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0    Calculate tips with ease using Tiptap. Figuring gratuity has never been so easy. Tiptap provides a simple design for calculating tips. With Tiptap, you calculate a tip with just a few taps. Simply tap the "Subtotal" box and enter the subtotal ...    143 kb    Views 9648
0    Split is a simple check splitting app meant to make splitting a check at the end of a group dinner just a little bit easier. Simply give everyone a number and add line items accordingly. Split allows you to split ...    4 MB    Views 6498

Xpense Split Lite

-1    SPLITTING BILL WILL NEVER BE THIS EASIER IF YOU USE THIS APPLICATION You don't have to worry splitting bills when you have a group outing anymore This application will allow you to split your bills/checks easily between a group of ...    795 kb    Views 2683
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0    SpliTron is a bill splitting app that offers a beautiful interface that is easy and fun to use. The app's dynamic and intuitive interface will make splitting the bill at your next dining experience a breeze. SpliTron have got a ...    13 MB    Views 496

Split My Tab

splitting split tab tabs paying ios groups
-1    "This is easily the best bill splitting app I have ever had the pleasure of using" "When it comes to splitting tabs, Split My Tab covers all bases whether you want quick calculations or exact breakdowns." 5 Best ...    1 MB    Views 7918
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0    Splittbill is the best way to split & share bills. Use Splittbill to split restaurant, bar & grocery bills with friends & roommates. "I wish this app had been available when I was in college, I could have saved a lot ...    22 MB    Views 9916


friends debts bill splitting
+3    Never again deal with the hassles of splitting a bill when eating or traveling with your friends and colleagues. BuddyBook is just one download away from solving all of your bill splitting troubles. BuddyBook will help you: 1. Bookkeep records of unpaid debts ...    3 MB    Views 1222


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-4    Paycial provides its users a convenient means for going Dutch. No one had enough cash, so I paid the entire bill. My friends said they would pay me back, but I still haven’t gotten my money back One person paid me ...    16 MB    Views 5730


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+8    Divvy makes splitting the check as easy as snap, drag, and pay. Just snap a photo of the bill, drag each item to the person who ordered it, and see how much everyone owes. "The coolest and most useful bill splitter ...    8 MB    Views 3890


+3    Use this simple to use yet powerful app to: Track who owes you money Track money you owe others Never be shortchanged again Its everyday uses are limitless: Perfect for tracking and splitting expenses such as shopping receipts or bills between ...    3 MB    Views 2943
split tip bill splitting
+4    Featured in "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" on the App Store. The quickest way to split a bill and calculate the tip at restaurants and bars. Easy to use: 1) Pick your party size up to 16 people 2) List the cost ...    6 MB    Views 9312

Xpense Split

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-6    SPLITTING BILL WILL NEVER BE THIS EASIER IF YOU USE THIS APPLICATION v1.2 now supporting multiple payer and partial payback You don't have to worry splitting bills when you have a group outing anymore This application will allow you to split ...    776 kb    Views 4689
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