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0    Perform computations with bond prices, bond duration, coupon rates, certificates of deposit, treasury bills, and more with the Wolfram Bond Pricing Professional Assistant. Determine bond prices to make informed decisions about your bond purchasing efforts. Compute settlementtomaturity period with options ...    14 MB    Views 4549
+4    Welcome to Braymen, Lambert and Noel Securities, Ltd we are an independent fully disclosed broker / dealer firm with over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry. We are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with branch offices in ...    6 MB    Views 4456


+7    Comprehensive Bond Application Key Features 1. Straight Bond Price 2. Convertible Bond (CB) Value (straight bond value, conversion value, and option value), YieldtoMaturity(YTM) Accrued Interest 3. Macaulay’s Duration, Modified Duration, Dollar Duration, % price change to interest rates (Volatility) and price value of ...    2 MB    Views 7334

Best Bonds for iPad

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-1    Best Bonds is a simple to use, yet powerful calculator for the fixed income market. It provides the most calculator options available in an iPhone application. Best Bonds calculates price, investment return, yield, duration and other commonly needed values. It is ...    1003 kb    Views 6574


-2    Stock View quick way to see and predict your stocks. Stock Data is automatically imported for each stock , it takes less than a second. This is the fastest and easiest to use Stock and Bond App you will ever see. Ninety ...    2 MB    Views 7366

Bailey Bail Bonds

reliable bonds
+10    All Bailey Bail Bonds is a leading bail bonding company. Quick, reliable, honest, compassionate, 24/7. Download our app to have Reliable Bail Bond Agents right at your fingertips    13 MB    Views 5911

LaneBond Trader

tax yield average bonds total price coupon notes income maturity
-3    The Lane Fixed Income Yield Calculator For over 30 years Lane has become the standard tool for the professional who is required to perform complex and accurate bond calculations. Securities Municipal Bonds, Zero Coupon, Stepped, Medium Term Notes Corporate Bonds, Discount Paper, Agency Bonds, Treasury ...    10 MB    Views 1526
0    Learn how to retire strategically with a portfolio of the S&P 500 stocks. This app gives the retired individual who wishes to hold a mix of short term treasury bonds and an ETF which mimics the S&P 500 the ability to ...    20 MB    Views 7993

#1 Bond Request

bond request
+8    Nielson Hoover Bond Request allows clients of Nielson Hoover to conveniently submit Bond Requests easily. Once received, our surety specialists will process your request and contact you with any questions. Nielson, Hoover & Company is America's number one provider of construction ...    6 MB    Views 2100
+16    Insights beyond the traditional ZScore 1. Estimate Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE) 2. Rank firms within and across industry 3. Predict 110 years of Probability of Default (PD) 3.1. Existing bond/loan 3.2. New Bond/loan Details: Analyze any of 3740 (3079 US and 661 NonUS) publicly traded industrial companies ...    3 MB    Views 4926


time investment interest loan future amount present current monthly bond calculated
-5    PFSA helps you figure the future value, present value, compound interest, loan term, and (of course) tips. The time value of money is an important concept PFSA explores. Compound interest deals with a calculated interest value being added to a principal, ...    208 kb    Views 7670

The Bond Buyer

finance news government education ipad market bond buyer articles coverage version daily
+2    The Bond Buyer's unmatched municipal finance news and data coverage is at your fingertips with our firstever iPad app. The Bond Buyer is THE authority on the nearly 4 trillion municipal bond market, and app users will receive our complete news ...    16 MB    Views 5161

Monroe Bond Trader

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+28    The Monroe Bond TRADER is a versatile investment tool designed to provide a simplified method for computing bonds and other financial instruments. The TRADER provides fixed income professionals and investors the capability of performing basic trading and investment calculations.    4 MB    Views 9374

Bond Math

bond calculate
+10    This app allows users to not only calculate the price of a bond by entering it's term, coupon and yield values but also to calculate the durations (i.e. Macaulay, Modified and so on). This app is very user friendly and ...    560 kb    Views 4978
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-8    This is a South African Fixed Coupon Bond Calculator app. It calculates the All in Price, Consideration, Accrued Interest, Delta, Modified Duration , Convexity etc of fixed coupon South African Bonds listed on the JSE. Simply enter the yield to ...    NAN    Views 5254
calculator market risk cds bond issuer pricing fair estimate inputs coupon
+30    Bond Calc Bond Fair Pricing, YTM, Risk and CDS Calculator An easytouse tool to estimate a bond fair pricing, calculate its YTM or get a risk indicator (CDS estimate) for any issuer. The application is structured into two parts. The first part ...    1 MB    Views 3445
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+15    Bond Math App Description The application “Bond Math” is an advanced mathematical tool designed by India Bond Private Limited to calculate indicative pricing of debt securities traded in Indian Debt Markets. A unique application, which allows user to view listed debt ...    3 MB    Views 5995
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+11    • Take advantage of market uptrends and downtrends. • Know when to be fully invested in stocks or bonds, partially invested or on the sidelines in cash during a correction. • Preserve your principal during downturns and maximize gains during market uptrends. The ...    1 MB    Views 7451
0    The Black Belt Personal Finance (BBPF) Bond Sensitivity Calculator allows the user to play "whatif" scenarios for anticipated changes in interest rates. In the economy the Federal Reserve changes interest rates depending on the state of the economy to stimulate ...    22 MB    Views 5247

Aussie Bonds

australia deposit bonds aussie auction including service purchase bond
-8    Calculate the cost of a Deposit Bond up to 10% of the purchase price where the application will be supported by an 'unconditional' letter of finance (can be subject to a valuation). Contact us if the amount of the Deposit Bond is ...    11 MB    Views 6409

Shurooq Mobile

market application bonds shares trading simple mtrade track anytime
+4    Shurooq MTrade – A simple and secure trading application from Shurooq Shares & Bonds L.L.C. Now enjoy simple, convenient and hassle free trading in ADX & DFM Markets at your fingertips. With Shurooq MTrade, Track your positions and view your transactions ...    72 MB    Views 7469

Bond Watch

0    allow users to monitor bond prices    758 kb    Views 665

Bond YTM

bond maturity yield cash coupon flows interest calculate
+3    This application will calculate the Yield to Maturity of a bond. Simply enter the current price, coupon and maturity date of the bond, click on 'calc' and the program will calculate the YTM and current yield of the bond. You ...    36 kb    Views 4290
news downloading market magazine covered bond report published articles read content
-6    The Covered Bond Report app offers existing users access to our daily online news and magazine features in a dynamic and elegant format, updated as content is published online and in print. Simply use your existing login credentials to gain ...    13 MB    Views 4799
0    The ooba app is a handy tool for home buyers and real estate agents. It’s free, quick and easy to use yet a powerful guide that will give you all the help and information you need to get through the ...    4 MB    Views 29
finance calendar year mortgage month libor rates treasury bonds rate loan
+11    Get a quick view of the latest key national mortgage rates, LIBOR, other interest rates and a daily calendar of the day's economic indicators. These can help you if you are in the finance industry (a trader, etc.), considering obtaining or ...    6 MB    Views 5525
search office calculator income fixed function bond ability
+2    This is a cheatsheet for Fixed Income functions within the BLB. It points you to the command keys when you search for a particular fixed incomerelated function. Looking for an oftenused bond function such as YAS (Bond prices based on bond ...    667 kb    Views 7735

Bond Calculator

+12    Make good bond trading decisions with this app. Calculate the intrinsic price or yield to maturity of a bond to find out if this bond is worth investing in. A slider bar provides for QUICK adjustment of required yield to find out ...    1 MB    Views 8337

Mobile Banker

finance security simulation home time amortization bond analysis option graphs iii interest price
+6    Mobile Banker is the most comprehensive financial application for investment bankers, MBA students, finance professionals and enthusiasts. This app provides a complete solution with ability to email result as formatted pdf attachment with header and footer along with the ability to ...    7 MB    Views 422
portfolio stocks stuff bonds
+2    The Stocks Bonds and Stuff app helps develop intuition and confidence in portfolio management. Build a simple diversified portfolio of ETFs and see how your investment decisions effect risk and return. Let us know what you think    3 MB    Views 7159

Bond Selector

del titoli con bond rating
+3    Utilizza l’innovativo criterio di valutazione del merito di credito basato su una scala numerica; con questa applicazione potrai: Trasformare il rating di S&P, Moody’s o Fitch in iScoring numerico Calcolare il rating medio di un portafoglio composto da più titoli ...    6 MB    Views 352

Stocks and Bonds

stocks bonds
+29    This is a Excellent Application Ultimate Guide on Learning Investing in Stocks and Bonds, From Beginner to Expert, Includes Practice Exam and Video Training Course.    276 MB    Views 5961


bond information data
+5    Get instant access to the Malaysian Bond and Sukuk markets with this powerful app and stay on the ball 24/7 wherever you are. Perfect for Traders, Investors, Analysts and Risk Professionals. Key Features with the latest market moving data: Trading updates ...    3 MB    Views 9829


news market valores industrial features bonds main assets trader balances ratios
+24    b.trader (by Industrial Valores S.A.) it´s a FREE App that will help you follow and visualize Argentina's stock market at a glance in a simple way. These are some of the features we prepared for you: Check out Argentina's main assets ...    9 MB    Views 4132


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0    Permusoft's MyBonds helps determine the value your U.S. Savings Bonds. The values of the various types of Savings Bonds are set by federal law… volumes upon volumes of federal law. Why dig through all that legalese or make a trip to ...    10 MB    Views 3025
bond costs conveyancing
+4    An app for calculating conveyancing costs, bond registration costs and bond repayments in a South African context. Rates and fees are always updated, and you can send your results by email to yourself or someone else.    16 MB    Views 3726
bond bonds accurate database savings
-7    Find the value of your series E, EE, I, and S bonds. Input all your savings bonds to save and track their current value. With automatic database updates, you'll always have the latest accurate information. Features include: Accurate and updated bond database ...    9 MB    Views 7533

iSecure Retirement

-3    BondStreet Wealth Management Bio BondStreet Wealth Management offers a widerange of services to our clients with no hidden fees. Because we are an independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are able to offer customized solutions for our clients with no constraints on ...    8 MB    Views 1939

Bond Check

Related Apps market bond rate current coupon clean interest price
+28    This utility calculates the current market value of a bond based upon the current market rate. The accrued interest is estimated so that both the clean and dirty bond values can be presented. The inputs are par value, coupon rate, ...    160 kb    Views 5421
yield bond price buttons quick entry date select enter call
+3    This app is a municipal bond analytics calculator. You enter the settlement date, maturity date, coupon rate, and multiple call dates (if applicable). Then, you can either enter the yield to determine the bond price, or you can enter the ...    5 MB    Views 6916
market calculator tracker version active premium lite rates benchmark bonds equities interest
-1    “With a goal of facilitating transparency, the IFA market tracker provides you access to live market quotes for various asset classes, even when on the move. We have attempted to select securities within each asset class so as to enable ...    16 MB    Views 549
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+6    Auctions by Zions Direct is an innovative tool for purchasing corporate bonds, municipal bonds, FDICinsured CDs and other investment products through live securities auctions. Participants have the opportunity to bid on their desired yield or price for a particular security. ...    21 MB    Views 3856
investment learning market investing stock time stocks free bonds pick investor
+3    Wouldn’t you like to get Great return on your money? Wouldn’t you like to know how the big shot investors do it? Would you spend the time to learn? DOWNLOAD NOW: A FREE Stock Market Investment course 1. Starting from the basics Bonds, Stocks, ...    23 MB    Views 6269
analytics bond duration product application bonds
+3    Bond Analytics is a powerful application that calculates bond yields and bond analytics. With this application you can calculate Macaulay Duration and modified duration as well as convexity. Bond Analytics has a very large glossary of financial terms relating to ...    5 MB    Views 333


news law bond
+3    Bond Adams are one of the leading law firms in the Midlands (UK) in terms of our quality of work, reputation of delivery and level of success. This free application provides the user with instant details of the many areas of professional help available ...    16 MB    Views 2112


bonds buying
+17    An app designed especially for buying and selling Bonds. If you invest in Bonds or are considering buying bonds, you need this app. It is simple to use, direct and gives you the answers you need fast. It’s a great ...    185 kb    Views 7592
australia deposit bonds aussie auction purchase service bond including
-9    Calculate the cost of a Deposit Bond up to 10% of the purchase price where the application will be supported by an 'unconditional' letter of finance (can be subject to a valuation). Contact us if the amount of the Deposit Bond is ...    12 MB    Views 4976

Bond App

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+4    Direkt auf Ihr iPhone: Die Bond App informiert über alle wichtigen Voraussetzungen und Pflichten für Emittenten von Mittelstandsanleihen an den Anleihesegmenten deutscher Börsen. Über ein Feedback Ihrerseits würden wir uns sehr freuen. Fragen und Anmerkungen nehmen wir gerne unter entgegen.    2 MB    Views 7453
yield bonds
+14    Calculates Yield to Maturity, Yield to Call and Yield to Worse on Treasuries, Agencies, Corporate Bonds and Municipal Bonds    3 MB    Views 5252

Bond Check HD

Related Apps market bond rate current coupon clean interest price
-1    This utility calculates the current market value of a bond based upon the current market rate. The accrued interest is estimated so that both the clean and dirty bond values can be presented. The inputs are par value, coupon rate, ...    229 kb    Views 3375
+1    Quickly calculate the Transfer, Bond Registration and Bond repayment costs for purchasing a home in South Africa. We’ll be adding new features and improvements all the time. Download now and get calculating —The Miltons Matsemela Team    NAN    Views 8714

Stock Bond Pro SP

stock bond information study 100 functions separate
+12    Stock Data is automatically imported for each stock , it takes less than a second. This is the fastest and easiest to use Stock and Bond App you will ever see. Ninety nine percent (99%) of investors will want to use ...    2 MB    Views 4187
calculator estate conveyancing bond
+2    The updated bond & conveyancing calculator for the South African property, real estate and estate agents market.    7 MB    Views 9771


players portfolio graphics bonds displayed selected results risk
-6    allocateIQ is a game that teaches how to diversify savings between stock, bond and commodity investments through simulation. Players build a portfolio allocating a hypothetical 100 between purchases of stocks, bonds and commodities. Each investment is represented by a benchmark such ...    39 MB    Views 4316
calculator calculating financial features lot cash bond analysis
+3    ? ? ON SALES: 4.99 => 2.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. This app is a powerful financial calculator, you can solve a lot of financial problems quickly and easily. This app have all features of the HP 12C calculator. FEATURES: Calculating ...    2 MB    Views 3741
calculator office transfer fees costs registration fee bond pro
+2    As a purchaser, your biggest financial outlay is, of course, the purchase price of the property. But you will also have to pay some or all of the following costs: Transfer Costs: Transfer duty Conveyancing fees (Transfer fees) Pro rata rates and taxes Posts and ...    575 kb    Views 4627


stock issue markets bonds data parameters page information quotes
0    Cbonds App allows working with on iPhone and iPad. Main features of the application include quick search for bonds and Eurobonds by issuer name and issue title, key information on the issue (issue parameters), stock exchange and OTC quotes, ...    924 kb    Views 3390
calculator calculating financial guide features bond lot cash analysis
+6    ? ? ON SALES: 9.99 => 6.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. This app is a powerful financial calculator, you can solve a lot of financial problems quickly and easily. This app have all features of the HP 12C calculator. FEATURES: Support ...    3 MB    Views 3642


news calculator browse analytics bond yield data curve treasury features coupon
-6    The ultimate allinONE app for bonds Bondata aggregates financial news, plots US treasury yield curves, browses Yahoo's Bond Center data and constructs portfolios for basic analytics. Includes a sophisticated bond calculator with a choice of common day count methods. Features NEWS Pulls ...    2 MB    Views 480
investment money market investors time illness stock type insurance deposit bonds funds fixed fund planner
+10    Nowadays, every person wants to invest money in a right place, which will give him or her profit in the future. Firstly, investor have to bring knowledge about what kind of investment they do, which type of investment is beneficial ...    2 MB    Views 9808
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