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Organise your money envelopes, gifts and vouchers effieciently for weddings, birthdays and other events. Envylope makes it simple to have records of personal gift-giving between friends and family. Never show up to a wedding with less money in your envelope or return a gift to the same person who gave it to you! Envylope takes care of these first world problems!

If you love to make lists of gift exchanges between friends and family, this app is for you! Have an entire database of personal gift-giving at your fingertips!

All your devices can be synced, which means you will always have your information wherever you are. Also, if you lose your phone, your data will not be lost.

**Envylope has been featured globally, here are some quotes from the press**

“Simple way to record these transactions…” - tabla! Newspaper, May 2014, Singapore

“It can get tough to keep track of all your gift-giving and return gift-giving obligations… Brilliant Idea.” - Plan Shaadi, July 2014, USA

“An App perfect for Asians!” - Asian World Newspaper, September 2014, UK

“Just like the simplicity of its idea, the design of the app allows users to easily save and organise records…” -Masala Magazine, October 2014, Bangkok

It’s Extremely Useful For:

* Couples: Store an entire summary of received envelopes and gifts at your Engagement / Bridal Shower / Wedding / House Warming / Baby Shower etc

(We have made it easy for you to add multiple entries to the same event. This means that after you insert one entry with information of your wedding, all subsequent entries can have the same event name and date stored. This will save you time in compiling your lists!)

* Parents: Keep an organised list of kid's voucher / cash gifts for Birthdays / Christenings / Christmas etc

* Socialites who attend numerous events where gift-giving occurs - and might forget who they gave what to!

Features include (Envylope Basic & Envylope Pro):

- Extremely easy to add entries (this includes date, event, given and received etc)

- Pre-saved commonly used currencies and events (e.g. USD, THB, SGD, GBP and Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, etc)

- Auto completion of names, events and sub-events you've already entered (saving you more time!)

- There are 4 ways to view your entries: Timeline, Person, Event, Date

- The default view is the Timeline where you have an entire history of given/received money envelopes and gifts in a chronological fashion

- The other views are filtered by either Person, Event or Date where you can see this in a list format

- A bold visual indication of given/received status of each entry (colour representation e.g. Green = Given, Red = Received)

- Save time: instead of going through all your entries, or filtering by the tab bar, there’s a quick search option

- iCloud feature enables you to back up your data and sync across all devices

- Offline access to your lists. No internet connection is needed for you to use Envylope. Connection is only needed for synching of devices, or sending your list as an email

- Envylope has been built for the iPhone and iPad (with landscape support for the iPad)

Features include (Envylope Pro):

- 12 themes to choose from

- 2 keyboard themes (light/dark)

- The ability to send an email of your list in PDF format

(Wedding users would find it extremely useful to print out a hardcopy of their monetary gifts/gifts for reference or email it to family members)

- No ads

- Unlimited Entries

Note: Envylope Basic has a limit of 5 entries, and one default theme. It is created as a free version for users to try, and if they like it they can upgrade to Envylope Pro. Envylope Pro will be a one-off purchase as any future update or feature will be free once the app is bought. Also, only one purchase of Envylope is needed for it to run in all your devices. If you buy it on your iPhone, your iPad version will be free, vice versa.

*Check out our website for more information:
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