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+3    The most accurate listing of global HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, PS, ABS and PET contract prices. PolymerTrack publish and distribute weekly polymer prices indicating the lowest average price that polymer is traded at across the world's most active polymer markets. ...    4 MB    Views 1414
+2    The BP energy charting tool allows users to graph the data contained in this year’s Statistical Review of World Energy. Features include: · Energy data from 1965 for most series · Interactive world map · Customizable chart types and calculations Stay informed of world energy ...    14 MB    Views 6857


0    Get instant access to the Malaysian Bond and Sukuk markets with this powerful app and stay on the ball 24/7 wherever you are. Perfect for Traders, Investors, Analysts and Risk Professionals. Key Features with the latest market moving data: Trading updates ...    3 MB    Views 9829


+8    The UK Energy Data Browser allows the user to view charts showing data and information on the operation of the UK electricity market. It provides access to reports preconfigured by existing subscribers of the webservice. It also provides access ...    2 MB    Views 4118
time browser data
0    You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 browsers at the same time Manage Facebook, Twitter and more at the same time Independece control of 1, 2, 3 or 4 browser windows Stay up to date with all news at ...    5 MB    Views 133

Poker Bankroller

+3    You play poker or play casino and need to track your gambling money? Green means you are making money. Red means you are loosing money This application can also give you a history of all your entered data can send by ...    3 MB    Views 5889


data access secure
+1    Why wait to get secure access to your information until you can get to your laptop? Now with 2Go, you can securely connect to your corporate reports, dashboards or data visualizations directly using your iPhone or iPad. Secure in the ...    4 MB    Views 2044

Montel Mobile

mobile full data access
+11    Access energy news and market data for professionals anywhere, any time with Montel Mobile. Customise your own Montel Mobile page with specific contracts, or go to any of our readymade commodity views to get the full range of data and graphics. Once ...    5 MB    Views 5136


+13    EcoHome enables to manage the energy consumption data of electricity, gas and water for multiple buildings. You see immediately changes of your consumption, cost, forecast, payment and repayment to the end of defined period. The termination reminder will notify you to ...    6 MB    Views 4271
+2    Always wanted to know how much fuel your vehicle consume? Wanted to know whether it is really economical as the manufacturer says? Wanted to know how much you spend on fuel? Now there is also an app for that The only app that REALLY ...    5 MB    Views 2624


+10    Get access to your data from anywhere at anytime without the actual need of being physically in the office.  You can benefit from viewing reports  and dashboards and analyzing data reports driven from your Tiger ERP all that using the ...    2 MB    Views 2605

iLEVEL Mobile

data mobile
+4    The iLEVEL Mobile private capital data platform provides access to your firm’s investment performance data on individual assets, funds and across the entire portfolio.    7 MB    Views 8946

Z-Ben Advisors

-9    ZBen Advisors is a Shanghaibased consultancy firm whose core analytical interest is in exploring all opportunities open and available to the foreign asset management and servicing community within the Chinese investment management industry. Established in 2004, ZBen Advisors provides clients ...    7 MB    Views 8789


sales reports store stores data
+1    AutoPoll puts your store's data in the palm of your hand by giving you live sales reports, yesterday's closing sales reports, end of month inventory reports, sales graphs, and opening times for each store. Area managers can choose their favorite ...    4 MB    Views 5861

My Solar Energy

solar time data energy
+7    My Solar Energy is part of the fusebox wiring at home; with two CT's it measures the electricity generated, the energy purchased from and sold to the grid and household consumption in real time. The data is transmitted wirelessly to ...    19 MB    Views 5815
+27    This app allows you to easily check Bitcoin market prices incredibly simple and intuitive. Disclaimer : We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the data presented in this application. The data is gathered from public APIs and should not be ...    3 MB    Views 2767


data week
+11    This week limit free,after this week the price will be 1.99 Simple and elegant financial tool, help you manage your daily consumption。 save your consumption data auto sync your data through iCloud,you will never lost your data    3 MB    Views 9892


data mobile
0    Corey Finance is the Mobile Analytics Solution used by Investment Bankers, Financial Advisors, RIAs, Broker Dealers, Portfolio Managers and Venture Capitalists, to access just the relevant data and market information that drives their business. Now, with Corey Finance™ it is all ...    8 MB    Views 995


+15    Coinucopia (v1.0) is a cryptocurrency ticker that fetches the latest buy, sell and last transaction data for Bitcoin, Litecoin and other popular altcoins at the press of a button. Cryptocurrencies supported: Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin (A must see for all Doge lovers) Namecoin Peercoin Quark Primecoin Feathercoin Future iterations will support: More ...    3 MB    Views 9969


-6    TallMey is an new app for managing personal finance , the function is simple and clear without additional complex function, applied to a list of charts and intuitive showed your current financial status, and data classification. All of the financial data ...    10 MB    Views 4301

SS&C Sylvan

+13    SS&C Sylvan (FOR CLIENTS ONLY LOGIN REQUIRED TO USE THIS APP) is built upon SS&C's worldclass expertise in performance and attribution measurement services and technology. Its cuttingedge features include online access to performance data, query and analytics tools, real ...    6 MB    Views 3421


+5    ●StockA is a special APP that helps auctioneers, retailers, businessmen, and people who want to sale their things to deal with their inventory. ●StockA can list all your items in a systematically clear way. ●StockA is able to change, add or delete ...    29 MB    Views 2411

Mobex Portfolio

health time portfolio data
+13    Mobex Portfolio combines your uploaded portfolio data with realtime data feeds to receive live updates to PnL, issuer exposure, and overall account health. Includes graphs for timeseries views of PnL, and instant health charting.    11 MB    Views 6897


custom data receipt
+20    Receipt Fairy is a powerful mileage and receipt management and reporting app with no monthly fees or strangers viewing your financial data for transcription purposes. Data is strictly confidential and you are only one with access to it. Track amount, ...    11 MB    Views 9822


+1    Receipt Fairy is a powerful mileage and receipt management and reporting app with no montly fees or strangers viewing your financial data for transcription purposes. Data is strictly confidential and you are only one with access to it. Track amount, ...    11 MB    Views 3159


data automatic
+27    Entertainment Bankroll Management. Casino automatic Location. Statistical analysis, illustrated Risk ob Ruin calculation. Automatic conversion of various currencies. Data backup and recovery. Exchange data with the computer, Data can be exported in text format.    6 MB    Views 1081
baby log data logger
-8    Find and Download the PRO Version and Get All Features For One Low Price (33% Savings Over InApp Purchases) Baby Logger is your daily log to keep track of your baby’s feedings, sleep habits, play times, peepee, and bowel movements. • Easy ...    4 MB    Views 6883
+20    Simple and convenient application for recording in your shop and warehouse. Become more mobile with miniprinter and our program Print your customer documents, not departing from it Features: receipt of products, sales and inventory printed form reports on sales and stock ...    84 MB    Views 7893


Related Apps step entry data
+5    New workers do not need to have any prior experience as we provide you with a complete Step by Step guide to help you get started. All that's required is a phone and access to the internet. This is not ...    6 MB    Views 9941


data month day
+17    HomeBalance permits to track down and share your money balance, day by day, month by month. It comes with an elegant and simple UI, in which you can view by graphs all your transactions or export data in .csv. Data security is ...    1 MB    Views 1896


netherlands locations data atm
0    ATM Holland finds cash machines in The Netherlands. For your convenience, it is only necessary to update the data once, such that you can use this data offline during your stay in The Netherlands. ATM Holland provides the following functionality: Browse nearby ...    1 MB    Views 6635


website user data setup
-8    ConsultantHelper gives you an easy to use app to track the expense and income for your business. Access your data from the website and edit/add your data from this app. Other features include maps for locations and inventory setup ...    5 MB    Views 9116


deals data application deal
+25    Welcome to the Dealtracker Application Dealtracker is Grant Thornton India LLP’s flagship publication. It captures M&A and PE deals and is considered as a reliable source of deal data by corporates, intermediaries and media. The report is published on a monthly, ...    2 MB    Views 6400


Related Apps market data financial
-6    Infobolsa delivers a new Financial Market app to keep you updated with the latest financial data (main Market Indexes, currencies, equity Spanish market and other relevant data). Using their own accounts, registered users of Infobolsa services will access the market data ...    15 MB    Views 7235


Related Apps tax tools financial data
+3    The Investment Coach Tax Tools App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and our news feed with links to further tools that can help you. Our FREE app is updated with all current ...    7 MB    Views 6017


data save free
+11    Expatriates App is a Free client for website, the most famous Buy/Sell site in the Middle East. It has the following features: It is optimized to save bandwidth on costly 3G data connections by filtering unnecessary data. You can ...    NAN    Views 9924


keyboard user numeric data
+13    The HouseTax application is specifically designed for recording the data of public utilities’ consumption (i.e. water, gas, electricity). The keyboard is set to numeric mode as a default, thus the user can enter numerical information conveniently without having to constantly ...    2 MB    Views 564


+27    iPad version of ERP system is used for retail and individual. In basic data could be established customer and supplier data. Include customer’s birthday management which can build good relationship with customers. In addition, stock is updated immediately once quality and ...    3 MB    Views 9596

IMF Finances

imf data finances
-5    IMF Finances app provides ten years of IMF financial data in aggregate and country format. Key indicators such as credit outstanding, lending arrangements, past transactions, projected payments, and SDR interest rates are displayed in interactive heat maps, charts, and tables. ...    10 MB    Views 9724


Related Apps data online
+18    Patria Online Application provides exclusive news from finance and economy, online data from capital markets, market data analysis and charts.    816 kb    Views 3584


Related Apps customers data note report sales
-7    iPhone version of ERP system is used for retail and individual. In basic data could be established customer and supplier data. Include customer’s birthday management which can build good relationship with customers. In addition, stock is updated immediately once quality and ...    6 MB    Views 8592


expense input category optional data
-3    Financial management. With iExpensesPro you can enter all expenses. The immediate input and the report per category guarantee an easy application. iExpensesPro, with the fastest input method • Immediate expense input per category. • Optional description per expense. • Visualization, elaboration and cancellation of expense. • Rapid summary per month, ...    693 kb    Views 1715

Daily Expense Log

expenses daily expense data overview
-4    A simple app that allows you to track your expenses daily. Easily enter your expense based on categories. Get an overview of daily expenses Get an overview of monthly expenses Export your data whenever you want in CSV format. Complete ...    3 MB    Views 4002


data filings
+5    Data from 17,000 public company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The dataset includes summaries for balance sheets, income statements and cash flow. Latest data filings and access to 5 years of historic data. Search for companies based on name, ...    7 MB    Views 8006
+8    Free companion app to the How Money Walks book by Travis H. Brown. Finally, you have an easy way to sift through the mountains of IRS data. See what areas of your state are winners, and which are losing working wealth.    616 kb    Views 4298

Pumpkin Pie

home data pie
+17    Discover what's happening in your home using just your electricity data. Pumpkin Pie provides you with personalized recommendations on home improvements and alerts you to possible maintenance issues with your appliances. Set a monthly utility budget and track your progress in ...    8 MB    Views 307


+26    iPartmentsMobile is designed to display data of applications for property management from our company IMAGINE d.o.o.. Data are collected via web services from databases that are made by software products iPartments and iBuilding.    6 MB    Views 5264


-9    A must have tool for all Mortgage Advisors, this app contains rarely compiled data of all Lenders and Networks and Protection Providers. You will be able to do the following: phone the Lender or Provider email them login to their ...    5 MB    Views 8598
saved data
+14    Get your financial big picture with Saved. Saved shows you where your money is going so you can manage your expenses better. Beautiful new design. Simple input makes adding entries effortless. Gorgeous animating charts bring your data to life. Intuitive ...    7 MB    Views 9357
data fast report dropbox expense
+29    OneExpense is a expense management for personal use or for small business. In all 3 screens (plus a setup for the categories,accounts and payment types) 1) Add: Fast insert for expenses and income (or budget) 2) Calendar: Consultation of monthly expenditure items 3) Report: ...    1 MB    Views 4684

TallMey Pro

data financial pro function
+3    TallMey Pro is an new app for managing personal finance , the function is simple and clear without additional complex function, applied to a list of charts and intuitive showed your current financial status, and data classification. All of the financial ...    8 MB    Views 5830

Business Charts

business multiple data supports charts
+26    NOTE: A valid account is required to use the application Business Charts allows you to view your business data (for example, sales figures) and to interact with it using touch. It supports filtering data, aggregating it to the desired level of ...    6 MB    Views 9732
data greece
+17    Important data about the debt crisis of Greece. The data is updated automatically every second, based on official data of the IMF.    29 MB    Views 4009


data statistics european central
+11    The European Central Bank’s ECBstatsApp mobile application provides access to the statistics in the ECB’s Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW). These include data produced not only by the ECB and the national central banks of the European Union but also by ...    15 MB    Views 2912

+2    Collecting data is hassle. With the Avance iOS app, collecting data can now be done within 60 seconds. Avance make it a breeze The Avance cloud is custom built from the ground up to massage all your data. Forget software ...    15 MB    Views 7296

iGrapher 3D

Related Apps stock view data graph markets
+1    Make finance fun again by visualizing the global stock markets in 3D. View entire stock markets on the same screen in the new grid view, with live graph tiles updated with the latest stock data. Jump into any graph with a single ...    4 MB    Views 8741


track data
+26    Welcome to Coinage Coinage is the convenient little app allows you to quickly and easily keep track of your everyday finances. Track how much you are saving and when you have a little slip up, no problem, not only does this ...    470 kb    Views 7449


bitcoin data
+13    BitcoinQuick exhibits Bitcoin real time data gathered from the major Bitcoin exchanges in addition search for the latest new related to bitcoin and crypto currency. Market data provided by: BTCE, Bitstamp, Bitcurex, Bitcoincharts, Supported currencies: USD, EUD, CAD, RUB, GBP and ...    1 MB    Views 9932


Related Apps web data application
+2    Fuelstat system allows you to record fuel expenditure. No matter if it's a motorcycle, car or truck. With the mobile application, you'll be able to do it wherever you are. Application stores all data on the web servers, so you dont't ...    4 MB    Views 2915


Related Apps tax data financial
-9    The AM&A App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate quickly and ...    3 MB    Views 9032
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