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Expense Tool

+4    Organize your own and shared expenses. Do you and your partner want to log how much you're spending for your household and merge the expenses entered on your individual devices? Are you on holidays with friends and want to know how much ...    10 MB    Views 4876


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+5    Nickels is a platform for tracking interactive finance. Its mission is to make shared living and travel easier by providing neutral information, reasonable judgment, and simplified expense sharing and calculating right. It is a simple tool for determining what’s fair ...    3 MB    Views 6248


-1    You go on a snowboarding trip with your mates and everybody pays for different things during the trip. You come home with a pile of receipts and you’re trying to work out how everyone can settle up (and stay friends). ...    2 MB    Views 6937


0    Freelance work can be overwhelming as you juggle production, marketing, finance and communication by yourself. The JOBS app is the help that every freelancer needs. It's designed to track hours, customers, create invoices, quotes, and much more. It has an ...    997 kb    Views 3783

Find Branch

-1    With access to over 5,000 branches and 2,000 7Eleven VCom locations nationwide, the COOP Shared Branch network makes your hometown credit union one of the most convenient financial institutions in the world and with the COOP Shared Branch locator app, ...    3 MB    Views 7352
+7    Tally makes it easy to share expenses when you eat, drink, dine, party, travel, shop, give or live together with friends or family. No more outofsync spreadsheets with dubious math to settle your shared expenses made weeks after your expenditures. No ...    4 MB    Views 431


time wallet currency shared payments friends place send supports functionality
+3    Here we come with an added convenience for you guys named my Wallet. It is a personal finance software which will help you to manage split expenses with your roommates, friends or colleagues. This app allows you to enter financial ...    4 MB    Views 2252

Beaufort Portfolio

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-4    Introducing the new iPhone App for clients of Beaufort Sharedealing and Beaufort Securities. As an online execution only client of Beaufort Sharedealing, you can use the app to view your portfolio and trade in real time wherever you are, giving you ...    480 kb    Views 641

Expense Tool LE

email photos map person expense expenses tool data shared set
+3    Organize your own and shared expenses. Are you on holidays with friends and want to know how much you are spending? If you are sharing your expenses, do you need a tool to document your balances and debts to one another? Do ...    10 MB    Views 4675
-5    PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union’s FREE Mobile Banking Application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch BANK 24/7 Manage your accounts, deposit checks, pay bills, view copies of your cleared checks, and view transaction history. Busy members can also make quick transfers within ...    11 MB    Views 2454
banking mobile account access location shared branch online
-9    The Meriwest Mobile Banking app allows Meriwest members the ability to log into their online banking account and securely access their account information to view account activity, check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, track expenses, make mobile deposits, and more. Need ...    10 MB    Views 1224

Money Split

money bill split shared
+2    Bill sharing is only 1click away from your hand Money split helps you to share any kind of bill among your group easily. It is spectacularly useful in scenario that the bill is not shared evenly, you can make some adjusments ...    448 kb    Views 6646


work asset owners easily create important shared assets maintenance
-2    Managing shared assets can be challenging and timeconsuming. It requires organization, clear communication, and detailed record keeping. PartMine is an app specifically designed to help coowners work together and easily manage the most important aspects of their shared assets. Log in ...    3 MB    Views 9322
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+4    Group Expense is the easiest way to split and keep track of shared expenses with friends, family, roommates and colleagues. With Group Expense you can: share events with your friends to collaborate see a summary of the final amount owed add ...    6 MB    Views 9188
monitor history usage data group plans shared plan simple individual
-4    The BEST way to monitor shared plans and groups. Spottr gives everyone in your group a simple way keep up with who's used what and when you'll go over. It's simple, beautiful and easy to use. Works with shared plans, individual ...    17 MB    Views 2976


money pay costs bill group
+2    A common holiday with friends. Each one pays something for the group and later on, you try to do the accounting. Chris pay's the hotel, Tim pay's the bill at the restaurant and Mary pay's the bill at the gasoline ...    981 kb    Views 3012


apple profile user fast friends cost easy add shared
-1    You sure know the problem when you are out with your friends and you are sharing the costs of different things, but in the end nobody knows who owes whom money? That is where your little helper iLend4Friends steps in With iLend4Friends ...    3 MB    Views 3424


family expenses shared friends expense individual event members
+10    Managing your shared expenses has been made easier. Peck provides simplest way of handling shared expenses with friends and family. You don't have to worry about logging expense in a notebook or in an excel spreadsheet and then calculate who owes ...    6 MB    Views 4787
+7    At Receiptime, we wanted to write an app that made it easy to record and manage personal and shared expenses without signing up and sharing personal data online. • Record how much you spent, split expenses with others, and save a ...    825 kb    Views 3704

Trip Shared

trip trips travelers language couples shared section step expenses balances automatically english
+8    Introduction : "Trip Shared" is a quick, simple and useful application created to solve a daily need when traveling, sharing group expenses, for couples, friends, family, allowing us to easily see the calculations and the final balances of the expenses from ...    12 MB    Views 5695
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