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WACC Valuation

0    Computes enterprise value (EV) using Discounted Free Cash Flow (FCF) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) when horizon period, discount rate, free cash flows for each year in the horizon period, terminal value, debt and cash position are supplied.    71 kb    Views 941


+3    Trade Forex online. Currencies, gold, shares, indices, and crude oil and more. Free trading software, free realtime quotes, and no commissions.    7 MB    Views 9964
world 2013 free commerce review
+24    The app is FREE to download and includes FREE access to the August 2013 edition of World Commerce Review, a leading B2B publication with editorial contributions from the global business and political elite    15 MB    Views 5645

Bankruptcy Aide

+3    Need help in declaring bankruptcy? Download Bankruptcy Aide today. This FREE App will help you navigate the bankruptcy process and find bankruptcy resources near you. Get answers to frequently asked questions and access local attorneys near you. As a Bankruptcy Helper user, ...    2 MB    Views 7745
+14    Hey Guys, The Little Accountant is an app that helps you keep track of your expenses and income, with a little more style than app usually have.. It's NOT a professional accounting app, it's fairly simple, for simple everyday use. Again, as with ...    3 MB    Views 853

NB&T Banker Jr.

kids banker free
+5    NB&T introduces Banker Jr. a FREE mobile app to help teach kids simple money concepts. Learn with interactive savings passbook, goal setting, and fun financial literacy games. Helping kids save because kids count too Download Banker Jr. to your iPhone ...    44 MB    Views 8632


0    Download this free App to stay current with all things related to your vehicle Schedule service 24/7 Contact us one touch call or email Search our new and preowned inventory Request a quote from our dealership Our goal is to make your buying experience ...    2 MB    Views 6565
+26    The free version of the Solar Calculator application. The application to calculate how much solarpanels on your roof will bring you This free version does everything that the paid app does except the actual calculation. In this way you can have a look ...    1 MB    Views 9058


free owe
+2    FREE FREE FREE Money42 is design for two people to keep accounts. You can easily check history of how much you owe and how much the other owe you.    2 MB    Views 6062


+16    The application is based on a set of discounts applied on a cost price, M&R estimates the profit margin and the mark up you get from the sale or purchase of any product, goods or service. Moreover, M&R calculates the ...    4 MB    Views 1778
+1    Currency convertion tool for Free    682 kb    Views 3756

Free Tip Calculator

Related Apps calculator tip free
+2    The quickest, easiest way to calculate a tip and divi up the dinner bill. Easy to use interface, nice big keyboard and no spinning wheels. ???????????????????????????? ? iPhone, iPod and iPad compatible ???????????????????????????? Get Free Tip Calculator plus tons more great calculators such as Loan ...    5 MB    Views 8307
+26    ▶▶▶▶▶ FREE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶▶▶▶ FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY FREE STARTER COINS Features: Exciting bonus games and bonus spins Daily big win bonus Amazing levels and themes Auto bet and play Multiplayer and much more    108 MB    Views 2467

Convrt App

+18    simple currency conversion app which lets you have a quick overview of multiple currencies at the same time. This project is free and open source > feel free to see what actually is happening behind the scenes and support if you like. written ...    3 MB    Views 560

My Community FCU

+5    My Community’s free mobile application provides you instant access to your account directly from your smart phone. You get 24/7 access to view your balances, monthly statements, transfer funds between your accounts, make a loan payment and it will even ...    4 MB    Views 5678

Euro Converter Free

+4    Euro Converter Free will allow you to convert from 159 different currencies, back to euros. It's ideal for anybody who travels a lot. Updating to the most recent exchange rates is only one button press away Keep exchange rates current with ...    433 kb    Views 420

1st MS Now

1st convenient access free
-1    The free and convenient app for 1st Mississippi Federal Credit Union. Using your existing Access ID and password you can: Check balances Perform transfers Create and maintain account alerts 1st MS Now is a free and convenient way to access your accounts.    1 MB    Views 7215
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-2    Dollar Converter Free will allow you to convert from 159 different currencies, back to dollars. It's ideal for anybody who travels a lot. Updating to the most recent exchange rates is only one button press away Keep exchange rates current with ...    433 kb    Views 9619
-3    You spent all your money again? You barely even know where did you spend it? Where have your money gone? Why do you keep running the same circles in your finances over and over again? It’s time to change your ...    27 MB    Views 5189

Ann Eisenhart

0    Welcome to my app. There are great free resources available, and you can request a free consultation to meet with me. Please enjoy and share.    398 kb    Views 1195
Related Apps simple free
-8    Number 1 Finance app in Brazil, Dominica, Nigeria,Seychelles and Senegal A simple iPad calculator brought to you by MyAppleSin. This app offers basic arithmetics with an intuitive interface. Simple to use and the best of all: it is free Compatible now with iOS 4 ...    21 MB    Views 4345
-2    Access your Family First accounts on the go anywhere, anytime, with Mobile Banking on your iPhone. It’s fast, secure, and free 24/7 banking at your fingertips With the Family First mobile banking app, you can check your balances, look at past ...    9 MB    Views 451
Related Apps banking view access free mobile
+15    Our Mobile Banking application allows you access to your accounts anywhere, anytime. It’s fast, free and available to all of our Online Banking users. With this app you can do the following: Check balances 24/7 Deposit checks from your phone ...    9 MB    Views 5098
Related Apps calculator touch financial free
+10    Touch 12i is a financial calculator that implements most features of the industrystandard HP12C, including programming functions. This is a free version with ads.    4 MB    Views 1077

WCR Sept 2014

+25    The app is FREE to download and includes FREE access to the latest edition of World Commerce Review, a leading B2B publication with editorial contributions from the global business and political elite    134 MB    Views 7719


-8    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + + 【薯片方便咗】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Paid Lifestyle app (21/11) + + 【睇路傳呼機】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Paid Lifestyle app (15/4) + + 【搭車我至叻】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Free Lifestyle app (17/11) + + 【睇路我至叻】進佔: + Top 1 in HK Free app (30/12) + + 【夜歸我至叻】進佔: + Top 3 in ...    4 MB    Views 7374
Related Apps banking mobile free accounts
+3    With First Nebraska Educators Credit Union Free Mobile Banking Application, you can easily access your accounts 24/7. FNECU Mobile Banking allows you the convenience of managing your finances and performing financial transactions securely anywhere – anytime FEATURES: • Check Account Balances • View ...    3 MB    Views 7258


+14    Accept credit cards and get paid in store or anywhere with mobile accessibility. Its free to get started and payments arrive in your account fast. Try it now for free    909 kb    Views 8891


free users
+19    Run your business on the go with FreshOffice for iOS. This app includes priority functions such as CRM, Tasks and Chat to improve efficiency when mobile. The application is free for all FreshOffice users, including users currently on the Free ...    21 MB    Views 1757


data save free
+4    Expatriates App is a Free client for website, the most famous Buy/Sell site in the Middle East. It has the following features: It is optimized to save bandwidth on costly 3G data connections by filtering unnecessary data. You can ...    NAN    Views 9924

ARC FCU Mobile

mobile fcu free accounts
-5    Access your accounts anytime from anywhere with ARC FCU Mobile. View account balances, transfer between accounts, make a loan payment, pay your bills, search for the nearest surcharge free ATMs, and so much more. ARC FCU Mobile is available to ...    4 MB    Views 9090

Simple VAT

vat simple free
+2    Calculate VAT using a Simple VAT system. Either add or takeaway vat with a click of a button. 100% FREE No Ad's Vat percentages added for the following. UK USA France India Germany Italy Australia Argentina Spain It's simple and sleek ...    237 kb    Views 1433
Related Apps loan free calculate
-7    Calculate Monthly payments for a loan, or calculate how long it will take to pay off a loan, or work out how much you can borrow. Simple, Free and Small (fast to load)    230 kb    Views 3180
Related Apps pay payment schedule free monthly
+11    This application is intended to identify credit card payment schedule. Anywhere and anytime, to understand the schedule of payment, please prevent overuse. In addition, debit (pay day) and days postpay rent monthly, bimonthly water bills, and can also be used for annual membership fee. The paid ...    2 MB    Views 6779
Related Apps easy free converter
-5    Tradu Converter Free by Tradukkar. A great tool to help you easy to convert some value. Support more group: Volume, Area, Weight, Time, Temperature, Length Simple interface, easy to use. Enjoy and fun.    544 kb    Views 526
calculator ipad mini free
-6    Mini Calculator For iPad FREE With Ads. Autosave function remembers your calculations after you leave app. Works both in portrait and landscape device orientations. Live Wallpaper    3 MB    Views 3053

Calculator HD+ Free

Related Apps calculator history free
0    There are many calculator apps out there, so why does everyone get this one ? It is simple, easy to use and well designed High precision engine Result is displayed while typing the formula Multiple undo Switch between workspaces ...    14 MB    Views 4618

Moneyha2 Free

-9    Moneyha2 Free は、ご好評いただいている Moneyha の後継アプリになります。 Moneyha は支出管理のみでしたが、Moneyha2 になり収支管理を行えるようになりました。 有料版もご用意しています。 こちらは Moneyha2 Freeのリリースを記念しまして特別価格で販売中!!!(2015年8月末まで) 特徴1 他の類似アプリにあって、Moneyha2 にはない機能が沢山あります。 以下の機能は Moneyha2 にありません。これらの機能が必要な場合は他のアプリをご利用ください。 + 資産管理できません + 予算管理ありません + グラフありません + カレンダー表示ありません + 日毎の集計ができません + アイコンありません + 細やかな設定項目ありません + 他にも色々ありません 特徴2 面倒な記録作業をシンプルにすることにより、記録を継続してもらえることを目指しています。 Moneyha2 で出来ることはあまりありません。 + 支出を記録できます + 収入を記録できます + 月毎の収支記録を一覧表示します + 月毎の収支計と費目計を集計します + MemohaのCSVをインポートできます 使い方 お金を使ったら Moneyha2 を起動することを習慣にしてください。 以下の一連の作業は慣れると10秒です。 1. お店のレジで会計、ネットで買い物、とにかくお金を使ったら、Moneyha2 を起動する。 2. 記録する。 3. アプリを閉じる。 操作方法 操作方法はとても簡単です。 記録を行うには、費目と摘要と金額を半角スペースで区切って保存をタップします。 記録内容は月毎に一覧でみることができ、記録の編集もできるようになっています。    7 MB    Views 6711

Thrift Box

box free records
0    Stressless personal finance management. I keep my records. It is great absurdity to spend 23 minutes for entering expenses. You will stop doing this in a day or two. Even steady people will not be able to make it past a ...    3 MB    Views 9960
world free review commerce
+9    The app is FREE to download and includes FREE access to the latest edition of World Commerce Review, a leading B2B publication with editorial contributions from the global business and political elite    32 MB    Views 8281

F9 Part 1 Free

covers part free
-8    Part 1 covers Working Capital Management, Investment Appraisal and Sources of Finance, three major syllabus areas of the module. It covers Multiple Choice Questions along with the detail answers/explanation. This apps intends to provide you an opportunity to take advantage ...    2 MB    Views 1031


Related Apps gold free silver prices
+12    The most fun you can have checking the spot prices of gold and silver daily. Live prices are updated every 30 seconds while the worldwide markets are open. Play a quick round or two of the slots each day to add to ...    14 MB    Views 8736

OnPoint Fuel Free

mpg free fuel mileage
+14    OnPoint is the ultimate tool for tracking fuel mileage and efficiency. Whether you're a hypermiler, are just the curious type, or want to find trends in how your vehicle is performing, OnPoint is there for you. OnPoint is also available as ...    3 MB    Views 695
free finder
+1    A simple application where you enter in your bill and it will tell you the amount you should pay for tip depending on the percentage that you choose. Free version of QuickTip Finder.    146 kb    Views 5713

Currency Changer

Related Apps time rates free real
+1    Convert currencies for free. This software is designed for FOREX traders, travellers and calculates the rates in real time. Key features: 1. Rates on real time 2. Free Live charts. Tap on the chart for larger view 3. Set your own target rates.    4 MB    Views 2290

WCR June 2014

+12    The app is FREE to download and includes FREE access to the latest edition of World Commerce Review, a leading B2B publication with editorial contributions from the global business and political elite    171 MB    Views 8795
diamond certificate free
0    Diamond certificate verification tool from international gemological laboratory: GIA, EGL, EGL USA, IGI, HRD. and AGS just by entering the diamond certificate number and carat weight. no need to browse through different websites and search engine, available for iPhone iPad ...    3 MB    Views 4621

Daily Deals Free

deals daily tool free
+18    Daily Deals Free is a useful tool to track the latest deals from the major deal sites in U.S.. You will not miss any sweet deals using this tool. You can also share any deals with your friends by one ...    353 kb    Views 5101
Related Apps rates exchange currency free
-6    Free currency converter with calculator function which helps you convert any amount from one currency to another. The Exchange Rates TTT provides reliable, fast and free exchange rates and currency conversion for more than 160 currencies including bitcoin. All exchange ...    12 MB    Views 6245


Related Apps banking bank mobile free
+14    Mobile Banking by St. Ansgar State Bank allows you to bank on the go. It's free to download and offers quick access for managing your bank accounts. Check your balances, transfer money, and locate ATMs and branches with just a ...    4 MB    Views 9340
Related Apps bank mobile free
0    Your Finances Anywhere, Anytime Take advantage of our mobile offering for immediate account access on the go. It's secure, FREE and easy to use. Tap into intuitive features optimized for your iPhone. Download the free app to: Check balances, view transaction history, ...    1 MB    Views 7125
free classic
-6    Awesome classic arcade basketball Download this classic game of hoops for FREE today. Take you skills to the free throw line and see how many baskets you can make Multiple themes and modes Make sure you slide and flick it ...    38 MB    Views 2314
free rich future test application
+4    /// Free Application /// The ultimate Test to know if you'll be rich in the future Money & Luxury style Thanks to this application, you'll be able to know in 3 minutes if you'll be rich in the future Just answer ...    9 MB    Views 8292

zufasa free

-2    try out the new zufasa free app to track your households expenses. Premium version will be available soon.    4 MB    Views 5103
Related Apps bonus free win
-1    ▶▶▶▶▶ FREE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶▶▶▶ FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY TONS OF FREE STARTER COINS Features: Exciting bonus games and bonus spins 20 and 30 Win Lines Daily big win bonus Amazing 12 themes Fast reel stop Auto play Game Center ...    55 MB    Views 9856

Cash Box

Related Apps cash free box add
-3    B.C. Free Simple way to add your money from a cash box > More Now Coming in 2.2 < Like to keep track of your cash. Well Add to it daily and keep it SAVED This app now saves Automatically Enter the ...    206 kb    Views 6046

III Inventory

Related Apps home inventory free online
+25    Know Your Stuff Home Inventory, the Insurance Information Institute's free online home inventory software. This application makes creating and updating your home inventory easy and efficient. And with our free, secure online storage you will have access to your ...    1 MB    Views 890

iTracMoney Free

track account free
-4    iTracMoney Free is a simple money management application designed to track your daily income and spending. Track your assets with three different account types, Cash, Bank Account, and Credit Card. Backup your information in either a CSV file sent via ...    304 kb    Views 1642
rent calculator free
+4    Rent Calculator Free works out how much you'll need to pay for your rental each day, week or month, based on your rent, oneoff payments and monthly costs. With the ability to split the effective cost between housemates, this is a ...    263 kb    Views 7645
banking mobile accounts free
+25    You can now manage your accounts quickly and easily from your mobile device. First National Bank in Philip offers Mobile Banking where you can conveniently and securely: • Check your account balances • View recent transactions • Transfer money between your accounts • Find ATMs and branch locations To ...    3 MB    Views 5479
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