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The FATCA App is for those professionals affected by the withholding tax provisions of Title V of the US HIRE Act – also known as FATCA. The App provides project timers for key fixed FATCA issues, project management timers for your own FATCA project deadlines as well as details of training, conferences and FATCA solutions vendors and advisors.

FATCA is a complex issue with many deadlines and procedures that need to be followed. Some deadlines are fixed and others, such as your own FATCA project deadlines, will vary. TConsult and our collaborating partners are the world's most knowledgeable on the subject. The FATCA App brings that knowledge to your iPhone or iPad in a simple to use and easy interface.

The FATCA App consists of "Timers" and "Information" screens. There are three "Timer" screens and one information screen. The timers give you a countdown to, or from, either fixed events (FATCA Events) or events that you create yourself (My FATCA and My Events).

For those FATCA events that are fixed by the IRS or US government, we have included a specific timer that shows you how long you’ve got until that event happens. You can delete these events from your FATCA screen, and you can change the display units and colour of the event. If your iOS device is using iOS4 or greater you can set alerts to be notified some time before the event occurs. You can restore the initial FATCA events at any time via the edit button.

The "My FATCA" screen allows you to create timers for your own implementation of FATCA. We’ve included some samples that you can either use, amend or delete. For example, the documentation rules of FATCA, as currently known, require certain procedures to take place over a given time frame – documenting existing account holders who are individuals with more than $50,000 account balances across a year. There are many more like this and it will be very easy to miss those deadlines or be unprepared for them. The FATCA App lets you create as many myFATCA events as you like, unique to your own needs.

We've also included in the App a screen for your own personal use – "My Events". Here you can create and keep any personal timers – how long until your birthday, how long until your mortgage is paid off, partner's birthday etc.

Deadlines and timers are not however all there is to FATCA. As a professional in this area, you need to have all the key documents to hand as others in your organisation or your customers, come to you as their guide. You'll also need all that information for your own guidance and reference. The Information Screen in the FATCA App contains several key documents. FATCA Documents currently include the HIRE Act itself as well as IRS guidance Notices. Vendors and Advisers have also contributed documents which may help you and your colleagues understand FATCA better. The documentation section also has content related to advisory services available as well as training courses.

We will be posting updates to the FATCA App as and when either the IRS issues new guidance or further information from vendors and advisers is available on solutions or training courses.
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