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+15    Welcome is a new internet service that allows anyone to buy or sell anything in installments. Online, over the phone, or face to face, our app makes sure you can manage your selling and buying activities on the go. MANAGE ...    27 MB    Views 7323
+1    My Control Card The power to manage your account on the move. Keep track of your money with the Control Card mobile banking app. Check your balance in just a few seconds, see your recent transactions, find the closes reload location or ...    3 MB    Views 7914

MeksaFX Trader

+7    MeksaFX Trader is a mobile trading platform, which is developed for Forex Markets. MeksaFX Trader offers all trading functions, control on your open positions, and order management through a single consolidated account. Features Real time quotes for financial instruments in Forex ...    746 kb    Views 108

ZetaCuentas Home

+22    ¿Qué es ZetaCuentas Home? ZetaCuentas Home es la respuesta a las necesidades cotidianas de la administración financiera de personas y hogares. ¿Para qué sirve ZetaCuentas Home? ZetaCuentas Home permite administrar el efectivo, las cuentas bancarias, las tarjetas de crédito y de débito, controlar ...    5 MB    Views 6584
+3    Data Control will manage your iPhone’s data usage for both your provider’s data traffic and WiFi data traffic. By monitoring the data usage, Data Control will allow you to select the appropriate data plan from your provider. Data Control monitors data usage ...    1 MB    Views 6992


button system unit control
+20    Control your heating system form the touch of a button on your iPhone. Save the sim card number of your iHeat control unit, enter the length of time you require your system to run, then just press the Boost Heat ...    335 kb    Views 952
0    Do you want to control your budget? Did you notice that a large amount of money is being spent on unintelligible charges? Do you want at the end of the month to acquire some money for the vacation? Don't worry, ...    25 MB    Views 5736

Projector Up!

+12    Simple application for the financial accounting of projects. For small studios and freelancers. A simple and intuitive way to keep all of the projects under control. Only highlevel goals, anything unnecessary Managers, Projects, Tasks, Activity Full control over projects and ...    1 MB    Views 4886


work warranty receipts create privacy control website simply transactions data
-4    DocketBank is a new and simpler way to stay in control of your finances. DocketBank is a straight forward 24/7 finance management solution that allows you to track your spending and easily store your receipts and warranties … all while you ...    7 MB    Views 176

Crisis ?

0    Crisis is a new way to manage your personal finances.   Creating envelopes in Crisis allows you to manage your expenses and any unanticipated outgoings, as you would do placing money in real envelopes. Crisis is a priceless aid which enables you ...    2 MB    Views 1786
view control project projects data insight charts revenue
+23    View VanMeijel Ticon cost control, procurement and revenue control views on your iPad. BETTER INSIGHT PROJECTS With one dashboard you get insight into the progress of one of more projects. From project level to transaction detail. This gives you more control and ...    30 MB    Views 3524
Related Apps card tag control transaction details spending mastercard phone check weekly
+8    Use the Tag Control app to manage your MasterCard Tag Control payment device. 

Features include 
Check your balance
Review your transaction history Set a weekly budget for spending Easily monitor your spending habits – check your weekly spend on food and drink, ...    16 MB    Views 582

Overtime Calc

work calendar overtime ability easy values adding event control
+27    Overtime Cal application enables you to easily control your work together with overtime. It also allows you to remember your work done in the past and proper accounting for your employer. The opportunity to add a new event to the ...    4 MB    Views 1607

Freight Control

freight control shipping companies owners specific financial based
-8    The main purpose of Freight Control is to support the financial management of shipping owners and companies. This is based on three specific functions: • Freight Control gives shipping owners and companies insight of market information concerning present barge freight rates ...    573 kb    Views 2356
Related Apps money budget vacation month current schedule payment application control
+17    ​Do you want to control your budget? Did you notice that a large amount of money is being spent on unintelligible charges? Do you want at the end of the month to acquire some money for the vacation? Don't worry, ...    27 MB    Views 5731
Related Apps personal international data roaming features consumption national application control
-5    Navita T.E.M. Personal is an application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to control your data usage for national or international roaming. How it works? With the application Navita T.E.M. Personal you can control your monthly consumption of data on both ...    4 MB    Views 8620


card money movie spending type control application system add credit
-6    iCredCard is a system that has emerged around the need to control the flow of money spent on the credit card. The system is complete for those who want to control your spending with a credit card, know what you ...    2 MB    Views 9630


Related Apps management time inventory supply chain tracking mobile interface real control
+8    HYBRENT is a Mobile Inventory Management platform designed to empower acute and nonacute healthcare facilities better control cost and improve supply chain efficiency. This mobile inventory management application provides a single, consolidated interface to all inventory and supply chain systems, providing: Complete ...    12 MB    Views 9219


+1    iCompras is an application to control all your shoppings in an easy and fast way. Features: Easy and fast. Just you need. Make your shopping lists to buy the items in order to save your money. Make some lists of items ...    669 kb    Views 4712


home manage track information smart control bill tabs groceries
+2    Revolutionize the way you control your home with just few taps….. Smart DivaMobile Home Management by Creative Technosoft System’s provides nextgeneration app for homemakers to control household possessions who are busy in managing their homes with hectic Lifestyle schedules. An excellent solution that provides ...    2 MB    Views 9773

Control 2000

nuestros donde control 2000 empresa
-9    Control 2000, empresa 100% mexicana dedicada a desarrollar software administrativo, contable, fiscal y factura electrónica, creo un espacio pensado para ti en donde podrás estar actualizado en las últimas noticias del DOF, asi como tips contables y fiscales. Ve videos ...    NAN    Views 6298

Let's Shop

shopping time write save control
-5    It's time to have control on shopping time The fastest and easiest shopping time app. Great to go on supermarket. Use this app to do your shopping list. Write the description, values and quantities. Write how much you want to spend, so the app will ...    5 MB    Views 2994

Wallet Envelopes

Related Apps money envelopes cash wallet control
0    Easy to use, and helps you to stay in control If you believe in living a cash based financial life or would like to take control of you money, this app is for you. Instead of carrying money in different envelopes ...    2 MB    Views 2505
finanzas sus con control gastos los cil todos para
0    Finanzas En Control Siga, gestione y evalúe sus finanzas de manera eficiente y con facilidad. El poder hacer un seguimiento de todos sus gastos esta a su alcance con esta aplicación fácil de usar y rica en características. Anotarlo, manejarlo, ...    14 MB    Views 5040
+6    Take back control of your Bitcoin Blocktrail's Bitcoin wallet features unparalleled security through MultiSignature technology, keeping you in full control of your coins at all time. Transactions are signed on your device so we never see your private keys. With our HD ...    5 MB    Views 4423


social money cash savings grow control spend mobile
-6    ClearStreet is an app that helps you build cash reserves. The ClearStreet app combines mobile technology with social savings groups to enable your cash to grow. First, get control of your spending by simply speaking or typing each purchase as ...    45 MB    Views 2450


expenses income simple month finances control share
0    Who would not want to easily control their finances in a simple and also seeing a nice Ballenita? Well, here's Whallet a tool for both Web and mobile, where managing personal finances of any user, in an easy and simple ...    3 MB    Views 4491
+2    CIMA P3 Performance Strategy Revision Software for CIMA P3 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus). Over 300 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. This paper considers both financial and non financial risks. Management strategies covered extend ...    61 kb    Views 5665


money time personal control expense tags complicated website expenses data simple computer
+29    Have you ever wondered where does all your money go? Wouldn’t you like to have an exhaustive constant control over all you spendings? You have probably tried a lot of specialized expense monitoring applications, and for sure much of them were ...    12 MB    Views 4707
gastos tus esta con control
-3    ¿Quieres llevar el mejor control de tus gastos familiares? Te ahorramos el caos del papel con esta app. Lleva el control semanal, mensual y anual de tus gastos y establece las metas familiares. ¡Ahorra de la forma más simple Con esta app podrás ...    1 MB    Views 2875

Scope Direct

trading direct account control open orders positions otc forex
-1    Scope Direct is a mobile trading platform for Forex, Forwards, CFDs and OTC Opitons markets. Scope Direct offers all trading functions, control on your open positions, and order management through a single consolidated account. Features Real time quotes for financial instruments ...    3 MB    Views 9043
security accounts switch online download services control tap
+23    Turn your phone into the safety switch for your digital life • Switch off your digital accounts when you are not using them • Have your credit cards and bank accounts active just when you need them • Schedule the automatic disconnection at ...    7 MB    Views 9016
Related Apps home software budget personal planning bookkeeping financial control solution spender advisor
-3    You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting? With Home Bookkeeping, it's a snap It's your chance to finally become a savvy spender and protect yourself from the danger of debt. Unlike the usual paper and electronic ...    13 MB    Views 2968

Looping Business

Related Apps card time analytics real rules mobile control information system smartphone
+2    What is Looping ? LOOPING is a costeffective solution to compete with larger retail loyalty programs and be in control of your very own loyalty program right on your smartphone or tablet. Decked out with all of the bells and whistles ...    11 MB    Views 8531
food ipad collection control customer remote table order
0    Innovative solution for taking order on customer's table or second position POS from an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod. To operate, ShopCaisse must be installed on an iPad nearby on the same WiFi network. The ShopCaisse Application Remote control is ...    14 MB    Views 1357


budget income purchase purchases expenses application full control
-3    My budget is a useful tool which will help you take full control of your expenses and income, with a completely easy interface, and a spectacular graphics and income of each purchase to be made any day. My budget has the ...    3 MB    Views 9389
websites search control links remove check add places
+13    Second version of Sape app will let you take full control above your websites and projects. You will be able to buy and sell places for links, check statistics of websites and money transfers. Webmasters can: • Control websites (Google PageRank & ...    2 MB    Views 2868


0    CLEVERPILOT DRIVE YOUR INFORMATION CleverPilot is a mobile application that provides realtime information in various areas of management with smooth indicators and very appealing and intuitive graphics. Modules may either cover an area of activity (sales, purchases), a specific function (sales reps) or ...    8 MB    Views 6540
application transactions control
+13    With MultiSafepay Control merchants are able to access their transactional data everywhere at anytime. Users of the application can easily search for a specific transaction or create filters to find the transactions requested. The following features are in this mobile application: ...    10 MB    Views 5963

Touch Expense Free

love expenses expense daily categories easily custom control touch enjoy
+24    Touch Expense is an easy way to put your daily expenses. Insert and tracking your daily expenses has never been more fun. Enjoy effortless and intuitive expense tracker, and you’ll never dread your daily expense again FEATURES Custom controls Navigate between days easily with ...    6 MB    Views 2960
finance money planning calendar calculator statistics control discover finances
+3    Finance Me allows you tracking and control of your personal finances. Tracking and statistics allows you to find where that missing money has gone. Statistics per week and per year allow you to get a detailled overview of where, when and ...    6 MB    Views 7910
management cima performance making costs control decision linear version analysis
-1    Revision Software for CIMA P2 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus). Over 350 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. Paper P2 main focus is on the application of information in the management processes of decisionmaking ...    257 kb    Views 7151
data mobile control track account usage tool speed
+3    ►►► ACCOUNT REQUIRED ◄◄◄ A free datasquasher account is required before use. Please contact to request a free account. Control, compress and track your mobile data usage with datasquasher. √ Save up to 90% of mobile data √ Compress mobile data downloads √ Speed ...    10 MB    Views 2899

Swirl Card

Related Apps card mastercard online control view easy credit purchases
+3    Access your Swirl MasterCard Online Account quickly and easily while you're on the go by downloading the Swirl Card App. You can check your balance, view recent transactions and find Payzone retail locations where you can load your card or purchase ...    NAN    Views 4548


card control iso multiple credit maximum amount merchant
+1    BrinkCharge Mobile Credit Card Terminal Accept Credit Card Payments on your iPhone/iPad. ISO Program Available ISO control for Maximum Transaction Amount ISO control for Maximum Monthly Processing Amount Brandable at the Merchant Level (including Login page) Multiple merchant accounts ...    3 MB    Views 6794


Related Apps card cash expenses transactions credit data control wallet
+28    Wolla is a digital wallet, the ideal assistant against the economic crisis Wolla helps you keep your expenditures under control by recording all daily transactions such as cash expenses, credit card payments, cash withdrawals, and much more New functionalities: Dropbox Synchronization ...    5 MB    Views 8856
Related Apps business microsoft results nav dynamics defined control information
+2    Absolut control of your business anywhere and anytime trough this application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The AccSchedule app allows you to have your business information always available. That will enable you to control your business activities wherever you are. Highlights: ...    3 MB    Views 2370

My Carro

control los servicio las total gastos
0    App Totalmente en Español Cansado de no tener el control de los datos de tu carro,si nunca sabes cuando fue la última vez de tu servicio de agencia o de taller, o no sabes cuanto gastas de gasolina u otros gastos, ...    236 kb    Views 1099

Business PremioCard

business money cards card mobile account free control application instantly
-4    Business PremioCard Mobile is a free application allowing Business PremioCard clients to manage their electronic money and Business prepaid cards anytime, anywhere and hasslefree – just one tap away. PATENT PENDING: This mobile app provided by Intercard Finance AG and its ...    13 MB    Views 9294

Budget Salary

budget salary costs reports detail balance accounting control fast
-4    Budget Salary its very comfortable application for fast control of your money. The capabilities of Budget Salary is: salary accounting costs accounting fast add salary/costs categories of costs reports of costs and salary option password for secret detail statistic month ...    2 MB    Views 6755

PremioCard Mobile

card cards security mobile control limits fees activate
-5    Why PremioCard Mobile? With the PremioCard mobile app you can take care of your PremioCards and emoney wherever you are, whenever you want. PATENT PENDING: This mobile app is provided by Intercard Finance AG and it is protected by copyrights, trademarks and ...    6 MB    Views 3453
bills financial control
+16    Kill Bills is a control payables simple, made for those people who do not want an advanced financial control, just want to stop using the notebook or a spreadsheet. It is the perfect companion for your financial health.    318 kb    Views 9846


investors portfolio investor allocation individual create asset control protected
-7    Create and control your own bespoke portfolio "iProtect Serious Investors Only Need Apply" AppleCraver BEGINNERS USE BASIC MODE. ADVANCED INVESTORS/ADVISORS USE FUND MODE. iProtect is a new tool with which you can create your own tailormade, capitalprotected portfolio. There is a mistaken belief ...    2 MB    Views 7781

Control Caja

control caja
+6    Aplicación para control de caja de ahorro    7 MB    Views 5526

Red Giant

card cards red spending purchase screen line control
+18    Red Giant gives you revolutionary control over your spending. Using the Red Giant mobile application, you unlock your linked Red Giant debit card when you want to make a purchase. When you leave the area, Red Giant locks your card ...    6 MB    Views 822
Related Apps aan het een onze met control van
+5    2Trust wil een duurzame bijdrage leveren aan de loopbaan van zijn medewerkers én aan de maatschappij als geheel. Met trainingen en onze unieke job controlbenadering bereiken we het eerste doel, met een overtuigde verplichting aan corporate governance en compliance het tweede. We ...    20 MB    Views 9540
money data usage plan control phone save
+14    Have you ever wondered how to control your data plan? With Weplan app you can visualize your data plan and control your monthly expenditure. With Weplan: you can control your data usage (4G, 3G, EDGE, UMTS, LTE). You should know that controlling your ...    NAN    Views 3919
Related Apps money easy buy accounts bought simple application control
+5    Want you to know why at the end of month you have run out of money without buying anything useful? Want you the best way to organize your finances? Want you to help save some money for buy a new ...    8 MB    Views 8751
cima costing control 300 production version questions performance
+10    Revision Software for CIMA P1 Exam (May 2015 Syllabus). Over 300 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. This paper deals with tools and techniques that generate information needed to evaluate and control ...    62 kb    Views 614

SettleUp Calculator

calculator group expenses balance pay helps control
+4    SettleUp Calculator helps to keep your group expenses under control. Was it that you pay for a group in suggestion that everybody chip in later? When you club together to prepare event, celebration, picnic, to buy a gift for your colleague, ...    751 kb    Views 188
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