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+2    Be where your customers are and take your business your business online. Sell using the Swipe mobile app and never miss out on a sale. Swipe is EMV level 1 & 2 certified, PCI compliant and uses SSL encryption to ...    9 MB    Views 9501
+4    Accept credit cards anytime, anywhere with Blackstone’s Swiper Credit Card Processing Application. This easy to use app allows iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4G, 4GS and 5 users the ability to process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express transactions using this application. Make all ...    2 MB    Views 6
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+13    Turn your mobile device into a credit card processing terminal and accept payments anywhere FREE Mobile Credit Card Swiper with merchant account activation – new customers only. Call 8777925079 or visit to redeem your free swiper and setup your merchant ...    6 MB    Views 577

SlimCD for iPhone

iphone wifi card transactions secure unimag
+4    SlimCD for iPhone enables iPhone based credit/debit card authorizations for keyed or swiped (card present) retail environments. Both keyed and swiped authorizations are conducted over a secure 3G or WIFI connection. For swiped transactions, the IDTECH Unimag II Mobile MagStripe Reader ...    4 MB    Views 3710


web card ipad management data page swipe set customers default
+3    For use with the lilitab swipe from Lilitab LLC. LilySwipe provides customers using the lilitab swipe iPad accessory the mechanism to get data from a swiped credit card to their Point of Sale (POS) web page. A default web page is ...    278 kb    Views 1211


+1    It is a simple tool which records your daily spending. It's super easy to add income/expense record by pulling down/up the records view. With a beautiful UI, the income/expense records are ordered with different colors (green for income & red for ...    1 MB    Views 8543
cards card iphone security credit swipe reader process merchant services
-1    Swipe It supports iOS 5, iPad, and iPhone 4S Retina Display... The first credit card terminal for the iPhone & iPod Touch that works with a magnetic swiper Swipe It Reader Simply Swipe It TESTIMONIALS We are very excited to start ...    3 MB    Views 6201

iSecure Payments

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+5    Accept credit cards on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the Card Reader. The iSecure's payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. We have lowest rates in industry than our competitor ...    10 MB    Views 2308

UPS Capital Connect

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+9    UPS Capital Connect enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and ...    1 MB    Views 813

Simple Tipper

-4    Simple Tipper is a — Look, let's level with each other here: we both know there are a hundred thousand million tip calculators out there, but this one is pretty, way easy to use, and lets you split the check ...    185 kb    Views 894


person paid tap amounts great swipe left flip
+14    WE CELEBRATE OUR BRANDNEW APP: FLIP STONES Be prepared for a new puzzle adventure. Deep in the jungle, you have to keep a clear head or you will never find the hidden treasures. Have you ever asked yourself how much ...    141 kb    Views 104

College Bounty

students money college campus swipe save businesses
+3    College Bounty is an app designed to offer college students in Los Angeles instant access to discounts at local restaurants, shops and businesses. As a socially conscious business, College Bounty aims not only to help college students save money, but also ...    28 MB    Views 9752
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+5    NOTE: You'll need to setup a merchant account with either WorldPay or JPMorgan (if you don't already have one). Please visit to begin the process by selecting the processor that applies to you. Please do not download this app ...    2 MB    Views 4388
swipe monthly expenses send mail report month list category currencies
+12    An easy way to track your daily expenses when you are on the go. Keep your expenses in different currencies on the same monthly list while you are travelling abroad. Send your monthly expenses by mail if you wish. Key Points: ...    6 MB    Views 1999


sum list color view left delete calculate data swipe
-8    TasuMemo is a tool for noting the numbers easily and calculating the "Sum" quickly. The format is each onecolumn titles, values, and grouping by color. It's useful for calculation of travel expenses, house hold account book, and so on. Please try using Main ...    242 kb    Views 9838
money calendar home search history finance account reports payment income budgets tags save tap date swipe
+13    "Ranked Top 10 Finance App in over 40 Countries" Value is the fastest, easiest way to control your finances & save money on the go. Track income & expenses, set budgets and see where your money goes, and where you can ...    4 MB    Views 6912
card cards paypal payments reader accept debit swipe account credit
0    Get paid on your iPhone or iPod touch with our free app and card reader. Accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, track cash and check payments, and accept PayPal payments. It’s only 2.7% per US card swipe transaction. No ...    23 MB    Views 1015
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+7    BTC China Mobile Exchange 2.0 Trade Bitcoin and Litecoin wherever you are with BTC China's official mobile client. Key Features: 1. Three trading pairs supported: BTC/CNY, LTC/CNY, LTC/BTC; 2. Candlestick charts automatically update with realtime data; 3. Supports Market and Limit Orders; 4. Swipe ...    967 kb    Views 8901
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+12    Personalize TipShop just the way you like with 17 vibrant color themes Swipe Rounding round tips and totals up or down to nearest HALF DOLLAR OR WHOLE DOLLAR amount with a simple swipe Calculate tips before or after tax. It's up to you Customizable ...    730 kb    Views 6792


tax discount time calculator subtotal swipe discounts based set
-3    Subtotal is the first gesture driven Sales Tax and Discount Calculator. It’s design reflects the classy modern minimal interface with pure gesture driven controls for a clean polished look. Optimized for iOS7 and the sharp retina display of your latest ...    3 MB    Views 2743

PV Limo

card driver drivers email time print account receipt features swipe credit receipts
+26    CALLING ALL LIMO DRIVERS Welcome to the new way to accept credit card payments As easy as 123… 1. Swipe a card 2. Enter detailed charges such as tolls, parking, and waittime 3. Process and Print PV Limo takes the best features of our awardwinning mobile ...    3 MB    Views 4658
list screen swipe move create delete background completed
+14    GLOBAL SMASH HIT Downloaded in OVER 60 COUNTRIES Simple and fast controls: Swipe to create, mark as complete and delete lists Super customisation: Colours, stars and background photos Share using email, facebook & twitter INSTRUCTIONS: Pull down from the top of the screen ...    4 MB    Views 3580
business card cards sale time analytics square swipe register credit canada sales sign track reader
-4    Everything you need to run and grow your business can now live in your register. Square Register keeps track of sales and inventory, lets you manage items, and view analytics about your business—all from your point of sale. If you ...    89 MB    Views 3788
+2    Simple money tracking app, for managing lists of spendings. Easy to use, simple and intuitive. Note: To be able to get access to basic functionality just swipe to the right on the center of the screen, you will get nice menu ...    1 MB    Views 2346


finance payment cent swipe fill simple fun
+1    75% OFF for a first week Cent app is not just a common expense tracking app. It knows what are buying right now, so you don't have to fill many boring fields after every payment anymore. Cent app will make it ...    708 kb    Views 4664
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+7    Accept credit cards anytime and anywhere by transforming your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a credit card machine with merchant services account from Phone Swipe. Sign up for a free Phone Swipe merchant account and receive your free Phone ...    26 MB    Views 4611
-2    Accept credit cards on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the Card Reader. The iSecure's payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. We have lowest rates in industry than our competitor ...    14 MB    Views 5671
money swipe fastest expenses personalized add unique
-2    The Fastest Accounting App Ever Have you ever tried to keep track of your money but finally given up because it is too complicated? Hi Money offers you a new way to keep records of your money only in one second. It ...    15 MB    Views 6742

Allied Wallet Swipe

swipe allied merchant transactions wallet view apply list report portal
-4    Allied Wallet Swipe gives mobile power to the Merchant Portal. Allied Wallet Swipe features: fill in the quick application form to apply for a new merchant account and get approved within 24 hours log in to the app and get full ...    5 MB    Views 6721


iphone cards tax payments salesforce accept click credit
0    Accept payments ANYWHERE. Events, auctions, benefits, gatherings and more. Use Swiper1 with your existing Click & Pledge account. The Swiper1 plugs into an iPhone through the audiojack and processes credit cards securely in a few simple steps. The optional Salesforce integration ...    14 MB    Views 4605
Related Apps card iphone process credit payments check swipe compatible debit
+22    CenturyConnect Mobile enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and debit ...    936 kb    Views 7796
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-2    The completely different, intuitive and faster way to track your expenses & costs Beautiful, clean and lightweight design Adaptable for your personal taste The essentials & really important infos at a glance The debt of your ...    3 MB    Views 4197


color side swipe
-4    iColors are flash cards to help teach your child his/her colors. They can also be used for ESL (English as a second language). Use them just like paper flashcards, but you don't have to worry about losing them It's very easy to ...    694 kb    Views 6495


number numbers swipe select red finger
-1    The world is full of information, graphs, analysis. Our heads are overheated of numbers and lines and lights and… Cashflon app brings you simple use of numbers. You manipulate with numbers, you see numbers, but you have all what you want ...    2 MB    Views 4426

Shopping Bill

shopping bill cart swipe
+10    Ever wondered how much was worth your groceries cart before checking out? Shopping Bill is a gesture based bill calculator that helps you do just that. We took extra care to make it fast and easy to use, so that quickly crushing ...    4 MB    Views 3069
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0    Exclusively for J.P. Morgan ACCESS Clients Global Cash Management and Trade functionality with all the security you expect from J.P. Morgan. Ranked 1 in Mobile Access for 2014 by Greenwich Associates. This application is available for J.P. Morgan ACCESS clients that have ...    4 MB    Views 5909

Sales for iPhone

-1    Sales for iPhone is the best way to check your sales figures. If you want to see how well your apps sold yesterday, or if you want to compare last weeks numbers against those from the past months – it’s ...    310 kb    Views 5127
calendar finance personal subcategories accounts swipe income categories transaction view
-5    “If you're looking for something with a great design and interface, Spendbook does the job.” Lifehacker "It’s a stunning app, and it’s packed with features." AppAdvice Spendbook is a beautiful app for tracking your expenses and income. With its elegant ...    4 MB    Views 9549
money tracker lists simple spendings swipe
0    Simple money tracking app, for managing lists of spendings. Easy to use, simple and intuitive. Note: To be able to get access to basic functionality just swipe to the right on the center of the screen, you will get nice menu ...    2 MB    Views 9655

Kids Allowance

kids money work navigation children allowance rewards simple reward allowances themes setup swipe
-1    Kids Allowance is a complete rewrite of the old Kids Allowance and Rewards app. It is the only thing you need to manage your child's finances and teach him or her about saving and spending money. Whether you want to ...    8 MB    Views 2125
apple time love expense category simple tap waste left swipe
+14    Wondering how you can record and manage all the numbers coming out of your pocket on the compact screen of the Apple Watch? With our Xpns app, it has never been easier and more fun • “Simplicity creates beauty”, our timeline screen ...    9 MB    Views 7153
travelers time travel currency swipe simple exchange access date notification currencies favorites
+25    Do you like to travel abroad ? Do you always need to know the current exchange rate for various currency ? Do you like surfing on Amazon and Ebay ? If even one answer for this question is "YES" then ...    5 MB    Views 7500

Sushi Total

total add start shake bill tap remove swipe
-3    For those situations where you want just one more plate... Sushi total is a simple app with a single purpose; sum up the total of your Sushi feeding frenzy. Picture the scene; you're in a popular and well known sushi restaurant. You've ...    NAN    Views 4122
keyboard currencies favorites currency charts historical date access 160 simple swipe
+14    Hold the world in your hands. Currency is a simple converter for travelers. It has a beautiful interface for quick access to conversions you need. With over 160 currencies from all over the world you'll always be up to date, ...    1 MB    Views 8586


search event commission delete simple events swipe
+9    Never lose track of your commission generation again Ticketee tells you how much commission you have made & how much money you owe the street team for each event. Once you have created the event Ticketee will save it for you, then, ...    3 MB    Views 11
card cards signature email iphone map credit swipe www support merchant customers net
0    FREE Credit Card Swiper with new merchant account Swipe is the safe and secure way to process credit cards. Credit Card Swiper now available for all gateways OTHER TOP FEATURES + Quickpick inventory list + Accept international currencies + Customizable email receipts with GPS ...    7 MB    Views 9440
calculator time art units conversion tap favorites key screen exchange currency swipe
+3    We believe that apps should be made with care, to look beautiful and be simple to use. We are passionate about it, we think of it as making art. That's why we created ConvertMe, an elegant and smart, currency and units ...    10 MB    Views 8676


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-8    Cost is the most simple, elegant, fast money tracking app for managing your personal finances on the go. Cost gives you the power to manage multiple accounts, categories, tags, displaying your available balance on the main screen, unique data reports, export as ...    3 MB    Views 1441

Stock Finder

stock stocks information add swipe left finder graph quotes view
+14    Find the next profitable Stock Stock Finder is the right balance between being informed without being overloaded by information. This app provides realtime quotes, averages, EPS, high/lows, market caps, short ratios and more. Helpful tip: Swipe left on any stock to view a ...    3 MB    Views 8237
business trips gps tracker expenses mileage battery automatically expense swipe
+12    Everlance uses the latest technology to seamlessly track all of your expenses and mileage automatically with minimal battery consumption. Our mileage and expense tracker is 100% FREE. BENEFITS: • Earn more money Every 1,000 miles is worth 575 as a business ...    11 MB    Views 8916
business tax personal time expenses mobile independent contact preparation
+11    Swipefin is the first ever completely mobile accounting solution. Swipefin was built specifically for the busy, on the go Independent contractor, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Freelancer. Swipefin organizes your business expenses to make sure you maximize your tax deductions. In ...    25 MB    Views 8847
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+15    Credit card processing for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Swipe VT is a free app with a free credit card reader which allows you to accept credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express. Turn your smart ...    2 MB    Views 1720

Currency - Widget

design currency rates information notification screen select access swipe quick beautiful
+9    Quick, easy, accurate, beautiful. Currency Widget gives you fast access to exchange rates from the notification centre, giving you up to date exchange rate information from a single swipe. Access currency information direct from the lock screen we know ...    6 MB    Views 8644
card iphone credit process payments check debit swipe compatible mobile
+1    Paymentsite Mobile enables businesses to instantly process credit card, debit card and check payments from their customers directly from their iPhone. Take a picture of the customer’s check and process it electronically. Process both swiped and keyed credit and debit ...    1 MB    Views 6690


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+5    SwipePlus is an iPhone and iPad credit card processing application. Download this App once you have received your setup and activation code from SwipePlus. SwipePlus: •Is a mobile Credit Card terminal •Supports email receipts and tipping •Captures customer’s signature directly from the App •Offers transaction ...    6 MB    Views 7625

HybridPOS 3

Related Apps multi including processing features swipe user mobile payment works
+24    Introducing the Mobile Payment App from First Equity Strategy LLC With this app, you can manually enter or swipe a credit card to process a payment. This app works with the Rambler Swipe and Vasco Token devices as well as ...    6 MB    Views 4028
currencies currency converter swipe selected offline tap themes change
+12    Currency converter Moneta is an alternative Currency Converter to simplify a conversion without having ton of options in your way. Everything is just one swipe away Features · 160+ currencies · Auto update  · Offline Mode  · 7 beautiful color themes · Multi language support Currencies Easy ...    3 MB    Views 3863
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