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+9    Transforming to capture future growth 2011 was an important year for CEMEX. Although many of our markets continued to underperform because of a slow and painful recovery from the global economy recession, we launched a rigorous transformation designed to make us ...    207 MB    Views 4277

Budget Simply FREE

+4    If you have a set budget for every period whether that's weekly, biweekly, or monthly then Budget Simply was designed for you. You'll never have to remember to enter a transaction later, designed for quick entry you can save your ...    945 kb    Views 6886
+10    Mileage Expense Log is designed to help you quickly and easily keep track of expenses incurred as you use your vehicle. Use this application to keep accurate logs and generate summary reports. Now with Apple Watch support Tired of other apps ...    12 MB    Views 4663

Cash On Cash

+6    See Cash On Cash Pro for ability to solve for any output given any input. Cash On Cash quickly calculates the cashoncash return in year 1 for a property investment given Capitalization Rate, Operating Income, Downpayment Percentage, and mortgage information. The application ...    694 kb    Views 1376

Tip Calc

iphone apple tip calc check watch designed
+2    Tip Calc is a brand new tip calculator designed specifically for Apple Watch and iPhone. Calculate the tip for a check fast and easy with only a couple of gestures. There aren't any numbers to type Just turn the digital crown to ...    819 kb    Views 9835
money purchases expenses track statistics support icloud taps screen designed
+9    Where your money goes? Want to know? The easiest way to track your expenses, use this app. Designed with simplicity and usability. With just a few taps you can track your expenses or check purchases. Support of iCloud makes it possible to track your ...    1 MB    Views 3031

Job Sheet Pro

job work time ipad apps software iphone sheet pro documents sheets designed
+12    Job Sheet Pro is a job worksheet, time sheet and invoice management app for the modern mobile workforce. A contractor myself, I designed the app to make life easier when completing job paperwork, and the result is a robust and powerful ...    4 MB    Views 837
Related Apps loan compare side interest designed
+11    This App is designed and develop by BitCanny Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An App designed to make your loan calculation easy. Based on a simple interface this App has all the answer to your loan related problems. One can calculate Principle ...    10 MB    Views 8205
security cards facebook widget ios ratings designed touch
-6    Super Convenient, Very First Security Card Widget You don't need to carry plastic security cards in your wallet anymore. Wire money with just one finger. =============== Overall Ratings avg 4.7 Four out of Five ratings are Perfect FIVE STARS =============== This ...    4 MB    Views 2849
0    Stacks is the only app in the AppStore that lets you convert currencies right in your safari browser. Stacks automatically convert prices in a webpage to your desired currency. It also comes with two today widgets Quick Converter and ...    10 MB    Views 2125

NEXUM Client Online

accounts nexum account clients recovery designed visibility invoices
-7    The NEXUM ClientOnline app is designed for the clients of debt recovery agencies, law firms and outsourcing companies and provides instant access to portfolios of accounts referred to these organisations for the collection and recovery of monies due. This app ...    2 MB    Views 4488
australia investment time south australian energy locate designed gas mining infrastructure
+8    South Australia Mining is a free app designed for your smartphone that highlights realtime investment opportunities within the South Australian mineral and energy resources sector. Created by the Government of South Australia, this app is designed to link investors with explorers ...    15 MB    Views 4029


calculator large enter amount fuel tip designed simple
+12    QCalcPrice is four handy calculators all in one. These four calculators are designed to be easily seen with large text fields with good contrast even in low light environments. The Price comparison calculator allows you to enter two products to figure ...    462 kb    Views 3383
program software iphone bookkeeping ledger pro designed file
+3    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or DELETE bookkeeping entries from your ...    16 MB    Views 976


money avec designed essential launch features
+9    "If you use money, get Avec." FRANCLY, THE BEST FINANCE APP Avec is a magical, unique, essential app designed to do one thing and do it well – keep track of your spending. When you buy something, all you have to do ...    3 MB    Views 3884
goals track goal date financial achieve designed save
+8    Set, manage and achieve your financial goals Whether it is buying a car, home, vacation or even paying off debt, never loose track of your goals again CashTrack keeps you on track towards achieving your financial goals, by automatically breaking up ...    2 MB    Views 4287


business thought connected events designed
+4    The London Business Forum Middle East offers an alternative business learning experience designed for the 21st century professional, bringing you up close and personal with the world’s most inspiring THOUGHT LEADERS. Our business events are designed to be thought provoking, ...    264 kb    Views 6054

Finance 2.0

learning finance education financial markets learn securities designed professional earn
-7    The course is designed for investors and traders, newcomers to the financial markets, or anyone currently working in the finance industry interested in the big picture of global capital markets and investing. SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions offers training material and professional ...    7 MB    Views 5026


+12    Designed for visitors to SWIFT HQ, take a virtual tour back through the history of forty years of SWIFT. Point your camera at the different expo displays in SWIFT HQ Discover additional media content, focusing on different aspects of the history of ...    27 MB    Views 9998


bills support designed care features
+12    BillsBuddy is the best companion to manage all your bills, and remind you of the due dates. No more missed payments, no more nasty late fees, no more worries. Kay features: Scheduled bills, Recurring reminders, Bill categories, Notes keeping, Payment history, ...    996 kb    Views 6958


services designed merchant
+15    Mobile app designed to help Electronic Merchant Systems of South Carolina better service their merchants. EMSOFSC is also designed to tell more about our products and services we offer. Whether your looking for supplies, a new processor or even a ...    27 MB    Views 3970
Related Apps market art trading access designed global maximize instantly potential
+13    Take advantage of the vast opportunities that are in the financial markets with iFOREX’s stateoftheart Mobile trading platform. The app offers a sleek and simple interface designed for novice and advanced traders alike. With the iFOREX trading app you can ...    2 MB    Views 50
Related Apps gps mileage device designed ios expenses vehicle background track database
-2    Mileage Expense Log is designed to help you quickly and easily keep track of expenses incurred as you use your vehicle. Use this application to keep accurate logs and generate summary reports. Note that this version maintains compatibility with iOS ...    11 MB    Views 4885
Related Apps video simple young savings plan wealth financial generation designed
-2    Young Wealth Generation is a financial education app for those starting their careers. While the world of finance can seem complicated or intimidating, this app is designed to teach you the basics of setting up a simple financial plan that ...    NAN    Views 4706

Budget Simply

+6    If you have a set budget for every period whether that's weekly, biweekly, or monthly then Budget Simply was designed for you. You'll never have to remember to enter a transaction later, designed for quick entry you can save your ...    949 kb    Views 2326
state street clients risk easy industry designed information mobile
+29    State Street Springboard SM, our mobile application designed for the iPad and iPhone was designed to help clients manage risk and optimize returns as efficiently as possible, even when they are not in the office. Springboard provides summarized information in ...    10 MB    Views 5845

i Credit Score

Related Apps credit rating designed
+2    The iCreditScore App has been designed to give the user a good understanding of their credit worthiness and to highlight areas in their rating that are less than perfect. This should hopefully assist with mortgage, credit card and other credit ...    3 MB    Views 9654
+11    Buy only ONCE: This is a "universal" app, meaning that it will run on your iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch, simultaneously. The strategy and science behind our app CFA Training Level 1 Traditional textbook studying is highly inefficient because it treats all ...    6 MB    Views 2419

BIB Mobile Bank

iphone ipad mobile application bank designed
-6    BIB Mobile Bank for iPhone/iPad BIB Mobile Bank is a mobile application designed to enable you to view your accounts, loans, deposits, payment card balances and information about the financial instruments purchased. The application is easy to use and designed to ...    1 MB    Views 9282
video day message sales designed skills daily
0    Learn how to go from Uncertain to “Unstoppable” and become number one in your field.A daily video designed to help you grow your skills, your business and remain motivated along the way. The “21 Day Sales Challenge” is the first ...    367 MB    Views 5236


market trading account subscription provide http terms privacy designed
-9    BuySelliQ is a software application designed to identify trends in the market. We provide the critical element of successful investing — when to buy and sell. BuySelliQ DOES NOT execute your trades. In order to participate in the market, subscribers to BuySelliQ ...    12 MB    Views 8912
business retail marketing hardware customer system designed including complete point pos
+13    Echo Business Builder POS is a fully hosted, tabletbased PointOfSale system including payment processing, customer loyalty program, a complete back office and marketing system and all the necessary hardware. Designed for both Retail and Restaurants alike, the software is designed to ...    7 MB    Views 719
video plan simple financial young wealth savings generation designed
-6    Young Wealth Generation is a financial education app for those starting their careers. While the world of finance can seem complicated or intimidating, this app is designed to teach you the basics of setting up a simple financial plan that ...    368 MB    Views 4665

Simple Cash Lite

Related Apps management budget iphone tracking transactions entry file quick view accounts categories designed period
+4    SimpleCash Lite is a full featured cash management software specially designed for iphone and ipod touch. ALL THE FUNCTIONS OF SIMPLECASH. NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS LIMITED TO 25 (itunes file sharing support : backup and restore SimpleCashdb.sql file to migrate to SimpleCash without ...    3 MB    Views 969
sales sell customers designed small tracking
0    Bottomline is a sales and customer tracking app for small businesses. It is designed for anyone involved in sales, especially merchants like artists, realtors, photographers, fashion designers, boutiques, personal trainers, independent salesmen etc. Anyone who sells high value goods or ...    13 MB    Views 5344
investment portfolio designed equity
-2    P2strategies is an investment solution that is designed to help minimise the impact of market drawdowns and actively reduce portfolio volatility, while allowing dynamic participation in rising markets giving investors the confidence to stay invested for the longterm. The app ...    6 MB    Views 9470
iphone process matter support designed auditing erp
-7    iAuditERP for the iPhone takes auditing ERP systems like yours mobile, right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. AUDITING FOR AUDITORS ON THE IPHONE Optimized performance; view and update your audit tasks offline. Focusing on key objectives and risks that ...    756 kb    Views 660

ExpensAble Office

+1    This mobile application is a companion app for the Insperity ExpensAble Office software. If you are an ExpensAble Corporate customer, please install the mobile application titled ExpensAble Mobile; this application is not designed to work with ExpensAble Corporate. ExpensAble Office is ...    1 MB    Views 7509
Related Apps calculator finance iphone home planning mortgage loan calculate designed rates
+19    Calculating loan or finance is not a ‘cup of tea’ for everyone. Mostly people who are planning to take loan go to professionals to calculate the loan amount or derive the mortgage rate for them. But, now you can do ...    1 MB    Views 4792

Artist's Helper

calculate costs price gallery designed
+9    This App was designed primarily for my artist girlfriend and her artist friends to help them calculate costs for their works. If somebody else finds it useful/helpful then that's great, but please note it is currently designed to calculate 2 ...    1 MB    Views 2633


Related Apps ipad access designed authorized advisors application
+25    The AvantGarde Mobile iPad application enables authorized clients of AvantGarde Advisors to access their performance data on the go. Knowing how your investments are doing in a beautifully designed and easy to access app designed specifically for the iPad. REQUIREMENTS: You ...    1 MB    Views 2756

Wage Calculator

calculator ipad time wage display retina universal calculate designed easy graphics
-5    Wage Calculator is the app that calculates your income (before tax). It can calculate what your hourly rate is, what you should be paid, and even how long you worked. But now it does more...Wage Calculator can now calculate how much ...    5 MB    Views 4537


business accounting owners receipt picture small data designed
+9    MyMoneyTrax is a simple, easy to use mobile expense tracking system designed specifically for small business owners. Developed by small business owners with the help of a Certified Public Accountant, it was designed to fill a need that normal accounting ...    11 MB    Views 2711


money collection debt owed designed customer dollars
-4    The CollectMORE debt collection app is a worldfirst in innovation and will help you get paid any outstanding invoices you have or money you are owed. Designed and created by an industry veteran, you will learn techniques and methods that ...    NAN    Views 2901

SD Online

Related Apps online reports payslips designed information full access
-6    Designed by SargentDisc for the iPhone, SD Online provides access to a full range of payroll information and reports from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Features include: Online payslips Employees can view payslips and get a full history of earnings Secure messaging Track sensitive ...    22 MB    Views 8995
ipad calculator designed easily style
-6    An app designed just for iPad that help you do daily calculation easily. If you're looking for a perfect calculator App on iPad,it should be what you need truly. It is an amazing speaking calculator. The Calculator application has been designed to take ...    69 MB    Views 4839
Related Apps tax calculator apps email work finance home salary pay calculations enter designed contributions rates
+14    3IN1: UK Salary Tax Calculator (with Reverse feature); VAT Calculator; Pocket Tax Rates & Allowances • No Internet Connection Required • Featured on BBC Radio 4 & Sunday Times Unlike some free tax calculator apps, Tax Tool has all calculations and ...    795 kb    Views 9998
property application information income professional designed mortgage evaluator analysis real
+3    Income Property Evaluator is a professional real estate analysis application designed specifically for IOS devices. The application was designed to be used by prospective property investors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and appraisers. Income Property Evaluator is extremely useful on the ...    44 MB    Views 4275
program software ipad bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
-9    This free app is designed for the iPad and to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or DELETE ...    17 MB    Views 9841

BIZpaye Mobile

business mobile account merchants opportunities world designed merchant check
+8    BIZpaye provides your business with a world of opportunities that are all designed to enhance your bottom line. From New Customers, Free Advertising & Promotions, Interest Free Credit For Your Business & More, let us help your business to trade ...    23 MB    Views 5588


software hand held kitchen designed waiting ordering orders
0    Please Note: The PocketTouch application is designed to be used as companion software to ICRTouch TouchPoint touch screen till EPoS software. It is designed to be configured by authorised resellers of ICRTouch products and used by licensed businesses. Users of TouchPoint till systems who ...    5 MB    Views 8147

Bills PRO

bills history email iphone security ipad data designed icloud export support sync bill pro
+4    Never ever forget when to pay your bills again Bills is a beautifully designed bills reminder and tracker. It will alert you when you have bills due or expenses to pay. Designed with a quick overview screen for upcoming bills ...    3 MB    Views 3632
program software iphone bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
+25    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business with reporting for 1 tax". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or ...    17 MB    Views 3147
money personal finance record 2014 passcode categories data find designed
0    Clara – Your personal finance app designed to manage your money easily and effortlessly Slow and painful money management is a thing of the past because Clara offers you a fast and intuitive interface to do that. PRESS 11 Mar 2014, ...    8 MB    Views 5421


card iphone cards ipad account merchant designed printers desktop activate readers accept
+5    Accept credit cards with your iPhone/iPod/iPad device. Anywhere. Anytime. Activate your merchant account at Designed for businesses needing generous credit terms, the biggest selection of rugged card readers and printers. Make your iPhone/iPod/iPad a professionalgrade mobile pointofsale device with ...    9 MB    Views 571

Worth It

money measurement purchases worth spending designed making compare
+7    Our intentions, attitudes and beliefs play a great part in how we value money, and in some cases we don't know how to value money, our purchases and spending. We used financial literacy research as our base when we designed Worthit ...    2 MB    Views 2833
rental iphone rate cash designed commercial effective loan calculate calculation
+3    If you are involved in any aspect of Commercial Real Estate (brokerage, lending, leasing, management, etc.) you will find the Commercial Broker Toolkit extremely useful and easy to use. We designed the app to provide simple, easy to follow inputs ...    3 MB    Views 7632


Related Apps twitter loans manage loan application track designed
+1    The easiest way to manage and track your customers loans. Loan Admin; Application designed to manage daily informal loans. Designed for users to have a tool to manage and administer loans for business, friends or acquaintances at their finger tips. The application ...    11 MB    Views 42
Related Apps time working track hours hour don designed type data
+7    A simple and functional App to track and report salary and working hours. You can export your data to your Calendar or Dropbox and send Excel sheets or html tables per mail. Easily track your earnings and worked hours. This App is designed ...    12 MB    Views 5309


Related Apps time strategy signals trading alerts binary options easy designed
+5    SuperAlertsPro is a new financial signals app that can provide accurate market alerts. Our app uses an advanced built in strategy and gives you easy to follow Binary Options Signals. Simply turn on the software and find potential profitable trades. Our Features: Easy To ...    4 MB    Views 5599
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