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Shopping Queen: Money Sale / Discount Calculator | Panload

★★★ Become the ultimate shopper! ★★★

★★★ Share your awesomeness! ★★★

Has this ever had happen to you?

You are out shopping with your friends

and you see a dress that is on sale.

You look at the tag and ask yourself how much is 17% off of $24.99 ?

No more second guessing yourself, just get out your device launch the Shopping Queen and get the price!

You would say “I can do the same with a calculator !” but do you really want to stand there and waste your time doing math problems in store rather than impress your friend with the awesome Shopping Queen?

Whether you're a discount hunter, a sales catcher or you simply love to buy a lot, this app will help you find the best, crazy deals. After all you can impress your friends with your magnificent shopping skills by posting your shopping list with all hunted discounts on Facebook.

Awesome app during: Christmas, Jewish Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Valentines, Black Friday and other shopaholic holidays.

So how it works ?

Simply choose two values to enter :

- first price,

- discounted price,

- or discount value itself

… and then BOOOM you get the info price you want!

Get the result and if you like it, buy it and add it to your list.

It's that simple!

★ Key Features★

✔ Extremely Fast And Easy Sale Price Calculator

✔ A Shopping List With Deals Day By Day

✔ Store Sale Items To Calculate Total Savings

✔ Post Each Product Or Even Whole List On Facebook
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Author panload
Published 2015-02-17
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