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+21    Instantly view your client tax return data with the touch of a button. ProFile Connect allows ProFile users to securely access and view their client data and tax returns from their mobile device. ProFile Connect provides you with instant access to your ...    NAN    Views 607

VWM Tax Tools

+3    VWM Wealth’s Tax Tools App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our free app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate ...    4 MB    Views 6842


+15    【Support】 [Requirements] OS: iOS 4.3~6.0 H/W: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 AccountBook is able to create "accounting book". We prepared various functions for this software. Of course, "AccountBook" app can be used for a housekeeping book. After data input, you can display List or Graph about accounting. Input data can ...    9 MB    Views 7604


+17    Registerd is a simple way to keep track of transactions and can be used as a replacement for those old, paper, checkbook registers. Users can simply enter their transaction data and Registerd will keep a running balance to be displayed at ...    2 MB    Views 2232

EFG Tax Tools

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+19    EFG Tax Tools App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and news. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate quickly and easily ...    2 MB    Views 5356
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+12    The Gemini app provides you with instant access to UK tax and financial news and data along with financial planning and tax calculators. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate ...    6 MB    Views 9103


-4    Get access to your data from anywhere at anytime without the actual need of being physically in the office.  You can benefit from viewing reports  and dashboards and analyzing data reports driven from your Tiger ERP all that using the ...    2 MB    Views 2605
+1    Detect device movement and automatically track mileage with MagicTrip™, or Auto Start when connected to Power or OBDII Bluetooth scanner, or on set timeframe The only mileage tracking app reads vehicle odometer from OBDII scan tool Sync and merge ...    12 MB    Views 8522


+11    you can use it to manage you stock,it can scan the barcode . Import stock take data,and export stock in |stock out or stock take data file in txt format.use it , it can make the stock management easy.    1 MB    Views 5052
+24    Bright Grahame Murray Tax Tools App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our FREE app content is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to ...    3 MB    Views 4741
tax email management time business expense capture csv system simply data user
+24    GEMS will help users to track and manage their expenses from “Spent to End”. The GEMS (Global Expense Management System) is the perfect solutions to assist you capture and complete your expense capture as you transact in as little as three ...    13 MB    Views 1886


+6    Agquaint provides users with USDA Agricultural Commodities Data at their fingertips Access US Production, US Stock, and Global Supply and Demand Data from anywhere    46 MB    Views 8865
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+3    Drake Software is dedicated to providing the best value in professional income tax software. The tax software is fullyfeatured, allowing you to prepare and efile federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, tax exempt organizations, and estates. Drake also ...    7 MB    Views 6138

Trufa Scoop

data operational
+12    Trufa Scoop is a data service for Seeking Cash Opportunities in Operational Processes. Designed for CFOs and controllers, Trufa Scoop calculates, visualizes and simulates the impact of operational changes on financial outcomes, spanning the endtoend business functions Source, Make and ...    12 MB    Views 2971
business apps time travel tax analytics gps tracker essentials money mileage data tracking unlimited vehicle
+5    Unlimited Exports Unlimited Vehicle Additions & Expense Reports Data Backup Vehicle Customizing Ranked 1 Must Have Business App by DashLink, 2014 Top 5 "Must Have Business Apps" by VC Post, 2014 TIME, Reuters, and MSN Money Recommended Tax Tool 80k + Downloads in its first year Featured: IOS ...    7 MB    Views 9128

Vehicle Book

travel gps tax business time trips recording trip excel vehicle record log book users data pdf
+3    One of the only products offering multiple date and measurement formats and GPS. You can now backup and restore your database to your phone and your dropbox account. We have also made a major improvement to our receipt feature which now stores ...    7 MB    Views 2660

BeeDesk Receipts

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+4    BeeDesk Receipts is the easiest solution for keeping track of receipts for tax and reimbursement purpose. Snap photos of your receipts, organize them in categories and generate professional looking PDF and Excel (CSV) report. All receipts are immediately and securely saved on ...    13 MB    Views 3317
tax chinese calculator pay support annual incoming easy bonus data input click
-2    史上最准确的年终奖个税计算器,2011.9.1版新税率 The most accurate annual calculator, New chinese tax rate support with chinese new tax rates, do you pay more or less? Support new exemption 3500 RMB Support new 7 levels of tax rates Tell you ...    2 MB    Views 581
+23    Download DataPlan for FREE (Introductory Offer) See your data usage at a glance DataPlan shows you exactly how much data you already used AND if your data plan will last until the end of your bill cycle. It extrapolates data from your current ...    7 MB    Views 3109
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+11    UK Tax Calculator is a UK PAYE Salary Tax & National Insurance Contributions calculator, as featured in Which? "Top 10 Money Saving Apps" and Sunday Times "Top 10 Apps To Save You Money". Enter your financial details and the application will ...    945 kb    Views 5360
data greece
+3    Important data about the debt crisis of Greece. The data is updated automatically every second, based on official data of the IMF.    29 MB    Views 4009


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+1    Fuelstat system allows you to record fuel expenditure. No matter if it's a motorcycle, car or truck. With the mobile application, you'll be able to do it wherever you are. Application stores all data on the web servers, so you dont't ...    4 MB    Views 2915
tax news data financial
-1    Keens Shay Keens MK App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate ...    2 MB    Views 9653


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+14    The Investment Coach Tax Tools App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and our news feed with links to further tools that can help you. Our FREE app is updated with all current ...    7 MB    Views 6017


+2    Slopes is the most comprehensive economics charting app in the mobile world. With access to hundreds of thousands of economic time series, you can perform simple arithmetic or sophisticated regressions with just a few taps of the finger. With our ...    3 MB    Views 6897


-2    Gambling bankroll management Recording while playing Instant chips curve Casino location Statistical analysis Risk og ruin calculation Automatic conversion of various currencies Data backup and recovery (local and iCloud) Exchange data with the computer English and 中文 Developer's WeChatID:dqchenjk    6 MB    Views 7539
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+5    INCOME TAX CALCULATOR This professional grade calculator is designed to satisfy the advanced tax computation needs of a financial planner and yet it is simple enough to be used for a quick tax calculation by a casual user. KEY ACTIVE FEATURES New ...    4 MB    Views 3946
-9    Get your financial big picture with Saved. Saved shows you where your money is going so you can manage your expenses better. Beautiful new design. Simple input makes adding entries effortless. Gorgeous animating charts bring your data to life. Intuitive ...    7 MB    Views 9357

My Solar Energy

solar time data energy
+8    My Solar Energy is part of the fusebox wiring at home; with two CT's it measures the electricity generated, the energy purchased from and sold to the grid and household consumption in real time. The data is transmitted wirelessly to ...    19 MB    Views 5815


travel tax ipad data automatically helps spent jurisdictions background access
+13    Manage travelrelated tax exposures and defend against audits with Monaeo. Monaeo helps companies and individuals automatically log the number of days spent in different jurisdictions to better manage multilocation tax issues including: Payroll Withholding, Nexus/Permanent Establishment, Corporate Income Allocation, and FIN ...    8 MB    Views 9975


-1    A must have tool for all Mortgage Advisors, this app contains rarely compiled data of all Lenders and Networks and Protection Providers. You will be able to do the following: phone the Lender or Provider email them login to their ...    5 MB    Views 8598


advisor portfolio data
+2    WealthVue allows you ondemand access to your portfolio data from your independent investment advisor. Does your advisor offer WealthVue? Ask them today WealthVue provides current portfolio reports with interactive features that include dynamic charts, drilldown capabilities, and integrated market data. In ...    7 MB    Views 1469
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+5    Simple and convenient application for recording in your shop and warehouse. Become more mobile with miniprinter and our program Print your customer documents, not departing from it Features: receipt of products, sales and inventory printed form reports on sales and stock ...    84 MB    Views 7893
tax intrinsic information financial data
+24    The Intrinsic Taxbriefs App provides users with instant access to the latest tax news, UK tax rate data along with useful tax and financial calculators. This free app provided by Intrinsic is continuously updated with all Tax information, rates and data ...    1 MB    Views 7105
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+26    Positive Solutions Tax Tools App provides our adviser Partners with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you ...    5 MB    Views 975

Pumpkin Pie

home data pie
+22    Discover what's happening in your home using just your electricity data. Pumpkin Pie provides you with personalized recommendations on home improvements and alerts you to possible maintenance issues with your appliances. Set a monthly utility budget and track your progress in ...    8 MB    Views 307


+10    INNAAS DataBoard is a data visualization App that lets access from your iPhone or iPad the Visual Analytics Dashboards provided though INNAAS Platforms. INNAAS DataBoard allows users to download offline the data for their convenience and support multipleenvironments.    3 MB    Views 8131


+4    BitcoinQuick exhibits Bitcoin real time data gathered from the major Bitcoin exchanges in addition search for the latest new related to bitcoin and crypto currency. Market data provided by: BTCE, Bitstamp, Bitcurex, Bitcoincharts, Supported currencies: USD, EUD, CAD, RUB, GBP and ...    1 MB    Views 9932

+11    Collecting data is hassle. With the Avance iOS app, collecting data can now be done within 60 seconds. Avance make it a breeze The Avance cloud is custom built from the ground up to massage all your data. Forget software ...    15 MB    Views 7296


0    iPartmentsMobile is designed to display data of applications for property management from our company IMAGINE d.o.o.. Data are collected via web services from databases that are made by software products iPartments and iBuilding.    6 MB    Views 5264


tax china income individual data liability grand
+18    Individual income tax liability in China is calculated according to three factors: 1; the source of an individual's income; 2. whether an individual is determined under Chinese law to be domiciled in China for tax purposes; 3. and the length of their stay ...    15 MB    Views 7393
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-1    Budget and tax information from Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants, the fastest growing full service firm in Accounting Age’s Top 40. This free app provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. ...    5 MB    Views 8041

Hard Hat Bookkeeper

Related Apps tax time photo gst hard bookkeeper receipts data income upload return
+11    Don’t miss out on your full Income Tax and GST claims. If you currently keep your records on a spreadsheet, use a manual cashbook or just stuff everything into a shoebox, this is the App for you Free yourself from paperwork, ensure ...    NAN    Views 5962

ZIP to Sales Tax

Related Apps tax rate sales zip city code information state county data
+14    This app allows you to calculate precise sales and use tax rates data using a US 5 digit Zip Code or Canadian Province abbreviation. Simply enter a valid 5 digit US zip code and get the current sales and use ...    3 MB    Views 5069


subscribers access data reports
0    The UK Energy Data Browser allows the user to view charts showing data and information on the operation of the UK electricity market. It provides access to reports preconfigured by existing subscribers of the webservice. It also provides access ...    2 MB    Views 4118
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0    Welcome to PRO Vehicle App A simple gas mileage app and vehicle logbook for all your vehicle needs. We work hard to keep this app updated and respond to feedback from our users. If you have any suggestions, or find a ...    12 MB    Views 782
tax tools financial data independent
-2    Applewood Independent Tax Tools App provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our FREE app is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate ...    3 MB    Views 1646
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-2    Do you want to have a complete and comprehensive picture of your financial situation and take it under control? Do you want to learn where your money goes, cut down on unnecessary expenses, pay your debts and avoid new ones? Paymaster is ...    7 MB    Views 6887

Taxbriefs Tax Tools

tax tools data financial
-1    Taxbriefs Tax Tools app provides you with UK tax rate data, tax and financial calculators, tax tips and daily financial news. Our FREE app content is updated with all current rates and data and is available for you to navigate quickly ...    4 MB    Views 2796


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+9    Infobolsa delivers a new Financial Market app to keep you updated with the latest financial data (main Market Indexes, currencies, equity Spanish market and other relevant data). Using their own accounts, registered users of Infobolsa services will access the market data ...    15 MB    Views 7235
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-5    A powerful but simple to use app, designed to take the pressure off tracking income and expenses. Quickly add transactions and receipts, categorize and label them then get a report that can be exported for your digital archive or ...    5 MB    Views 931

Ask Invoice HD

Related Apps tax data invoice application bar request screen code information barcode
+10    Ask for an invoice with no apprehension whatsoever using this device which will enable you to file and submit your tax data (name, taxpayer ID N°, address and email) at the touch of a finger. You will also be able to ...    5 MB    Views 2755
car calculator email tax budget family loan payment amortization show input data loans save
0    Car Loan Budget Calculator Free is smart, easy to use and simple calculator, it can be a good famulus if you are going to buy a new car or work as a car factor. Just input some basic data such as, ...    2 MB    Views 1411


data mobile
+22    Corey Finance is the Mobile Analytics Solution used by Investment Bankers, Financial Advisors, RIAs, Broker Dealers, Portfolio Managers and Venture Capitalists, to access just the relevant data and market information that drives their business. Now, with Corey Finance™ it is all ...    8 MB    Views 995
energy world review data
+19    The BP energy charting tool allows users to graph the data contained in this year’s Statistical Review of World Energy. Features include: · Energy data from 1965 for most series · Interactive world map · Customizable chart types and calculations Stay informed of world energy ...    14 MB    Views 6857

IMF Finances

imf data finances
-7    IMF Finances app provides ten years of IMF financial data in aggregate and country format. Key indicators such as credit outstanding, lending arrangements, past transactions, projected payments, and SDR interest rates are displayed in interactive heat maps, charts, and tables. ...    10 MB    Views 9724
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+11    If you are looking for a smart, easy to use and featurerich App to track down all your trips and log mileage for expense reimbursement or tax deduction, MileWiz Pro is the one. With MileWiz Pro application, you can save ...    7 MB    Views 5365
gps trip trips tracker tax time map iphone personal medical track backup data mileage
+20    Track your trips, get your deduction MileBug is a GPS mile tracker that makes it easy to track your trips and related expenses so you get the tax deduction you deserve Now introducing MileBug CLOUD Data backup and crossdevice syncing ...    9 MB    Views 4208
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+12    The Westcourt Chartered Accountants App is an app made simple for on the go calculations. It contains a number of calculators such as: • Income Tax Calculator; • Property Stamp Duty Calculator; • Savings Calculator; • Repayment Calculator; • Net Growth Calculator, and more. This app will ...    11 MB    Views 8652


email tax income dividend data equity based scenarios enter symbol
-9    DivIncome is a flexible dividend income calculator and planner that can help you grow your own money using equities that pay ordinary dividends. DivIncome enables YOU to create, update and save different "WHAT IF" income plan scenarios. These scenarios are based ...    4 MB    Views 4379
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