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IRR Calculator

+16    As mentioned in Dow Jones Private Equity News and Private Equity International magazine The IRR calculator enables investment professionals to solve for one of the three key investment parameters in the finance industry, e.g.: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Money multiple Investment holding period Simply ...    391 kb    Views 2002

My Running Tab

+2    My RunningTab is a simple way to share bills and keep track of IOUs with friends. Rather than annoying a waitress or bartender to get change for a hundred or split bills on credit cards, IOUs allow one person to ...    10 MB    Views 2418
+13    This app can check wasteful spending quickly. Do you have experience frustrated in household account book? I always can't last for two reason. 1. Registration is troublesome > Need tap several times to display the input screen. 2. Vain > When register all, such ...    563 kb    Views 4884

What I Buy

0    What I Buy app helps you keep your expenses effectively by combining traditional way with Photo. It is the easiest way to keep you remember what you have purchased and how much it cost (e.g. by taking photo of the ...    8 MB    Views 9162


time members easy tab
+17    Ever borrow money from a friend while out to lunch? Or trade off inviting a colleague to a cup of coffee? iCashBox is an App that makes managing your deposits and withdrawals with friends easy. No matter what kind of ...    1 MB    Views 7835
+20    Mobile Oracle Service for Oracle Service module is an iPad application wherein users can make use of Oracle Service Application with various key functionalities such as Contact Center in Oracle EBusiness Suite R12.X. Oracle Contact Center Application can be used to search ...    19 MB    Views 6031

My Shifts

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-3    My Shifts Track and calculate your shifts a must have app for any employee This application is meant to keep track of/and calculate your hours of work and precise monthly gross salary. By means of a userfriendly interface, you will be able ...    2 MB    Views 6667

SMC tabtrade Equity

Related Apps market stock time trade user smc tab view book option
+5    SMC Tab Trade is an advance,secure and user friendly application for Apple tablets . It Provides real time stock market information with trading capabilities even on move. Registered User of SMC can trade in Equity, Derivative , Currency and Commodities ...    45 MB    Views 2115
Related Apps bitcoin mining pool tab rewards
+5    A Bitcoin Monitoring iOS App For The Pool (Slush's Pool) Features: Score and shares in current round Hashrate (Mhash/s) Send threshold Estimated Rewards Unconfirmed, Confirmed and Total Rewards Worker Stats Automatic QR code generator for your wallet To use, enter API ...    7 MB    Views 4039
+11    Octopus Food Point Of Sales Default Login Username: admin Password: admin Octopus FoodPOS is a fully operational standalone point of sales application. FoodPOS does not require a back end server integration to operate. Once you download the application, you are ready to go. Overview Are you ...    41 MB    Views 8514
mortgage situation tab order
-7    Terry Kilakos and his team are highly trained mortgage brokers servicing all of Quebec and some parts of Canada. Their portfolio of satisfied clients gives them a sound reputation and makes them the number one choice for mortgage advice. With ...    14 MB    Views 5866
clock simulation option values foreign volatility bottom currency table tap
+17    OptionFX is designed to value foreign exchange options (FX options) based on the Nobel prize winning 'Black Scholes Option Pricing Model'. It calculates the domestic currency value of a call/put option into the foreign currency. The values are calculated as ...    1 MB    Views 3337

Handy Manager

managers manager account handy mobile open application tab terminal exposure price
0    Handy Manager mobile application is a convenient MetaTrader 4 tool specifically designed for Managers (Business Owners). With this application, managers can get all relevant information from MT4 manager terminal and have them displayed in realtime on their mobile phone. This application ...    8 MB    Views 3347

Your Car Manager

car time manager tab track expenses faster gas enter
+13    Nowadays life becomes faster and faster, the problem of free time becomes more essential. In order to save your time we’ve created Your Car Manager app just for you Here you can find a lot of useful functions for better ...    10 MB    Views 1186
retirement calculator budget home mortgage savings amortization easy tables multiple follow
-5    Are you thinking of purchasing a new home? Perhaps you are planning for retirement and would like to know home much you can budget for monthly expenses, or perhaps you just want to know what your savings will be worth ...    1 MB    Views 4998

Tab for Business

business tab
-9    Tab lets travellers book hotels, hostels, activities and tours while they're abroad. We work around the globe, on and off the beaten path. This is the business app – you can use this if you have already signed up as a ...    14 MB    Views 6387

CT Withholding Tax

tax personal withholding connecticut period pay wages table
+1    This utility calculates Connecticut state withholding tax during calendar year 2011. It covers the withholding tax tables in IP 2010 , Connecticut Employer's tax guide and in Form CTW4. The inputs are wages, pay period, tax filing status, spouses annual ...    252 kb    Views 6753


tax travel entry table federal simple airport deduction
-1    If you experience any issues, please contact Determining the maximum Federal perdiem allotment for your taxes has never been easier for people in the aviation industry. Why Do You Need It? If you've been looking for a simple way to keep track ...    8 MB    Views 6248
+1    THIS IS NOT A GAME (Sorry, we didn’t mean to yell but we wanted to make sure you knew.) This app is to be used WITH the CASHFLOW tabletop game. Breathe new life into your CASHFLOW tabletop experience Set aside your ...    4 MB    Views 9056


investment stock time model monte data price estimates risk daily tab
-9    MCarloRisk3D: MCarloRisk with 3D viewing options for better understanding of the estimated probability surface. Stock price risk analyzer app for the common man. Now with optional Black Swan events and tunable forward volatility. Estimates future price distribution using random walk theory. 
Background discussion: ...    581 kb    Views 8540

Pachi Plot

graph number data tab
+5    PachiPlot is a tool to predict the nail adjustment of pachinko. Pachinko becomes a big element in which nail adjustment influences victory or defeat. However, the number of capture has variation.  Moreover, since the exchange cycle of a machine is early, judgment by ...    2 MB    Views 492


ticker mercado tab shares
+1    A BHG S.A. Brazil Hospitality Group, terceira maior rede hoteleira do país, tornouse a primeira companhia brasileira a operar no segmento imobiliário especializada em hotelaria com foco em turismo de negócios, com hotéis próprios e administrados divididos nas categorias ...    20 MB    Views 9850
een het van tab als door voor wordt
+21    TAB APP Gezamenlijke uitgaven interactief en betrouwbaar onderling bijhouden, deze unieke app maakt het mogelijk Iedereen schiet wel eens wat voor, maar achteraf blijkt het vaak lastig om dit goed bij te houden. Tab biedt daar een gemakkelijke oplossing voor door ...    8 MB    Views 1269
currency currencies button tap conversion converter support table edit rates
+1    220+ currencies supported Much more than any other converter on the App Store The only Currency Converter supporting all the world currencies, Bitcoin included Make use of Forex exchange rates, and it works offline, too Winner of the iPhoneFootprint ...    14 MB    Views 7470

Money Me Lite

+7    Looking to buy a house or car, then this application helps you determine your loan option. Correctly, choosing the right loan can save you a lot of money over the length of the loan. Using simple gestures, you can scroll through ...    4 MB    Views 8568
Related Apps news search stock finance browse downloading reading action email facebook save read fast saved tab
+22    InoStockNews is stock/finance/business news reader that allows you browse, search multisites, read, save and share via social networking. Cool features that no other apps have such as hyperfast downloading, fast multisite searching, readlater, color coding, previewing, page view (with ...    11 MB    Views 1585
car time manager tab expenses track gold easily cars
+14    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Nowadays life becomes faster and faster, the problem of free time becomes more essential. In order to save your time we’ve created Your Car Manager GOLD app just for you Here you can find a lot of ...    5 MB    Views 9249

Aluminum Tab

-9    iAluminum Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are iGold Tab, iOil Tab, iPlatinum Tab, iSilver Tab, iPalladium Tab, iCopper Tab, iNickel Tab, iLead Tab and iZinc Tab. Tracking aluminum ...    5 MB    Views 6808


banking mobile account tab click
+11    MidSouth Bank Mobile Banking gives you access to your MidSouth account(s) 24/7 anywhere you have mobile reception. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure you have an active MSBOnline Banking account. You must log in to your MSBOnline account, Click on the ...    10 MB    Views 2768


card pay phone credit tab flash open
-4    The easiest way to pay your bill without your wallet. No more forgetting your credit card at the bar after a big night out. Why bring the credit card or cash when you can simply flash your phone? Open a tab, flash your ...    NAN    Views 5330
Related Apps discount calculator present rate tables annuity cash single flow
-7    The Present Value Calculator calculates the present value of a single cash flow, an annuity or a perpetuity at your selected discount rate for any period you desire. We also present you with present value tables for up to 1,000 periods ...    204 kb    Views 2591

Table Tip

Related Apps people tip table group
+15    Table Tip is a 'Tip Calculator' application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It assists you in working out a tip amount for your waiter/waitress and also helps you with splitting a bill between a group of people. Table Tip supports ...    1 MB    Views 5270

Zizon Password

password table number cell random
+2    Zizon Password Be decrypted only by me. 나만 해석가능하다 私だけが解読される。 Seien Sie nur von mir entschlüsselt. Only you are able to decrypt the password. After you create a random number table, only you know the record hints at. It is the same concept to write down your ...    5 MB    Views 7768
apple security banking work language money view tablet registered netbank account
+7    The brand new CommBank app for tablet brings you a worldclass banking experience, giving you the tools to manage your money now and into the future. Whether it is quick access to balances and transfers, or planning for upcoming expenses ...    27 MB    Views 285


tax facebook business clients tab find firm laws
-3    Salinas, Allen And Schmitt, L.L.P Certified Public Accountants Business And Tax Consultants For over 60 years, our trusted professionals have helped clients make money and keep it. Founded in 1949, the firm has grown to serve the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with ...    10 MB    Views 5086

My App Statistics

Related Apps time sales data google tab account view download statistics
+14    You're an app developer? You use an iOS device as your daily driver and want to have access to your sales data from your Google Account? Then My App Statistics is just right for you. Being a developer myself I was ...    4 MB    Views 4296

Copper Tab

Related Apps time market calculator tab copper price currencies choice check oil 150
+4    Copper Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Copper Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Nickel Tab, Lead Tab and Zinc Tab. Tracking oil ...    6 MB    Views 8764
+11    Anywhere your cell phone or mobile device goes, your banking can too With First Dakota eMobile Banking, you are able to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, make deposits, manage your card(s) and receive alerts from the convenience of your ...    23 MB    Views 2883
Related Apps calculator tab divide groups bill restaurant group sort tip
-9    A restaurant calculator that’s fast, simple to use, and fun. It's here Just enter the tab, set the tip slider between 0%30%, and you get the grand total for the bill. Then, if you would like, you can divide the bill ...    59 kb    Views 1175

Stock Money Maker

stock money time market maker analysis step tab easy button application
+3    There is no other Stock Market application like Stock Money Maker. You enter the stock you are interested in and the amount of money you want to invest. Stock Money Maker Application at a press of a button will complete ...    8 MB    Views 7935
tax calculator people loan amortization table simple payment savings total year
-8    The most comprehensive, best selling Mortgage Calculator App in the App Store with 500,000 users. Three calculators in ONE APP Advanced analysis on the go. Unique features no other loan calculator offers. For example, see impact of Tax savings on ...    7 MB    Views 8775

ING Bankieren

banking personal mobile account secure ing view development tablet step
0    Manage your banking affairs anyplace, anytime. Download the free ING Mobile Banking App and experience the comfort of secure and quick banking from your smartphone or tablet. Also available in English. Advantages of the Mobile Banking App: • View your current and ...    27 MB    Views 5017


running tab friend
-6    mooch helps you keep track of money borrowed between friends, family, or whoever. With just a few quick taps, you can record the who, what, when, and why for any friendly loan as it happens. These transactions are added to a running ...    278 kb    Views 7658


stock design stocks price tab view loss day viewing buy profit
+5    PSMonitor lets you monitor the Philippine stock market activity on the go (requires a WiFi or data connection). ▪ Stock price updates from the stock exchange ▪ Simple and intuitive interface ▪ All Stocks tab for viewing actively traded stocks by symbol ▪ Active ...    19 MB    Views 4177

Lead Tab

Related Apps time market calculator tab lead price choice currencies check prices support
+1    Lead Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Aluminum Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Copper Tab, Nickel Tab and Zinc Tab. Tracking lead ...    5 MB    Views 6426


+11    Share a tab with friends and keep track of your part of the tab. Enjoy your night out and let drinklist be your accountant    1 MB    Views 5565

PSMonitor Free

stock design stocks price tab view loss viewing day profit
+5    NOTE: Not compatible with iOS 8 PSMonitor lets you monitor the Philippine stock market activity on the go (requires a WiFi or data connection). ▪ Stock price updates from the stock exchange ▪ Simple and intuitive interface ▪ All Stocks tab for viewing actively ...    19 MB    Views 5332

Nickel Tab

Related Apps time market calculator tab nickel price choice currencies check prices support
-7    Nickel Tab is part of a commodities suite covering precious and industrial metals; the other applications of the suite are Aluminum Tab, Gold Tab, Oil Tab, Platinum Tab, Silver Tab, Palladium Tab, Copper Tab, Lead Tab and Zinc Tab. Tracking nickel ...    5 MB    Views 7732
calculator email loan interest mortgage payment amount principal total amortization table
+8    Welcome to Mortgage Calculator. Simply input the amount you are planning to borrow, the period you plan to repay the loan over and the APR% interest rate. 

Mortgage calculator quickly shows you the amount you would repay per month (typical repayment compound ...    13 MB    Views 1202

Sloane Capital

market investment tab capital dealer opportunities network representatives
+18    As an Exempt Market Dealer, (EMD) Sloane Capital Corp. is committed to helping investors responsibly build their wealth through a variety of unique, Private Placement investment opportunities. All our Exempt Market investment products undergo a rigorous approval process to ensure ...    16 MB    Views 8635

Zizon Password FREE

Related Apps password table number random free
+3    Zizon Password FREE Be decrypted only by me. 나만 해석가능하다 私だけが解読される。 Seien Sie nur von mir entschlüsselt. Only you are able to decrypt the password. After you create a random number table, only you know the record hints at. It is the same concept to write down ...    5 MB    Views 3922

TAB Bank Mobile

Related Apps banking bank tab check transfers checks deposit accounts mobile
+2    Start banking wherever you are with TAB Bank Available to all TAB Bank online banking customers, TAB Bank Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, and deposit checks. Available features include: Accounts Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions ...    5 MB    Views 2729

Budgets & Bills

Related Apps bills budget money time budgets tab financial goals account setup accounts
-8    NOTE: some features not working under iOS8 Do you want to have more money available to spend on the things you really want? Budgets&Bills is a simple and easy to use app that helps you to control your expenses so that ...    11 MB    Views 3803


monitor account schedule payments tab check
-3    The FuturePay Mobile App provides secure access to your FuturePay account, allowing you to manage your FuturePay tab with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at anytime from virtually anywhere. The App lets you check your balances, schedule payments in seconds ...    2 MB    Views 105
home property tab american agency title service commercial professionals mobile
+22    The American Title Service Agency Mobile App serves home buyers and sellers, real estate professionals, loan originators and servicers, commercial property professionals,Attorneys, home builders and others involved in residential and commercial property transactions with products and services to suit their ...    17 MB    Views 8532
tab graph monthly energy categories totals simple table view
+27    CostMan is a simple application to keep track of your expenses. You can easily know how much you're spending on particular item every month, every year. Learn more about what you are paying for routinely such as energy costs, communication fee, taxes ...    4 MB    Views 2187


0    Ever had a lunch with friends, but when the tab comes, none wants calculate how much each one has to pay? Tab Splitter is an app made for that kind of problems, you can also add the tip percentage, and the ...    2 MB    Views 3898

Don't Chump Me!

calculator tax tab bill split don tip amount restaurant
+14    A restaurant calculator that puts you in control DON'T CHUMP ME is engineered for speed and accuracy to calculate a tip and split up the bill. Just enter the pretax tab, tax amount, and set the tip slider between 0%30% to get ...    71 kb    Views 2363
money running icloud backup iou owes tab data needed works
+3    IOU (I owe you) App tracks those who owes you money. • NO signup/login needed • No internet connection needed (except to backup to iCloud) • Simple so you focus on creating IOUs • Fast because it's all in your phone • You don't have ...    9 MB    Views 6149
Related Apps currency tab conversion updated values button rates click server currencies
-7    All in one currency converter which supports 160 + currencies For simple currency conversion , always use the first tab . Just select the base currency, target currency , amount and then click on convert button Second tab contains a set of ...    8 MB    Views 5558
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