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UC eBanking global

+5    Mit Ihrem FirmenkundenZugang bei der UniCredit Bank AG können Sie Ihre Bankgeschäfte jetzt auch von unterwegs erledigen. UC eBanking global ist die ideale Ergänzung zu unserer Portallösung UC eBanking global und macht Sie so noch flexibler. Funktionsüberblick: Detaillierte Ansicht der Kontoauszüge Erfassen, Unterschreiben ...    4 MB    Views 7924

Global Wallet

+6    Velocity Global Wallet The Velocity membership card and Visa Prepaid Card in one. A safer way to travel. Global Wallet is available exclusively for Velocity Frequent Flyer members, and is on the other side of the new Velocity membership card. The Global Wallet ...    18 MB    Views 6959
+17    A glossary of global restructuring and insolvency terminology to provide the reader with an introduction to the applicable terms often encountered in the crossborder restructuring market.    41 MB    Views 7167
+2    Global Tax Weekly: A Closer Look A weekly publication offering news coverage and indepth analysis of international taxation. Product features include: Detailed articles and topical analysis of key subject matter and sector issues Written by the world’s leading experts Practical, deployable advice ...    6 MB    Views 1187

DBS Fund Tool

+20    DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“DBS Bank”) has powered up the invest•wise Fund Services in joint forces with global fund research authority Morningstar, helping you to gain unique insights to grasp hold of global investment opportunities Features: • Quick Search lets you ...    4 MB    Views 7796
investment leadership global series advisors
+16    FOR INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY Welcome to the Pyramis Global Advisors Quarterly Leadership Series eCompendium, presenting a collection of select, relevant thought leadership content. This app supports our commitment to sharing timely insights and innovative thinking from our investment professionals, in order to ...    5 MB    Views 9521
-2    The official app for CALIBR Global Leadership Network. Stay connected and get in the know on events and other important activities of the network. Founded in 1999 as NextGen Network, CALIBR is a professional membership association. We are dedicated to accelerating the ...    20 MB    Views 8615
+5    This application has been design exclusively for the clients of "The global macro investor". To be given access to this application membership to GMI is required. The Global Macro Investor is a monthly Global Macro advisory publication with frequent intramonthly updates ...    6 MB    Views 5913


currency payment global exchange users mobile
+8    As one kind of the internet financial instruments, RADR helps users make simple, swift and low cost payment, transfer and global currency exchange. RADR easily allows all users to participate in global transfers, payments, currency exchanges, collections and withdrawals. Radar wallet ...    7 MB    Views 4580

Global 1 FCU Mobile

+18    The Global 1 FCU Mobile App is a free mobile decisionsupport tool that gives you the ability to aggregate all of your financial accounts, including accounts from other financial institutions, into a single, uptotheminute view so you can stay organized ...    15 MB    Views 4001
Related Apps finance ipad prime global mobile clients margin information reporting daily quickly
+4    The Global Prime Mobile application gives Deutsche Bank Global Prime Finance clients access to prime services information while on the go. The app is targeted at principal and chief level personnel at hedge fund and institutional clients. Global Prime Mobile provides ...    3 MB    Views 5093


business services access users login support global view quality
+3    THE BUSINESS GRID What is the Business Grid? The Business Grid is a single source for virtually every business service you are ever likely to need. The Grid delivers over 2000 Business services in 65 countries, covering the complete business lifecycle, including business ...    6 MB    Views 133

Jacobsen Mobile

mobile global
+3    The Jacobsen Mobile app experience brings timely and accurate market data in the biodiesel, global fats, vegetable oils, global hides and grain byproducts markets.    10 MB    Views 5968

HSBC Research

Related Apps research hsbc global information read markets clients
-4    This application is for HSBC's institutional clients only. Clients will need to register via Markit Hub for a username and password. Now you can read HSBC's awardwinning research on the emerging and developed markets anytime, anywhere. Our app lets you read all ...    3 MB    Views 8010

Advisor Gadget

advisor financial access information global gadget experience latest notes
-7    The Advisor Gadget is a brand new way to experience Global Financial Private Capital's 'Compleat Advisor' information from multiple devices. It brings together all the essential information you need to support your role as an Advisor for Global Financial ...    19 MB    Views 3570


news video economic financial important global domestic read
+19    為慶祝經濟日報四十五周年社慶,特別推出的iPad專屬新聞應用程式:經濟日報Plus。 經濟日報Plus利用影音、地圖、圖表及分類重點新聞等方式整理重要財經訊息,提供最短的時間、最輕鬆的閱讀方式,讓讀者可以輕鬆掌握全球、兩岸及國內最重要的財經時事,帶給讀者完全不一樣的財經新聞閱讀體驗。 經濟日報Plus的主要channel如下: ‧國際動態、兩岸動態以動畫與地圖定位的方式,呈現全球當日最重要的財經動態訊息,包含國際及兩岸,讓讀者可以一分鐘掌握全球財經脈動,重要訊息不漏接。 ‧重點新聞聚焦當日國內財經重大事件,分為要聞、產業、兩岸、金融理財、證券權證,呈現多角度、多面向報導。 ‧精選圖表呈現當日經濟日報精選之經濟之眼以及隨時更新國內外重要圖表,並附加短評,讓讀者輕鬆掌握財經趨勢的變化。 ‧專欄以經濟日報社論及名家觀點呈現。 ‧譯言堂精選國際財經重要人士談話,以中英對照方式呈現。 ‧聯合影音精選全方位財經影音新聞,使用者並可隨時觀看新聞重播,或點閱單則新聞。 Enjoy free access to timely, broad, and insightful reporting from the EDN Plus application. This app provides you most important and uptodate international and domestic economic and financial news in a desirable, easytoread, and interactive fashion. Moreover, the EDN plus ...    12 MB    Views 5333
Related Apps investors investment market investing global experts content details information
-2    Key features: • Direct access to market commentary • Ability to follow preferred investment strategies and international investing experts • Fund information and performance details • Convenient filtering of market insights and materials • Access to interactive charts • View and share content via email App content: ...    11 MB    Views 7203

MMA Mobile

market instruments trade account trading mobile listed global
0    By signing up for the Multi Market Account service, WhoTrades Ltd. clients will have a unique opportunity to trade in a variety of highly liquid instruments listed on 15 leading global exchanges via a single account opened via trading platform ...    21 MB    Views 8290


+11    Global Finance aims to provide authoritative information on world ecnonmy,trade,investment,finance,marketing social issues and etc. Through professional and unique angle, organic integration of information, indepth reporting, authoritative view point and the application of new media methods, global finance deeply digs business information ...    2 MB    Views 6199
finance management magazine global policy privacy
+10    Every month Global Finance Magazine brings you the full story of corporate finance, FX, M&A, capital markets, treasury and cash management, banking, risk management, direct investment, money management and a lot more. Now, more than ever, is the time to ...    3 MB    Views 8525

EY Insights

insights issues global order application
-6    EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, and provides global perspectives on the issues affecting today’s businesses. The EY Insights application gives you access to indepth reports, surveys and thoughtprovoking analyses on these issues, covering ...    55 MB    Views 2994
investor conference global 2014
-1    Official application for the Tishman Speyer 2014 Global Investor Conference.    8 MB    Views 6164

GC News

news international industry securities global
+14    Global Custodian is proud to present the GC News app, bringing you the most recent headlines in the international securities services business. Global Custodian provides analysis and commentary on the latest news and events taking place in the international securities ...    2 MB    Views 8223


vat foreign spend invoices global visibility complete transparency data
+19    Do you know how much you spend today in Foreign VAT? Can you reclaim Foreign VAT seamlessly, easily and errorfree? With VATBox you can VATBox delivers a cloudbased, automated VAT refund solution that identifies Foreign VAT spend and reclaims it with ...    7 MB    Views 5899


+5    Founded in 2005, ProcessWeaver has operations worldwide. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, ProcessWeaver specializes in providing automated multicarrier compliance global shipping software. ProcessWeaver solutions simplify global transportation management process by helping customers unleash innovation and overcome complexity.    4 MB    Views 2628


time market carbon trading trade legal global buy
+14    This is a APP for carbon trading. As the global is getting warmer by the rapid industry developing, human must do something to stop or decrease the trend, carbon trading is the best choice currently. Just require one of your legal email ...    6 MB    Views 284
stock ipad strategy global line support admin sort dynamic
+1    iStock Global is easy to trace which stock is on fire ,or skyrocketed,or price pops up like popcorn. This App will give you the strategy called 'Dynamic Stop Line', it can observe trend line break,and identify a reversal in a series ...    8 MB    Views 2293
-6    A steady flow of funds and goods across borders has led to increasingly interconnected economies. Aside from analyzing single economies one must understand their role in the high complexity of the global market. The commodities market is one of the ...    757 kb    Views 6499

Global Mobility Pay

global pay mobility
+29    The Global Mobility Pay app offers a rich mobile experience. Get the simplicity and convenience where it matters. View your balances Transfer money Review transaction History    6 MB    Views 5119
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+5 is a mobile wallet, designed for social payments and sharing money with friends. Users top up their wallet with a credit card and withdraw money from their ewallet account. SHARING MONEY Share your money with your friends For example, Michael sent ...    16 MB    Views 852
Related Apps estate invest global real
+23    Discover here the new and running real estate projects of Optima Global Invest, your partner in sustainable real estate investments. Overview of activities and news of our company.    5 MB    Views 9349

PwC Mine

mining global industry pwc
-4    Mine is PwC's flagship review of prevailing global trends in the mining industry. Access over a decade's worth of analysis and insight of the financial performance and position of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining ...    5 MB    Views 8016
Related Apps apple investment suisse credit global investor expert terms conditions
-4    Global Investor, the Credit Suisse expert magazine for investment clients, is published twice a year in digital form in German and in English. Alongside a selection of articles from the print edition, the App provides added valued by way of ...    NAN    Views 9981
currencies currency global trends
-7    Currency is a useful tool to help with you keep track of trends in global currencies.    3 MB    Views 5695
investors global resources investor
-8    U.S. Global Investors is an investment management firm specializing in gold, natural resources, emerging markets and global infrastructure opportunities around the world. Take our Investor Resources on the go with Frank Talk, our CEO’s blog, the weekly Investor Alert, Videos ...    5 MB    Views 6201

Nomura iCB

clients global authorized
-7    Nomura iCB brings the converts market to the mobile arena. It allows Nomuraauthorized clients to stay up to date with all that is happening in the CB world, no matter where they are. Nomura iCB is available for the iPhone and ...    4 MB    Views 8964

FRM Study Course

exam relative rank global extra population study
0    The FRM Study Course app is the portal to access the over 4,000 practice questions available for the November 2014 FRM exam. As you prepare for the exam, you will be able to see where you rank relative to the global ...    23 MB    Views 3553
symposium application rate global corporate agenda questions event relevant
0    The Global Corporate Venturing Symposium 2013 official mobile application The application allows you to:    Contact other attendees and arrange meetings on the spot    Browse through a list of people relevant to you    View the conference agenda and be ...    4 MB    Views 4822
Related Apps research library lynch merrill application america global access bank
-4    Bank of America Merrill Lynch institutional clients can access our topranked proprietary research from anywhere, and at any time, with the BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research Library application for the iPhone. Key features of the application include: • View the latest ...    2 MB    Views 3536
card payments mobile global mpos free businesses reader accept
+9    Accept Payments Wherever Your Business Takes you Global Payments mPOS (Mobile PointofSale) is a mobile card reader and app that allows businesses to accept credit card payments from their mobile devices. It includes a free mobile application, a free card reader, ...    NAN    Views 8569
ipad der die ebanking global bei des und anzeige
-7    Mit Ihrem FirmenkundenZugang bei der UniCredit Bank AG können Sie Ihre Bankgeschäfte jetzt auch von unterwegs erledigen. UC eBanking global pro ist die ideale Ergänzung zu unserer Portallösung UC eBanking global und macht Sie so noch flexibler. Funktionsüberblick: Detaillierte Ansicht der Kontoauszüge Detaillierte ...    10 MB    Views 1516
business oxford economics global college
+2    The best way to read Oxford Economics publications on your iPad. The app is free to download, and subscribers receive access to everything included in their subscription. ABOUT OXFORD ECONOMICS Oxford Economics is one of the world’s foremost global forecasting and research consultancies. ...    13 MB    Views 6336


stock monitor portfolio stocks dashboard simple single additional global
-5    Are you addicted to monitoring your stock portfolio and movements on a daily basis? Then StockDash is for you StockDash is the only app that allows you to monitor the realtime movement of your stocks on a single dashboard. You'll be ...    469 kb    Views 4071
future growth global company designed 2011
-5    Transforming to capture future growth 2011 was an important year for CEMEX. Although many of our markets continued to underperform because of a slow and painful recovery from the global economy recession, we launched a rigorous transformation designed to make us ...    207 MB    Views 4277


insight trends global services free coverage latest
0    CUSIP InSight is the only free app delivering the latest News, Issuance Trends and Identifier Coverage from CUSIP Global Services directly to your iPad. A realtime, customizable ticker of newly issued identifiers provides the ability to delve deeper into underlying ...    8 MB    Views 360


global top world working services fortune quality local
+16    Get in contact with our local specialists more easily. When you come to Intertrust, you expect a focus on quality, personal service and attention to detail. You expect it delivered by highly professional people with uncompromising integrity. Intertrust is the global quality ...    71 MB    Views 332
management investment advisor access asset convenience rbc account global
+3    Information presented in this app is intended for investment advisors only. Before downloading the app, you must have an Advisor Access account. To create a free account, please visit No matter where you are, enjoy the simplicity and convenience of ...    36 MB    Views 9166


Related Apps stock market business global economy markets performance based
0    A steady flow of funds and goods across borders has led to increasingly interconnected economies. Aside from analyzing single economies one must understand their role in the high complexity of the global market. In these times sound business and investment ...    725 kb    Views 3349
Related Apps investors reporting allianz global information log fund clients obtain
+1    An exclusive app for institutional investors – developed by Allianz Global Investors Our new “ereporting” app is optimized for mobile appliances and offers comfortable access to uptodate information about your specialty fund. It enables you to obtain key fund details and ...    NAN    Views 4578

Mon AllianzGI

Related Apps investors global allianz les fonds nos vous mon aux
+4    Informations exclusives à l'attention des partenaires commerciaux d'Allianz Global Investors La nouvelle appli « Mon AllianzGI » permet d'accéder très facilement aux dernières informations concernant les fonds et les services d'Allianz Global Investors Europe GmbH. Grce à cette appli, vous ...    NAN    Views 576

Global Markets

global markets
-3    Monitor the global financial markets in single App 監察全球市況,只需一個 App    6 MB    Views 159
research standard chartered global conditions terms privacy policy access
-1    The Standard Chartered Global Research app is for Standard Chartered clients who have an account on the Global Research portal. The app offers mobile access to our award winning proprietary research analysis and views. We offer insightful and incisive cross ...    12 MB    Views 6200

Global Net

cajeros global net
+11    Bienvenido a Global Net, la red de cajeros más grande del Perú. Ahora podrás saber que tan cerca tienes a nuestros Cajeros, Monederos y Cajeros Plus con sólo tocar este botón. Agradecemos tu preferencia.    8 MB    Views 8671
conference global leadership vision world attendees download
+2    This year at the 2015 Global Leadership Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, we’re going ‘From Good to Great.” Download the official app designed for conference attendees and access features like a complete attendee list, conference schedule, and activity feed. With the ‘GoodToGreat’ ...    47 MB    Views 4126

VATBox Snap

vat foreign snap spend easily existing global customers data
-5    Do you know how much you spend today on Foreign VAT? Can you reclaim Foreign VAT seamlessly and easily? With VATBox you can VATBox delivers the leading, automated VAT refund solution that identifies Foreign VAT spend and reclaims it easily. Plus, ...    3 MB    Views 9433


energy topics insurance global
+28    The global demand for energy is growing, making the use of renewable energy sources increasingly important. TOPICS RENEWABLES from Munich Re illuminates the opportunities and risks of renewable energies – from the insurance perspective. Interesting facts, picture galleries, interactive diagrams ...    113 MB    Views 421
global connections
+10    The Global Connections app contains insights, tools, guides and reports in one central place. Perfect for timepoor businessmen and women, always on the go.    NAN    Views 9377


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+7    The Markets on Mobile app is your gateway to all critical realtime information about the Indian markets and global markets through your iphone device. If you are an investor, trader, professional or just interested in business, economy and financial markets, ...    3 MB    Views 3979
research access reports bbva analysis application economic ability global
+9    Introducing the new free app for iPad by BBVA Research Economic Analysis. With it you can easily access to all our reports and analysis of over 100 analysts worldwide spread. The application gives you dynamic, universal and free access to BBVA ...    4 MB    Views 2994
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