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Piraeus Group Kiosk

+29    Information at the heart of the Piraeus Group. The Group’s initiative to provide a reliable and accessible source of information to its stakeholders, clients and employees and the general public as well, led to the creation of a kiosklike information ...    5 MB    Views 7376


+4    Who should pay next? Who owns how much to whom? For everyone who needs to record expenses on group activities and share costs among participants. Now you can easily balance payments on your next holiday, skiing vacation, sailing trip, team outing, ...    1 MB    Views 5884

Mele Self Storage

+11    The Mele SelfStorage App allows users premier access to institutional and privateclient selfstorage listings. Users also gain substantial insight into the selfstorage market and REITs with highquality research and analytics. The Mele Group of Marcus & Millichap leads the selfstorage industry ...    2 MB    Views 7210

Remy Finance

+3    The Rémy Cointreau Group, whose origins date from 1724, is the result of the merger in 1990 of the holding companies of the Hériard Dubreuil and Cointreau families that controlled E. Rémy Martin & Cie SA and Cointreau & Cie ...    5 MB    Views 380

Cash Group Locator

+29    Mit dem Cash Group Locator finden Sie den nächstgelegenen Automaten oder die nächstgelegene Filiale der Cash Group im Handumdrehen. Kostenlos für iPad und iPhone Ohne Werbung Praktische Routenplanungsfunktion Umkreissuche in 5 Stufen LiveAktualisierung Die verwendeten Logos sind Eigentum der unterschiedlichen Unternehmen. ...    2 MB    Views 3397

WMS Group

mobile application group
+1    This Mobile application allows Clients of WMS Group LLC, access to view their account valuation, performance, and reporting information for authorized users, in an application developed specifically for mobile devices.    3 MB    Views 1750
+4    Hello welcome to our mobile app convert currency. We build this app to help you easy convert any currency to other one. This app support almost currency on the world. The rate we use is getting from Yahoo Finance Website and ...    296 kb    Views 4784
+30    The O’Regan Group Insurance Brokers client app has been developed to provide useful information when you need to contact us, lodge a claim, or just have fast access to your insurance portfolio details. As well as general contact and claims information ...    6 MB    Views 3221

John Miranda Group

+6    John Miranda Group is a local investment company that purchases single & multifamily properties and land. We buy properties in any price range, in any condition, and in any area. We deal with folks just like you in all kinds ...    5 MB    Views 9253


+11    A common holiday with friends. Each one pays something for the group and later on, you try to do the accounting. Chris pay's the hotel, Tim pay's the bill at the restaurant and Mary pay's the bill at the gasoline ...    981 kb    Views 3012
-4    The Greentree Group Mortgage Advisors proudly present the official Mortgage and CMHC Calculator App. By using our App you can quickly calculate your next Mortgage using our integrated and up to date Rates. Also included is a Canadian Land Transfer ...    9 MB    Views 7294

Group Account

+1    Group Account is the simplest way to split bills, rent and track group expenses amongst friends. This application lets you quickly organize a group finances on a travel with friends, dinners, birthdays and many other events Enjoy    20 MB    Views 2092

Comptes de vacances

expenses accounts ability group participant friends restaurant
-9    Accounts & Reckonings allows you to quickly and easily keep tabs on common expenditures among a party of friends holidaying together, sharing a flat, going to the restaurant, etc… For every expense (shopping, rent, transportation, restaurant, gas, utility bill, ...) ...    238 kb    Views 7492
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-9    The Gebhardt Group, Inc. Mobile Application makes it easy for you to connect with Gebhardt Group, Inc. and monitor your accounts anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can: Read the latest news from Gebhardt Group, Inc. Quickly access important contact details ...    680 kb    Views 5824

A. Report 2014

brands 2014 group report
+1    "Kering'Annual Report offers readers detailed information on the Group's strategy, values and business performance, as well as an overview of its brands and activities. A world leader in apparel and accessories, Kering develops an ensemble of powerful Luxury and Sport & ...    41 MB    Views 5254
closing cost law group
+8    The Jacobs Law Group is a closing cost estimator as a resource for buyers and sellers of property in Florida to understand what their closing cost estimate should be.    3 MB    Views 8004

Northwood Group

Related Apps ipad group authorized access application
+7    The Northwood Group iPad application enables authorized Northwood Group clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Northwood Group client that has been authorized for ...    1 MB    Views 5492
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+4    This app gives Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE: MO) investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news, SEC Filings from Altria Group, Inc., as well as proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and marketing collateral, fact sheets, ...    25 MB    Views 5062

Table Tip

-2    Table Tip is a 'Tip Calculator' application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It assists you in working out a tip amount for your waiter/waitress and also helps you with splitting a bill between a group of people. Table Tip supports ...    1 MB    Views 5270

Family Economist

family group great
-6    Family Economist is a great app for your budget. You can share online you accounts with a users in your own group, e.g. family, cohabitants and many others. Easy way to see your expenses with charts and great animations In future ...    18 MB    Views 6961
group conference financial
+3    The Infinex Financial Group National Sales Conference is open to all current Infinex advisors and program coordinators. Use this app to access important event information like: Session details Speaker Bios Locations and more.    40 MB    Views 5411
Related Apps claims group submit review benefits mobile
-4    With Manulife Financial's Group Benefits Mobile app, you can review and submit your benefit claims while you’re out and about. With a fully secure login, all personal data is kept confidential and encrypted. View your home page messages, submit new ...    1 MB    Views 1223

UniCredit Investors

Related Apps unicredit application group institutional information press
-4    The institutional application of UniCredit group With the institutional application of UniCredit you will receive updated information on the Group and the bank world. If you are an investor, an analyst, a journalist, a customer or simply you are interested to learn ...    7 MB    Views 2752

Volvo I-Finance

finance group financial financing services
+9    Volvo IFinance is an applicative of Volvo Financial Services allowing the monthly parcel calculation of the financing of vehicles of Volvo Group in a practical and agile way. This applicative allows to the Volvo Salesman to perform financing simulations in ...    19 MB    Views 7957

BMW Group Image dt

+5    Entdecken Sie interessante Themen aus dem Geschäftsbericht 2009, mit welchen die BMW Group ihren Führungsanspruch zur Entwicklung der Mobilität der Zukunft eindrucksvoll belegt: Kurzberichte von drei Testfahrern elektrobetriebener MINI E Fahrzeuge und eine Reportage über die Entwicklung des Vision EfficientDynamics, einer ...    93 MB    Views 6966
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0    Group Finance Expense Tracker is a fullfeatured finance software will help you track and understand both your personal and group finance. Group Finance Expense Tracker brings all your accounts and users together, categorizes your transactions, tracks all your bills, let you ...    1 MB    Views 9405
super relations centre investor group
+6    Super Group investor relations centre housing key financial reporting.    9 MB    Views 9994
+2    Application ALOR.Broker allows: 1) To view quotes and stockmartket indexes of the leading Russian exchanges. 2) To follow up the news of the ALOR GROUP. 3) To retreive a detailed information on each office of ALOR GROUP (opening hours, address, phone numbers) with ...    2 MB    Views 7095

BFT Financial Group

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-8    The BFT Financial Group Mobile Application makes it easy for you to connect with BFT Financial Group and monitor your accounts anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can: Read the latest news from BFT Financial Group Quickly access to important contact ...    690 kb    Views 8634
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0    This app gives Cowen Group (Nasdaq : COWN) investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news, SEC Filings from Cowen Group, as well as proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and marketing collateral, fact sheets, annual ...    24 MB    Views 717

CFE in 2014

group active activities
+10    This app is the electronic version of the Annual Report of the CFE Group. CFE is an industrial Belgian Group active in 4 different activities : Dredging and Offshore Solutions, Contracting (Construction, Multitechnics and rail works), Real Estate Development and PPPConcessions. The ...    535 MB    Views 1014
expenses track group helps
-6    PayApp helps you and your friends keep track of personal and/or shared expenses. It eliminates constant discussions over "Who paid what" during trips and other events. PayApp helps people to keep track of their transactions in a clear and intuitive way. When you ...    NAN    Views 6179
infinity trade group você
+22    A Infinity Trade Group empresa de investimentos, disponibiliza para você um aplicativo gratuito e exclusivo. Com ele você pode visualizar dicas de mercado publicadas por Victor Hugo Piiroja Presidente e CEO da Infinity Trade Group, acessar as suas contas na ...    985 kb    Views 9333

CIMB Deals Malaysia

Related Apps banking card investment browse cimb bank group offers application contact deals services
-8    CIMB Deals enables users to check out CIMB promotions on hand and offers nearby at their fingertips. Users can add offers into their favourites and also apply for their preferred CIMB Bank card via the application. Key Features: 1. Latest promotions and ...    15 MB    Views 3250

iSplit Expenses

Related Apps trip group owes expenses
+3    This app will keep track of your group expenses during a trip or event. It will calculate what each member of the group owes or is owed. You will be able to include as many travelers as you wish. It allows for multiple ...    561 kb    Views 1693
calculator premium life loan amount user application years group credit
-7    Max Life Group Credit Life Secure Premium calculator mobile application enables the user to compute the premium amount for three types of loans namely Housing Loan, Asha Home Loan and Loan Against Property. The application accepts following inputs from ...    2 MB    Views 3325

Mazzo Group Mobile

group mortgage tool mobile
-3    Introducing the new mortgage mobile app from The Mazzo Group at Eagle Home Mortgage. This is a helpful tool that determines the estimated monthly mortgage payment for a property. Realtors and buyers will find this tool useful and simple to ...    13 MB    Views 7393
-7    The Lucia Capital Group Performance Portal is designed for clients of Lucia Capital Group, providing instant access to account valuation, performance, and reporting information. View your Lucia Capital Group account information directly from your mobile device.    4 MB    Views 4346
investors content group venture company
+9    This app gives Mantra Venture Group (OTCQB: MVTG) investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news, SEC Filings from Mantra Venture Group, as well as proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and marketing collateral, fact sheets, ...    36 MB    Views 9674

CME Group Mobile

market mobile cme group
+13    CME Group Mobile provides you with a customizable quote display, delayed charts and market volume. You can also access our most recent product news, market commentary and other critical exchange information all from your mobile device.    19 MB    Views 9003


Related Apps property investors content company group
-4    This app gives DEXUS Property Group (ASX: DXS) investors mobile access to the latest stock data, news from DEXUS Property Group, as well as proprietary company content including presentations, conference calls, videos, sales and marketing collateral, fact sheets, annual reports ...    51 MB    Views 3229

ABB Group Reports

Related Apps reports group
+10    Our group reports in your pocket. Wherever you go, on the move, read it when you have time even if you have no WiFi or 3G to hand. This app provides easy access to our Annual Report and Sustainability ...    129 MB    Views 5370
Related Apps financial alpha provide group
+23    Alpha Group Financial is a brokerage firm that can provide you with a complete financial plan. This app outlines the different types of insurances that we provide.    5 MB    Views 2481
estate diego real san group
+2    Quickly search Real Estate listings available in the San Diego, CA area by city, zip code, price and type of property. You can also view featured listing available for sale from The Guiltinan Group. Click now to download this FREE ...    4 MB    Views 779

Krungsri for iPad

Related Apps card cards banking krungsri credit accounts application account check transfer payment group
-1    Krungsri App the best banking app in Thailand. We MAKE your LIFE SIMPLE with banking on your fingertips.. Just install the application to manage your Krungsri accounts and Credit Cards on your iPhone You can access your accounts instantly from anywhere ...    57 MB    Views 7814

AFLG Investments

ipad family authorized access investments application american legacy group
+14    The American Family Legacy Group iPad application enables authorized American Family Legacy Group clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a AFLG Investments client that ...    1 MB    Views 4417


+7    Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in earlystage information technology, Internet and software startups. This app provides quick, uptodate access to the Foundry Group blog, as well as the insightful blogs of each of the ...    795 kb    Views 9571

Benefit to the MAX

retirement program group
+4    Contributing to a group retirement program is an easy way to build savings for your retirement. This tool helps you calculate how much to contribute so you can take full advantage of the benefits of your group retirement program.    6 MB    Views 3402
activity group mobile lawson infor projects
+9    Infor Lawson Mobile Projects provides ability for Lawson users to access Project Accounting application in realtime through their mobile devices. Key features include: Search for an activity or an activity group Filter on activity group or activity by date, status, ...    2 MB    Views 3912
Related Apps bills track expenses friends group
-3    pEx is the easiest way to split and keep track of shared expenses with friends during an event. With pEx you can: keep track of any expenses like apartment bills, group trips, random IOUs, and what ever you can imagine monitor ...    8 MB    Views 6173


wealth group financial clients technology simplicity
+2    This is the official mobile portal for existing clients of Aegis Wealth Group. This app offers a minimalist view of your investments with personal reporting available for download. The lack of features in this application underscores another Aegis Wealth Group advantage: ...    3 MB    Views 8235

Group Budget

Related Apps budget simple goal group easy
-3    Make sticking to your budget simple again Group Budget enables you and an unlimited number of your friends/family/cohorts to work toward a common budget goal. You simply create a new budget, set a goal and enter expenses it's that easy. ...    1 MB    Views 3840
Related Apps research time application financial group institutional clients username
+6    The SFG Equity Research App offers Susquehanna Financial Group, LLLP’s institutional clients easy access to the firm’s investment research virtually anywhere, at any time. In addition to providing research as it is published, this application will also allow you to search ...    1 MB    Views 6577


Related Apps investor financial group relations
+12    D’Ieteren Investor Relations App The D’Ieteren Investor Relations App for iPhone and iPad gathers everything you need to know about the D’Ieteren group as an investor: Group profile; Share price and historical charts; Financial data; Latest publications (press releases, annual reports…); ...    4 MB    Views 2366
Related Apps management ipad legacy wealth group authorized access application
+2    The Legacy Wealth iPad application enables authorized Legacy Wealth Management Group clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Legacy Wealth Management Group client that ...    1 MB    Views 992

Julius Baer e-Code

Related Apps banking relationship application private offices group code otp
0    With the Julius Baer eCode App you can generate a One Time Password (OTP) whenever you want and wherever you are. The OTP is needed for the login to eBanking. The preconditions to use this App is an existing bank relationship ...    NAN    Views 8552
Related Apps ipad group llc capital access authorized application
+12    The Domus Capital Group, LLC iPad application enables authorized Domus Capital Group, LLC clients to access their performance data in a simple, elegant interface that was custom designed for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You need to be a Domus Capital Group, LLC ...    1 MB    Views 5314

The Johnston Group

johnston group accounts mobile
+5    The Johnston Group Mobile Application makes it easy for you to connect with The Johnston Group and monitor your accounts anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can: Read the latest news from The Johnston Group Quickly access important contact details to ...    580 kb    Views 980
loan mortgage provide closing american appraisal group
+1    American Mortgage Group offers mortgage customers a unique way of communicating and interfacing with their realtor and loan officer. The app can easily provide loan information and status, have push notification reminders for important dates (appraisal, closing, rate lock etc.), ...    7 MB    Views 1858

Total Publications

total group publications
+27    Publications of the TOTAL group. Find in this application the news of the TOTAL group through these different medias (Rich media, PDF, documents, videos, pictures, press releases, tweets ..)    4 MB    Views 9400
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