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SalesTouch Mobile

+27    SalesTouch is the CRM reinvented for media advertising sales. SalesTouch was designed specifically for account executives to use on tablets on the street, as well as browsers on your laptop, with the most used features available on your smartphone. It ...    16 MB    Views 3937
+15    The XBTerminal app allows you to easily accept Bitcoin payments quickly, securely with an optional guaranteed cash return. Our unique system allows you to accept Bitcoin and the options to either receive a guaranteed local currency return to your bank, ...    937 kb    Views 2652

MNC Trade for iPad

+26    MNC Trade is an online trading product of MNC Securities that using stocktrading application system technology. Buy/Sell Orders can be done by customers through connected online trading application system(transaction order without sales/dealer as intermediaries). Orders of customers will automatically be forwarded ...    8 MB    Views 1354

Account Book 2 HD

+16    Here comes Account Book 2 HD Account Book 2 HD is more useful and smart than version 1. What’s new: Add iCould backup to prevent your data from being lost; Relayout interface, more intuitive and concise; Support digital keyboard, more beautiful We design the app for ...    7 MB    Views 4957


email card accounts account system display data detail tables
+12    RunningTotal is a fast, robust and legible tool for keeping track of financial accounts. These could be bank debit card accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, expense accounts, or anything else that requires you to keep a record of money going ...    1010 kb    Views 3083


+17    Calculate your return on investment when using the Automatic Tyre Inflation System ATIS by PSI Save on tire wear, fuel and labour and benefit from the unique puncture prevention system    6 MB    Views 327

Account Book 2

Related Apps accounts fixed record account book data system items automatically
+13    Here comes Account Book 2 Account Book 2 is more useful and smart than version 1. What’s new: Add iCould backup to prevent your data from being lost; Relayout interface, more intuitive and concise; Support digital keyboard, more beautiful We design the app for you with ...    10 MB    Views 9540
+24    Take your credit union with you where ever you go. St. Helens Community Credit Union has gone mobile – SHCU Mobile is now available as a free service to SHCU Online Banking members. Features of our iPhone application include: Accounts Check ...    1 MB    Views 7392
-5    Need to know information about DRGs? DRGs are Diagnosis Related Groups that are the basic units for which hospitals are paid by Medicare and Medicaid for healthcare services. The MSDRG system is the current version of the DRG system that hospitals ...    2 MB    Views 8550

The New York Forum

+9    The New York Forum App is the Ipad application dedicated to The New York Forum. The New York Forum is a call for action by the business community to reinvigorate the economy and to find new confidence and credibility. It has ...    5 MB    Views 3407


Related Apps business pos system industry free sales features tool manage
+6    CMS POS is a cuttingedge pointofsale solution that is winning over thousands of merchants across the U.S. If you are looking for a robust POS system that is affordable and has the most functionality amongst any other in the market ...    15 MB    Views 464
management relationship mobile asset organizations assets system
+5    The SHOOTRAC Asset Relationship Management (ARM) system makes it easy for organizations to improve the efficient use of their assets and mobile workforce by leveraging technology that is already in your employee’s hands… their mobile phones SHOOTRAC helps organizations answer the ...    7 MB    Views 3006


marketing business system online free commerce pay industry door
-1    Technowise360 is the first and only Network marketing system to combine a Trillion dollar industry and a Millionairemaking marketing system in the Philippines. 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Technowise 360 Its the only Ecommerce company powered by multilevel marketing system It’s the ...    83 MB    Views 634

Account Book Lite 2

Related Apps accounts fixed account record book data lite items system automatically
+10    Here comes Account Book Lite 2 Account Book Lite 2 is more useful and smart than version 1. What’s new: Add iCould backup to prevent your data from being lost; Relayout interface, more intuitive and concise; Support digital keyboard, more beautiful We design the app for ...    16 MB    Views 1711
time money networking social organizations system technology bring payment
+2    For a long period of time, different religious organizations or nonprofit organizations are raising fund almost same ways which are mostly cash and location based. But during this time things got changed a lot. Payment system is moving towards mobile ...    11 MB    Views 8041


food sales octopus pos server terminals multiple system
+23    OctoReport 1.0 OctoReport is a reporting module for "Octopus Food POS Plus" Point of Sales Solution "Octopus Food POS Plus" is a fully operational point of sales client application designed for Restaurants with more than one terminals/outlets. By using OctoReport, you can monitor ...    1 MB    Views 2062

Sales Assistant

Related Apps sales status representative system
-7    This APP is designed for sales representative which assist sales representative to manage customer, schedule, goal and achievement status. In addition, system can sum up monthly visiting times and selling product status automatically. It will be more clear and efficient to arrange ...    769 kb    Views 6812

Piccolo Payments

card view details transactions credit system lets
+2    Lets cab drivers that are using Piccolo's dispatch system view details about past credit card transactions. Lets managers that are using Piccolo's dispatch system view details about every driver's past credit card transactions.    813 kb    Views 3789


+1    The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) is the current methodology in the U.S. tax system for recovery of capitalized costs of depreciable tangible property other than natural resources. Under this system, the capitalized cost (basis) is recovered over a ...    1005 kb    Views 4480
software time running accounting bookkeeping record system
-8    Skyclerk makes bookkeeping and accounting dead simple. Skyclerk will change the way you look at bookkeeping and accounting forever. Our system makes it so any small to medium size business can be up and running with a fully robust accounting system ...    11 MB    Views 8116


Related Apps management market instruments access system order data markets technology
+18    EGAR IVOnline is a front & back end execution solution that provides an integrated interface for the access to different markets and instruments. It includes order management, online account statements, interactive charts, position management and other functionality required for traders. The ...    618 kb    Views 2308
order view orders viewer stats admin install system notification
+20    "Order & Stats Viewer for TomatoCart" is a packetclient application. Using this application the Administrator is able to view Orders, Report and the Statistics of his TomatoCart eShop. How "Order & Stats Viewer for TomatoCart" works: Before using the App it is necessary ...    4 MB    Views 5746
sports system profit
+3    FREE Sports Profit System app provides avid sports followers with the latest information on winning sports picks for NFL, NBA, Baseball, College Sports games, Soccer and more    18 MB    Views 3020

Simplex FX

time consulting application exchange system requests comments financial charts provider
+6    Simplex FX is a foreign exchange (FX) analysis tool. You can access realtime FX rates and charts. By inputting your positions, you can also check your profit and loss status. Main Features and Functions of the tool: 13 Major Currency Pairs RealTime ...    6 MB    Views 9957

Gold Rising Pro

+5    To gain your maximum profit from Gold market, you need a perfect alert notification system by this app Obtain the latest gold chart, history chart in 30 days, 3 months, half year and 1 Year. Feature Universal App (iPhone, iPod and iPad support) Live ...    1 MB    Views 1533
administrators card onecard campus mobile admin system license data heartland account
+18    OneCard Mobile Admin allows campus administrators to manage various aspects of the Campus OneCard System from their iOS device. Administrators can view account biographical data, financial information, meal plans, access privileges, registered vehicles, card transaction detail and ID photos. OneCard Mobile ...    3 MB    Views 3944


management quality high industry production professional system
-5    Located in the beautiful coastal city of southern China, Guangdong Shantou Honghao Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002 and occupies a modern production base of 11,500m2. We are professional in manufacturing Misc plastic packages of cosmetic, skin care, hair treatment ...    28 MB    Views 2079
+4    Take the branch with you. Our free iPhone webapp gives users the ability to: Check Balances View Recent Transactions Transfer Funds Pay Bills Mobile Deposit with DeposZip Send Money powered by PayPal™ Search for ATM/Branch Locations To get started, you'll need to be an existing user of Internet ...    1 MB    Views 22
stock investment market system quantitative analysis stocks rating listed
+4    Newsystock – Quantitative Stock Rating System Easy and Powerful Stock Evaluation System Newsystock is the first company in Korea to provide rating system for stocks listed in the Korean Stock Exchange, analyzing over 1,500 stocks through quantitative analysis tools. Each listed company ...    13 MB    Views 5071

QuikTrade Mobile

card mobile system transactions full functionality member
+4    QuikTrade Mobile provides for the type of convenient usage of the QuikTrade Barter Management System that may be needed when away from the typical computer interface. It allows for the conducting of POS Transactions, Gift Card Transactions, Load CRA, Directory ...    254 kb    Views 2930


time security payroll details easy system track organized simple
-5    Are you troubled about managing your company payroll? Trying to figure out where you got confused or lost? Just wishing you could get everything organized and cut through all the clutter? Look no further because with KeepLog, you get to know ...    2 MB    Views 4699
stock investment market system analysis quantitative stocks listed comprehensive
+14    국내 최초 신개념 주식종목 추천 퀀츠 시스템 뉴지스탁에서는 국내 최초로 1,500여 상장 종목의 펀더멘탈과 모멘 지표들을 분석해 종목의 투자매력도를 점수로 표현해 랭킹을 제공합니다. 또한, 본 금융공학적 분석결과를 바탕으로 투자 유망종목을 추천합니다. 뉴지스탁의 특징 1) 1,500 여 개 상장 종목을 모두 분석 2) 종목을 ...    13 MB    Views 7577
system call mobile accounting phone site report
-3    PhoneTrack NexGen Mobile is the mobile edition to the PhoneTrack NexGen call accounting system. PhoneTrack NexGen lets businesses consolidate all their Private Branch Exchange servers (PBX) into one call accounting system. PhoneTrack NexGen Mobile is a iOS client that will allow ...    6 MB    Views 5559


work managers sales increase install system deals
-6    Imagine the perfect sales department. Employees work well, you won't criticize your sales managers for the delay, you don’t lose your customers and there is no need to manually edit the reports. And it’s not an utopia. You can achieve ...    6 MB    Views 4703
program bet ticket betting contents application system central bank
0    "KeiBa Internet Bet SystemCentral" is an application program that can buy the central horse racing bettingticket for the JRA IPAT user. 1: It is possible to use it only for the JRA IPAT user. 2: It is possible not to ...    NAN    Views 5953

QuickSwipe P2PE

Related Apps pci point system data device
-1    QuickSwipe P2PE provides all of the benefits of Bluefin’s QuickSwipe mobile POS system but with the added security of PCIvalidated PointtoPoint Encryption (P2PE). QuickSwipe P2PE encrypts cardholder data within the PCIapproved Prima M device, so that cleartext data is never ...    5 MB    Views 2887
order view orders viewer stats module install full system
+4    "Order & Stats Viewer for CubeCart" is a packetclient application. Using this application the Administrator is able to view Orders, Report and the Statistics of his CubeCart eShop. How "Order & Stats Viewer for CubeCart" works: Before using the App it is necessary ...    2 MB    Views 9048


+5    24SevenOffice gives your business a complete ERP system with CRM, Financials, Project Management, Time Tracking and more in one fully integrated solution. As a 100% cloudbased business software delivered as a service over the Internet (Software as a Service). A busy ...    27 MB    Views 934
software time iphone application token authentication system passwords
-2    Protect your most sensitive networked information and data with strong Anmeng twofactor Authentication System. Anmeng Software Token application supports using your iPhone as your software authenticator. By generating your ANMENG onetime password on your iPhone, you eliminate the need to carry ...    678 kb    Views 959

Virtual Plastic

cards credit accepting accept setup online hours payments processing system
+5    Discover The Definitive Guide To Accepting, Setting Up & Processing Online Payments Overnight On A Shoe String Budget It's a fact, everyone uses credit cards. You absolutely must get on the band wagon or you're going to lose 95% or more ...    530 kb    Views 254

Prolific POS

Related Apps business pos system industry free sales tool features manage
-6    Prolific POS is a cuttingedge pointofsale solution that is winning over thousands of merchants across the U.S. If you are looking for a robust POS system that is affordable and has the most functionality amongst any other in the market ...    15 MB    Views 3366

SETECS iMerchant

Related Apps cards merchant safe system customers credit application
+12    SETECS Merchant is client application of Secure Applications for Financial Environments (SAFE) system. SETECS Merchant is used by sale merchants, i.e., shops, restaurants, to charge customers with credit cards. Instead of a normal POS device, customers can pay with their ...    1 MB    Views 1828

Reval Mobile

monitor system report access mobile file module
-5    With Reval Mobile, Reval customers can now access the "monitor" module and the "report inbox" of their Reval solutions directly on their iPhone or iPad. The signal system of the "monitor" module informs the customer about the current status of the ...    2 MB    Views 8458
Related Apps calculator built multiple accounting system classic simple interactive currency supported
+3    CashSync Classic is a simple, convenient accounting tool with multiple accounts and currencies, cloud synchronization, shared accounting, a reminder system, interactive reports, a builtin calculator, and a currency converter. FEATURES: Sync with the server and multiple devices. Share accounting with your ...    3 MB    Views 4700


Related Apps system cash loyalty mobile payments payment
+2    Mokipay is a mobile payment system, a product, that has both funcionality and rationality. The vision is to replace the oldfashioned credit card and cash payments. Not only that, to replace your regular wallet by making it virtual. All this ...    24 MB    Views 9068
Related Apps banking bank choice online system mobile
+5    Mobile banking application for current users of First Choice Bank's online banking system. If you are not yet enrolled in First Choice Bank's online banking system, please contact your branch representative.    9 MB    Views 5868
Related Apps credit union unions atms find atm locator system
-9    The Canadian Credit Union System ATM and Branch Locator gives you the ability to find credit unions and credit union ATMs near you, anywhere in Canada. Shopping, on vacation, running errands – you can find the closest credit union and ...    3 MB    Views 6712
Related Apps time cards clock web employees manage system based
+18    ParkTime is a web based time clock system. The Manager can setup employees, see who is in/out, edit time cards, print reports, manage account billing and much more. have the ability to manage all aspects of their assigned employees, including ...    18 MB    Views 979

Net Energy

net system trading energy america western north screens oil
+4    Net Energy Inc. is the premier crude oil trading system in western Canada. Our unique and innovative Internet based trading screens offer the most sophisticated and trustworthy quotation and trade reporting system anywhere in North America. Buyers and sellers of ...    1 MB    Views 4252


money bills banking payments pay system immediately internet instantly
+5    The mobile application for HandyBank Internetbanking system is a comfortable and secure way to make payments and other banking transactions with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices 24hours a day from anywhere you can find an Internet access. With this application ...    714 kb    Views 6981


ipad gold transactions transaction collect password buying store pin system price
-9    For Huasengheng Member Only Safe and convenient Now you can trade 96.5% gold with Huasengheng striaght from your iPad Features: •Buy and/or Sell 96.5% Gold through the application •Able to choose to collect gold from the store or keep in system after each transaction •Able ...    8 MB    Views 8198
mobile device login access credentials transactions system information view
-9    SESLOC Federal Credit Union has gone Mobile. Can’t come to the branch? Take the branch with you. Our iPhone webapp gives you the ability to: Check Balances View Recent Transactions Transfer Funds … and more To get started, you must be an existing user ...    1 MB    Views 4547

Game System

banking game system fun banks
+3    Moroku Game System helps banks and their customers to build financial muscle and be great at banking. Borrowing the best from motivational theory, behavioural economics, game mechanics, and design, it couples fun to social media and the cloud. Moroku Game ...    11 MB    Views 7865

Xsolla Login

Related Apps games online payment 700 pay solution secure system
+2    Xsolla introduces innovative oneclick payments application for online game players. Just download the app and pay for 700+ online games. Use Xsolla smart solution not to interrupt the gameplay.  Features: Prompt payment solution Xsolla enables to gain time with its intellectual data ...    12 MB    Views 9005
system lead power stay
+8    Welcome to the iRep Power Lead System app. This app is one of the best ways to stay in touch and uptodate with the latest marketing tools and strategies via Power Lead System. Download the iRep PLS App for free and Stay ...    NAN    Views 3884
strategy money bet unit system betting
0    D’Alembert believed in the equilibrium of nature, suggesting that if an event happened more frequently than expected (for example 5 blacks in a row in Roulette) then the universe would balance itself by increasing the probability of red going forward. The ...    12 MB    Views 866


button system unit control
+13    Control your heating system form the touch of a button on your iPhone. Save the sim card number of your iHeat control unit, enter the length of time you require your system to run, then just press the Boost Heat ...    335 kb    Views 952

ADX Calculator Free

trend trading indicator system rsi momentum
+12    A Trading System that calculates a stocks Trend Strength, Momentum and Direction as developed by J. Welles Wilder Jr., one of the greatest technical analysts of the late 20th century. The Average Directional Index (ADX), Minus Directional Indicator (DI), Plus Directional ...    1 MB    Views 4786


stock market investors analysis kong price view hong system sell
-7    ABZY is a brand new toolset to view the Hong Kong Stock Market. It is based on all innovative concepts which would excel most conventional technical analysis tools. By adopting extensive data mining and patterns analysis, the ABZY market view would ...    NAN    Views 184


money account cash bookkeeping entry double bank system
+3    CashBook is an easy to use bookkeeping iPhone app for personal finances. CashBook adopts the DoubleEntry bookkeeping system and use the Cash Method to record the transactions. You do not need to have a complete understanding of accounting principles to ...    12 MB    Views 5392
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