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+10 gives you access to more than 55,000 discount coupons per year. Put you mobile phone number in to the settings page to receive a SMS of your passcode. In settings you can also set how far you are willing to ...    4 MB    Views 1355
+10    Expense Manager is a great application for managing your expenses and incomes with all those necessary features that every expense manager must have. It is the easiest and user friendly Personal Finance App. And best of all, it's free The simple fact ...    5 MB    Views 8097


+10    Working at home and don’t know how to measure your working time? Or do you just want to doublecheck your company’s time accounting software? Get iJobber now and start tracking your worthy time iJobber is the most intuitive and simplest time tracking app. Perfect ...    1 MB    Views 188
+3    Euro Millions 649 Powerball Many more Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Enhanced algorithms Best number generator Use 'Snatch Lotto Win Pro' to generate a wide variety of numbers for your chance to be a multimillionaire Features Enhanced algorithms Best number ...    2 MB    Views 6563


+22    WooDash: Checking your webshop orders while laying down on the beach enjoying your cocktail With WooDash you can monitor your WooCommerce webshop any moment of the day. Without any additional plugins for you Wordpress installation. WooDash has some nice features to keep ...    6 MB    Views 4272

iProperty Manager

work property apartment job time email home order tenant settings cash section assign filter
+21    iProperty Manager is for those who wish to manage their Apartment, Home, Generate work order, Manage tenant and to Get complete Balance sheet. We have added localization also, so currency can be changed from the settings section and it will be reflected ...    4 MB    Views 5984


iphone account checkout products settings express paypal
+12    Create invoices and purchase orders (PDF documents) and email them to your Customers and Vendors from your iPhone Create a catalogue of your products and services. Track and manage your inventory levels. Link your products to a barcode Export a list of your ...    3 MB    Views 9115

Retailer Calculator

finance calculator application current match interest settings calculations adjustable weekly customers
-3    The Finance Now Retail Loan Calculator is a simple and effective application which helps you calculate weekly instalments for your customers on the shop floor using a smartphone. Features; Consumer and Commercial options Calculates Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly repayments Optional Insurance can be included ...    5 MB    Views 6715

JobTime Pro

time settings overtime device details cash hours change
+4    ♕ Thank you all for your support and suggestions. This release has been rebuilt from the ground up using new technology. Some new features that you will enjoy is the ability to keep a running total of all your overtime for your ENTIRE ...    930 kb    Views 6672

Charge It

+20    Now you can use you iPhone for more than just amusement and conversing with friends. Make it an immediate business tool. With Charge It, your phone becomes a mobile virtual credit card terminal giving you the ability to accept your ...    581 kb    Views 7798


Related Apps parents twitter college future savings cost amount settings shows
+5    CollegeSave, The College Savings Calculator. Many parents and school kids look at the top colleges that can provide the best education available. In this search, they need to plan to have the funds available to pay for the college fees and ...    1 MB    Views 8493

EZ Tip Calculator

calculator tip total amount number calculates settings easy
+5    EZ Tip Calculator is an easy to use Tip Calculator. It is fast, clean, intuitive and needs no settings. • Calculates tip amount • Divides tip and total amount among number of people • Calculates total bill • You can pick exact tip, round ...    347 kb    Views 2435

Mileage Assistant

travel trip mileage assistant send miles add save mile settings clients
-2    Record and expense your miles quicker and easier than ever before Mileage Assistant is the FASTEST way to ensure you receive the federal mileage tax reimbursement you are owed. Save frequent locations, add preferred settings, and watch the miles (and ...    4 MB    Views 1427
Related Apps money cat bank piggy calc amount goal settings calculation
+30    Kitty Calc is a calculation app for the people who love cats You can also use this app as a piggy bank. Whenever you put money in the piggy bank, the cat will praise you by giving a little message ...    2 MB    Views 4200
iphone email notifications settings reminders owes frequency dropbox push
-4    The most complete U O ME / I O U app for all your iOS devices. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 support Keep track of who owes you money, or who you need to pay with reminders, dropbox back up, daily, ...    1 MB    Views 5990

Thats a Wrap

Related Apps travel job day project reminders settings view expenses additional due wrap
+30    That's a wrap aims to keep you up to date on what projects, or clients owe you money after a project has wrapped. Its not just for invoices, but weekly reminders. Customize an invoice with the following: Day rate Guaranteed hours Pay type: 1099, w9, ...    5 MB    Views 7722
investing subscription account subscribers period current automatically hours settings subscriptions purchase
+9    Inform and empower individuals to become more knowledgeable about personal finances, investing and planning for the future. It will not be available in print form. Buck D System Magazine Subscription available: A single issue for 1.99 (nonsubscription) 1 month subscription for .99, automatically ...    14 MB    Views 8864

iCompare Prices

prices settings mode compare beer price similar offer
+26    iCompare Prices is a very simple, but extremely useful application. We wrote it for those times when you are at your local Supermarket trying to decide which offer on Beer is the best one to go for. As it's not ...    3 MB    Views 5841


+15    Introducing Infobank Powered by SCOOP Find all the latest editions of Infobank magazines on your iPad and iPhone. More features: Filter by Category Sharing Editorial highlight Browser and buy back issues Push notification to keep you updated Bookmarking Sunset mode SUBSCRIPTION WITH SPECIAL ...    19 MB    Views 5813

JAXFCU Mobile 360

banking mobile 360 online settings access check enrolled
+10    The JAXFCU Mobile 360 app is a fast way to organize all of your JAXFCU related apps. Carry a JAXFCU branch in your phone 24/7 Our Mobile 360 app is fast and easy to use – and it’s FREE With the ...    7 MB    Views 6885
Related Apps banking mobile state bank settings
-3    To access Peach State Bank Mobile Banking you must be a Peach State Bank customer. Log into your online banking account and choose "settings" and "mobile settings" to enroll in mobile banking. Once enrolled in mobile banking simply download the Peach ...    12 MB    Views 5368


news stock access automatic information sites earnings settings page easy
+11    Get information in a consistent and useful manner is essential. There has never been a better time to take charge of your investment world. iStockCoach helps you create consistent habit patterns that work for you. Get access to news, charts, options, exhange traded ...    64 MB    Views 9532

JobTime Free

time settings desired ios device minute tap change
+1    ♕ You asked for it, we did it A simple overtime calculator that helps you figure out your rightfully earned time or cash. You can change your desired time increment settings by going to the Settings app of your iOS device. Tap: Settings > ...    541 kb    Views 4134


options price choose calculated displayed page volatility calculate settings call
+7    Convexity is a straightforward implementation of the BlackScholes model for pricing European put and call options. The price of both put and call options is calculated and displayed instantly when any of the inputs are changed no need to ...    94 kb    Views 1353


-2    Take control of your spending. Easily add amounts and watch how much you've spent for specific time periods. Sum, chart and list views are available. Synced to iCloud, means you can access the same data on all your iDevices. Features: Press ...    295 kb    Views 9234
ipad numbers number generation lottery lotto settings win millions easy
+1    Euro Millions 649 Powerball Many more Supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 23 famous global lottery settings predefined Finally there is now an app that generates lotto numbers in a fun and exciting way Tired of your local lotto centre picking ...    3 MB    Views 7503


money bills budget budgeting envelopes envelope set settings credit auto transactions
-2    Gain complete control of your finances with iVelopes, an envelope budgeting financial app. With iVelopes you can finally achieve your budgeting goals without all the hassle of keeping track of where your money is. Envelope budgeting has been around for decades, ...    4 MB    Views 5867
-6    Access your Northland Area Federal Credit Union accounts 24/7, right from your mobile device, in two easy steps After downloading this app AND activating your mobile services, you will be able to check NAFCU account balances, view recent activity and make ...    18 MB    Views 7095


coupons size settings save price load compare items input
+4    The easiest app for comparing the price of two items while you’re shopping. It will save you money You only need to enter the price and quantity or size for the two items and tap COMPARE. It tells you which product ...    978 kb    Views 2115

EZ Balance1

keyboard email time cards account accounts amounts costs settings ease easy transactions
0    EZ Balance1 is a very easy to use app for tracking your cash, expenses, purchases, sales, project costs, trip costs, vacation costs, debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, or almost anything else. This app is very easy to use because you ...    973 kb    Views 8190


card time work email information device add options settings scan
+6    StoredCard on products, or Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc. Almost every question and negative review comment is addressed by one of the following. Please save everyone time by reading these first: Nobody is stealing your information. The ...    2 MB    Views 3987

FilmBiz Rate

clock daily production rate timesheet hours overtime meal pay settings day
+11    FilmBiz Rate is designed to give film industry crew members a easy way to check their pay stubs. With contracts always changing from show to show, it's really hard to guarantee that your pay is being calculated properly. With this app ...    2 MB    Views 2782
banking mobile select settings deposit device option accounts access approved
+3    NE PA Mobile Money allows you to access your accounts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, through your mobile device. You can take advantage of the following features: View Account Balances View Transactional History Deposit Checks Schedule Bill ...    10 MB    Views 7025

College Savings

market twitter parents college savings future cost settings plan covering monthly amount
+2    College Savings, The College Savings Plan Calculator. Many parents and school kids look at the top colleges that can provide the best education available. In this search, they need to plan to have the funds available to pay for the college ...    2 MB    Views 6637
Related Apps calculator time ipad interest period rate settings yearly annual
+10    Interest Calculator for iPad is a simple, easy to use calculator that evaluates the interests from a deposit using the following parameters: a. Principal, b. Time Period, c. Interests Rate, and d. Annual Additions A distinctive feature is the ability to independently compute the time ...    368 kb    Views 5905
shopping currency price checkout item settings quickly set change
+27    Have you ever wondered if you got enough change in your pocket before you queued at the checkout? Did you ever have the feeling that your bill was too high and you had actually payed too much? With SpeedyCash you may have ...    2 MB    Views 5564

My Expense Book

home expense income settings purchase default page expenses currency icons
+29    “ My Expense Book “ will help you to tack your Daily Expenses and Incomes. 1. Tracking expenses and incomes by week, month and year as well as by categories. 2. By using My Expanse Book you can add different categories of ...    15 MB    Views 4967

Price Margin

+1    Price Margin is a handy resource for businesses selling products on the go. Use it to accurately calculate your selling price, given the wholesale cost. You can easily create and edit your own margins with custom price ranges, percentages and ...    391 kb    Views 209

CollegeSave Lite

Related Apps parents twitter college future savings cost lite features amount settings cover
-7    CollegeSave Lite, The Free College Savings Calculator. Many parents and school kids look at the top colleges that can provide the best education available. In this search, they need to plan to have the funds available to pay for the college ...    1 MB    Views 230

WorkTime Radar

time email tracking reports application easy settings restore start
0    Worktime Radar is a simple to use time tracking application that include all needed futures to track your working time correctly, making monthly, daily reports and photo notices. All your reports and settings are backuped on email and are easy to ...    8 MB    Views 3667

PNB Mobile Money

money banking mobile internet national bank settings
0    Welcome to your own personal Pike National Bank branch. Now, every waiting room, living room and restaurant can be your very own private Pike National Bank. Pike National Bank offers FREE mobile banking apps for the iPhone and iPad. We ...    19 MB    Views 6491

Expense Account

Related Apps time expense mode expenses create category transactions monthly amount settings
+3    An App Store What's hot in Finance Category "With ‘Expense Account’ you can quickly save expense information quickly and adjust and add details at a later time if necessary. You can sort your expenses into categories, different formats and currencies, create ...    3 MB    Views 1659

CB-Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking text ipad iphone mobile accounts bank settings account features select
0    The CBMobile Banking App is free and available for online banking customers of Civista Bank, headquartered in Sandusky Ohio. Access your accounts anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy these features: Check account balances View Transactions Transfer money between accounts Pay bills Deposit checks Locate the bank's ...    12 MB    Views 9799


tax crypto settings currencies trading enter liabilities
-5    Kryptofolio+tax is a FIFO (first in first out) fun portfolio manager and tax calculator for crypto currencies. It can be used to give a rough idea of associated tax liabilities when using cryptocurrencies or just to experiment without actually trading ...    35 MB    Views 8783

EZ Adder II

tax time email keyboard discount cards calculator enter electronic paper great settings independent tape items
-4    EZ Adder II is a unique easy to use basic calculator (+ x / %). It maintains an “electronic paper tape” of all your entries including optional item descriptions. With this “electronic paper tape” you can easily view and ...    1 MB    Views 4634

Tip Calculator Pro

calculator tip settings pro
-8    An easytouse and quick Tip Calculator. Never be uncertain about how much to tip your waiter/waitress at any restaurant again Simply enter the Pretip total, and set the number of people and tip percentage then Tip Calculator Pro will calculate ...    3 MB    Views 9838
calculator tax person tip countries percent settings accurate split multiple support
+13    Accurate Tip is easy to use tip and split calculator. Why did we create yet another tip calculator? The main problem of all applications, is the absence of predefine settings, so you have to know tip percent for all countries ...    1 MB    Views 2323


stock instrument instruments test ideas systems settings stocks buy trading
0    CONFIDANT is a tool for putting your stocktrading ideas to the test, allowing you to see if those ideas can be profitable. With CONFIDANT, it's all about "your" stocktrading ideas...not ours. That's why we don't provide any precanned systems or ...    8 MB    Views 7921
Related Apps web running iphone work wifi microsoft nav server information services user customer connection settings
+8    NAV Widgets for IOS can bring Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality to your IOS device (iPhone and iPad). With a properly configured NAV server and firewall accessibility, a NAV widget connection can be made via the cellular network or a WIFI ...    978 kb    Views 8452
Related Apps property investment settings add decisions annual breakdown specific
+5    Welcome smart investor Get the most out of your investment property by calculating how it performs on both short and long terms. With our easy to use app we can assist you to make smarter decisions. OZIPCAL is a powerful tool ...    NAN    Views 294

FGB Mobile Banking

Related Apps card banking money cards security person mobile account credit view settings number send
0    We are happy to be at your service with our “Next Generation” FGB Mobile Banking Your bank in your palm comes with new features, user friendly and enhanced design and interactive capabilities. FGB brings to you new age banking at your ...    23 MB    Views 3208
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