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+3    ePay is very easy App which calculates your eBay listings fees. You've just to select if your listing is AuctionStyle or FixedPrice, type starting and expected final prices, add extra selling options if desired and tap "Calculate". App got a description of ...    12 MB    Views 1070
+14    iBudgetPro Budget Manager optimised for iphone 6 / 6 Plus iBudgetPro will assist you to manage your income and expenses. With iBudgetPro you will have a beautiful view of your finances and budgets. Full research was made before developing this ...    9 MB    Views 539
+10    Recurring Deposit is a special type of deposit account which enables a investor particularly in fixed income group to save by paying into the account an agreed fixed sum of money monthly over a stipulated period. The deposits in this type ...    2 MB    Views 1068

JSmart Nota Spese

+5    JSmart is an App to register business trips expenses through SmartPhone or Tablet and manage expense reports via browser. JSmart provides simple and intuitive way to: Record all your business travel expenses with the capability to: • take and attach a picture ...    3 MB    Views 400
+13    You can create a family budget, cash fare book, your calendar is easy allowance. This month you can see the statistics sum. You can check the details of your money in the app list. You can edit to fit your card type, expenditure ...    3 MB    Views 3099
email finance management transactions income expenses easy type budgets find
+19    "Great app, very easy to use" Brad Personal Finance Hero brings all your financial accounts together, categorizes your transactions, tracks your expenses/income, and lets you set budgets to help you achieve your savings goals You will immediately be able ...    9 MB    Views 5186

EZ Loan Calculator

0    Simple and intuitive interface with this calculator, everyone may calculate followings without the knowledge on complicated equation or terms. calculation of for each type (5 types) of loan types of loan payment repayment of principal and interest with equal payments ...    1 MB    Views 9888
management card home work property function goods item information household application registration type registered relations
+18    This application is a household goods management app for individuals . There are many family relations , work relations , human relations , and property information for individuals to manage , but this app is what you have planned in ...    2 MB    Views 7605
investment money market investors time illness stock type insurance deposit bonds funds fixed fund planner
-7    Nowadays, every person wants to invest money in a right place, which will give him or her profit in the future. Firstly, investor have to bring knowledge about what kind of investment they do, which type of investment is beneficial ...    2 MB    Views 9808

Refinance Rates

0    THE LEADING REFINANCE RATE APP Looking to refinance? Using this Refinance Rates app, you can easily retrieve refinance rates for your specific situation. You can search by: Home Value Mortgage Balance Additional Cash to Borrow Your Credit Rating Loan Type ...    564 kb    Views 8442
Related Apps tax calculator work iphone email ipad gst australian amount type entered benefit accountant
+15    Wanting a quick and easy way to calculate various Australian tax liabilities? Tried to do it online but there is too many places to go or you couldn't get internet service to use them? Tried other tax apps from the ...    NAN    Views 7525

Receipt Catcher

Related Apps email work personal office iphone home library tax photo receipt receipts expenses category images add vendor type export
+29    No account to set up, no hidden charges, and no , just a simple and honest Receipt Tracking app that can be retrofit into any expense system at work or at home. Key Features include: • Snap fits receipt images to an ...    9 MB    Views 4245


data assets asset demo operational type location operation
-9    What if we could redesign Asset Monitoring with today's state of the art technology? That is how we developed IMBU, using today's technologies, centered around the users and their organization. Some of IMBU's features: Aggregation: Data is aggregated by machinetype and by location. This results in ...    3 MB    Views 8062

Trading Signals

market time signal signals trading type trade profits strong confident
-2    WinTieWin Trading Signals are algorithmgenerated trading signals for timing the buying and selling of equities that track the price movement of the S&P 500 Index. The signalgenerating engine was developed over many years and has produced steady profits for almost 20 ...    5 MB    Views 2042
tax excel receipt easy receipts process spreadsheet lists packages box type
-9    New rebuilt app Completely redesigned and reimagined Easy Receipt is a fantastic way to get your tax or expenses data into lists which are compatible with spreadsheet software packages, like Excel and OpenOffice. It streamlines the process of logging the date, ...    805 kb    Views 4068

VAT Deluxe

vat amount deluxe amounts type save
+9    VAT Deluxe can quickly calculate VAT ( Value added Tax ), Net and Incl. amounts. The calculator has big keys which let you type easily. With VAT Deluxe you just need to know one amount and the other amounts will be ...    282 kb    Views 3940


gst amount pro rate type exclusive inclusive automatic amounts
-9    Calculate Goods and Services tax amounts with GST Pro G.S.T. calculator: ■ Get GST exclusive amount from GST rate (%) and GST inclusive amount. ■ Get GST rate (%) from GST exclusive amount and GST inclusive amount. ■ Get GST inclusive amount from GST ...    131 kb    Views 8863
recorder travel expense expenses group currencies daily type saved single
+21    Now Expense Recorder App is available for iOS..Give a try and you will never regret for choosing this app and also look at app screenshots. Each screen provides maximum information and you don't need to traverse forth & back to ...    4 MB    Views 2654
+11    Increase your odds converts, compares and combines up to 6 types of betting odds. Odd formats available are: ● Moneyline ● Decimal ● Fractional ● Hong Kong ● Indonesian ● Malaysian This app converts from any of the 6 formats to all others, including an "Implied Win ...    7 MB    Views 9867


insurance types application compare easy consultant nearest
-9    The iOS application of "Hoken Ichiba", the information website for all types of insurance. Download the official "Hoken Ichiba" application and get what you need What is "Hoken Ichiba"? "Hoken Ichiba" is the largest comparison insurance website in Japan, which 94.4% of applicants ...    984 kb    Views 3511
Related Apps calculator home mortgage monthly type current rates weekly payment brokers city
-6    Are you looking to buy your first home or refinance your current home and want to determine your mortgage options. Here is a simple, yet robust and free Canadian mortgage calculator to help you quickly see what monthly payments you ...    2 MB    Views 1661

iCalculator Plus

view random functions type perform matrix calculate operations calculations
+29    iCalculator Plus A powerful calculator suite using a math parser for home, school and office use. Includes 7 different modes of operations: 1 Main View: memory, power, square root, logarithmic, factorial and other functions like floor(), ceil() and random(). Includes more than ...    3 MB    Views 1299


twitter facebook lar dollar los blue types cada calculations rate exchange
+4    Te informa el precio actualizado de los diferentes tipos de dólar en la Argentina. Permitiendo realizar cálculos con el mismo y compartir dicha información. Tipos de Dólar: Oficial, Blue, Celeste (Promedio) y Tarjeta (20%). Provee los precios de Venta, Compra y ...    13 MB    Views 8875
Related Apps singapore calculator tax gst price automatically calculations easy type results calculated
+1    Singapore GST Calculator makes Singapore Goods and Services Tax calculations easy to do. Just enter one of three values and the other two will automatically calculate as you type in the number. Select your preferred input by tapping on the relevant row ...    1 MB    Views 375
-8    Summary of features: Easy Auto Loan Calculator Advanced Auto Loan Calculator VIN Decoder Easy Mortgage Calculator Advanced Mortgage Calculator Savings Calculator Monthly Deposits Calculator Organized loan information storage Email loan information Amortization tables Calculate early loan payoff Sort saved entries Calculating and comparing loans and interest made easier Save price and interest information on ...    1 MB    Views 5175
receipt expense type reports create receipts
-5    This is a very comprehensive expense and receipt tracking and management app. You can scan and save your receipts with the built in camera, create a missing receipt, search for your receipts (according to date, expense type, payment type etc.) ...    15 MB    Views 5886


card money movie spending type control application system add credit
+18    iCredCard is a system that has emerged around the need to control the flow of money spent on the credit card. The system is complete for those who want to control your spending with a credit card, know what you ...    2 MB    Views 9630
0    It is at the top of the app SimplePocketMoneyLite. Simple pocket money book Lite is to stop the development Please use the Simple PocketMoney2. It is a simple book allowance. "Easy to understand," "can be entered easily," I'm aiming. The main features are ...    42 MB    Views 68


search expenses expense type month show item
-8    Have you ever felt of tracking your expense with minimal effort or have you ever been in a situation to compare your expense quickly and see for which item you are spent a lot. Here comes Piclets a wonderful app to ...    538 kb    Views 9894

Daily Expenses

Related Apps email iphone card wifi program photo expenses daily report income summary types user
+23    Daily Expenses has received the following accolades & reviews: "What's Hot" section on the App Store. "A handy financial management application for the common man out there." From Daily Expenses app exports your daily expenses and income data into spreadsheet program via ...    4 MB    Views 1921
home business people forex based trading internet online businesses types accounts
+2    Revealing A New Wing Of Home Based Internet Business Earning Money Online Was Never This Easy You are reading this mail due to two very basic reasons either you are into home based business already or you are planning to ...    246 kb    Views 8084

Wallet Munch

trip business expense expenses currency type receipt set default report
+12    The Walletmunch application helps frequent business travelers to organize and file expenses of their trips. The idea is to record expenses on the go either by taking the picture of the receipt or by easily logging the expense detail. Supported features ...    2 MB    Views 7584

iBudget EZ

budget expense type financial amount
+27    Achieving financial success requires discipline and the right type of tools. With iBudgetEZ, you will be equipped with the ideal tool to execute your personal financial plans. Whether you are saving for a new car, a child’s college tuition, a ...    2 MB    Views 6217


type account
0    This is the easiest expense manager account which has a income payment and balance in a same page. You can including this app’s tag icon image to specify type of transaction type.Also you can set password for cover your account ...    8 MB    Views 2775

OPC Trader

market news board trader account open chart quote types charts
+4    OPC Trader for iPhone and iPad is your tool for Forex and CFD trading from virtually anywhere with internet access. The OPC Trader app offers everything an investor needs to analyze, monitor market activity, make timely trades and protect open positions. ...    9 MB    Views 7909


card cards budget transaction based alert set type receive merchant turn
-2    CardNav – Full control over your debit and credit card usage in a way you’ve never had before • Manage how, when and where your cards are used—on your own terms. CardNav enables you to set controls regarding the transaction types, geographic ...    8 MB    Views 3062
military art books strategy planning chinese business time environment chapters type font
+12    Release Special Price for limite time The Art of War (Chinese: 孫子兵法; pinyin: Sūn Zǐ Bīng Fǎ) is a Chinese military treatise that was written during the 6th century BC by Sun Tzu. Composed of 13 chapters, each of ...    5 MB    Views 1036

Loan Glossary

+7    Loan is an amount of money borrowed from advancer and it is a type of debt, to be repaid at a later date, usually with interest. Legally, a loan is a contract between a buyer (the borrower) and a seller ...    2 MB    Views 9079


business expense record receipt type amount write file csv day
-2    Travees is an expense reporting app that has objective to make the reimbursement process easier. It is designed and developed by business traveller for business traveller. QUICK INSERT is a way to record your trip expense with no hassle even ...    2 MB    Views 73


market multiple types chart change quoteboard trade analyse alarms
+4    Trade forex and CFDs as well as spread bet from anywhere with PlutusTrader for the iPhone and iPad. These apps offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, colour charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming ...    6 MB    Views 9111

Poker Expert

poker ipad iphone reports type game month easily year
+30    Poker Expert is an iOS Universal app, works on iPhone and iPad. You pay once and get both the iPhone and iPad version. The specially designed iPad version makes full use of the bigger screen on iPad to provide ...    3 MB    Views 4216

Dealbook 360

market orders types limit chart quoteboard change
0    Trade forex from anywhere with DealBook powered by for the iPhone and iPad. Place trades, manage positions and access research all with the touch of your finger. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell quotes ...    9 MB    Views 226
Related Apps tax calculator consumption type easy calculations add remove
+12    Consumption Tax Calculator makes Consumption Tax calculations easy to do. It’s designed for business owners, shoppers and travellers. Features: Simple and easy to use Add or remove Consumption Tax from an amount Calculate using historical Consumption Tax rates Easy reverse Consumption ...    1 MB    Views 2843

GFT Prime

market monitor prime types analyze chart alarms change orders ability
-7    The GFT Prime app is view only and gives GFT Prime customers the ability to monitor their positions on their mobile devices. These apps offer everything you need to analyze and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and ...    9 MB    Views 4052
email iphone mortgage easy payments click application borrow type
-4    Ever wanted a fast and easy way to calculate monthly mortgage payments on the iPhone? Well Mortgager is the simplest mortgage calculator in the app store All you need to do is put in the amount you want to borrow, the number ...    127 kb    Views 7408
poker tracker games management profit bankroll sessions ability key tracks types
-2    Poker Profit Tracker is an extremely EASY to use poker bankroll management app. No more confusing app interface, unnecessary addon and complicated inputs Bankroll management is the key element in being successful for any serious poker player. Poker Profit Tracker will help ...    3 MB    Views 3054

iCarBao Free

Related Apps consumption vehicle icarbao support free provide feature data type
+9    iCarBao is a vehicle consumption assistant based on mobile internet. Feature list of Free Edition: 1. Vehicle Consumption Record vehicle consumption of various types Consumption stastics by various dimensions 2. Provide a News RSS Reader for 3. Provide the reminder of vehicle C&M ...    13 MB    Views 4429

Beaufort Trader

Related Apps market multiple beaufort types chart open orders charts trade indicators
+10    ​Trade forex and CFD's as well as spread bet from anywhere with Beaufort Trader​ iphone and Ipad This app offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, colour charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell ...    6 MB    Views 562
tax calculator canadian gst sales add type easy
-5    Canadian Sales Tax Calculator makes working with Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), Goods and Services Tax (GST) & Provincial Sales Tax (PST) easy. It's designed to help business owners, shoppers and travellers quickly add or remove tax from sales prices. Features: Simple ...    206 kb    Views 3686
Related Apps email photos calendar apps insurance payment client contract type record date details plan
+16    myInsurances is a must have for insurance agents. It helps you to manage clients, contracts and payment plans. You will know when a premium must be paid simply by looking in calendar mode. You can plan your day looking to a single ...    NAN    Views 1234

Angel Fuel Pro

software gas cost set record oil support manage station type function
+4    Angel Fuel is a professional software about your Vehicle’s fuelconsmuption and cost by input gas record and cost record. Our software has so many Advantages,such as concise interface, powerful function and easy to use,you can use it immediately when you download ...    34 MB    Views 3513


return pro final amount rate cost roi type total
+3    Calculate Return on Investments with ROI Pro Return On Investment calculator: ■ Get Total Cost of Invesment from Final Amount from Invesment and Return Rate (%). ■ Get Final Amount from Invesment from Total Cost of Invesment and Return Rate (%). ■ Get Return ...    124 kb    Views 9040
Related Apps time working track hours hour don designed type data
+7    A simple and functional App to track and report salary and working hours. You can export your data to your Calendar or Dropbox and send Excel sheets or html tables per mail. Easily track your earnings and worked hours. This App is designed ...    12 MB    Views 5309

Car Park Timer

Related Apps car time timers running profile money cost tariff application information set parking park types
+2    A unique solution to keep track of your parking cost. Designed for car parks that works on a pay as you leave method. The idea is to allow users to keep tracking of their parking cost in real time. With ...    646 kb    Views 7087

Hoboes Bundle

calculator work trade tap enter net type labor result
-3    To honor the mobile workers who road  the U.S. railway freight car system most prominently after the United States Civil War, we have named our app, Hoboes Bundle™. Hoboes Bundle™ contains tools that will assist you  in finding and getting work. ...    2 MB    Views 2827
email budget money expenses live company type inputs track expense deliver
+18    Easy, fast and intuitive application for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad to track your expenses. Imagine: You are far from your company and you want to track your expenses ... or simply inform your company how are you spending the ...    10 MB    Views 2783
email photos calendar apps insurance payment client contract agents record plan type
+1    Try myInsurances for Agents for FREE. myInsurances for Agents Lite has almost all functionality from myInsurances for Agents. It is limited to allow only 5 clients, 5 insurance types and 5 contacts. myInsurances is a must have for insurance agents. It helps you ...    1 MB    Views 9912

FlatMate ®

rent landlords rights types guidance
+8    The Pocket Lawyer guide for anyone paying or receiving rent in the UK. Landlords: From property tycoons to spare room letters. Tenants & Lodgers: From single occupants to those in a houseshare. With this offline app you can find answers to a wide range of ...    2 MB    Views 512


shopping rental investment sale china urban party stock property company center industry type commercial estate
+18    哥伦布商业股份有限公司(股票代码:831112)是一家专业从事社区型购物中心定位、设计、招商、运营的全流程第三方服务商。公司以“为客户创造价值”为己任,坚持合作共赢的理念,通过行业资源整合,为投资者创造更大的投资回报,为商家带来营业额的稳定提升。 Columbus Commercial Limited Liability Company (stock code: 831112) is a professional thirdparty service provider engaged in entire procedures including positioning, design, investment, operation for community shopping center. The company takes “create value for customers” as its duty, insists the concept ...    10 MB    Views 1179
investment money management planning people financial allocation asset type goal
-1    Raise money trader, life in before the age of 35 must read the book. Strongly recommend Directory: The first lesson from 700 to 4 million, the distance is not far away Safe keep money the time has passed Money in the bank, will become ...    4 MB    Views 2625
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