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+1    Get your UK grocery deal & printable coupon information from the biggest and best community of deal hunters. The official grocery app lets you save on your grocery list by bringing you the best information on deals, printable coupons, ...    3 MB    Views 567
+3    Store Point helps you Refining your search by location, home features and more. Or simply enter keywords to Store listings just right for you. Store your criteria to get alerts when new Stores that match your search hit the market, ...    7 MB    Views 1693


deal stores price list shop save reduce
+12    Save money using this app when couponing. Get your bottom pricing on product from different stores with this app. Features: Building shopping list base off stores See coupons that are available to help reduce price Tips on how to help reduce ...    8 MB    Views 3964
gifts people santa email christmas stores buy left store list helper
+20    Santa's Little Helper is a Christmas gift giving organizer. This application helps you plan and budget your gift giving. Keep your holiday spending in check. Don't forget anyone on your Christmas list. Know at a glance what gifts you need to buy at ...    1 MB    Views 8245


+2    The application allows you to make payment for many utility services such as electricity, water, pay TV, Internet, telephone, mobile phone. By using the application, you can manage all of your bills through one and only account; make online payment or ...    23 MB    Views 4309

Retail Analytics

+5    Know now The Retail Analytics app was designed to give you a live, clear and precise view on what is going on your store. No more guessing or waiting for reports to be emailed to you. Supports multiple stores. Supports stores running on the ...    4 MB    Views 940

StanbicIBTC Mobile

+2    Access your 909 MobileMoney, Bank account, Pension RSA and Mutual Fund Accounts all from the new StanbicIBTC Mobile Transact from your StanbicIBTC Bank Account Manage your Pension Fund Account View your Mutual Funds Investment This new version features a cleaner ...    5 MB    Views 3092
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+5    Earn Free Groceries with every net purchase, everywhere Visa is accepted With the Dillons/Baker's/Gerbes REWARDS Visa App you can apply for and manage your Dillons/Baker's/Gerbes REWARDS Visa Card. When you apply and are approved for the card through this App, ...    27 MB    Views 2776
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+20    With SEQR in your phone a world of possibilities opens up. Use it to pay in thousands of stores, connect loyalty clubs, pay car parking and send money all via your mobile phone. You will benefit from using SEQR. ”Thumbs ...    NAN    Views 7185


-6    IRS Mileage Logger will: use the iPhone GPS to accurately track your miles traveled (GPS ON/OFF) create an IRS acceptable mileage log (SAVE) calculate your tax deduction for each type of mile you drove email the log file for backup ...    3 MB    Views 1930

Smart Reports

charts stores smart reports
+13    Smart Reports is a reporting tool that enables executives of big retail outlets with chains of individual stores to keep track of sales at any moment. It provides graphical tools for monitoring the turn over and contrasting the gains between ...    3 MB    Views 2058
money work deal products store save comparison product stores manufacturers
+13    Voted 5 out of 5 bars on Thanks for your downloads and suggestions The Best Deal is now the most popular comparison app for shoppers in the App Store Give us a try we'll have more updates coming soon ...    696 kb    Views 9409


iphone bills store account digit pay process stores transaction cape
+4    ROCK AND SHOCK WITH A WALLET ON YOUR IPHONE AMMO is a chic, super safe, ultra convenient and easytouse mobile wallet app for your iPhone, which allows you to: • Pay for the things you love at your favourite eateries • Topup your ...    565 kb    Views 7308


email software gold kong hong price hours stores current trend buy entry
+8    Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Hong Kong, in particular, we want to see Hong Kong Hong Kong to buy gold or gold and jewelry, when we go to Hong Kong in order to facilitate ...    921 kb    Views 9432

Analytics Mobile

time analytics stores collect information
+3    Understanding the value of the information that can be collected from the surveillance cameras, XTAsea Analytics was born. We integrate to the surveillance cameras (takes minutes, no infrastructure is required), and by smart combination of professional human realtime watch & advanced ...    3 MB    Views 2898

Price Comparer PRO

sale items price stores barcode prices scanner adding
+14    DESCRIPTION With this app, you no longer need to memorize prices in local stores Only you manage and maintain prices for the items you are interested for. According to statistics, the average consumer often or constantly buys about 200 different items, ...    2 MB    Views 2975


time people house mobile phone sell stores gadget
+2    Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison App by Compare My Mobile This application allows you to use a comparison tool (with over 40 stores) to value everything from mobile phones, digital cameras, games consoles, tablets, iPads, kindles, iPods, laptops and macbooks. From this ...    NAN    Views 578

EvoShare Seller

social customers stores friends image
+27    EvoShare gives you new loyal customers. EvoShare gives you competitive advantage. EvoShare’s focus on social impact adds to your company’s image. According to our recent research, 82.3% of customers chose EvoShare member stores over nonEvoShare stores with similar merchandise; 95.1% of them recommended ...    1 MB    Views 1344


0    Timegrip puts workforce management in the palm of your hand. Employees: Improve communication with your work managers, and get access to all your work schedule information. Scheduled shifts– View your scheduled shifts across multiple departments and stores Apply for shifts – Send request ...    5 MB    Views 3011


email receipts stores receipt www digital background year find
+3    Findity is the app that collects and stores all your receipts digitally in one place. It enables you to have your receipts delivered directly from Findityaffiliated stores and you can also use it to manually archive important paper receipts. Version ...    90 MB    Views 2313

Mika POS

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-7    Experience all the benefits of POS without spending thousands on it. MIKA presents one of the most advanced and robust cloud based tablet POS system, which will allow you to have your entire business at your fingertips wherever you go. ...    15 MB    Views 3072
shopping coupons calendar gifts home video photos audio web business items sellers products lists stores manage
-6    IMPORTANT: This app will be discontinued very soon. Please see our other apps by searching for LightArrow on the App Store. LightArrow My.Shopping is the ideal app for managing items you buy for your home or business. Organize any type of ...    37 MB    Views 802
chinese discount shopping price compare product prices store packaging stores
-6    精打細算 ShoPARE Chinese 繁體中文: 『精打細算』是比價錢的最佳工具 您可以比不同包裝的價錢 您可以比產品在不同店的價錢 打折嗎?單位不大一樣嗎?沒問題,『精打細算』直接幫您轉換與計算。 輸入定價與包裝,『精打細算』就可以幫您做比較 精打細算最好用 馬上省錢用 店面購物最好用 網路也不用 功能與特色: 比較不同包裝的價錢 比較產品在不同商店的價錢 可儲存產品名,店名,定價,包裝,折扣,折價劵,品牌,型號與簡記 迅速比較多項價錢 當價錢資料庫使用 產品與商店排列 計算打折價 迅速輸入上次使用的產品名稱,店名與品牌 價錢資料可存檔與更改 儲存產品圖片 可用本地化貨幣 選用中文或英文單位 支援重量長度,體積與面積單位 简体中文: 『精打细算』是比价钱的最佳工具 您可以比不同包装的价钱 您可以比产品在不同店的价钱 打折吗?单位不大一样吗?没问题,『精打细算』直接帮您转换与计算。 输入定价与包装,『精打细算』就可以帮您做比较 精打细算最好用 马上省钱用 店面购物最好用 网路也不用 功能与特色: 比较不同包装的价钱 比较产品在不同店的价钱 可储存产品名,店名,定价,包装,折扣,抵用劵,品牌,型号与简记 迅速比较多项价钱 当价钱资料库使用 产品与商店排列 计算打折价 迅速输入上次使用的产品名称,店名与品牌 价钱资料可存档与更改 储存产品图片 可用本地化货币 选用中文或英文单位 支援重量长度,体积与面积单位 English: ShoPARE Chinese is a price comparison shopping tool that allows you to compare prices from as many stores and as many products as you want. You can compare prices of different sizes of packaging. You ...    2 MB    Views 8583


apple program map points check earned stores bank greece closest
+1    The first bankwide loyalty program in Greece now available on your Smartphone. Download for free the new go4more application from National Bank of Greece and check your earned loyalty points fast and easily. Tap to find in the map the closest ...    8 MB    Views 2087


-3    TuYu is an awesome preloaded mobile rewards application. Users are able to use their preloaded balance, to perform swift and secure instore transactions. All participating retailers are listed in the app, and gives the user distances to their closest stores. TuYu ...    1 MB    Views 2809

Mobile Smart Wallet

Related Apps cards stores mobile application smart wallet
+6    Mobile Smart Wallet is one of a kind application designed for the conscious city dweller and for those that are on the go, that allows you to consolidate your loyalty and membership cards on your iPhone. The application brings you ...    5 MB    Views 5747
business retail monitor sale navigation time operations sales stores costs manage activity
0    With Posterita, take your entire store with you on an iPad and stay on top of every aspect of your business from anywhere at any time. And here’s even better news You can install Posterita revolutionary cloudbased Point of Sale ...    10 MB    Views 2255
-6    Features may vary. Go to to see what is available in your country. With the mobile SEQRapp you can pay in store, online, send money, redeem great offers, connect loyalty clubs and pay car parking everything through one free ...    12 MB    Views 4742


card cards websites payment works sites ticket stores bank booking
+14    See the best card for your next payment in less than 5 seconds At Cardback, we help you maximize your savings and card benefits every time you pay. Identify your best card for every payment you make, and see how much ...    12 MB    Views 2306
program retail partner stores today special store deals rewards
+30    Earn rewarded points constantly when you shop at any of our partner retail stores. Download it today for free and you’ll be able to: Join our program and begin earning rewards today. Find any partner stores that is closest to your ...    7 MB    Views 9380

ETOXX Shopping

shopping stores
0    Save money with every purchase Discounts at online stores and partner stores in your area Benefit from the many advantages of shopping etoxx world. Názov: ETOXX nákup Krátky popis: Nakupujte a sporte Zľavy vo viac ako 1000 obchodoch Popis: Sporenie pri každom nákupe Zľavy ...    15 MB    Views 8443
budget shopping gifts people time cards list gift track lists shopper stores features
0    Gift List Budget Shopper lets you see what you're spending on who and what year round. It's also a great shopping aid. Plan your shopping excursions ahead of time to save on time as well as money. Current Key features include: Easily track ...    9 MB    Views 3546
card stores worked visa places minimum mastercard
+11    Novapay is accepted at places Visa and Mastercard aren't. Stores love it, so it is used at cash only or card minimum places. Have you wondered why some stores have minimum credit card transactions or fees? Visa and Mastercard charge small ...    5 MB    Views 8061


coupons iphone vouchers merchants participating mobile payments loyalty including stores
-2    FlickPay is an exciting new mobile payment application for people who want a faster and more secure way to pay in store. FlickPay is the smarter choice when it comes to mobile payments. FlickPay enables you to: • make fast and secure ...    17 MB    Views 3456
time currency rates charts updated view stores real internet convert easy
-2    Simple Currency Converter Track Currencies from around the world. It offers live proprietary currency rates and charts, and even stores the last updated rates so it works when the Internet doesn't. This easytouse currency calculator. USE IT OFFLINE Stores ...    2 MB    Views 3530

Gymboree Visa

card discount virtual retail music coupons time visa stores purchases bonus enrollment instant credit
0    Save 5% on every Gymboree Clothing Purchase(1) The Gymboree Visa Card App gives you onetouch access to apply for and manage your Gymboree Visa Card account. If approved for instant credit, you can shop right away at Gymboree and Gymboree Outlet ...    2 MB    Views 4631

Invisipon Coupons

coupons profile card stores town foods supermarket
+7    The Official App for CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT SELECT RETAILERS ONLY Illinois Fareway Stores Iowa Fareway Stores Minnesota Fareway Stores Nebraska Fareway Stores South Dakota Fareway Stores COMING SOON Connecticut CTown Supermarkets Florida Bravo Supermarkets Georgia J&J Foods, Fresh & Frugal Massachusetts ...    1 MB    Views 1466


+11    Use your mobile phone to pay with at "Mad Cooperativet" at the Central Station. This app is only available to invited users. Explore "Mad Cooperativet": Groceries from Coop stores Butcher: You can cut meat that you can take home for supper Vegetable Butcher: Get your ...    NAN    Views 3932


Related Apps cards shopping payment helps phone account balance stores details
+4    Download Pivo to your phone. You'll get more out of your wallet. Pivo is a smart wallet on your smart phone. It keeps your important banking information, payment cards and details of your favorite stores always safely with you. Pivo helps ...    19 MB    Views 8872


time foreign exchange currency stores tool real rate
+1    CURRENCY365 is an entity stores against currency reservation and locationbased mobile apps, foreign currency exchange as the core of onestop currency conversion tool. Globalization more stores to make an appointment for service; Mainstream Banks exchange realtime query; Looking for foreign ...    9 MB    Views 4979


email software gold kong hong price hours stores current trend buy entry
-8    Life, many people want to know the price of gold in Hong Kong, in particular, we want to see Hong Kong Hong Kong to buy gold or gold and jewelry, when we go to Hong Kong in order to facilitate ...    835 kb    Views 2571


Related Apps card money financial services prepaid balance stores
+12    You must have a Prepaid Money card to use PpdMoney. PpdMoney is a reloadable prepaid card provided by your financial institution. It offers financial services through your Prepaid payment card that allow for increased convenience, control over your finances, and ...    4 MB    Views 139
people gifts santa email christmas list buy left stores store helper
-1    Santa's Little Helper is a Christmas gift giving organizer. This application helps you plan and budget your gift giving for TWO special people. Keep your holiday spending in check. Don't forget anyone on your Christmas list. Know at a glance what gifts you ...    1 MB    Views 1759
Related Apps check stores checks view store
+13    EmagineNET QuickCheck lets you cash payroll checks with confidence. The QuickCheck app lets you manage your store's check cashing activity from anywhere. With the app, you can: Manage check cashing at multiple stores View count and amount of checks cashed ...    2 MB    Views 164

Cash Counter Lite

stores cash counting fun counter lite
-4    Cash Counter Lite is designed to make counting cash easy and fun. Well, maybe not fun, but definitely a lot better than using a calculator or doing math in your head. Great for counting tills at coffee shops, food trucks, restaurants, ...    213 kb    Views 7603
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+3    Clear Currency is the best currency app, featured on iTunes home page. Convert every world currency and precious metals. It offers currency rates, charts, and automatically updates/stores the latest rates,so it works even when you have no internet. Some cool features: minimalist design live ...    12 MB    Views 7423


cards iphone coupons program personal loyalty rewards stores receive discounts single gift
+16    Paycloud is a mobile wallet app that lets you manage your reward and gift cards, receive exclusive discounts and free coupons and earn points, punches and cash back at local stores and restaurants. Use Paycloud to find area stores that offer ...    4 MB    Views 7151


Related Apps cards personal payment digital offers stores customers store network loyalty
+24    The Digital Payment Network Dinube is the first digital payment and loyalty network designed for consumers and built for merchants. Dinube unites shoppers and retailers to create a unique, highly customized shopping experience. The only payment network with configurable privacy settings, ...    NAN    Views 3975

Alpha Bonus

alpha bonus find offers location partners discover stores phone
+4    Welcome to the new Alpha Bank Bonus app You can now download Bonus to your mobile phone Obtain easy access directly from your mobile, wherever you are, to over 3,000 stores and discover amazing redemption offers Find the nearest Βοnus Partner stores ...    8 MB    Views 613
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+9    Earn Free Groceries with every net purchase, everywhere Visa is accepted With the Fry’s REWARDS Visa App you can apply for and manage your Fry’s REWARDS Visa Card. When you apply and are approved for the card through this App, ...    28 MB    Views 4831


charity purchases stores friends
+16    MAKE MONEY BY DOING CHARITY • 1% of all your purchases goes to a cause of your choice • 1% of any purchases made by friends and relatives you recommended EvoShare to goes to you • 1% of all your purchases goes to ...    29 MB    Views 3651


money paypal pay stores online restaurants
+21    Pay Smarter. Pay Simpler. Pay Anywhere. The world’s safest way to pay online is now at your favorite restaurants, stores, and more. Introducing your new digital wallet. PAYPAL NOW ACCEPTED IN STORES Take PayPal with you to local stores, cafes, restaurants and ...    42 MB    Views 6709


sales reports store stores data
+7    AutoPoll puts your store's data in the palm of your hand by giving you live sales reports, yesterday's closing sales reports, end of month inventory reports, sales graphs, and opening times for each store. Area managers can choose their favorite ...    4 MB    Views 5861
Related Apps shopping apps videos price book list prices items select total stores
+26    UPDATE This app now offers Best Decision functionality which uses an intelligent learning algorithm to determine a user's Best Decision for a purchase based on price, distance, time, recommendations, social likes, and more. You can find the Best Decision ...    7 MB    Views 8262
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