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+5    Quick Checkbook is a smart personal finance management app, you can track multiple accounts info easily and conveniently. With Quick Checkbook, you will manage your accounts at a glance. You can see clearly about balance of all your accounts and each ...    38 MB    Views 2379

BTCChina JustPay

+11    Key Features: · Fast registration, and you can immediately start sending, receiving and selling bitcoin. · Easy registration, get started with an email address and phone number. · Advanced “sell for cash” feature that supports 8 major currencies. · Earn money, by setting your ...    1 MB    Views 460


+25    QuickPoint Mobile PointofSale Terminal Track Sales and Accept Credit Card Payments on your IPhone. ISO Program Available ISO control for Maximum Transaction Amount ISO control for Maximum Monthly Processing Amount Brandable at the Merchant Level Multiple merchant accounts per ...    6 MB    Views 208
+14    Expense Manager Lite will help you to note your daily expenses and incomes. Tracking expenses and incomes by day, month, year, titles and between given dates. You can also add your own categories of income sources as well ass expenditure sources. ...    4 MB    Views 5678
+20    V8Options is a FREE Mobile Trading Platform, designed to make trading easy, accessible and fun. It’s suitable for anyone to use, even those who have never traded before. You can earn up to 90% profit within 60 seconds, on fast ...    NAN    Views 791


supports mpg
+4    MileCount simple app for economy and saving info about your travels. Supports iPhone5/iPod touch 5th gen Supports languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian. Supports metrics: mpg(US), mpg(UK), l/100km Follow us on twitter: MileCountApp    3 MB    Views 1571

Forex Guild

Related Apps currency forex currencies user conversions base supports easy
+12    Forex Guild is an easy to use currency conversion tool that provides Forex in an interesting and useful format. User can view number of currencies against a base currency set. The application shows the how much the base currency is ...    815 kb    Views 606

Next PayDay Gold

payday gold countdown auto pay weekly supports entire
+5    Next Payday Gold is AD FREE Also supports up to five accounts so you can manage your entire household's pay schedule Next PayDay Gold is a countdown application that will countdown to your payday You setup an account and the app does ...    836 kb    Views 9080
records supports select currencies category export choose reminder
+8    Paylog is an application for recording payments quickly and easily. Now you can keep track of even your smallest daily expenses as they happen Demo video is here: ● Simple interface You can insert amounts as soon as the app has started up. 1. ...    4 MB    Views 3954
+5    iMoney for iPad is a FREE, REALTIME currency exchange rate calculating application. iMoney provides calculation between 36 most frequently used currencies and simple, easytouse user experience. Features: Efficient: iMoney supports calculating rate between 4 currencies at the same time. Uptodate: Rate ...    6 MB    Views 3404
market text farmers program email alabama supports markets snap multi mobile application approved authorized


Related Apps card email history sale iphone cards transactions gateway credit support orders payment supports products
+2    This version of USAePay Point Of Sale created to support Infinea Tab M, Linea Pro 5, Infinea Tab 4, and Linea Pro 4 as swipers and barcode scanners. Accepting credit cards through your iPhone is simple and secure with the USAePay ...    16 MB    Views 7157


time market trading binary options trade supports min platform support
+7    CallandPut trading platform is now available on mobile Trade binary options and make up to 85% of profit. Binary options are financial instruments which allow traders to predict the direction of the market, irrespective of the extent and magnitude of the movement. ...    2 MB    Views 4469

Pocket Cash

budget money traveling history support pocket cash currency categories icloud transactions budgeting supports
+10    Pocket Cash is a handy budgeting, income and expense tracking application. It will help you keep track of where your money is spent while keeping you within your budget easily Pocket Cash has the ability to log each of your transaction ...    2 MB    Views 5072

CurrencyMap Gold

software exchange rate currencies supports permanent appreciation record interface
+26    CurrencyMap provides uptodate exchange rate, and it also keep the latest information. There are total in 163 kinds currencies of exchange rate, it almost cover all the currencies in the world, but if you can not find the currency in ...    1 MB    Views 1131

Cherry Money

Related Apps money children parents cards management family currencies supports allowances accounts expenses
+1    Cherry money is an online money management application for family members. It is an application which can be used to easily communicate about money matters between parents and children who are especially studying abroad. We strongly recommend Cherry Money to those who ...    11 MB    Views 2710
Related Apps trip trips personal medical drivers gps excel email add easily mileage miles custom type supports categories
-1    Disclaimer: Trip Miles Plus can use GPS to automatically calculate mileage. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life After the success of Trip Miles, now launching Trip Miles Plus for iOS 7. Trip Miles Plus is ...    3 MB    Views 4856

Cash Lender HD

Related Apps money history email people person data debt manage supports ability cash file
+5    Featured in New & Noteworthy Australia Cash Lender is the only IOU/debt manager app you will ever need Designed with easy and quick to use in mind, you will never lose track of your money again Cash Lender will help you ...    2 MB    Views 9252

Business Charts

-5    NOTE: A valid account is required to use the application Business Charts allows you to view your business data (for example, sales figures) and to interact with it using touch. It supports filtering data, aggregating it to the desired level of ...    6 MB    Views 9732
allah ways supports menu page world
+14    SALE AT 40% OFF Ways To Become A Rich And Successful Muslim In The World And Afterlife. It is a blessing from Allah SWT bestowed upon His followers that allows them to reap the worldly comforts. Allah SWT revealed, "O mankind ...    6 MB    Views 4562

Loan Pro Calculator

Related Apps calculator email text loan interest pro calculation supports calculate annuities annuity
+23    Now you can calculate your annuities and interest for almost any country in the world with Loan Pro Calculator. This amortization schedule calculator makes working out your linear or compound annuity interest fast and easy. It even handles equal, principal ...    366 kb    Views 8336

Manager Pro

Related Apps card business manager start add debit credit products track supports cash
+9    Ebizu Manager is a simple iPad app that gives you everything you need to start, run and grow your business. Get your business up and running easily and quickly Start accepting cash and credit/debit card payments today. Simply sign up ...    5 MB    Views 3000
trip trips personal medical drivers excel email search mileage miles supports add custom view multiple
+4    33% Discount If you are using iOS 7 then we highly recommend to download our recently launched other app 'Trip Miles Plus'. Search 'Trip Miles Plus' to find the app. Beautiful and easy to use mileage tracker for reimbursement or IRS. It ...    6 MB    Views 7593


stock iphone ipad apps finance personal supports password equity tracking financial expense multiple user device
-1    My Finance Pal is our finance apps solution personal financial management for Iphone & ipad devices. Basic version supports multiple MyFinancePal user with multiple bank account profiling and includes advertisements.. This application provides complete financial solution for tracking income, assets, ...    5 MB    Views 8574


-7    GlobalFX is a beautiful and yet functional currency convertor and calculator. GlobalFX supports: A beautiful and yet functional user interface that's instinctively easy to use. A simple "has all you need" calculator. A total of 157 Currencies supported. No cluttering of ...    6 MB    Views 1762

Gold Money 2 Pro

Related Apps management budget cards money card account graph supports credit bank amount chart
+26    Premium Money Management App. Line graph, Bar graph, Pie Chart, Group Bar are supported. Checking Account & Savings Account can be managed seperately. Gold Money 2 is very easy cash management software including credit cards, bank accounts and budget. Easy Uesr Interface The insert ...    19 MB    Views 4071
time imoney currencies currency effect supports custom view frequently calculating
-8    iMoney Air is a FREE, REALTIME currency exchange rate calculating app that supoorts iOS 7 blur transparent UI & Motion Effect. iMoney provides calculation between 46 most frequently used currencies and simple, easytouse user experience. =Features= · Efficient: iMoney supports calculating rate ...    10 MB    Views 35
+8    Banck supports scanning Taiwan EInvoice(Receipt) from v1.3 The iOS version of Banck supports fully functional offline usage. You can add your expense anytime even when having poor Internet connection or using airplane mode abroad. We will synchronize your data to our ...    8 MB    Views 8624
email history rates currency exchange show currencies historical converter update supports convert
+2    Currency Converter is a handy app to check and monitor exchange rates. Just choose the currencies to convert and tap on the amount to convert. You can add the used most often currency pairs to Favorite for fast access. Exchange Rate are ...    6 MB    Views 8307
mortgage payment interest screen afford analyzer learn frequency supports pay
+1    How much mortgage can you afford? How much will an extra payment of 100 a month save me? or an annual payment of 1,000? Learn how the lenders use GDSR and TDSR to determine how much you can afford. Determine your optimal payment ...    10 MB    Views 9981

Abacus & Calculator

calculator ipad abacus calculating supports
+14    A brandnew calculator with an oldfashioned Chinese abacus, is specially designed for iPad. [FEATURES] • Classical & practical keyboard • Expression calculating • Calculating history • Oldfashioned abacus • Supports iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch • Supports Retina display    6 MB    Views 3511

The Currency

Related Apps currency clean supports free simple rates
-7    The Currency is simple, fun and free currency convertor. The Currency is completely free and clean without Ads. Travel the world with the uptodate exchange rates in your pocket pull down to refresh, slide the menu up, and drag ...    518 kb    Views 6789


fuel gas repair stats supports expenses prices
-8    Beepster is the best application for your car expense management. It helps you to receive the cost statistics, create the notifications and find least expensive gas stations in your area. The interface of the app is clear and userfriendly; just a few ...    17 MB    Views 2948

Fuel Cost

work navigate ipad car cost fuel journey park supports mpg calculate
+5    As seen on Apple's website, Fuel Cost Directions have arrived, now Calculate your vehicles MPG, cost of a journey, and how to get there. Once arrived 'Park Up' and navigate easily back to your car All within one simple App; Fuel ...    4 MB    Views 3372
Related Apps stock track funds transaction enter supports investments stocks portfolio
-7    Track all your indian stock and mutual fund investments with the touch of a button. USAGE: Select your stock or fund Enter transaction date Enter transaction amount Repeat steps 1 to 3 for all your investments Open the app everyday to ...    4 MB    Views 9915
slot free play point meal balance cash supports points
-5    Track all your slot club balances in one place. You'll always know where the next free meal is coming from Use this app to monitor your comp balance with every casino you play at, or to see how much your points ...    3 MB    Views 9310


monitor dogecoin pool bitcoin litecoin mining net supports pools supported
-9    Cryptoticker is a cryptocurrency exchange ticker monitor and mining pool monitor. It now supports most of the most popular mineable cryptocurrencies. It has support for multiple exchanges for each currency and calculates wallet value. It supports multiple mining pools with an ...    22 MB    Views 1158
+5    Track all your indian stock and mutual fund investments with the touch of a button. USAGE: Select your stock or fund Enter transaction date Enter transaction amount Repeat steps 1 to 3 for all your investments Open the app everyday to ...    4 MB    Views 3627

Cash Lender PRO

Related Apps history money email people person iphone ipad data supports ability manage debt cash file
+7    Cash Lender is the only IOU/debt manager app you will ever need Designed with easy and quick to use in mind, you will never lose track of your money again Cash Lender will help you manage your money easily. You will ...    2 MB    Views 8481
email history rates currency exchange show currencies convert update converter exchanges supports
-1    Currency Converter is a handy app to check and monitor exchange rates. Just choose the currencies to convert and tap on the amount to convert. You can add the used most often currency pairs to Favorite for fast access. Exchange Rate are ...    5 MB    Views 6155
Related Apps money budget family expenses spending rate devices change records supports enter
+15    Where is my money? Don´t ask this question anymore Get your budget under control My Money is now your own stylish personal finance manager for you, your family or your work with the synchronization across devices. With My Money you can see where ...    5 MB    Views 6529

Retail Analytics

retail analytics supports stores
+23    Know now The Retail Analytics app was designed to give you a live, clear and precise view on what is going on your store. No more guessing or waiting for reports to be emailed to you. Supports multiple stores. Supports stores running on the ...    4 MB    Views 940


Related Apps supports ach credit
+1    TSecurePay is a simple mobile payment system with a multilingual user interface that supports English and Spanish. The app currently supports Credit card and eCheck/ACH transactions for US based merchants. The Credit and ACH feature currently requires activating a new ...    6 MB    Views 1887
calculator business finance function supports currency deg mode expression common rate
-9    HiCalc Finance Edition includes 6 modules including Finance, Currency converter, Business Calculator, Tip calculator, Arithmetic and Trigonometry. All your business calculations will now be so simple Features: Supports Standard, String and RPN mode Fraction Mode support Precision to 31 digits Currency ...    2 MB    Views 4530
tax calculator iphone sales intuitive free supports interface brand
+7    Brand new interface Fully supports iPhone OS4 Updated graphics and GUI to take advantage of iPhone 4's Retina high resolution display. Now supports up to three decimal places Brand new number pad allows you to instantly compute sales tax ...    2 MB    Views 42


iphone management paid expenses version users data supports categories
+29    Dear Moneylog users, We deeply appreciate your love for Moneylog. In regard to Moneylog 1.6.1, an upgraded version released as of May 29th, 2010, we have received some complaints from the paid users that they see advertisements on their Moneylog. We come ...    9 MB    Views 1493


software values test calculations supports
+16    CalV2 software is software that supports calculations, display interface designed as intuitive mathematical equations. The advantages of software: calculation expression is shown on the screen, so that the test results were more favorable. When should the test calculations with different values, ...    3 MB    Views 7688
Related Apps card ipad iphone payment mobile supports secure terminal pci account
+20    Accepting credit card through your iPhone/iPad is simple and secure with the Flo2Cash Mobile Payment Terminal. The App supports hand entered card numbers and payment reference and particulars. All transactions are processed on the Level1 PCI Compliant Flo2Cash Payment Platform. The ...    3 MB    Views 3274
time monitor car email cost fuel consumption data show track chart supports service
+6    Fuel Monitor is your assistant to help keeping an eye on the cost for cars: fuel consumption, cost per miles/km, fuels, services and repairs. Track your fuel, service and repair logs by this easy to use app, it will calculate fuel ...    24 MB    Views 5778

Easy Spreadsheet

text program open cell easy spreadsheet supports features
+29    As you may know a spreadsheet is a program for organization and analysis of information in tabular way. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data expressed as cells of an array, organized in ...    2 MB    Views 8323


Related Apps time market trading supports min chart easy mobile binary
-8    BinaryBrokerZ is a Mobile platform which is offered to traders to trade the Binary Options. You can earn up to 90% profit in time frames that varies from 60 seconds and up until several months. Don't miss a trading opportunity, install ...    1 MB    Views 7392
Related Apps property email loan loans analysis supports payments interest features shows
+21    iHome is a extremely powerful and easy to use Loan, Auto, Mortgage and Property analysis tool. Browse through screenshots to get an idea of what you can do with iHome. Makes Loan/Property analysis fun Recent Reviews "Stands out in it's category" 5 Star "Seriously ...    1 MB    Views 3728
Related Apps budget budgets expense range date supports amount income transactions set
0    Best Budget is an easy to use app to help you keep to a budget, as a personal finance application, you can create unlimited income and expense budgets with or without recurring, and track the transitions of each budget. With Best ...    3 MB    Views 9759
Related Apps money budget view income tags month expense categories supports
+5    The Money app is a simple iPhone app that helps you to keep your daily expense and or income tracked. The whole app contains only one single view and you can manage your personal finance with tap and swipe gestures. ...    10 MB    Views 9733

Taxes Canada

canada taxes supports sales
+10    Brought to you by : Guillaume Dorion and Martin Morissette Taxes Canada is your one stop app to calculate sales taxes for any province or territory in Canada. Supports all provinces and territories of Canada Supports the addition and the removal of ...    18 MB    Views 745
iphone apps time work currency currencies supports exchange designed convert ios rates
+3    Stacks is the only app in the AppStore that lets you convert currencies right in your safari browser. Stacks automatically convert prices in a webpage to your desired currency. It also comes with two today widgets Quick Converter and ...    10 MB    Views 2125
Related Apps bills monitor email time bill date supports categories add due pay show
+5    If you are looking for a smart, fullfeatured and easy to use App to manage your bills, Bills Monitor is the one. Use this app to ensure that never late to pay bills. Bills Monitor – Bill Manager & Reminder is designed ...    15 MB    Views 3411
Related Apps market farmers program printing email text supports michigan mobile markets snap swipe
Related Apps transactions account supports add balance accounts income expense transaction track
-6    A simple and easy to use app to track transactions and balance of your accounts like checking saving, credit card and cash etc. Checkbook Wiz is a convenient way to manage your personal daily finance, check or add transactions anywhere with ...    31 MB    Views 1097

Stellar Alert

btc currencies exchange values alert supports
+2    This app displays and monitors the Stellar exchange rates. It will send you free push notifications straight to your iPhone or iPad when the STR exchange rate is over or under the values you have setup. Stellar Alert supports multiple currencies. You ...    565 kb    Views 3943
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