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+3    Kleering is the easiest way to send money to your friends, in any currency. With Kleering, you can easily and securely send, request, and convert multiple currencies, right from your phone. What's more, all payments are instant and free, so ...    8 MB    Views 9753
+2    The official app of the International Money Transfer Comparison site. Convert the amount of your own currency you want to transfer in realtime and compare the money transfer companies/foreign currency specialists that can send your money overseas. The only ...    3 MB    Views 8685
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0    UniTeller Money Transfer App is a convenient way to send money safely, fast and easily to your friends and family abroad from the United States. With this app you can: Send money from the United States to Mexico, Latin America, Philippines ...    9 MB    Views 3352
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0    Tabbt is the best way to share everyday expenses and send money to your friends. A shared expense that's what we call a Tab is created within seconds: After paying for your group, you enter the total amount, add ...    49 MB    Views 573

Invoice Robot

+3    Invoice Robot was developed for small businesses, nonprofits and innovative people that want to create invoices, proposals, receipts and quotations better and faster than large teams of strategic consultants and administrative staff. Get paid sooner by creating and sending PDF ...    2 MB    Views 1392


+3    This application is a calculator that displays the history. The value can be corrected by the history confirmation the result on the way of the calculation. The time of the recalculation due to the inputting error can be greatly decreased. Calc history and ...    227 kb    Views 3949
0    Send Money is an app for creating and sending expense reports with ease. With Send Money you can log expenses quickly and easily, all without having to create and sign into yet another third party internet account. Instead, it will ...    16 MB    Views 691


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0    PlainPay is an innovative, secure and simple mobile payment application for making payments or for transferring money using a mobile phone, based on QR Code technology. With PlainPay, it has never been easier to make payments. A quick scan of a ...    6 MB    Views 2265
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+11    Smart World Mobile Remit Powered by UniTeller Money Transfer App is a convenient way to send money safely, fast and easily to your friends and family in the Philippines from the United States. With this app you can: Send money from ...    9 MB    Views 5134

AXA Assistance

0    Your helper when something happens – call AXA Assistance in case of an emergency and get help via the 24hour hotline. The app also allows for quick documentation of the claim – including photos and audio recordings. You only need ...    NAN    Views 5736

facebook bitcoin sending
-2 Bringing bitcoin to the masses with the easiest and most fun bitcoin wallet yet. It's a messenger: chat with another user and send bitcoin in the conversation. It's facebook connected, and makes sending bitcoin as easy as sending a ...    7 MB    Views 8153


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0    mHITs is a free payment service that lets you send and receive payments by SMS to anyone with an Australian mobile. Using mHITs is much easier and more convenient than using cash or electronic banking for sending money and making ...    NAN    Views 803
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