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+9    Updated with 30 March 2015 prices The bestselling app for eBay postage costs. Ranked 2 business app in the UK Parcelforce and Hermes prices available as inapp purchase. "Ridiculously easy to use." Bobkay59 "Has saved me time and improved my ...    6 MB    Views 9179
+24    This is a Professional Financial Planning Tools to help Everyone to do Financial Planning by themselves. You can know how much insurance you need to have to protect your family; How much you need to save monthly to achieve your target ...    802 kb    Views 5638


+11    SelectingSuper’s 201314 Good Superannuation Guide app is now available. All you need to know about super, choosing the best funds and MySuper products. The Good Superannuation Guide features updated performance and tax information, how to make sense of MySuper, lists ...    61 MB    Views 6058

Currency Converter!

+3    Currency Converter for your iPhone and iPod touch: easy to use and with a regularly updated currency change An essential application for all the travellers: convert the price of an item you're going to buy, negotiate the currency exchange... Features: Friendly and ...    3 MB    Views 2662

PowerBall House Pro

+1    This app is an intelligent lottery statistics and analysis software. It has several useful functions like querying historical results, updating latest winning results, calculating by Rotation Matrix, analyzing results data, and etc. ●●●Features●●● ● Calculate the next winning numbers by historical results; ● ...    2 MB    Views 7127

Gas Cost Calculator

calculator apps gas cost user input interface values based free update
+5    Gas Cost Calculator is a simple and useful calculator that helps you determine the cost of gas based on miles. Gas Cost Calculator features an intuitive interface. It calculates values on the fly and uses a userfriendly wheelbased input mechanism to ...    2 MB    Views 4531

Market Check

market management strategy information grain deliver update check website simply
+5    Independent, Trustworthy Market Information and Strategy Advice. PLEASE NOTE This app is designed to compliment myPrice and personalised membership services supplied by Agrisk Management Pty Limited. Your normal website login is required to operate this app. We are very excited to ...    34 MB    Views 4252
Related Apps time chinese exchange application update rate currency currencies online automatically
+19    BIG SALE AT 50% OFF iDuitPro is a professional currency exchange rate application. It is not just the exchange rate of your locale currency, but also the conversion from and to the foreign currencies of the other countries in the world ...    3 MB    Views 5224
search accounts bank add view transactions account update developed manager
0    Bank Wallet (Accounts Manager) Manage your bank accounts in your mobile phone. We have developed this app to help people in managing daily transation that he/she have done in their any bank account. Now you can see your bank accounts withdrawal ...    6 MB    Views 1889

ioio Bill List

+22    3.2 will flow easily from 3.0 if updating from any version prior to 3.0 see Huge Update Warning. HUGE UPDATE Will Reset your apps memory. and shrinks app down by a full mb. It will run faster and be more useful. ...    1 MB    Views 1250
Related Apps calculator time tip total amount bill easy support real update
+23    The most popular, free tip calculator available in the App Store with well over a million downloads QuickTip provides a fast and convenient way to calculate the gratuity for any bill. Using large text and simple controls, QuickTip is an easy ...    3 MB    Views 4450
currency exchange converter update year rates
0    CurrencyEx A Useful Currency Exchange and Converter A currency converter for 150+ currencies with hourly exchange rates update. Key Features: Auto update exchange rates. Basic money management (called Wallet) for each currency. Click flags image to set Main Currency. History charts, ...    16 MB    Views 1247


iphone fund update returns gold mutual nav
-2    MyMutualFund เป็น App สามัญประจำบ้าน นักลงทุนควรมีติด iPhone เอาไว้เพื่อคอยติดตามผลตอบแทนจาก LTF, RMF, กองทุนทอง หรือกองทุนรวมอื่นๆ สรรพคุณ : ช่วยในการตัดสินใจเลือกกองทุนรวม LTF, RMF ในปีนี้ว่าควรจะซื้อกองใด ช่วยให้ทราบผลตอบแทนจากกองทุนรวมที่ถืออยู่ว่าเป็นเท่าไหร่แล้ว ควรซื้อกองทุนเหล่านี้ต่อไปหรือไม่ หรือมีทางเลือกที่ดีกว่า ช่วยในการตัดสินใจว่าควรจะขายกองทุนทำกำไรเมื่อใด ดูได้ทั้งภาษาไทย และ ภาษาอังกฤษ วิธีใช้ : ในหน้าจอที่มีกราฟ ลองวาง iPhone แนวนอนดู จะพบกับ กราฟที่มีรายละเอียดมากขึ้น คำเตือน​ : ควรตรวจสอบราคา NAV ไม่เกินวันละ 2 ครั้ง เพราะ ข้อมูล update วันละครั้งเท่านั้น Essential ...    7 MB    Views 1525


tickets lottery jackpot big game update buy alert set
-4    Did you buy a ticket for the last game? What were the winning numbers? Don't know? Let LottoReminder help you out Just tap on the app and LottoReminder will refresh its data bringing you the latest details on your game ...    603 kb    Views 3527
Related Apps currencies rates updated shake conversion swap converter hundreds commission
0    YAC (Yet Another Converter) converts hundreds of currencies. The main features are: uses latest rates of hundreds of currencies (updated every 5 minutes). includes old currencies of the Eurozone. rates can be modified manually. keeps a list of recent conversions for ...    797 kb    Views 4682
email history rates currency exchange show currencies historical converter update supports convert
-3    Currency Converter is a handy app to check and monitor exchange rates. Just choose the currencies to convert and tap on the amount to convert. You can add the used most often currency pairs to Favorite for fast access. Exchange Rate are ...    6 MB    Views 8307
Related Apps currency rate fixed screen information relative update user base site
+16    [Summary] Display the 94 kinds of currency rate : This app gets the currency rate information has been published on the net. Currency mutual conversion calculation: You can intuitive calculation operation. Rate fixed in any currency : In some cases, ...    5 MB    Views 2630
photo home apps moneycontrol entries add free updates data great payments simple
+13    Over 5000 5star ratings from around the world are perfect proof that MoneyControl is the perfect choice. In fact, it’s so good that there have even been attempts to clone it – even the description was the same MoneyControl, however, IS ...    NAN    Views 4112
+5    Are you traveling or shopping abroad? Do you often convert one currency to another? This application is for you. Base contains more than 100 currencies and has a handy calculator that will help you to easily calculate the price of ...    6 MB    Views 1485
market news trading trade mobile application track derivatives watch update
+1    Kunvarji Introduces Mobile Trading for Indian Market Trade On The Go – simple, fast and accurate android based mobile trading application for Equity, F&O, Currency Derivatives and Commodities Futures that lets you to create Market Watch, Symbol View, Order ...    46 MB    Views 3178
Related Apps investment profile savings smart funds details update transactions
+5    UBL Funds Smart Savings app is a convenient and easy application that gives you access to your investment account anytime, anywhere. With its easy to use interface and design, you can make transactions round the clock, check your investment portfolio and ...    8 MB    Views 863
party photo calculator time tip split dining percentage real update slider
-4    Tip & Split is a clean and intuitive percentage calculator for calculating dining and delivery tips in U.S. currency. It features a slider to quickly adjust the tip percentage and it allows you to see the tip and total amounts update ...    3 MB    Views 3544
card cards reward categories information rewards credit programs templates updated
-2    Many credit cards offer higher reward rates on rotating categories such as groceries, gasoline, movies, etc. Having multiple cards with varying rewards programs can pay big if you can remember the categories each month. This application eliminates the hassle of ...    1 MB    Views 2084
Related Apps tax australia receive accountant update details send messages
0    Tax Monster App makes it easier to store receipts for tax refunds. It allows to upload Receipts, Send Receive messages and update your Profile Tax Monster App lets you: Upload & Submit Receipt details for reviewal by Tax Monster Accountant Update ...    16 MB    Views 6316

Gо Figure

-1    Accountants Keep learning Go figure is a continuous development place for updates and sharing information. Track your continuous development hours and top up on your knowledge Share your experience with us so we can improve our services. Features: Log your CPD hours Update ...    6 MB    Views 5069
Related Apps photo home apps moneycontrol entries add free data great updates device purchase
+17    Over 3000 5star ratings from around the world are perfect proof that MoneyControl is the perfect choice. In fact, it’s so good that there have even been attempts to clone it – even the description was the same MoneyControl, however, IS ...    15 MB    Views 3819
assets mobile lawson update infor inventory asset
+11    Lawson Mobile Assets from Infor helps your assets team and other staff to quickly look up assets, perform inventory and update asset information through their Apple iOS devices, which can free them from their desks and make them more productive. ...    5 MB    Views 5990
+8    ราคาทอง update realtime Gold thai ราคาทงอัพเดทรายวัน ราคาทองอัพเดททุกวันตามราคาประเทศไทย แสดงผลกราฟ ของราคาทอง ทองแท่ง ทองคำรูปพรรณ และ สถานะการราคาทองปัจจุบัน ระบบนี้จะอัพเดทอัติโนมัติทันทีเมื่อมีผู้เข้าช้ รวดเร็วทันใจ แอพนี้ต้องการช้อินเตอร์เน็ต นการเปิดเข้าใช้งานค่ะ    2 MB    Views 2885


tax planning national updates save bank canada income update scenarios automatic
+5    I plan my project idea with National Bank’s planning tool. MyIdea is a planning tool that determines how much you would need to save for retirement and evaluates whether you would be able to retire at the age you want. For any ...    10 MB    Views 1747
Related Apps budget expenses reports savings expense monthly category update day
-2    In a glance see how much budget you have and can spend this month. The next generation Budget and Finance management application on day to day basis. So easy to fill The app is for you 2 click to add expenses. Set ...    12 MB    Views 4638
Related Apps currencies currency rates update 160 rate converter
-9    Simple and powerful currency converter. If you are traveling or working it will be your companion Live currency exchange rates, calculate currency rates between 160+ different currencies. Features: 160+ currencies Full featured calculator Customizable automatic rate update Manual rate update Recent currencies ...    5 MB    Views 9778

Bet Picks

twitter bet picks tips betting updated daily experts
-2    This is the ultimate betting tips app. Take a look at what the experts think before placing your bet. You will get daily updated tips and picks from a range of sporting events, such as football, soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, ...    3 MB    Views 8310


drivers price update easy hundreds confirm
+13    Start & end your day right with the iDrive95 iPhone App. iDrive95 Saving Tolls Together. Miami and Broward drivers, are you going to pay 25 cents on 95 Express? Or 7.00? Your fellow drivers help you out by updating the price ...    5 MB    Views 9709
budget money bills apple tracker weekly expenses update add easily quickly great
0    Keeping a budget helps you make sure you have all the money you need, when you need it. Weekling is the easiest, simplest tool to track your weekly budget and financial plans. And with the newest version of Weekling you can ...    5 MB    Views 8154

IR Update

update investor relations members
+5    IR Update is the premier magazine for the investor relations (IR) profession. Each issue contains informative articles on the latest IR developments, trends and best practices from today's thought leaders. IR Update is published by NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) ...    11 MB    Views 9674


values section figures convert foot update units meter
-2    This amazing app can convert the most known values. In the app you have three sections. These three sections are named: general, sciences and currency. In the general section, you can convert simple values like meter, foot... In the currency section, you ...    2 MB    Views 2606


stamp management magazine twitter money tools service premium expense update dollar easy entries cancel
0    Zaim is an easy, fun to use social bookkeeping app, perfect for our generation. Basic bookkeeping features are streamlined to make them as easy to use as possible, while various analysis tools help you understand your finances better by answering ...    30 MB    Views 671


+3    OptionGuide is the ulitimate handbook for professional traders on their iPhones for fast reference. Main feature: Option strategies Main option indices chain display from CBOE (update daily) Please send feature request and suggestions to the support mailbox. I am providing new strategies update weekly. Further ...    489 kb    Views 4832

NC Child Support

family calculator support child guidelines north carolina law worksheet updated
+23    NC Child Support Calculator for iPhone calculates a parent’s child support obligation under North Carolina law. Created by NC family law attorneys together with University of North Carolina at Wilmington students Supported by NC family law attorneys Easy to Use Intuitive interface changes the ...    536 kb    Views 755
Related Apps search currency live rate currencies converter rates provide exchange graphs update
+3    Currency Converter app provides currencies (168+), live exchange rates, offline mode, graphs, etc. Features: 168+ world currencies and 4 metals
 Live currency rates (Update on Specific Interval) Easy pick the currencies you need 
 Precision: set the number of decimal places (05) 
 ...    5 MB    Views 7510
calculator time vat calc rate amount remember inclusive update auto add
+12    Calc VAT is an easy to use VAT Calculator, designed to make your Value Added Tax calculations much faster than using a traditional calculator. Simply enter the amount you wish to calculate in the Input Amount field and select if you ...    2 MB    Views 3634

time iphone stock analysis day real swing updates trade access
+3    Stay intuned with for RealTime Access to day trading analysis, Follow our Swing Trades, RealTime Commentary, Index Analysis Recap, and Technical Analysis directly on your iphone. Online since 1996 teaching stock traders how to day trade and swing trade by ...    800 kb    Views 2116
Related Apps banking security money bills bank national transfer mobile device solutions updates branch
-7    National Bank’s mobile app lets you manage your money, pay bills, transfer funds and access all your important banking information, instantly and in real time. Keep an eye on your finances – anytime, anywhere Please read the installation terms and conditions ...    26 MB    Views 1878
member tab washington update
+4    The Washington Update is now available at your fingertips. Stay connected with our newsfeed, member sign in, and website. Not a member yet? Receive our regular free updates using the \"Subscribe\" tab. Do you want to reach Andy Friedman or ...    15 MB    Views 3377
trip trips car fuel distance price version updated gallon
+3    Introducing the fastest way to get the cost of your next trip in the car... Lite version: Calculate trips up to 40 miles or km Supported by iAd Paid version: Unlimited trip distance A to B route distance calculation No ads Updated ...    323 kb    Views 8919


pictures network sell update phone
+18    Sell your Motorcycle today for cash Welcome to the BuyMyMotorcycle network the new way to sell your Motorcycle in a professional and easy manner. All you have to do is: 1. Download the “BuyMyMotorcycle” app – it’s free. 2. In a few minutes ...    1 MB    Views 7696

EY T Magazine

magazine tax business ipad insights issues articles updates leaders features
-7    Take charge with tax insights, now on your iPad. Insights that elevate tax to a strategic level and add value to you and your organization are now available through the T Magazine iPad edition. T Magazine – Tax insight for business leaders ...    4 MB    Views 5058
Related Apps currency currencies rates 160 converter update rate
+2    Currency Converter is a powerful multifunctional tools. It will be your companion abroad or at work Live currency exchange rates, calculate currency rates between 160+ different currencies. Most important features: Full featured calculator Over 160 currencies Customizable automatic rate update Manual rate ...    5 MB    Views 6087
iphone money market time business currency converter exchange update currencies live values
+30    In order to know any currency’s accurate value, you need to keep yourself up to date with current market updates. It becomes utmost crucial and essential in case you deal into foreign transactions and need to convert one nation’s currency ...    5 MB    Views 4026
Related Apps email business application address asset update process clients industry pictures
+15    ORUS is a breakthrough application solving a huge void in the repossession, recovery, private investigating, and insurance investigation business just to name a few. This application streamlines the field agents job enabling them to process an update on the mobile app ...    5 MB    Views 1606
stock market time penny picking stocks rapid updated application winning
+16    Rapid Penny Stock Chaser is the most comprehensive and up to date Stock application on the iTunes store to date 80% OFF THIS WEEKEND ONLY RAPID PENNY STOCK CHASER and "Talk Penny Stocks" First ever Stock Chat Application Act NOW This Application ...    277 kb    Views 2754
Related Apps tax calculator canadian discount rates rate territories update provinces
-2    Please update through the "Update" tab for the latest tax rates Simple to use yet feature rich Canadian sales tax calculator with tip and discount calculator. Features Calculates HST, PST, QST, and/or GST for all Canadian provinces and territories Before ...    715 kb    Views 9102

Magento Updater

Related Apps search work apps view manage shop administrator products orders notification edit
-8    Magento Updater is a packetclient of server applications. Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage Magento eShop and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you eShop. Magento Updater includes: Magento Updater application with which Administrator ...    3 MB    Views 6167


Related Apps currency converter currencies trend update chart view check
+26    50% OFF SALE FOR LIMITED TIME Don't miss the only currency converter you can view 1d/5d/3m/1y trend chart. A cool currency converter on iPhone & iPod touch. Key features: Up to 140 currencies & 3 metals supported. Favorite Currency List Set your primary currency ...    368 kb    Views 8466

eGold Prices

market prices shown precious metal updated easy
+2    Get the latest Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium market prices direct to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world. Easy to read prices are shown per troy ounce, gram and kilogram allowing you to see the most accurate ...    10 MB    Views 1177


voucher view scheme payments update
-7    Paying for your childcarer just got even simpler. Perfect for busy parents the Allsave App lets Allsave childcare voucher scheme users view, update and manage their voucher payments account on the go. Once again Allsave has simplified your childcare voucher ...    3 MB    Views 359

Paprika Contacts

software contact client tasks details notes update edit contacts
0    ==== IMPORTANT ==== To use this application you must have Paprika running as your agency management system including the "iPhone" module and have a valid useraccount for your database, along with the REACT option in your menu group. For further details please ...    642 kb    Views 1530
Related Apps time investors price gold real update full screen charts thailand
+14    RealTime price of Spot Gold, Silver Crude Oil and so on for investors Gold price Global and Thailand, Gold price realtime, Rotate for full screen of Charts RealTime price of Spot Gold, Silver Crude Oil and so on for investors Gold price Global and Thailand, Gold ...    5 MB    Views 24


bills share easy update live friends
+8    An easy everyday Bills Sharing App. Now share bills with your friends and families and get live update with notifications on your phone. 1) Get online friends instantly to share bills with. 2) Live Updates with every transaction. 3) Split your bill or ...    NAN    Views 4603

Globes - גלובס

ipad reading business daily live edition updates
-3    האפליקציה ================== גלובס Ipad – מהדורת העסקים הראשונה בישראל. המהדורה נערכת ומתעדכנת מדי יום, ומאפשרת לך לקבל את כותרות היום ומידע פיננסי מקיף ונרחב בנושאי שוק ההון, נדל"ן, היי טק, תקשורת ושיווק. שירותים ועדכונים ==================== שירותים עדכונים חיים מהאתר מהדורת "גלובס" המודפסת ...    7 MB    Views 364
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