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+18    mortgage calculator    7 MB    Views 3358
+8    Margin Calculator is an elegant margin analysis calculator designed to be intuitive and dependable. Instantly calculate margin, mark up, or cost of goods with the tap of a finger, FEATURES: ✓ Just the right touch of professionalism and elegance ✓ Multiple currency support (Dollar, ...    2 MB    Views 6100
+21    Accounting Calculator is simple. You can change 2types calculator. 2013/2/7 Ver1.7 bug fixed.    677 kb    Views 3242
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+10    Free tip calculator Quick. One screen, minimize your figure movement Easy to use Big font, esay to see Download today to enjoy the smooth experience    86 kb    Views 4830

Calculator Standard

+5    A Scientific Calculator. Degrees and Radians calculations. Wrong number edit. Keep expressions on the screen.    4 MB    Views 4112

ClicData Mobile

+8    ClicData is a cloudbased Business Intelligence solution to make performance tracking easy through intuitive dashboards. ClicData is an intuitive Cloud based solution to create and share business dashboards. ClicData wants to enable every company owners to become the master of their own ...    7 MB    Views 8969


+1    Calculator for financing. Mortgage, Car, Credit card and Savings. Find the interests, balance and monthly repayment plan. Unit conversion included as well as normal calculator for convenience.    2 MB    Views 140

i-Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip
+3    Simple Tip Calculator    285 kb    Views 3451
+3    Doubleentry offline bookkeeping for iPad with document number and document date, account and contra account, automatic VAT handling for all tax rates, immediate saving of all entries, adjustment postings, password access, charts of accounts ready to start. Easy and intuitive handling, ...    9 MB    Views 9590
+2    It is very easy to use calculator with the ability to simultaneously operate with different currencies. You can set for yourself currency exchange rates or get them from Internet.    696 kb    Views 8106


0    moneyDIET is designed to be quick,simple,intuitive, and easy to use. •  Monthly Start Day Setting, • Adding a new transaction is fast and easy. • Simple and intuitive user interface. • Summary View budget weekly, monthly,quarterly,yearly. • Easy to page move, finger gestures to swipe, • ...    4 MB    Views 5454
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+5    Control of personal expenses – easy, intuitive, focused. Easy: I set myself monthly budgets for my critical expenses and track my remaining budgets with oneclickopening of the app. Intuitive: I continuously enter my relevant spendings into m8, so that my monthly remaining ...    28 MB    Views 3230
-3    xCurrency, the most simple & beautiful currency convertor. Using Minimalist design and making a intuitive and graceful experience to global travelers. Supporting more than 160 currencies and get realtime updates for exchange rates. Now it has been adapted to iPhone ...    11 MB    Views 3695


+15    Bored of modern calculator? Try this old style calculator. You can do the main mathematics operations like sum,subtraction,multiplication,division and percentage.    503 kb    Views 4476

Desk Calculator

calculator desk
+2    A simple desk calculator that makes groovy sounds every time you press a key. A worthy addition to any iPad.    2 MB    Views 1678

Budget 2012

Related Apps calculator budget
0    Budget 2012rates and allowances at your fingertips. Includes PAYE Gross to Net calculator and also a Car Benefit calculator.    1 MB    Views 5559
Related Apps calculator tip
+2    This is the tip calculator you are waiting for. Quick. One screen, minimize your figure movement Easy to use Big font, esay to see Download today to enjoy the smooth experience Your good review will help us to make it better Email: hello ...    40 kb    Views 2780
Related Apps calculator mortgage
+11    A mortgage calculator that calculates your REAL monthly payments, with out requiring the complexity of understanding PMI, APR, FHA, USDA, Conventional, and all of the additional terminology that typically confuses home mortgagees.    12 MB    Views 9944

Calculator NoFX

+1    The best easy to use calculator of the market. When you were in college, did you suffer from a Fx Formula phobia ? Discover the easiest and simpler version of today's calculators. With an allnew clean design, our convenient calculator brings the ...    3 MB    Views 128
+11    The Scientific Graphing Calculator with exceptional features, extensibility and customisability. Define, evaluate, graph, analyse and extend any closedform expression. Scientific Calculator • Support for real numbers, complex numbers, vectors and lists (and lists of vectors of lists of complex etc.). • Trigonometry, radians ...    2 MB    Views 6549
personal finance intuitive transaction control smart
-3    Personal Finance App is the best way to seamlessly manage your money. It organizes your Income, Expenses, Report and Reminder for a life time. With it unique way of advising you every morning and evening, you are assured of achieving ...    4 MB    Views 2430
+15    Simple calculator using swift to showcase new features    3 MB    Views 423

Yotuba Calculator

calculator electronic
+5    Electronic calculator application The electronic calculator which a calculation process looks like. I can simplify that I calculate halfway again.    80 kb    Views 1351

Standard Calculator

Related Apps calculator standard
-5    Standard simple calculator. Easy in use.    9 MB    Views 7229
+9    Use this amazingly intuitive app to calculate how the buying power of the US dollar has changed from 1800 to 2011. Inflation Calculator lets you calculate the value of money for each year since 1800. For example, did you know that ...    387 kb    Views 8409

Tekmiria Calculator

+5    Tekmiria Calculator is an app that can calculate "ΤΕΚΜΙΡΙΑ ΔΙΑΒΙΩΣΗΣ" for financial years 2010 and 2011.    NAN    Views 4120
Related Apps calculator mortgage
+21    Utilise our free mortgage calculator to quickly determine monthly payments and locate the best mortgage rates available on the market today for remortgages, first time buyer, buy to let.    3 MB    Views 9052
-9    A carefully handcrafted, continental styled tip calculator designed for ease of use and fast results. Enjoy the rich presentation and intuitive controls of this handsome application after you've finished your meal. Features: Rich design Fast, intuitive data entry and results ...    2 MB    Views 4819


Related Apps fuel ups vehicle view services expenses multiple track economy intuitive
-2    Simple, sleek and intuitive vehicle management and fuel tracking app Ultimate fuel economy, expenses and maintenance overview for your vehicle. Manage multiple vehicles Log vehicle expense, services and fuel ups Metric or imperial measurements Detailed view of all your expenses, services and fuel ups. Track your ...    1 MB    Views 3590

RMD Calculator

-7    This app calculates the Minimum Required Distribution (aka. RMD or MRD) for ages 70115+. No personal information is stored on an external server. This is most useful for US residents. Source code can be viewed at    215 kb    Views 1428

Wealth Calculator

calculator wealth
0    ช่วยคำนวณง่ายๆ กับโปรแกรม Wealth Calculator ในเรื่อง คุณอยากมีเงินในอนาคตอันใกล้เท่าไหร่ คุณควรออมเงินกี่บาทต่อเดือน    3 MB    Views 5212

$ Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan
0    Easy and Sample Use Loan Calculator. With Custom Saving Loan Detail. Quick Search Saved Loan List.    1 MB    Views 978


orders simple installation credentials intuitive settings
+10    WooDash: Checking your webshop orders while laying down on the beach enjoying your cocktail With WooDash you can monitor your WooCommerce webshop any moment of the day. Without any additional plugins for you Wordpress installation. WooDash has some nice features to keep ...    6 MB    Views 4272
Related Apps calculator gold
+18    Offers a precious metals calculator, latest gold news and information    737 kb    Views 6625

Rent Calculator

Related Apps rent calculator
-4    Rent Calculator works out how much you'll need to pay for your rental each day, week or month, based on your rent, oneoff payments and monthly costs. With the ability to split the effective cost between housemates, this is a great ...    249 kb    Views 9371

Easy Calculator

0    Simple decimal number calculator with Percentage, +/ and memory functions. Ideal for use by financial users such as Field Sales Representatives and Accountants.    244 kb    Views 2213

My Wallet App

Related Apps manage month track intuitive fast day easy
-5    Easy, fast and intuitive application for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad to track your expenses. You want to manage a budget and keep track of all the flows (day by day or month by month). You want to manage ...    250 kb    Views 4380

BeeDesk Receipts

-5    BeeDesk Receipts is the easiest solution for keeping track of receipts for tax and reimbursement purpose. Snap photos of your receipts, organize them in categories and generate professional looking PDF and Excel (CSV) report. All receipts are immediately and securely saved on ...    13 MB    Views 3317
calculator customer
+9    Use this calculator to quickly determine the lifetime value of a customer by plugging in just a few values.    129 kb    Views 5363

Loan Calculator

Related Apps calculator loan
+25    Use this calculator to calculate any aspect of any loan. Leave one field blank and it will solve for it. Future versions will include loan amortization tables.    36 kb    Views 7357

Quote and Invoice

Related Apps business calendar work quote invoices invoice templates add interface intuitive information
+1    Quote And Invoice App is a one stop solution for small and large business owners looking for an on field invoicing app. A feature packed app that helps you generate, modify, organize and export billing information to your customers and ...    9 MB    Views 8363
0    Great calculator app that has a simple but perfectly intuitive interface. Big buttons make number entry a dream. Does exactly what you would expect from a basic calculator.    2 MB    Views 5916

$ Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip
0    A simple tip calculator.    152 kb    Views 974
money bitcoin send payments funds wallet future intuitive
-1    breadwallet is your on ramp to bitcoin the future of money. Intuitive and secure, breadwallet gives you complete control over your bitcoin. Send and receive bitcoin payments instantly, with the safest mobile wallet available. breadwallet is the only iPhone wallet ...    3 MB    Views 1393


+2    No frills 4 function calculator on your Apple Watch for simple 8 digit calculations on the go. Use the shift key to access subtraction and division so the calculator can be realised in a 4x4 grid.    3 MB    Views 657
tax calculator iphone sales intuitive free supports interface brand
+14    Brand new interface Fully supports iPhone OS4 Updated graphics and GUI to take advantage of iPhone 4's Retina high resolution display. Now supports up to three decimal places Brand new number pad allows you to instantly compute sales tax ...    2 MB    Views 42


calculator everyday
0    Everyday Calculator Calculators for everyday use Store Calculator, Restaurant Calculator, Loan Calculator, Basic Calculator,Conversion Calculator    6 MB    Views 8399

iPink Calculator

+2    This cute and beautiful calculator designed for girls like you who love beauty It's the best free girly calculator on the app store that includes every possible feature that you might need such as, a regular calculator, a converter, a ...    1 MB    Views 4983
calculator certificate
+1    This is a simple but handy reference guide for Certificate of Deposits (CDs). • Easy to use calculator for quick CD calculations. • Shows after term interest earned and final value. • Automatic APY calculation for rate comparison.    858 kb    Views 6633
Related Apps calculator monthly
+2    Simple Loan Calculator to calculate monthly payments.    214 kb    Views 2690


money finance management payments transfers standing tap intuitive
+1    Money management with a human touch. Bill payments and money transfers and many other moneythings the way they ought to be Assume control in your personal finance management, do bill payments, standing orders and money transfers, create recurring payments and repeat ...    12 MB    Views 5635
+19    Preneed Quote Calculator for Columbian Financial Group's Agents and Funeral Home Directors.    876 kb    Views 865
+3    SimchaBucks Gift Calculator helps event goers decide how much money they should spend on a present for an occasion, such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, baby showers or graduations.    140 kb    Views 6446


budget intuitive account easily budgeting
+2    OnBudget is a budgeting system that integrates a prepaid card account with this intuitive and easytouse app to simplify your household budgeting. The service is optimized to work with your existing bank accounts, allowing you to easily set your monthly ...    8 MB    Views 2707

PS Administrators

Related Apps health time medical account details view secure benefits information claims intuitive
-7    Save time and hassle while making the most of your HSA, HRA, FSA or Commuter Plans by quickly checking your balances and details of your account(s). Our secure app makes managing your health benefits easy through realtime access and intuitive ...    4 MB    Views 6023
calculator superannuation
+5    A simple superannuation calculator.    NAN    Views 9656

EZee Calculator

+5    Easy calculator showing different steps of calculations in the log.    295 kb    Views 3543

Calculator for You

+30    Calculator for a basic and scientific computations. Abacus and additional silver skin are included.    11 MB    Views 3127

Which Price is Best

measure price units item unit scroll intuitive choose comparison
-5    Which Price makes price comparison simple, particularly when stores go out of their way to use different units of measure for the same type of item. Just enter the price and number of units for each item, and use the scroll ...    554 kb    Views 5648
Related Apps calculator mortgage
+19    Our very easytouse remortgage calculator, will help you work out how much you could borrow and what your monthly mortgage repayments could be.    2 MB    Views 9496
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