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+2    Networth Direct Mobile Trading is application which provides user to do all the activities of internet based trading system. It features real time live quotes along with other features as 1: Live Marketwatch 2: Live Index Watch 3: Add / Edit / Cancellation of ...    4 MB    Views 1751

TVB Finance

finance apps video market calendar features financial
+5    TVB Finance Apps is one of the most comprehensive finance apps in the market. It provides Uptominute finance news in both video and text form. Numerous daily video commentaries from experts in stocks, currencies, options, etc. Live Money Smart Channel Indepth ...    22 MB    Views 7451
iphone market jones access features existing account
+14    Designed exclusively for the iPhone, the Edward Jones app enables you to stay connected to the market and your Edward Jones accounts. Features: Access the latest market updates Read Edward Jones daily market commentary Get a stock or mutual fund quote ...    1 MB    Views 3098


job iphone board application saving features
+6    This is an iPhone application for job board. It provides job seekers an innovative way to access job board directly from their iPhones. It takes only a few clicks to find a job and apply using userfriendly interface optimized ...    915 kb    Views 3578

Reorg Research

Related Apps research filings sec features access
0    The Reorg Research App allows you access to all the features of Reorg Research on your mobile devices. Dockets, SEC filings, press releases, and all the other features on our website are now accessible from your phone or tablet. Subscribers get ...    3 MB    Views 4942

DuGood FCU

mobile free find nearest features access
+7    DuGood Mobile is more than mobile banking. It combines multiple features into a single mobile application. Download our free app for fast, secure access to your accounts, and much more. Features: Access your account 24/7 Apply for a loan Live Chat ...    40 MB    Views 9105

Rein Lite

+14    Step In & Control Back Your Expenses. Developed by savers like you. The simplest and most convenient personal finance app. Yet powerful. Use Rein awesome simplicity to track your expenses and plan your savings. Like no other, Rein integrated mathematical framework is designed ...    3 MB    Views 7811

job jobs based employers features
+14    Introducing a new portal for temporary jobs in Singapore Visit for easier job postings. Features: Look for temporary jobs based on locations and job type. Scroll through available temporary jobs right from your iPhone. Subscribe and receive push notifications based on ...    NAN    Views 4310
+2    Easily track and manage all your subscriptions in one place. Quickly view all the details regarding your subscription. ● Track how many days until your subscription is renewed. ● Be notified when your subscription is being renewed the day of or the ...    7 MB    Views 1878

Public Finance

+4    Public Finance is the official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. Published monthly, it includes news, views and analysis for those working in the public finance and the public sector. The magazine features topical opinion, indepth ...    12 MB    Views 8286


+1    BillsBuddy is the best companion to manage all your bills, and remind you of the due dates. No more missed payments, no more nasty late fees, no more worries. Kay features: Scheduled bills, Recurring reminders, Bill categories, Notes keeping, Payment history, ...    996 kb    Views 6958
Related Apps banking mobile stay features bank
-2    Now, The Power of Mobile Banking is in your Hands. With our new range of mobile features, there are more ways than ever to stay in control of your finances, wherever you are. Whether you want to receive bank account info ...    6 MB    Views 1614


Related Apps clients client features application request
+17    An application for OUTsurance clients and nonclients. The application contains various features which allow clients and nonclients to interact with OUTsurance. Features: This application provides the client with the ability to: •suggest a pointsman at a certain intersection; •request emergency roadside and home assistance; •additional ...    56 MB    Views 3691

Moneysage Lite

Related Apps funds daily features mutual portfolio version
+19    Moneysage is a must have portfolio management tool for people who invest heavily in Mutual Funds in India. Features include: 1. Comprehensive library of Indian Mutual Funds. 2. Daily NAV update for all funds. 3. Daily NFO updates. 4. Live Forex rates for all ...    10 MB    Views 3576

Tip Calculator--

calculator tip amount enter dollar features percent version
0    Tip Calculator is a great tool for anyone who enjoys eating out. Why struggle to calculate the tip? Use Tip Calculator every time you dine out. Features in the Lite Version: 1) Enter the tax as a percent or dollar amount 2) Enter ...    13 MB    Views 8749

Calc My Margins

margin calc percentage version working margins features easy
-3    Calc My Margin is an easy to use Profit Margin Calculator. Tired of remembering those complicated formulas for working out your margins, then Calc My Margin is just the app for you. Simply enter the costs of the item you wish to ...    85 kb    Views 4083


money features game shop
+10    Come join Max the Monkey as he learns how to trade Maximise your money in this addictive game, through trading bananas, gold, oil, equities and bonds. Do you have what it takes? In this game you have the chance to learn how ...    61 MB    Views 5737

FXPulp Trader

Related Apps trading mobile coverage execution features desktop trade orders platform
-1    Mobile Trading Platform Through our Mobile Trading Platform, you can trade instantly and effectively with the best execution while you’re on the go. Your trading is now available at the tip of your fingers, as you can manage it wherever there ...    4 MB    Views 891
+9    Now, The Power of Mobile Banking is in your Hands. With our new range of mobile features, there are more ways than ever to stay in control of your finances, wherever you are. Whether you want to receive bank account info ...    9 MB    Views 7890

Stock Options

stock search options portfolio features
-6    The Stock Options Mobile App from HKEx is a free app that gives you access to the most popular tools from the HKEx Stock Options Corner, coupled with personalised features such as "My Portfolio" to keep track of a stock ...    42 MB    Views 8002


business small goals businesses features
+14    Certa Solutions features realtime information about personal and business taxes and finances. The free app also features finance articles, tax tip videos and a rewards program. Small Businesses, sole proprieties, expanding organizations and start ups have come to rely on ...    32 MB    Views 7582


money avec designed essential launch features
+2    "If you use money, get Avec." FRANCLY, THE BEST FINANCE APP Avec is a magical, unique, essential app designed to do one thing and do it well – keep track of your spending. When you buy something, all you have to do ...    3 MB    Views 3884

Tiny Budget

budget simple budgets features account user icloud
+5    TinyBudget is basically a calculator with database usage and a graphical user interface, which has been deliberately reduced in its functions and features of graphic elements. To manage a simple budget, it does not need more. Therefore, several automated processes ...    5 MB    Views 1075

Mon Compte Lite

money account bank manage features operations lite
+20    Fast, fun and very easy to manage your bank account. My Account will help you to know how much money you have and how much you will have on your bank account 3 main features : 1. Income and expense calculation 2. Pointing ...    13 MB    Views 404
+3    PocketMoney Handy Daybook, introduces a smart and tidy way for you to keep track of your daily or longterm expenses. It makes managing your spending sprees possible and gives you full control of your budget increases via paybacks. It is ...    18 MB    Views 1593

Lent Reminder

money lent items track borrowed reminder features
-8    Lent Reminder is an app that helps you to keep track of money or items you have borrowed or lent to friends. So, do not worry forgetting to return items or money to someone, cause Lent Reminder is going remember that ...    3 MB    Views 5785
takaful features
-1    Welcome to solidarity Takaful App Solidarity Takaful App allows you to connect to our eservices easily through your iPhone/iPad You can get all information about Solidarity Takaful, Get Quotation, register your claims & track it and other exclusive features We are working on ...    10 MB    Views 4876
-2    This app will teach you how to distinguish between and evaluate capital gains, dividends, and market appreciation, plus tips on how to avoid fees when buying mutual fund shares. Learn how to measure a fund’s investment objectively and become a ...    10 MB    Views 3628
Related Apps banking manage accounts set mobile features
-3    TwinStar's new mobile banking app gives you all the features of online banking in the palm of your hand. Keep up to date with your accounts from anywhere, anytime. Key features: Check your balances Pay your bills View transaction history Transfer ...    4 MB    Views 6805

Brazilian Banknotes

security identify banknote brazilian features banknotes
+4    Get to know theBrazilian banknotes: learn to identify security features in the two series of the Brazilian Real. Use the camera on your device to identify a banknote or select one from the gallery. Then, see the placement and the ...    27 MB    Views 8051
Related Apps banking mobile digital features insight
-8    Experience mobile banking features from Digital Insight The First Digital Mobile Banking app allows user to use features including 24/7 banking, mobile check deposit, and ATM locator. To learn more about mobile banking with Digital Insight, visit    10 MB    Views 9807

Bills Management

bills bill list due features create fall
0    Simply manage bills by this app, the only way to do in the beginning is to create bills list by click "+" button. Then app will notify if bill will soon fall due. features: 1. create bills list by different type of ...    503 kb    Views 368

€uro Cash Academy

Related Apps security euro check features academy cash
+18    Check the security features of your euro banknotes, including the new €10, wherever you are with the Euro Cash Academy The app contains short descriptions and demos of the security features that you can check using the feellookandtilt method. It ...    50 MB    Views 7002
Related Apps tracker debts debt pending awesome features payment pro
+16    Awesome Debt Tracker Pro Main Features ✓ Create custom categories for your debts. ✓ Charting for all your pending debts ✓ Add/Erase/edit unlimited debts ✓ Export capabilities ✓ Pending payment alerts ✓ You can view debt according to interest rate, to make decisions which debt to give ...    510 kb    Views 2533


-5    Microkeeper provide a clever solution for rosters, time & attendance and payroll for your business. The app is designed for use by an employee, with features including notification for events like a new roster or message from a colleague. Other ...    9 MB    Views 609

HybridPOS 4

Related Apps multi processing user features
0    HybridPOS 4 Features: Uses your Merchant Account for processing payments NOT a thirdparty processing app MultiUser, MultiCurrency and MultiLingual Full user and app control via our Webenabled Back Office, including GPS tracking Integrates into your existing POS software for invoicing and ...    7 MB    Views 6583
Related Apps currency exchange pro features rate included automatically easy
+12    Currency Exchange Pro can change any amount of currency from one to another. It’s easy to use and update exchange rate automatically. Currency Exchange Pro your cool pocket currency exchanger. Features: 115+ currency and countries included. Nice interface, easy to use Refresh exchange rate ...    4 MB    Views 3467


+25    bizNote is built for small business to ease bookkeeping at anytime, anywhere. bizNote provides a new easytouse frontend UI layer for existing accounting software. With bizNote, you can leverage your spare time, simplify your finances and be more productive. bizNote is… A ...    6 MB    Views 887

Best Checkbook Lite

Related Apps personal features account easy checkbook handle categories transactions
+3    Finally, after a long wait an which you can use as a checkbook for all your banking/transactions, and always stay aware of how much money is left on each of your accounts. "Perfect for personal or commercial purposes" GPI CEO. Features: ...    3 MB    Views 4467
ipad features exchange foreign
+11    Start learning the basics of foreign exchange with FX Smarts Running on iPad and iPhone, FX Smarts will help you understand pricing conventions for FX Spot products by randomly generating questions test your knowledge. Features: On screen calculator allowing you to do ...    769 kb    Views 9728


market portfolio manager stocks basic features
+17    Invest wisely with iPhilStocks, the versatile Market Watcher and Portfolio Manager developed specifically for the Philippine Stock Market. iPhilStocks provides basic functionality, Ad supported, and limited to 1 portfolio of 50 stocks. If you need more features we recommend iPhilStocks ...    5 MB    Views 2337
Related Apps money friends features add transactions track debt manager
+15    Friends Debt Manager will help you keep track of money transactions between you and your friends and family. Key Features Nice, simple and intuitive interface for you to add and keep track of your small money transactions. Browse and add friends ...    2 MB    Views 894


microsoft office suite features mac view 2016
-2    This is a Excellent Application on Learning Microsoft Office 2016 For Apple Mac Video Training Explore all the features and enhancements in Microsoft's new Office for Mac 2016 suite, This course reviews the modernized interface and other suitewide enhancements, and then ...    204 MB    Views 4131


Related Apps features view application
-5    An iPhone application encompassing always updated 178 Acts and 383 Rules with their legislative history. The application has some unique features like Custom View (to rearrange section as per your usage), Split View (an option to read two provisions together). ...    6 MB    Views 1858

Verso Wallet

Related Apps card access account features transactions password wallet
+6    Verso Wallet gives you full control over your Verso account. Carry your Verso access card with you to authenticate your mobile device, manage your account, execute transactions, or get market information. You can use these features at any time and ...    2 MB    Views 2407
Related Apps calculator tip easy awesome features free
-8    Awesome Tip Calculator Free provides full set of features and easy to use great UI, which make it one of the top tip applications in AppStore. Features: Easy, quick and accurate tip calculation Option to not include tax as part of ...    306 kb    Views 7678
coin coins dollar features coincalc count change add
0    CoinCalc allows you to easily calculate the value of all that loose change you have lying around. Simply tap on the coins to add them to the total value. Features the coins of five currencies: • US Dollar • Euro • Great British Pound • Australian ...    1 MB    Views 2905

My CU Mobile

Related Apps mobile union features credit check
0    INTECH's My CU Mobile banking application allows Credit Union members to securely access their accounts using a mobile device. Features include: Account Balances, Transaction History, Check Imaging, Pending Transactions, Funds Transfer, Withdrawal by Check and Remote Deposit. Some features may ...    7 MB    Views 6332
fast income record accounts features
+5    Features: Total Accounts Balances Different Currencies for every account CSV export of all accounts as attachment by Email Categories Notes Checkmarks for every movement Income and Outcome totals Transactions divided by month Delete All income/outcome Keep record of your incomes and ...    5 MB    Views 9185


Related Apps banking mobile service balance bank services features
+4    Oriental Bank of Commerce offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest ...    2 MB    Views 1470


ios features competition preparation optimized
+15    This is the official app for Clements DECA, the largest branch of DECA in the world This app features upcoming events, messaging capabilities with the executives of Clements DECA, tutorial videos made from our very own Clements DECA Competition Preparation ...    14 MB    Views 4885

Moneysage for iPad

Related Apps funds daily mutual version features portfolio
+3    Moneysage is a must have portfolio management tool for people who invest heavily in Mutual Funds in India. Features include: 1. Comprehensive library of Indian Mutual Funds. 2. Daily NAV update for all funds. 3. Daily NFO updates. 4. Live Forex rates for all ...    7 MB    Views 7317
excel manage record gift provide computer features statistics
+24    Gift Money, than a tiger Once upon a time, how do you record and manage your gift account? Down on paper yet? File is saved to your computer as well? This record is not only inconvenient, is far from secure. ...    3 MB    Views 4386
Related Apps tax calculator features easy pro
-2    A basic easy to read calculator with some additional features to allow for some quick tax calculations. With simply a tap of a button you can add a customizable amount of tax to any previous number or calculation. Pro version features ...    3 MB    Views 5626
Related Apps banking mobile accounts pay offers online features account
-4    The First A National Banking Association is bringing Mobile banking to your smartphone It's FREE and SECURE to download and offers quick and easy access to manage your banking accounts. This app offers flexibility and convenience to bank on the ...    2 MB    Views 2432


calculator built tip features purchase
+7    MyXpense is an application which lets you keep track of what, when and where you made a purchase. Also, features an inbuilt tip calculator to work out how much to leave in total. FEATURES Photography of receipts Geotagging of ...    3 MB    Views 2244


Related Apps banking mobile balance service features bank
+2    Andhra Bank offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest technology in ...    32 MB    Views 9361

My Checkbook

checkbook desktop features version track manage users
-7    My Checkbook is the easiest way to manage your checkbook. And now, you can manage your checkbook wherever you are. Based on the awardwinning My Checkbook desktop application for OS X and Windows. We've started with just the basics, keeping track ...    653 kb    Views 257
Related Apps calculator tip easy features
0    This Tip Calculator provides full set of features and easy to use great UI, which make it one of the top tip applications in AppStore. Features: Easy, quick and accurate tip calculation Option to not include tax as part of tip ...    322 kb    Views 7918

ProMOS Bio

plant features ios license data
+4    ProMOS Bio for iOS brings the most important features of your ProMOS Bio license to your mobile device and will make your daily biogasplantbusiness much easier. Features: • Data entry using predefined inspection tours • Feedings of your biogasplant • Checklists • Write and track messages with users of ...    6 MB    Views 7383
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