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Bitcoin Tracker Live | Panload

Bitcoin Tracker Live is an exchange tracking tool to help keep track of the bitcoin price with live up to date prices 24/7.

Bitcoin Tracker Live converts the value into USD, GBP,EURO, AUD and Yuan, and allows price tracking from Mt. Gox, Blockchain and Local Bitcoins.

BItcoin Tracker Live features a personal tracker to keep you up to date on your BTC value. Just enter how many coins you have and the app will keep tracking the value of your coins.

With a simple a clean UI, you are always kept up to date with one click on a button.

Choose which exchange you want to use. If you don't like Mt. Gox you don't have to use it.

--coming soon--

More currencies and exchanges

Full iPad support

--Developer Note--

If you would like to see Mt. Gox support removed please contact me via If i get enough support i will completely remove Gox and replace with more reliable exchanges.
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BitTix - Bitcoin Live Price Ticker

Author panload
Published 2015-09-26
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