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+25    POEMS (POEMS ID) is an Online Stock Trading Application with real time market information features. With POEMS, you can bring Indonesia stock market with you wherever you go POEMS allows you to trade Indonesia stocks online – almost like a personal investment ...    8 MB    Views 4106
investors market time signals stocks index forex movements transaction trading service
+14    ITRADING SIGNAL is a Trading Signals service to buy and sell main European and American stocks, Index, Forex and Comodities following a methodology. OUR TRADING METHOD HAS BEEN CREATED USING THE MOST PROFITABLE STRATEGIES OF THE LAST 10 YEARS. HOW IT WORKS? ITRADING ...    7 MB    Views 8346
0    Our attorneys and staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law. Several of our firms' attorneys served as a vice president or as compliance officers of one or more major brokerage ...    3 MB    Views 6783
strategy stock investment penny stocks nyse teach trading nasdaq investments forex
+8    Learn how to invest and trade Penny stocks successfully from scratch Penny stocks investment can be one of the most rewarding, high yield investments of your portfolio. But penny stocks are also more volatile and risky that is why you ...    7 MB    Views 6277

PSE Tradex Mobile

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+30    PSETradex Mobile, the Philippine Stock Exchange’s very own mobile application for trading, offers easy and unparalleled access to the stock market and empowers investors to conveniently trade Philippine stocks by always staying connected to the market. Key features of the PSETradex ...    11 MB    Views 8341

IVC Stocks DOTcom

time stock market stocks start game stop trading
+5    IVC STOCKS DOTCOM TIME LAPSED TRADING Who says you can't replay the past? Relive the Dotcom boom and bust, and get it right this time Learn to beat the market How? You can play and replay the same stocks and same time period, as ...    2 MB    Views 3082
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+17    CelebrusLive on IOS gives you the power of flawless and smooth online trading in stocks, commodities and currencies in Indian financial markets. CelebrusLive trading platform comes from the business group of Commodity Online India Limited, that runs one of the ...    22 MB    Views 3672

Trading Gap Ups

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-3    30% Off Launch Sale Trading Gap Ups analyzes stocks that have recently seen large gains and sends buys and sell signals for those poised to continue to rise. Each day near market close we perform gap analysis to identify the ...    2 MB    Views 9210
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+2    AMTD Asset Management Limited launches a brandnew mobile securities trading platform to help investors grasp on investment opportunities. AMTD Asset Management Limited has been developing diversified securities trading platforms to provide allrounded investment services. In addition to phone order and online ...    6 MB    Views 9186


-8    Take the power with you with the innovative and powerful functionality of OptionsHouse’s award winning mobile app. Streaming and synchronized with the desktop trading platform, OptionsHouse customers can trade, manage their accounts and stay up to date anywhere, anytime. Features include: ...    21 MB    Views 3609

Wall Street Magnate

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+8    Join our fantasy trading community and experience the rush that traders feel every day Wall Street Magnate uses realworld financial information to offer the most realistic and fun fantasy trading experience with current data from all of the major US Stock Exchanges. ...    9 MB    Views 5465

PBHK Stock Trading

stock investment market securities trading service enquiry information
+26    PBHK Stock Trading is a “Native App” which provides you with a fast, convenient and secured securities trading platform. Together with the comprehensive market information, it assists you to capture your investment opportunities anytime and anywhere. Investment involves risk. For enquiry, ...    14 MB    Views 5973
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+25    Kotak Stock Trader for iPad is a unique, one of its kind stock trading app. This app provides the iPad user, market information and the power to control his investments while on the move. This specialized stock trading solution for ...    3 MB    Views 5115


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+1    ConvoyMT能在iPhone以原生應用程式運行,其極佳的運行速度、穩定性、流暢度,給予無可比擬的用戶體驗,WAP/WEB瀏覽器界面產品望塵莫及。金融資訊流動化已進入新紀元,受惠於iPhone的熱賣,流動即時股票報價的需求正不斷增加。 證券買賣無疆界 無論何時何地 冗長會議、乘車等船、食晏歎下午茶,即使在國內外公幹,投資者均能查閱即時股價; 由於已與交易平台整合,投資者可即時發出買賣指示。 彈指間獲取全面資訊 股票報價及主要市場資訊; 股價圖表,可橫直向顯示,及切換多個時段; 股票排行:網羅二十大活躍港股,包含升跌幅榜、升跌幅率、成交量及成交額等; 投資組合全掌控:投資者能於iPhone手機查閱其持股量、交易狀況及過往紀錄、購買力。 投資者可自訂多個監察組合,而每個組合最多可包含20隻股票。當股價到達心水價位,投資者只需輕按手機螢幕即可落盤,分秒不誤 本軟件只限康宏証券投資服務有限公司客戶使用。如有查詢,請致電客戶服務熱線3601 3737。 Mobilization of financial information has come to a new era. Thanks to hot selling of iPhone, demand of mobile real time stock quote software has increasing. ConveyMT is a native app ...    7 MB    Views 1792

IVC Stocks Wizard

time stock money stocks trading prices real wizard player stop
+5    IVC STOCKS WIZARD TIME LAPSED TRADING Want to make a BILLION? Learn how to beat the market? Trade stocks in FAST MOTION How? You control time The stock prices are all in the app once you get it from the store. None of that ...    3 MB    Views 4480

Imperial Options

market options trading imperial minutes stocks trade commodities indices positions
+12    Imperial Options trading goes mobile Pay outs can reach up to 89%, 100% execution, huge choice in expiries that have revolutionised the market. Install now and trade over 100 assets including stocks, currency, commodities and indices in the largest global market. Imperial Options ...    19 MB    Views 9802
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+5    Free stock trading. Stop paying up to 10 for every trade. Robinhood for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is a free download that allows people to buy and sell stocks for free View market data in realtime, build a personalized watchlist, ...    93 MB    Views 3185
realty capital securities member dealer
-1    Realty Capital Securities, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC), an affiliate of American Realty Capital, is an open architecture wholesale broker dealer focused on the distribution of direct investment programs. Our iPad application provides access to current prospectuses, SEC filings and portfolio information ...    23 MB    Views 2582

Aristo Trader

+4    Aristo Securities Limited is an Exchange Participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Broker No. 2879) and a Licensed Corporation (CE No. BDH167) with the Securities and Futures Commission in respect of carrying out the regulated activity of ...    NAN    Views 1151


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+8    BinaryPlus for mobile is now available With this dedicated application, you can make trading of binary option smooth with a simple interface and easy to operate touch panel Even if you are at home, on the way to the office or going ...    4 MB    Views 1340

BOOM Mobile Trading

stock market investors shanghai monitor china singapore trading view mobile kong hong online platform securities
+10    BOOM has been offering international stock trading services with its proprietary “one account, multimarket” online trading platform. It’s never been easier to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of trading across Asia and U.S. with your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. With ...    7 MB    Views 4640

xCFD Trading

stocks forex account commodities trading live quotes access trade
-8    Trade stocks, indices, commodities, forex and more on the go with the xCFD iOS Platform. Now you can easily manage your portfolio and get access to live quotes free of charge whenever you are using our intuitive and intelligent application. ...    NAN    Views 6211
research market stock investing stocks trading risk newsletters term long
-2    Trade Reversal access on your mobile phone Our Newsletters Feature: 1. Proprietary research method 2. Unlimited stock picks 3. Live one way chat Journal & Alert service with watchlist and commentary. 4. Short, intermediate and long term stock forecasting. 5. 7 newsletters that cover over 8000 ...    8 MB    Views 1593

Bw8 sTrader

stock news stocks reuters trading account
0    The Bw8 sTrader app brings a combination of stock market quotes and breaking Reuters financial news & videos to help give you the training needed for live trading. • Add stocks of interest to your Watchlist • Buy and Sell stocks in ...    5 MB    Views 1612
+29    Your own dealing room wherever you are KBC Securities mTrader is the free mobile trading application of KBC Securities Trader. This userfriendly iPhone and iPad app allows active investors to closely follow financial markets in realtime and trade rapidly. Wherever you are, take ...    NAN    Views 9003

Yes Securities

+4    YES SECURITIES is the most advanced mobile investing platform that brings your investments to your fingertips. Secure anywhere, anytime access to your YES INVEST portfolio Intuitive and neat user interface Realtime synced ‘Market Watch’ to keep track of your favorite ...    2 MB    Views 6363
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-2    Quam Stock allows you to trade in securities and check your transaction status anytime, anywhere from iPhone. Now wherever you are, you can get access the essential trading tools and information right at your fingertips. It is an excellent tool ...    5 MB    Views 9978

iOCBC TradeMobile

+30    This is the app that all has been waiting for iOCBC TradeMobile is OCBC Securities’ latest addition to our suite of electronic trading services. It allows you to trade on the move and access timely information 24/7. What’s more? With iOCBC ...    6 MB    Views 9836
magazine stock home stocks options invest traders based trading free
+21    FREE SUBSCRIPTION with complete access to subscription only special material. DOWNLOAD right now to ensure ongoing free access. Stocks and Options Magazine is written for home based traders of stocks and options for home based traders of stocks and options. The magazine ...    21 MB    Views 4184
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+29    敦沛證券手機買賣港股程式 敦沛證券提供一站式股票買賣服務,全面滿足客戶的需要。設有網上交易及資訊平台「財訊網」(,提供詳盡市場資訊、貼市的專家評論、專業的研究報告以及股票、期貨及期權的買賣。敦沛證券向以不斷求進,為客戶提供優質服務為宗旨,竭力開拓更多新的渠道,讓客戶投資買賣更便捷,現增設iPhone/iPad免費應用程式,客戶可以隨時隨地即時買賣港股及瀏覽市場最新資訊,坐享投資優勢。 敦沛證券應用程式為您即時提供: 【港股買賣】 點擊或串流大利市報價 技術分析圖表,包括多層圖表分析工具及超過20項技術分析指標 二十大活躍股票排行榜 用家自行設定「我的投資組合」,更新個股走勢 查詢賬戶資料及結餘 查詢戶口交易狀況 【市場資訊】 香港、中國及國際指數 財經新聞 派息紀錄、突破52週高/低、行業表現、業內十大市值股票 上市公司資料,包括公司概括、盈利摘要、資產負債表等 新股上市 立即下載 如您已擁有敦沛證券的「股沛通」網上交易賬戶,即可利用現有登入名稱及密碼登入敦沛證券港股買賣報價程式。如客戶尚未開立戶口或有任何查詢,可致電本公司的客戶服務熱線(852) 2238 9225。 Tanrich Securities HK Stock Trading Apps Tanrich Securities provides onestop stock trading service, completely satisfying the clients’ need. “” is our online stock, futures and stock option trading platform, providing comprehensive market information, commentaries and professional research reports. To ...    17 MB    Views 9946

LTS Remisier

ipad market trading sgx account online subject application securities tan
-4    Online Trading as a Trading Representative with Lim & Tan Securities is now available as an iPad App. Enjoy greater accessibility and instant connection for all your trading activities via the iPad. 
 This application is for licensed Trading Representatives of Lim ...    12 MB    Views 865
time market stock strategy maps investors map trading real arbitrage trader risk stocks term short
+24    1 App for Day & Swing Traders Arbitrage Trader provides realtime trading signals for selected S&P500 stocks based on a complex mathematical model. FEATURES Realtime trading signals Streaming realtime quotes Realtime P/L calculation Realtime charts with customizable technical indicators Auto drawn Fibonacci ...    4 MB    Views 3444

HDFC securities

investment ipad stock investing time trading markets securities hdfc experience powerful
+8    Experience the Next Generation Trading App . The all New HDFC securities iPad Trading App by HDFC securities Limited, is easier to use,easier to navigate with latest markets update, investment ideas, real time charts, and more— best optimized for your iPad ...    13 MB    Views 6501


market investment services stocks equities information advanced trading platform
+1    Easy, Fast & Advanced Online Trading Platform RAMZE is the best trading platforms in equities , RAMZE has been recognized for excellence in technology as well as for superiority in services such as: advanced charts, market depth information, realtime prices, and ...    11 MB    Views 3558


stock securities services kong trading account hong stocks 852
-5    華南永昌證券(香港)流動港股買賣交易應用程式向客戶提供港股買賣及資訊服務,可有效掌握投機機會。 香港股票實時及延遲報價服務 香港股票交易 查詢帳戶交易記錄及帳戶結餘 本地及環球指數 股票圖表分析 二十大股票排名 指數成份股 行業表現 如閣下已擁有華南永昌證券(香港)網上交易帳戶, 即可使用現有的登入名稱及密碼登入華南永昌證券(香港)流動港股買賣交易應用程式。如閣下想開立帳戶, 請致電本公司客戶服務熱線 (852)2293 4588 Description OneStop Financial Services by Hua Nan Securities (HK) Limited Hua Nan HK TradeMobile provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services. You are able to utilize our full range ...    17 MB    Views 3911
iphone investment stock time trading markets hdfc securities account opportunity
+4    Experience the Next Generation Trading App for your iPhone. The all New iPhone Trading App by HDFC securities Limited, is easier to use, easier to navigate with latest markets update, investment ideas, real time charts, and more— best optimized for your iPhone screen. ...    15 MB    Views 4135
stock stocks data charts fundamental technical support analysis indicators trading
-2    StockMax is a stock evaluation tool that blends together fundamental data and technical indicators for you to make best stock selection and trading. StockMax provides a valuation dashboard for you to compare all the fundamental data and ratio of your stocks. ...    5 MB    Views 3886


-2    Powerful and simple to use Track your portfolio while on the go on your iPhone or iPad. Most original stock tracking application that visualizes your stocks as heatmap. Supports the widest variety of securities including stocks, mutual funds and indices. We put ...    1 MB    Views 9535


stock instrument instruments test ideas systems settings stocks buy trading
0    CONFIDANT is a tool for putting your stocktrading ideas to the test, allowing you to see if those ideas can be profitable. With CONFIDANT, it's all about "your" stocktrading ideas...not ours. That's why we don't provide any precanned systems or ...    8 MB    Views 7921

WinTick Mobile

time market signals trading commodities forex futures mobile stocks
+12    Not all the trading signals are created the same or equal. Now you can access our best timetested and awardwinning AbleTrend trading signals anywhere and any time by mobile devices. Based on the awardwinning and timetested AbleTrend trading signals, WinTick Chart ...    20 MB    Views 1514

Tap Tap Trader

stock trading session sell cash buy game stocks easy tap
+11    QUIT YOUR DAY JOB Top traders turn 10K into TRILLIONS in just 3 minutes OBJECTIVE: During a single trading session, generate as much cash as possible by buying and selling 4 very volatile play stocks. Each trading session presents a ...    6 MB    Views 8044

TD Trading

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+12    The updated and redesigned TD Direct Investing for iPhone app offers simple, intuitive, and secure share dealing; allowing you to invest in a variety of investment options including stocks, shares and funds. Our trading app lets you use your TD Trading ...    NAN    Views 4838
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+11    POEMS (POEMS ID iPad Edition) is an Online Stock Trading Application with real time market information features. With POEMS, you can bring Indonesia stock market with you wherever you go POEMS allows you to trade Indonesia stocks online – almost like a ...    4 MB    Views 5144


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+15    全新卓誠證券 MegaHub 版股票交易平台,專為香港市場投資者專業打造,是你隨身好幫手,無論你身在何方,讓你指尖間領略極速股票買賣,助你緊貼大市。本著“卓越服務,待客以誠”的信念及精神,我們定會為客戶爭取最佳利益,創建財富。 Well Honest Securities is glad to launch MegaHub’s securities trading platform. It provides its securities account customers a fast, simple, secure and reliable mobile securities trading service via smart phone . Customers can simply trade stocks anytime and ...    7 MB    Views 6955
market time iphone management stocks trading international company information application
+7    「海通國際(etnet) 報價交易版」是海通國際證券集團的流動交易應用程式,緊貼大市捕足每個投資時機。 本軟件支援iPhone/ iPAD平台,讓你不受束縛,隨時隨地接觸市場行情,進行股票交易。 功能介紹: 港股交易,進行/取消/修改交易指令 港股帳戶管理,查看帳戶結餘及股票持倉 實時股票報價,以及本地及外國指數 設立及管理投資組合,實時更新監察市況 海通國際專業評論報告定期更新 新股上市,公司業績及股份派息資訊 經濟通財經新聞及股票資訊查詢 圖表分析及研究報告 最活躍港股排行榜 本行分行位置及聯絡方法 "Haitong International(etnet) realtime quotes and trading application" is the official mobile trading application by Haitong International Securities Group Limited. This application is supported on iPhone and iPAD platforms, ...    10 MB    Views 1246
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+29    耀才證券提供一站式股票買賣及全港首創互動資訊平台(耀才財經台), 即時解答觀眾金融難題。對即日市況, 耀才為你作即時分析, 並會接聽觀眾電話, 為投資者提供市場資訊。助你進一步掌握股市走勢, 抓緊每個投資機會, 方便快捷。另外, 全新設計的快速落盤交易版面及實時報價, 配合股票交易戶口, 讓你隨時隨地極速進行交易。 主要範圍包括: 現場直播耀才財經台節目 本地及環球股票買賣服務 查詢戶口即時買賣情況 即時查詢戶口結餘 股票實時及串流式報價 二十大股票排名 自訂股票監察表 環球指數 本地指數 外匯 分析圖表 耀才最新推廣優惠詳情 各分行地址及聯絡電話 Bright Smart Securities is glad to launch an onestop securities trading information platform “Bright Smart Finance Channel”, providing instant responses to audiences appertaining to the fastchanging finance market. Moreover, our ...    9 MB    Views 5364


+12    Victory Securities Company Limited (“Victory Securities”), a licensed corporation registered with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong to carry regulated activities in dealing in Securities, Future contracts, advising on Securities and Asset Management. We dedicated to provide comprehensive ...    7 MB    Views 9842


market investment information hong kong portfolio quotes securities trading latest
+21    First Securities (HK) Limited launched the latest investment information and mobile trading platform. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and allows you to grasp the latest market trend. Also, you can check your global market portfolio wherever and whenever you ...    17 MB    Views 5902
stock patterns stocks pattern tips candlestick buying trading selling technical
+15    What is Pattern Tips? Pattern Tips provides stocks that match specific patterns from thousands of stocks everyday. These specific patterns represent pivotal points of trends that are usually important timing for buying or selling. Beginners and professionals alike can benefit from ...    5 MB    Views 398

iTrader 8

time instruments real itrader stocks days forex demo trade trading
+3    iTrader is a realtime trading application, which provides streaming quotes & charts of Forex and Stocks instruments, charts, trade news and enables realtime trading in financial markets. iTrader allows to trade currencies (Forex), stocks, commodities, indices, metals and agriculture instruments 24 ...    3 MB    Views 877
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+13    POEMS Mobile helps you keep an eye on the market so that you will not miss any trading opportunity wherever you are. You can stay on top of your trades with easy access to your positions and the market conditions ...    3 MB    Views 2510

SaxoTraderGO - SCM

market management trading account offers bank stocks ios
0    Experience the power to execute trades anytime, anywhere. SaxoTrader for iOS offers free market information, prices, charts and news across multiple instrument groups without the need for a trading account. For Saxo clients, SaxoTrader for iOS offers full trading, position ...    NAN    Views 1512

Easy Stock Picks

Related Apps stock market research investing term easy buy picks trading stocks short trades sell
+16    Easy Stock Picks is an innovative and easy tool that provides realtime buy and sell signals for a shortterm swing trading strategy. Both seasoned investors and those just starting can see profits and gain investing ideas and stock picks by ...    2 MB    Views 2736


investment wing trading fung services information contact securities bullion instant
-7    Wing Fung Financial Group smartphone app, a collection of bullion, securities, future & forex trading platforms in one, and also, gathered information for the group’s services. Let your diversified investment portfolio controlled within your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Highlights of the ...    22 MB    Views 9289
stock market news ipad designed build stocks assets asset trading
+9    MarketMatrix is an intraday trading assistant for the US equities market. Get quotes and visualizations of the US stock market that help you make smart trading decisions, manage risk, and keep you informed. With MarketMatrix, you can: Track stocks, ETFs, and ...    3 MB    Views 9120
stock china trading securities fung wing account portfolio 2303 performance existing
+1    Wing Fung Securities Smartphone Trading App lets you instantly capture every investment opportunity at anytime anywhere. You can also set up your own “Stock Watch” list to monitor the performance of your portfolio. Highlights include : [Market Information] HK, China & ...    7 MB    Views 5116
Related Apps stock information hong kong services kgi mobile trading securities view
-6    KGI HK Mobile Trader (AAStocks) is the official mobile securities trading and information platform offered by KGI Hong Kong. It provides Hong Kong securities trading and information services and allows you to access the latest market information wherever and whenever ...    16 MB    Views 3983


Related Apps market investment trading platform information stocks services equities
+7    Easy, Fast & Advanced Online Trading Platform Al Ramz BORSAT is the best trading platforms in equities. Al RAMZ BORSAT has been recognized for excellence in technology as well as for superiority in services such as: advanced charts, market depth information, ...    4 MB    Views 7432
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-1    Are you running low on stock investment ideas? Do you wish you had access 24/7 to one of the world's most intelligent stock investment professionals? Then you need Stock Picking Monkey, the only stock picking professional who can fit easily inside your ...    6 MB    Views 9579

Questrade IQ

Related Apps market tools research time mobile trading view risk account order stocks orders
0    Questrade IQ Mobile is everything you need to trade stocks right in the palm of your hand. The mobile trading app includes free realtime quotes, research tools, and multiple order types. You’ll never miss a trading opportunity again. Genius. An ...    2 MB    Views 1440
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