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***Join 10,000 businesses including some Subway and Olive Garden restaurants***

Appay biz is both a cash register and a remote ordering system (your customers can use the app "appay" to order) that is adaptable enough for any type of business

No other app on the app store:

-Offers your business the ability to create orderable menus right from a mobile device

-Allows multiple employees to fulfill orders at the same time

-Allows refills

-Allows your business to decide if they want to tab orders

-Is designed for businesses, individuals, and franchises

-Offers pre-ordering, takeout (optional), delivery (optional), in-store ordering, and point of sale functionality all from within one app

-Allows payment from the app as an option. If you want to use our platform for ordering but continue using your current credit card setup or accept cash, there are no transaction fees. However, if you want to allow payment from using the app the fee is 2.9%

-Allows your customers and businesses to view where an employee is (if the employee allows it) such as where the beverage carts are on a golf course

-Allows your business to send coupons, deals, and memberships to a specific person or all your customers

-Offers customers the option to send entire orders for friends to order

-Has inventory capabilities (auto-restock or by qr codes)

-Offers qr codes for coupons as well as ones that link to your store or item (great for napkins or drink coasters)

-Allows you to post new job offers from within the ordering app

-Offers price suggestions

Learn more at or email us at [email protected]
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Published 2015-01-10
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