent in value to a specified "present value" today. Very useful for estimating future net worth or the ...    2 MB    Views 5601
Related Apps tax calculator talking federal application disclaimer results taxes professional cpa
+11    Talking Federal Tax Calculator Finally, we have designed especially for you a tax calculator that features a stateoftheart talking keyboard. How nice is to hear the iPhone/iPod. You can even share to others the results via text/image using email, great for personal ...    559 kb    Views 1621
calculator multiple calculations calculators results desktop classic
+15    Did you miss your old desktop calculator ? Do you feeling that Calculators with high tech ui are hard to use ? Are you sick of seeing wrong results when you make multiple calculations? Then this app is just for you.Classic calculator designed ...    330 kb    Views 3941


search email mortgage keystone buy illustration mortgages clients results
+2    Keystone is a FREE APP that helps brokers and other intermediaries find the best buy to let mortgage for their clients’ circumstances from the Keystone range. It is the musthave app for brokers who want to create a comprehensive, professionally produced ...    3 MB    Views 3936
Related Apps email history calculations percentage percent number screen results features application copy
+3    This is a great tool which can help you to easily perform those sometimes complicated percentage calculations. Simply enter two values within the application and select your desired Percentage option and let the application do the rest for you. We have ...    2 MB    Views 1782
Related Apps program email application mode results change continuous calculation virginia
0    Calculate Virginia child support based on changed guidelines effective July 1, 2014. Provides stepbystep guidance for which calculator to use (there are actually 3 of them). Provides inputs for all fields for the simplest and most complex calculations. NO Internet ...    2 MB    Views 5738
Related Apps time results save calculations users
+12    CalcUseful EasyNoted is useful app for iOS. It is designed with colorful interface and fully functional calculations necessary, besides that it allows users to save important calculation results with the name and the current time. Then, users can see a ...    3 MB    Views 1959

Bradesco Resultados

Related Apps search financial results
+9    Innovation is our trademark. Now, using the Bradesco Results Application for your iPad, you can find information on Bradesco's performance in the "Report on Economic and Financial Analysis," including period highlights and consolidated financial statements, all with the greatest of ...    19 MB    Views 4628

Karat Kalculator

gold price page scrap results www current screen
+28    Price updates have been fixed. Thank you for your patience. MidStates Recycling & Refining’s famous Karat Kalculator is now available on your iPhone Try our web version at The Karat Kalculator is a tool to estimate the practical value of your ...    1013 kb    Views 5471

IR - Brazil

results brazil material
+8    IR Brazil app offers you, investor, analyst or interested public, a practical and faster way to access all information about Santander Brasil’s performance, through Results Center, which includes all quarterly results' material, as well all notices to the market and ...    2 MB    Views 948


-8    The ultimate poker and gambling results tracking tool. Easy to use. Provides unmatched, indepth, statistical insight. View, select, and sort your results according to game, location, month, and year. Computes your winrate, confidence and standard deviation. Determine breakeven points, chances ...    1 MB    Views 1259


house results costs renting buying
+8    Every Realtor needs this app. Did you ever wonder whether it was worth buying a house rather than renting? Buying a house requires a down payment, it carries along taxes and insurance and maintenance. Renting costs money too, and it ...    275 kb    Views 7010
program email results application 2014 comments virginia calculations quickly
+19    Calculate Virginia "pendente lite" spousal support based on statute in effect as of July 1, 2014. (App is named with "2014" so you know it was current after the 2014 Va. General Assemblyit's current even in 2015) Provides stepbystep guidance and ...    928 kb    Views 3219
poker games results view log sync track session cash
-9    Poker Log enables you to keep track of your poker results whether to see how well you are doing, complete a tax return or just to show off to your friends Features: • Keep track of poker results for cash games ...    10 MB    Views 116


ipad view results users quick firm comments compare
0    The new ClearFinancials app for iPad has been redesigned and optimized for iOS7 and beyond. View the latest financial results from all of your portfolio companies in one place, all on your mobile device. The new app leverages the ClearFinancials ...    50 MB    Views 5383
health fitness studio required registration results training
-9    O2 Studio is a health and fitness training studio designed to be the most complete combination of science and experience; education and opportunity. At O2 Studio, we are about results driven training. We understand and appreciate individuality and specific needs. Our ...    10 MB    Views 3392

Mara Calc

Related Apps calculator mortgage estimates escrow costs results data guarantee loan
+1    Mara Escrow is providing you with access to this Mortgage Calculator without charge as a customer service convenience so you can perform your own calculations regarding loans or mortgage financing. Since any results you obtain will be estimates, they should ...    13 MB    Views 1562

VAT Info Pro

Related Apps email vat results member national info pro share
+1    This application allows you to verify the validity of a VAT identification number issued by a EU Member State. For the purpose of the verification, your request is sent to the national database via a secure Intranet service connecting national Customs ...    741 kb    Views 3702
Related Apps search ipad archive documents reports publications download results
+5    The Sana Kliniken AG’s ARCHIVE.APP is our mobile publication center. With this mobile archive we provide our most important publications to our stakeholders – everywhere and everytime. The documents (annual reports, progress reports, presentations etc.) are optimized for the iPad. In ...    5 MB    Views 4905

calQlator for iPad

Related Apps calculator apps calculations results correct result giving
+17    Presenting the missing social calculator. Give this app to a coworker, family member or friend and have them do simple calculations. Watch their faces light up when they realize that the results are slightly off. Before you know it everyone around ...    155 kb    Views 3560

Mathematics GCSE

knowledge section results improve topics
+17    This app is written by teachers to help you improve your knowledge. This is the app you need to help you revise for GCSE Maths and to generally improve your Maths knowledge (maybe for the local pub quiz) The app is divided ...    983 kb    Views 2881

Freddie Mac Mobile

view weekly results mortgage rates national trends estimated historical
+24    What are the latest mortgage rates? View Freddie Mac’s weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) results the authoritative source for national and regional information on mortgage rates at a glance right on your mobile device. Estimate your estimated ...    2 MB    Views 8309

my Car Expenses

costs cost distance operator unit cars results gas daily
+12    This application illustrates the pillars of cars running costs. It asks the operator to input daily parking cost, daily traveled distance, distance traveled using gas unit, cost of gas unit, service distance, insurance costs, and registration costs. Then, these costs are ...    63 kb    Views 7747
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