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+2    Create/edit/view spreadsheet Generate compelling 3D charts Listed as Top 1 in 12 App Stores around the world "TabChart by EncGoo could possibly be one of the best apps out there on the market for the iPad in terms of data ...    2 MB    Views 9244
+4    Pay less Tax record every receipt with Tax Receipt Log. Now filling in your expense claims is a no brainer It takes 15 seconds. Done. Sorted. Forgotten until you email the files to your tax accountant without ever touching the ...    428 kb    Views 3230
home business iphone excel calc lite edit files user spreadsheet
0    Like what you see but need more? Upgrade via an inapp purchase and get the ability to edit transferred files One of the most mature and powerful spreadsheets on the iPhone is now available in a Lite of charge Take ...    4 MB    Views 5749


iphone ipad work web application files encrypted desktop file data access
+28    Overview Mandoos is the application that allows you to transfer your personal and valuable business information not fearing that it can be accessed or read by wrong persons. Thanks to strong AES 256 encryption you can be sure that your information ...    463 kb    Views 1703

Budget Quick

+14    Welcome to Budget Quick 2.2 "FREE" as a service (no in App Adds Please leave your positive comments and look at my other apps at Shoppers see "Ez Shopping Calculator" Runners see "Jogging Tracker" & "Jogging Pacer" Golfers ...    402 kb    Views 8440
tax return file guaranteed fast state maximum easy
+5    TaxSlayer Go Taxes Made Easy. Wherever You Are. 100% Secure. 100% Guaranteed. IRS Approved. TAKE A PHOTO Take a picture of your W2 for quick and easy input FAST, SECURE, AND ALWAYS ACCURATE File your simple tax return the fastest and easiest way ...    5 MB    Views 5972
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+26    The Intuit Tax Online Mobile App is your musthave companion for this Tax Season Collaborate with your Clients, gather documents and gain secured, instant access to your Clients’ Tax Returns, efile statuses and contact information on the go with your ...    11 MB    Views 7063
Related Apps software tax file mobile status returns data application
-4    Drake Software is dedicated to providing the best value in professional income tax software. The tax software is fullyfeatured, allowing you to prepare and efile federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, tax exempt organizations, and estates. Drake also ...    7 MB    Views 6138
program software iphone bookkeeping ledger pro designed file
+23    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or DELETE bookkeeping entries from your ...    16 MB    Views 976


-8    The big decisions in life depend on your good credit standing. Do you know where you stand in the eyes of lenders? Will you be approved for the mortgage or car loan you need? Have fraudsters ever compromised your identity ...    NAN    Views 7446

QIF Reader

ipad work file qif quicken transactions export files accounts dropbox
0    You are using your Quicken 2007 for Mac because you do not want to switch to the Quicken Home version or use Now you can store and display your financial transactions on your iPad with the QIF Reader app. ...    1 MB    Views 8932

Budget x7

budget money weekly add edit set handle file
-9    Best deal EVER This version includes awesome features to manage your weekly budget. Perfect for anyone, but specially for those one who receive weekly money (for example: students, housewives, kids and more) Budget x7 Amazing set of tool to handle your weekly budget. ✓ ...    4 MB    Views 8891

Budget 101

budget category 101 report device screen add select categories file
0    Budget 101 is the simplest and easiest way to keep track of your finances. Simply enter in your transactions either a deposit or expense designate a category for it (by either selecting an existing category or creating a new one) ...    240 kb    Views 6432


tax file 2290 form irs taxes provider
+21    Tax2290 app is for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payers to efile IRS Tax Form 2290 across America. Download the app for FREE and start preparing the Truck Tax Form 2290. Answer simple question and complete the form in minutes. ...    20 MB    Views 1528
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+10    Prepare, print & efile your 2014 federal taxes FREE on your tablet with TaxACT Free Federal Edition With all efileable IRS forms, both simple & complex tax returns are covered. Just answer simple questions and we’ll guide you to your maximum ...    4 MB    Views 4202
tax software time taxsoftware return file form 720 function irs
0    Have a tanning salon and need to file your quarterly federal excise tax return? It’s Easy. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad with’s app for Form 720. The cost of the app is only 99 cents ...    592 kb    Views 2236
program software iphone bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
+4    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business with reporting for 1 tax". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or ...    17 MB    Views 3147
sales connect itunes report trends files server automatically
-3    NOTICE: Because some people misunderstand the way the app works: Sales and Trends Visualizer can't connect to iTunes Connect by itself, but you have to manually download the reportfiles from iTunes Connect and provide them to Sales and Trends Visualizer ...    496 kb    Views 5096
+19    Manage all information and logs about your car with DrivrLog Log fuel, maintenance and expenses. It will help you to manage your car economically and safely. If you log maintenance history, you'll see when you need to check next time. Maintenance log is very ...    5 MB    Views 199
video photo formats xls doc pdf file
+13    A must have app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod that will make you enjoy working with any kind of file formats. With this app you will be able to view all most common file formats, such as PDF, DOC, DJVU, ...    18 MB    Views 8170
program software ipad bookkeeping ledger file pro designed
-2    This free app is designed for the iPad and to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business with reporting for 1 tax". Use this app to ...    17 MB    Views 7826

Cellroid G LITE

word easy cell input version lite edit index file list
+25    CELLroid_G is a simple spreadsheet. Very Easy to use. Please try it Try Lite version,free of charge. (you can use only 10 files in Lite version) If you like it,please purchase CELLroid G full version. Easy to input,edit cell. Easy to add,delete,rename,duplicate,move file. Copy,Cut,Paste,Undo. Input,Output CSV data. Easy WIFI File ...    854 kb    Views 1828
tax time card money box file expenses output receipts choose
0    Want to save money and get a bigger return on your taxes? Sick of hunting through bits of paper, credit card statements and faded receipts? Have you ever looked for a warranty card or proof of purchase for an exchange or an ...    2 MB    Views 5236


Related Apps web text data file displays service network production
+19    EziCharts is a Dashboard App. It displays the history and current value of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using charts and text cards. Display factory production, financials, DIFOT or any indicator important to your business. A key feature of the app is ...    459 kb    Views 602

InsClaim Code

-9    ONLY OPERATIONAL IF THE ACTIVATION CODES ARE ENTERED (EACH CODE IS VALID ONLY FOR A SINGLE DEVICE) This app is a guide to make the report of a traffic accident in an EASY, FAST AND EFFICIENT way. When you have downloaded the ...    10 MB    Views 3893
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0    Please note this is designed for bank statements. Not complex Excel style files. This is primarily a CSV viewer which will quickly allow you to calculate columns or rows in bank statement CSV files. CSV files are growing to be ...    7 MB    Views 6213
stock retail count file businesses
+15    OctoCount Stock Take App for Retail Businesses Octo™ Count is a simple stock taking application that allows the user to do a stock count of their inventory, and upload the file or email the stock count file out for internal ...    5 MB    Views 2533


+11    Provide as PDF file download platform through domain user and put watermark and password on the file if necessary, in order to secure documents privacy 提供遠程PDF 檔案伺服器平台, 使用者透過 登錄帳號 來下載該檔案 並可以加印浮水印及密碼, 保障資料機密性    4 MB    Views 3766
2012 manufacturing year public default generate corporate private file manage
-3    This App delivers actionable insight on the spot. This App has been developed and enhanced in collaboration with Dr. Edward I. Altman, Max L. Heine Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, New York University to deliver following ...    3 MB    Views 4884

WI Revenue

tax property twitter information check revenue status unclaimed file free
-4    WI Revenue mobile app allows Wisconsin taxpayers to use a number of our popular taxrelated online services found on the Department of Revenue's website, such as: •Refund Lookup Check on your state tax refund status •Unclaimed Property Check for unclaimed ...    13 MB    Views 212

QIF Entry

ipad file transactions quicken export qif format categories sharing
0    This app allows you to enter Quicken transactions with your iPad. You can export the entered transactions into a file (in QIF) and then import them into Quicken. Only saving, checking, credit card, cash account can be used. Do the following when ...    2 MB    Views 1335


bills iphone tax excel ipad backup water file utility restore enter
-7    abc3.me02 (water utility bills) Free App 2nd abc3.me02 (water utility bills) Water and sewer, gas and electric expenses can be manged. Charts provides a best way to visualize water utility bills. Using abc3.me02, please reduce water utility bills. by can use iPad. (1) Free App (Finance) abc3.me02 (water utility ...    10 MB    Views 3194


history credit alerts file report rating month review decisions
+18    The big decisions in life depend on your good credit standing. Do you know where you stand in the eyes of lenders? Will you be approved for the mortgage or car loan you need? Have fraudsters ever compromised your identity ...    NAN    Views 6373
Related Apps tax gps business email mileage csv file accountant simply logger
+18    The Simply Accounts and Tax App brings a assortment of tax tools to your iOS device It includes a GPS based business mileage logger, which tracks your distance travelled through your handset's GPS capabilities and allows you to email this ...    14 MB    Views 489


tax time file information
+20    Be proactive with your taxes this year The FileIt app helps you to organize your tax information ahead of time with documenting and tracking your mileage and expenses for your personal and business accounting needs prior to tax return time ...    3 MB    Views 3562
total amount interest amortization file paid additional side run
+9    The best Amortization App in the App Store The free version takes as input: the loan amount, loan length (in years) and interest rate. It then provides the monthly payment, total amount that will be repaid and total interest that ...    242 kb    Views 4890


web files sharing file upload share service large secure create
+5    PortalSafe is a file sharing client (portal) service from CCH Small Firm Services and powered eFileCabinet, Inc designed to rapidly deliver, receive and track important or large files via the web. PortalSafe provides a secure, affordable solution for sharing your ...    7 MB    Views 510

Tax Return UK

-8    File your Self Assessment Tax Return in 3 Simple Steps. Step 1: Tick Some boxes and tell us about your income & expenses Step 2: A team of qualified and Certified Accountants will process your tax return and email you a copy ...    8 MB    Views 5092


home property tax information items add item remember room file
-7    The 4anyplace app allows you to manage all of your household possessions and home improvement purchases easily and efficiently. 4anyplace makes it simple to document and store all of your products and assets with just a few clicks. Get ready ...    9 MB    Views 739

File Canada Tax

tax canadian return support file canada netfile certified income
+10    File your Canadian tax return with Ipad app certified by Canada Revenue Agency for Netfile 'File Canada Tax' app is the hassle free way to file your Canadian tax return with stepbystep guidance. Answer simple question written in plain English, submit ...    3 MB    Views 1120

Free EMI Calc

Related Apps loan emi amount payable interest free total monthly contribution file
-1    Free Loan EMI Calc is a simple application that helps you to calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) for Home Loan or Car Loan or Personal Loan. It is very important to know the amount payable every month to the bank or ...    965 kb    Views 9965
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+15    Federal and state online tax prep with FREE efile. The H&R Block 1040EZ app helps you quickly and easily complete your taxes through a simple, stepbystep Q&A. It’s free to download, free to prepare your simple federal return, 9.99 to prepare ...    17 MB    Views 5391


property investment excel market voice managers rent building data file application analysis computer
+17    Xactvu is a business tool for professionals working in the commercial property market helping to update information about properties and premises on the go. Enter the property data into the application, go and observe the properties, make edits to data ...    8 MB    Views 750


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-6    Hello Tax is an easy and quick way to file your tax return and stay updated with your Incometax information. Filing IT return is quick and convenient like never before. App Features 1) Return Status 2) Tax Calculator 3) Document storage 4) Pan Card Details 5) ...    NAN    Views 482
ipad tax click enter file vehicles mail service taxsoftware taxes filing
-4    For unlimited free support please email to Have to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax with form 2290? It’s Easy. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad with’s app for Form 2290. Once you efile, you receive ...    30 MB    Views 4100
application file expenses expense account restore backup functions manager
-6    ✭✰ Expense Manager ✭✰ ✓Only on Expense Manger Pro Available for installment plan It provides you with various settings of period so you can check the statistical figures for the desired period. a Pie chart is available This application is safe ...    3 MB    Views 6693


wifi data desktop monthly transactions accounts files mobile account
+8    AcctPad for the iPhone provides a mobile user interface to enter transactions, ability to generate monthly PDF statements, categorize expenses, backup and restore with your desktop PC/Mac via local WiFi and more. AcctPad can be used as a standalone mobile expense ...    474 kb    Views 627

Quick Mini

quicken transactions qif files track data current file user
+3    Are you a Quicken user? This is the mobile app to take Quicken on the go Import your data from qif file, created from Quicken or other source. See all checking, credit card and investment transactions, current and future balances. Easily ...    4 MB    Views 7046
banking text solution file slips pay data payments
0    Smart ID Pay makes your online payments easier. You don't have to type manually this so loooonnnng reference number any more You can now read in a snap all the informations (ref number, account, amount). Once all your inpayment slips are ...    11 MB    Views 9566

Cash and Budget

budget cash operations simple file input output helps
+6    Having a good estimation of cash inflows and outflows for an enterprise or an individual is extremely important to understand whether the entity has sufficient credit to survive or whether it should focus on borrowings to bring about stability to ...    10 MB    Views 8890
Related Apps tax gps business tools email mileage csv accountant file important reminders track
+10    The Bevan Buckland App provides you with the tax tools you need at your finger tips Including a GPS based Business Mileage Calculator, which will track your movements using the device's in built GPS and accurately track the distance you are ...    16 MB    Views 1424
Related Apps management credit view file leading account current information financial edge
+3    Follow your credit management progress with the Leading Edge Financial app. Credit Analysis explaining the positive & negative information on your credit file. Credit Coach & Credit Specialist. 24/7 Access to your credit file. Money Management. Credit Education & Credit Advice Features: View your account and credit ...    12 MB    Views 1752

e-file Status

time tax signature status file filing cch electronic returns mobile
+10    Enjoy time savings and added convenience with the new ProSystem fx Mobile eFile Status App which now includes esignature status from CCH eSign. The first esignature solution created especially for the IRSapproved use of electronic signatures on Form 8879, CCH ...    6 MB    Views 6632

Expense HD

history expense track view income category categories sync data file
-8    "AppFresh Daily One of the top apps for August 6, 2011." Designed to be quick and easy to use, Expense combines a sleek and beautiful interface to manage your day to day expenses and income. Expense will help you ...    24 MB    Views 3741

Business Analyzor

business software french analysis companies accounts file required industry key
-2    BUSINESS ANALYZOR: Understanding the financial results of your French partners (customers, suppliers, partners, competitors or employers). The software does not need to have special knowledge of finance or management. It analyzes the situation of the company you are studying linked to ...    274 kb    Views 5733

Expense Manager Pro

application file expenses account backup functions restore fixed cash
+11    ✭✰ Expense Manager Pro ✭✰ ✓ This application manages your monthly expenses only rather than being a general housekeeping account application. This application is for those people who are aware of the importance of financial planning but who find it difficult ...    1 MB    Views 323
data ability income transactions pro accounts file backup account
0    If you are looking for a smart and easy to use App to control spending, track bills, replace paper checkbook, manage income and monitor account balances on the go, iAccount Pro is the one. With iAccount Pro application, you can ...    7 MB    Views 9117

myBill$ Free

bills backup data restore due bill file reminder free
-9    The simplest Bill Reminder application Never forget to pay a bill on time again Bills that offer flexible scheduling and reminding of due bills all based on your preference. Notification Center reminder of bills due or coming due. Email Backup ...    872 kb    Views 7055

My Meters

meters payments readings backup meter file
-6    Monitor all your household or other meters. By entering readings and payments for your meter you will get: • history of all readings and payments, • average usage chart (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), • detailed meter report, • balance calculation. Additional functionality: – unlimited number of stored ...    4 MB    Views 9215
iphone excel management chart generate file files spreadsheet support mode table edit
0    Create/edit/view spreadsheet Generate compelling 3D charts Reached Top 1 in 11 App stores iTabChart allows you to edit spreadsheet and to generate charts on iPhone/iPod touch. It is the iPhone version of TabChart, an iPad App listed as No 1 in 11 ...    2 MB    Views 3471
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