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+5    Memo is a product to the development of BI (Business Intelligence) or OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) applications in the Cloud and was designed to be used by end users or IT professionals, in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or large ...    22 MB    Views 513
+4    Large investment firms are gaming the markets thanks to expensive algorithmled investing strategies and high speed trading. The average investor is bound to find himself at disadvantage from the start, and this is where we come in. What we have created ...    2 MB    Views 3515

TaxFreeway 2011

-1    CUTTING EDGE CANADIAN TAX SOFTWARE STREAMLINE YOUR TAX FILING World’s first fully functional personal income tax App runs on iPad. Powerful tax software to easily handle all tax situations supported by CRA NETFILE with no exclusion. For instance, selfemployment income/deductions, rental income/deductions, ...    6 MB    Views 3887

AMP Monitor

-2    After many years of experience and vigorous testing with the help of hundreds of professional harmonic traders , TradingArsenal is proud to present to you its newest and powerful tool, The Any Market Pattern (AMP) indicator. Due to high processing requirements, ...    1 MB    Views 7540


+19    CurrencyMap is the first software which can support 2 countries currency exchange rate with 163 kinds of currencies, that means you can get total in 2x163 kinds of the extrange rate information at the same time. You can get all the ...    1 MB    Views 775


+29    xtraCHEF is a first of its kind automation tool for restaurant purchases. xtraCHEF is a restaurant software tool that gives chefs, managers, and operators a simple way of managing their purchases and costs. Conceptualized by restaurant industry veterans and built ...    10 MB    Views 179

Bizzy Insights

business managers software data products insights
-1    המערכת מנתחת מידע מהקופה של העסק, ומאפשרת למנהל העסק להבין תוך שניות מהם המוצרים הנמכרים ביותר, איך הצוות עובד, מה הלקוחות עושים בעסק, והאם יש הזמנות שלא שולמו או תופעות חריגות אחרות. האפליקציה מנתחת את הנתונים בזמן אמת, ומספקת מידע משמעותי ...    NAN    Views 8616


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+6    24SevenOffice gives your business a complete ERP system with CRM, Financials, Project Management, Time Tracking and more in one fully integrated solution. As a 100% cloudbased business software delivered as a service over the Internet (Software as a Service). A busy ...    27 MB    Views 934

How To Backup

Related Apps software backup solution platform services provide
+15    How To Backup informs potential customers about the benefits of using IASO for their backup requirements. The app features presentation material and a quotation tool. IASO Backup Technology is the leading European developer and vendor of Backup software and IPbased backup services ...    1 MB    Views 3867


+4    mFunds is a mobile device application that allows you to access your PaycardUSA prepaid card account information, to transfer funds to other prepaid cards, and to make payments to payees and make such other banking transactions as are described on ...    1 MB    Views 572
email software cima decision costing analysis making systems cost
+4    Revision Software for CIMA P1 Exam (November 2015 Syllabus). Over 470 unique questions covering Multiple Choice, True/False and Missing Item format. Correct answers provided for each test. CIMA P1 is designed to cover: 1. Cost accounting systems. [CIMA] 2. Budgeting. [CIMA] 3. Shortterm decision making. ...    11 MB    Views 7104


stock time software information mobile users
+5    Dear users, welcome Hongli software, HC Finance HD is a mobile platform for smart stock information software, follow Hongli first big small investment philosophy, providing different markets (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong stocks , precious metals, foreign) realtime information ...    NAN    Views 6235


software values test calculations supports
-9    CalV2 software is software that supports calculations, display interface designed as intuitive mathematical equations. The advantages of software: calculation expression is shown on the screen, so that the test results were more favorable. When should the test calculations with different values, ...    3 MB    Views 7688


Related Apps software recording management payments interface wallet financial function support
+8    ====SALE FOR LIMITED TIME============ The software will help you record your balance of payments; you can easily gain a complete knowledge of your payments and achieve scientific financial management. The specialty of the software: 1. High speed starting to the interface. Rapidity and convenience ...    525 kb    Views 6683


software support persons transactions share
-8    Have you had a holiday with a group of friends and do you want help with final splitting of bills? Try this piece of software. Have you share the room with your roommates and want to share the bill for the ...    681 kb    Views 4862

My Money Pro SP

personal money retirement software financial manage debt credit
-4    Powerful Personal Financial Manager . Have you ever bought anything and said, "I really did get my money's worth.” Well, you are about to do it again, you will see that MyMoneyPro is a sure bet MyMoneyPro is a powerful ...    3 MB    Views 2573

V.A.T. Calc Free

software free developers rate application simple products item 100
+24    100% Free 100% Simple and effective Use this free app to help you work out the price of something with or without V.A.T. TO USE : Enter the initial price of the item. Ensure the correct V.A.T rate is selected, the calculate the cost ...    1 MB    Views 297
Related Apps time map ipad clock software cities world global check 100 city
+10    Global Clock for iPad is a software by which you can check the time of different cities all over the world. By Global Clock for iPad, you can check the exact time of all cities. This software defaults the time of ...    4 MB    Views 1725

Stamp Duty WA

+6    This is a simple stamp duty calculator to help you works out how much government fees and charges are payable for your property purchase in Western Australia. Use this software to uncover the hidden costs of buying your dream property ...    21 kb    Views 631
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+28    אפליקציית באפי לניהול משרד מאפשרת לכם, סוכני הביטוח אשר משתמשים בתוכנת באפי ניהול משרד גישה נוחה לבסיס הנתונים שלכם. באמצעות האפליקציה תוכלו לקבל את פרטי הלקוח, הפוליסות, התביעות והמסמכים הסרוקים בתוכנת באפי במשרדכם על גבי ממשק אפליקציה נוח, המאפשר גישה ...    NAN    Views 514

Class Super

software class super fund data view users accounting
+3    Class Super is Australia's most highly developed SMSF accounting software delivered to desktops via the web. Class Super provides users with uptodate, dependable access to critical data on a fund's financials. This means that Administrators, Trustees, Auditors and Advisors can easily ...    55 kb    Views 2059

Reverse IBAN Lite

software iban bank sepa account valid validator code entered countries
-6    The IBAN Lite version is limited to up to 10 searches per day and has ads. reverse IBAN checker is a free online software designed to validate an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). The software performs all mathematical checksum calculations in ...    3 MB    Views 961


software die und der auf den mobile
-2    ERGO Mobile Sales ist die mobile Software für den Vertriebsaußendienst. Die Software wurde für den Apple iPad entwickelt und bietet alle Vorteile der neuen AppTechnologie: schnelle Installation, einfache Bedienung und einen geringen Wartungsaufwand. Mit Hilfe der TouchscreenBedienoberfläche können nicht nur ...    13 MB    Views 20

Trade Square

time iphone software real trade trading square
-2    This software is built for IPHONE users by Tokin Limited Company, which is stabilize as our trading platform. The IPHONE TRADE SQUARE provides features such as real time quotes, news, charts and studies. Clients can grasp at an opportunity for ...    5 MB    Views 8919


+12    Record your expenses as they happen and never miss a receipt again with Software Europe’s Expenses360 mobile application. Expenses360 is FREE to download to customers of Software Europe’s online Expenses solution. This smart addition to managing employee expenses will help to free ...    4 MB    Views 7697
program software iphone bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
-2    This free app is designed to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business with reporting for 1 tax". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or ...    17 MB    Views 3147

Technique Mobile

software mobile
-2    Technique Mobile is a mobile software enabling customers of Bank Technique to manage their accounts through mobile phones and tablets. Technique Mobile is a service which allows you to safely make any banking operations at any time of the day ...    13 MB    Views 4724

Stamp Duty TAS

-5    This is a simple stamp duty calculator to help you works out how much government fees and charges are payable for your property purchase in Tasmania. Use this software to uncover the hidden costs of buying your dream property other ...    22 kb    Views 5261

PayTraq Mobile

Related Apps business time software mobile real
-9    Get realtime access to all you business critical data and manage your business while you’re on the go with PayTraq Mobile. ALREADY A PAYTRAQ USER? Download this app and sign in with your PayTraq credentials. ABOUT PAYTRAQ Simple, understandable and effective cloudbased ERP software. All ...    5 MB    Views 3248
tax software file cloud filing return desktop tablet taxes
+1    Tax software used for filing your income taxes with the IRS has always been painfully tied to a desktop computer. If you're looking for the freedom of filing your income tax return from your tablet then try out Efile Cloud ...    2 MB    Views 3397
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+19    Advantage Mobile Banking (AMB) is a virtual bank specifically designed to recreate a precise mobile online banking environment. It provides sales and presales teams to work with a live application and to show the HP software features of mobile software tools, ...    12 MB    Views 2721

Stamp Duty NSW

Related Apps property stamp software duty
+15    This is a simple stamp duty calculator to help you works out how much government fees and charges are payable for your property purchase in New South Wales. Use this software to uncover the hidden costs of buying your dream ...    25 kb    Views 2822

IRIS OpenPayslips

software payslips payslip payroll conditions terms subject
+11    Welcome to IRIS OpenPayslips A brand new way for employees to receive and view their regular payslips digitally Payslips are published from within IRIS payroll software to a secure, cloud based payslip portal then seamlessly distributed to employees' smartphones quickly, ...    737 kb    Views 5846

Forex FS iTrader

Related Apps time calculator software forex real clients orders trading profit set australian
+2    Forex FS iTrader, powered by Forex On The Go Technology, allows free mobile MT4 trading for all new and existing Forex FS clients. Features Include: Trading from a realtime live tick chart Ability to use all symbols available Place Buy and ...    3 MB    Views 9411

Misys FusionWire

Related Apps software news latest financial
-6    Keep uptodate with the latest financial software industry news. Covering Banking, Capital Markets, Investment Management and Risk. Includes: Latest financial software news Thought leadership & research Feature articles Blogs Product release information & more    8 MB    Views 5377


software con numero del
-1    Con Negoziando App è possibile avere i più importanti KPI relativi alla tua catena di negozi direttamente sul tuo iPhone o iPad, in tempo reale. Negoziando App localizza la tua posizione, fornisce dati relativi al negozio in cui ti trovi ...    478 kb    Views 5563

Paprika Contacts

software contact client tasks details notes update edit contacts
+12    ==== IMPORTANT ==== To use this application you must have Paprika running as your agency management system including the "iPhone" module and have a valid useraccount for your database, along with the REACT option in your menu group. For further details please ...    642 kb    Views 1530

ConnectPay VT

+12    ConnectPay VT is a turns your iPhone or iPad into a mobile credit and debit card virtual terminal. The application works with all the major UK acquiring banks and allows mobile traders to accept credit card payments on the move. The ...    1 MB    Views 500
software investors candlestick charting pattern techniques content master
0    This software is especially suitable for the investors who want to master the basic candlestick charting techniques in a short period of time.Candlestick charting techniques is one of the enduring classics.It is also the preferred knowledge for technical analysis investors.This ...    860 kb    Views 1965
software business insurance life advisers risk tool free solutions omnium
+21    FREE for first 31 days only. Then you can choose to continue usage for a monthly cost. Or you can use it completely free if you subscribe to our online risk research tool OmniLife. Contact us for a free ...    5 MB    Views 9470
banking software internet banca atm che servizio token mercati
-4    L'accesso all'applicazione Mobile "Unipol Banca" è riservata ai: Clienti titolari di "Conto MyUnipol" Clienti Unipol Banca titolari di un servizio di Internet Banking.    Questa applicazione consente di accedere, in qualsiasi momento, tramite smartphone e tablet a diverse funzionalità del tuo Internet ...    30 MB    Views 1069

My Budget

management software transactions cash data
+5    MyBudget is a cool and easy to use cash management software. You can manage your daily cash income/outgo to get an overview how much you spend. Descriptions for transactions can be taken from history so you don't need to rewrite ...    324 kb    Views 6143

My Checkbook Remote

software checkbook desktop remote download transactions enter computer purchase service
+1    NOTE: This is a companion app to the desktop software. You must have a licensed copy of the desktop software to use this software. Easily enter transactions into the My Checkbook desktop software when you are away from your ...    2 MB    Views 7432

Stamp Duty QLD

Related Apps property software calculator stamp duty
0    This is a simple stamp duty calculator to help you works out how much government fees and charges are payable for your property purchase in Queensland. Use this software to uncover the hidden costs of buying your dream property other ...    20 kb    Views 6872

Stamp Duty ACT

Related Apps property stamp software duty
+15    This is a simple stamp duty calculator to help you works out how much government fees and charges are payable for your property purchase in Australian Capital Territory. Use this software to uncover the hidden costs of buying your dream ...    22 kb    Views 5419


software office payroll financial year package services
+30    STANDARD BOOKKEEPING SERVICES: Data Entry Reconciliations Invoicing Payroll Debtor Control Your office or our fully equipped office CONSULTING AND ADVICE Xero, Quickbooks Online, MYOB, Reckon Accounts Which software package suits you Troubleshooting End of Year financial & Payroll BAS Preparaton and Lodgement introduce our services provide easy access and contact we ...    13 MB    Views 9541

My Wocket

software card support features exciting wallet
+9    Wocket replaces your entire wallet with a single card and interchangeable accessories to carry cash and other essentials. By building upon your existing wallet, Wocket introduces exciting new features never possible before. The My Wocket app expands the features of ...    9 MB    Views 1739
software time running accounting bookkeeping record system
+22    Skyclerk makes bookkeeping and accounting dead simple. Skyclerk will change the way you look at bookkeeping and accounting forever. Our system makes it so any small to medium size business can be up and running with a fully robust accounting system ...    11 MB    Views 8116


management software events bet method loss set higher number
+1    Objective:WIN is your perfect companion for all games such betting , roulette, lotto, stock market trading, etc. ... , etc. .... The application has native support for highresolution retina display of the iPhone and iPad. Our software is basically a money management, ...    11 MB    Views 4268


property ipad australia software valuation edition mobile firms note application
+5    ValuePRO Mobile Edition for iPhone lets existing ValuePRO users write valuation reports from the field. A “Free Preview” option is available for users without an existing ValuePRO account so that you can tour the application’s functionality. ValuePRO is used by Property Valuation ...    17 MB    Views 9400


software hand held kitchen designed waiting ordering orders
+2    Please Note: The PocketTouch application is designed to be used as companion software to ICRTouch TouchPoint touch screen till EPoS software. It is designed to be configured by authorised resellers of ICRTouch products and used by licensed businesses. Users of TouchPoint till systems who ...    5 MB    Views 8147
tax software time taxsoftware return file form 720 function irs
+4    Have a tanning salon and need to file your quarterly federal excise tax return? It’s Easy. You can do it on the iPhone or iPad with’s app for Form 720. The cost of the app is only 99 cents ...    592 kb    Views 2236


software sie und mobile rechnungen nnen kunden keine angebote sind
+3    TMobile epunet ist eine Online Software, über die Sie Ihre gesamten Geschäftsprozesse abwickeln können. Sie stellen Angebote und Rechnungen, verwalten Ihre Kunden und Lieferanten und Ihren Lagerstand. Mit der Version für Ihr iPhone haben Sie zusätzlich alle wichtigen Informationen zur ...    NAN    Views 688
software business evaluation
+4    Sybiz Software Pty Ltd: EmpowermentPack Business Software Evaluation Growth Check Has your organisation outgrown its business software?    1 MB    Views 8128

Angel Fuel

software gas cost set manage record oil station function support statistics
+3    Angel Fuel is a professional software about your Vehicle’s fuelconsmuption and cost by input gas record and cost record. Our software has so many Advantages,such as concise interface, powerful function and easy to use,you can use it immediately when you download ...    34 MB    Views 9016

MyAdmob Lite

software revenue days view earnings version lite check
-4    Before using this application, first you need to register an Admob account to log in this app. And if you have your own advertising data, you can check your ad revenue in this app. MyAdmob Lite is a software based on ...    5 MB    Views 7567

iProLav CM

software del con che
-5    iProLav CM è l'applicazione professionale per la gestione dei clienti da parte dello staff commerciale. Con un unico, semplice strumento è possibile avere sempre a disposizione le anagrafiche dei clienti, i contratti in essere con gli stessi, la situazione di documenti ...    30 MB    Views 7627
program software ipad bookkeeping file ledger pro designed
-2    This free app is designed for the iPad and to be used specifically as a companion with the Moneyledgers "Pro Ledger" software programs that are designed for bookkeeping for "personal & business". Use this app to ADD or EDIT or DELETE ...    17 MB    Views 9841
software category
+15    «Budget» software is the best choice for those who watch for their finances The main features of this software are: simplicity, functionality and clarity of presentation. For an expense item adding you are to choose a sum and to assign ...    4 MB    Views 934
software voice futures image customer free service
+5    财富通点播学习平台是招金期货有限公司自主研发并免费让客户使用的一款以期货行情讲解、指导为主的服务软件,它是为全国期货学习者免费提供的期货学习及知识传播平台,该软件是集语音、图像等播出形式,内容涉及每日行情点评,品种介绍,技术指标讲解等;点播学习平台根据iphone手机量身定做,界面简洁,语音清晰,画面流畅,节约流量,操作简单!您可根据自身学习需要随时点播,届时欢迎大家下载使用,并提出您的宝贵意见。招金期货财富通随时随地让您掌握期货资讯,账号及密码开通请致电4006329997,招金期货有限公司网络客服部预约。 “Zhaojin Futures VOD Study Platform”is free service software independently developed by Zhaojin Futures Co., Ltd offering explanations and directions to customer. It provides a platform for spreading knowledge and a free chance for the learners to dig into the futures ...    2 MB    Views 9220
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