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+6    If you experience any issues, please contact Determining the maximum Federal perdiem allotment for your taxes has never been easier for people in the aviation industry. Why Do You Need It? If you've been looking for a simple way to keep track ...    8 MB    Views 6248
+8    Check out my "plus" app for more features: compare loans, refinance, and other features search for Morgulator+, or "morg" on the app store. • Calculate monthly payments • Add monthly extras such as extra principal, taxes, insurance, HOA and PMI • Amortization ...    218 kb    Views 6191

OneCard MyAccess

0    OneCard MyAccess allows cardholders to gain entry at valid OneCard Access doors directly from MyAccess, no need to swipe your card, just use your iPhone or iPod Touch. Cardholder must have access privileges for selected access door to gain entry. Participating ...    1 MB    Views 4650


+3    Finally, a personal budgeting app that uses double entry book keeping Features: Budgeting with doubleentry bookkeeping Budget with any type of GAAP account (Assets, Liabilities, Expenses, Equity Accounts, ContraAccounts, etc.). Journal Entry Creator: Classify your accounts as needed and use our Quick ...    8 MB    Views 6644

Mileage Log+

+7    Mileage Log+ is an essential app for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement. With predictive input, autoentry, autocalculation, and quick access to frequent trips, Mileage Log+ does the hard work for you. A few quick taps ...    5 MB    Views 9092

DT Practice

+9    Manage your firm from anywhere. Exclusively for tax and accounting professionals – the DT Practice mobile app gives you onthego access to important firm, staff, and client data 24/7, from anywhere. And now, you can enter time and expenses on the ...    5 MB    Views 7264


money stock finance shows portfolio entry watchlist account price
0    FinanceDesk is an easy to use finance application which shows win/loss of your purchased stock shares. As displayed in the first screenshot, the portfolio table shows this information in the leftmost column. Red means, you loose money, green means you gain ...    1 MB    Views 2563


Related Apps mileage entry quick easy
+2    RVFuelTracker provides a quick and easy way to RVers to record mileage and fuel purchases, allowing cost analysis of all or part of the recorded information at any time. It supports multiple vehicles, easy entry of the mileage on a ...    3 MB    Views 1119

iWizard Forex ™

market action forex trades trend trade entry probability system odds
+11    The iWizard Forex app requires an account with What is the iWizard Forex? The iWizard Forex is a product from that has the world's simplest, most powerful investment decision and market timing system. The iWizard Forex is based upon a ...    374 kb    Views 8141
+18    Manage your firm from anywhere. Exclusively for tax and accounting professionals – Digita Practice Advanced Mobile gives you onthego access to important firm, staff, and client data 24/7, from anywhere. And now, you can enter time and expenses on the go ...    7 MB    Views 7661
Related Apps work management navigation expense manager balance simple entry monthly daily button experience view
+9    Description THE EXPENSE MANAGER PREMIUM PRO ♪ Expense Manager is an optimized and user friendly application for personal expense management. ♪ This simple yet powerful App is carefully designed to help you track daily expense, organize digital copies of your receipts onthego. Get ...    2 MB    Views 2175


money person entries debts add select contacts specific entry list
+8    DebtTracker is a power full debt tracker app. Never forget again to collect your money. Always have all debts at a glance. FEATURE LIST: ⚫ Fast & easily track all your debts ⚫ Select persons from your contacts or add new persons on the ...    852 kb    Views 4054
tax email party history order guest shipping host entry lookup product
0    Consultant Party Order is an application to help you or your host enter and calculate an order. Because it is built as a mobile application you can do it on the go and email yourself the entire order to simplify ...    32 MB    Views 8370
calculator green entry register data stack enter registers rpn key operations
+13    The Bitworks RPN Calculator is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator that works like popular HP calculators of the 1970's and 1980's. RPN notation also known as Postfix notation is a way of describing arithmetic operations such that every operator ...    235 kb    Views 5679

Money Book

Related Apps money organize entry book easy
+2    Money Book is an easy to use money management app. With cute and intuitive design, you can organize your daily and monthly budget with in no time Feature Simple and easy to use. Adding and editing new entry ...    9 MB    Views 1830

Sales Taxes Plus

Related Apps calculator tax sales taxes percentage rates standard free entry function
+4    Opening offer Sales Taxes Plus for only 0,99 Simple, comfortable and chic, Sales Taxes Plus beats up the dusty world of percentage calculators. It offers all the important functions to calculate VAT, sales taxes and discounts. Standard tax rates are ...    1 MB    Views 2852


money time expenses income data system entry financial common built
+6    Miniconta is the quick and easy way to manage your money. Enter your expenses at any time in seconds. Control your income, expenses, debts and assets and find out what happens to your money. Consult your financial situation right away, ...    2 MB    Views 5273

Wa Sales Tax

Related Apps tax email home text sale location rate code sales amount button entry send total
+25    Use this app to find the sales and use tax rate and code for any location in Washington. You can look up rates by your current location (using GPS), address, or zip code. It’s an ideal tool if you make ...    2 MB    Views 445


-4    = What is the iWizard Dow 30? = The iWizard Dow 30 is a product from that has the world's simplest, most powerful investment decision and market timing system. The iWizard Dow 30 is based upon a revolutionary method of ...    77 kb    Views 1120

Piggy Bank by ayikz

Related Apps money piggy bank savings list owe items entry
-4    Piggy Bank is a cool and simple application to keep track of your savings. It allows you to create a wish list of your favorite items and shows you the progress as you save more money. Simply fill your wish list ...    6 MB    Views 1493


Related Apps time entries scroll year balances expenses easily day entry incomes
+30    BudgetPal is the more stylish personal finance manager application you could possibly imagine. It allows you to keep track of incomes and expenses, check balances and overall aggregates. You can easily scroll the screen back and forth in time, by ...    2 MB    Views 238


business learning managers program bookkeeping statements chapters accounts chapter entry post double credits
+10    Finally master debits and credits EasyAccounting explains the basics of doubleentry bookkeeping simply and clearly in 44 compact chapters. This great app teaches the basic principles and procedures of doubleentry bookkeeping without referencing any specific laws or regulations, so people all over ...    NAN    Views 5933

Cash Log Basic

money entry cash simple log basic
0    Cash Log Basic is a simple app for everyone that lends people money and then forgets about it. And vice versa. All you need to do is create an entry for a specific person and add or subtract the amount of ...    2 MB    Views 7592
ipad iphone software sales server rep entry order
0    Sales Rep Order Entry program designed for food and beverage sales. Works in conjunction with the EIC Software iPhone/iPad server. To purchase the EIC iPhone/iPad server, please contact EIC Software at 8004857208 or More information can be found on our website:    389 kb    Views 7920


-5    Turn your iPhone or iPad into a credit card terminal and accept payments anywhere you go BizPayNow is a free credit card processing app that allows you key in card information or capture it with a card reader BizPayNow accepts ...    3 MB    Views 9277


Related Apps payments data easily entry side rates payment affect illustration
-4    LoanIllustrator is uniquely oriented around calculating home mortgage payments and to easily illustrate what differences changes in interest rate or down payments can make without any additional data entry. Illustrations  display both 15 year and 30 year payments side by side,  making ...    555 kb    Views 4003
Related Apps bills business books accounts payable bank information balance xero quickbooks
-5    Put your accounts payable on AutoPilot. Consolidate your bills in one powerful automated platform. Entryless automatically creates accounting records from bills submitted in any format. Our recognition software captures and encodes bills, receipts, and handwritten purchase tickets. No more data entering ...    10 MB    Views 3506
+1    If you’re learning Double Entry or just want to brush up on your knowledge of Debits and Credits, Double Entry Downpour is the game for you. In this Lite version, 12 of the full 52 account items are falling from ...    11 MB    Views 161
family photos expenses bookkeeping week record items entry
+14    A new type of family bookkeeping app that takes photos to record expensesPhotoMoney. Expenses are recorded using just the two steps of “Take a photo” and “Enter the amount.” The simple operation makes this the optimum app for starting family bookkeeping. ■■Photos are ...    3 MB    Views 4009

viGuest Entry

entry loyalty
-8    viGuest Entry is an iPad app that allows onePOS users to sign guests up for the oneMetrix Loyalty program. If the system is not set up as cardless, viGuest Entry interfaces with Magtek devices as a means to scan and ...    3 MB    Views 7846

TCF Money

tickets money iphone ipad budget transactions synchronization entry expenses dropbox
-3    TCF Money is a most useful iPhone personal finance app. You manage your bank accounts everywhere you go, quickly enter your transactions by geolocation, take a picture of your tickets or record them. SPECIAL PRICE : 4,99€ Don't miss our ...    NAN    Views 8124

Walasses First

money management home business personal gps software school monthly yearly weekly flow simple entry cash
+20    Fixes and Update Coming Soon. Walasses First creation is another great addition to the financial application sector. This free edition offers our Supporters several key components including data entry, main page displays, Messages feature and even Geolocation data entry. The software ...    2 MB    Views 6958


money account cash bookkeeping entry double bank system
+30    CashBook is an easy to use bookkeeping iPhone app for personal finances. CashBook adopts the DoubleEntry bookkeeping system and use the Cash Method to record the transactions. You do not need to have a complete understanding of accounting principles to ...    12 MB    Views 5392
calculator home house market mortgage easy monthly calculate entry quick tool
+8    The perfect tool for brokers, realtors, and home hunters alike. Mortgage Calculator is a simple and easy to use mortgage calculator that allows you to quickly and easily compute your monthly payments for any home loan or mortgage. It's everything you ...    10 MB    Views 3814
Related Apps business entry bookkeeping data buttons fast easy double edit
+10    Taxnote is a super quick bookkeeping app for small business. Enter your daily business expenses or incomes quickly and Taxnote does your doubleentry bookkeeping automatically. It focuses on making data entry fast and easy with fewer taps and bigger buttons. ■■■ The philosophy ...    5 MB    Views 8454

Mini Money Tracker

Related Apps money tracker history count mini entry quickly entries
+19    Mini money tracker keeps count of your incomings and outgoings as simply and quickly as possible. Nobody wants their brain burdened with remembering figures or constantly typing them in so mini money count gives you a quick keypad to enter ...    28 MB    Views 7094

Money Journal HD

money planning budget management journal data income monthly life www entry
+8    Money Journal HD is an organizerstyle money management application that allows you to manage income and expenses. Your cash flow is always graphed out so you can easily see whether you spend too much on credit card or which expense ...    20 MB    Views 6820
+9    Moneydance helps you take your finances mobile by making account balance updates and transaction entry portable. Moneydance is designed to enable quick and painless entry of receipts and transactions while you are out and about, with immediate syncing (via Dropbox) ...    5 MB    Views 8818
Related Apps card market email text program printing merchant supports snap credit transactions support swipe entry
+11    NOTE: You'll need to setup a merchant account with either WorldPay or JPMorgan (if you don't already have one). Please visit to begin the process by selecting the processor that applies to you. Please do not download this app ...    2 MB    Views 4388

Simple Cash

Related Apps management budget iphone tracking transactions entry categories quick accounts view designed period
0    SimpleCash is a full featured cash management software specially designed for iphone and ipod touch. Key Features : totally new customizable interface specially designed for iphone (you can chose your main entry points) quick view for the current month situation budget ...    3 MB    Views 1634


trip trips email mileage export entry vehicle add data client purpose
+27    Tracking your mileage in MileageMarker is a breeze. From the List, add an entry, select your vehicle, and update your start mileage if necessary. You can select the client, purpose for the trip, and add a quick note. Save and ...    4 MB    Views 3111
learning iphone double entry study traditional aat account credits
-2    If you’re learning Double Entry or just want to brush up on your knowledge of Debits and Credits, Double Entry Downpour is the game for you. There are 52 account items falling from the sky at an increasing speed and ...    12 MB    Views 8546

RoboMoney EN

income view expenses category entry add track edit
+4    RoboMoney is an app that tracks your income and expenses. RoboMoney allows you to: Keep track of what you spend on and how much Monitor income flows Get a detailed analysis of all income and expenses in various views: by day, month, year, for ...    80 MB    Views 7459
Related Apps stock photo trading entry trade exit results improve trades wiz trader
+21    This is the perfect app to improve your stock trading. It is designed to both track your trading results and to store important trading information for you to later analyze your trading approach. Stock Trader Wiz is not a trading ...    12 MB    Views 6926
tax discount button create location tap pay charged purchases entry
+4    Every place in the United States applies its own tax rates to your purchases. Going shopping, you never know how much you'll be charged in the end. Not anymore. • Create a purchase list in a way you love to create ...    3 MB    Views 2575


money data system financial expenses entry built accounts common
-5    Miniconta is the quick and easy way to manage your money. Enter your expenses at any time in seconds. Control your income, expenses, debts and assets and find out what happens to your money. Consult your financial situation right away, ...    2 MB    Views 141

12C Financial Calc

time calculator financial copy click entry rpn 12c npv
0    Get answers fast with the same algorithms and keystrokes you trust for business, real estate, banking and finance. Next time you find yourself in class or at the office without your financial calculator, just open the 12C Financial Calculator Pro ...    8 MB    Views 523

Stock Inspection

stock inspection vehicles application detailed user review add entry vehicle
+17    The application is designed to inspect inventory of vehicles in stock. It provides better, easier and faster control of vehicles in stock. The application allows filtering by individual dealers and individual vehicle type. In order to facilitate review of the work ...    6 MB    Views 5197
family budget money budgets entry log share expenses families
+5    Family Fortune is a perfect tool for families to manage their budgets and spending in real time. It is a simple app that does two things well: lets you track your expenses as quickly as possible, and synchronizes your budget ...    5 MB    Views 9164


business learning managers bookkeeping statements entry accounts chapters chapter post double
+30    Finally master debits and credits This app explains the basics of doubleentry bookkeeping simply and clearly in 44 compact chapters. LearnAccounting is based on the praxisoriented teaching method developed by HPRühl™ for executive managers and business owners. Have fun while making rapid ...    NAN    Views 553

Cash Journal

time cards business cost payment types entry expenses expenditures type methods date
-5    The app which will keep you from losing track of your expenditures On the go, on vacation, business trips, household expenses, we’re always spending money – large and small amounts. It’s easy to lose track, a credit card’s limit is ...    3 MB    Views 7850
yield bond price buttons quick entry date select enter call
+1    This app is a municipal bond analytics calculator. You enter the settlement date, maturity date, coupon rate, and multiple call dates (if applicable). Then, you can either enter the yield to determine the bond price, or you can enter the ...    5 MB    Views 6916
time ipad calculator iphone card quickbooks mileage entry tracking customer items expense capture
+21    Track time, expenses, items, and mileage while on the go. Are you a QuickBooks user who needs a fast and simple way to track your time, expenses, items, and mileage on your iPhone or iPad? Then iSlips For QuickBooks is the ...    10 MB    Views 5862

Budget Minder 1

budget time money apps expense easy categories spend data system entry
+1    Start a 2011 New Years Resolution to stick to your Budget Budget Minder 1 is the simple alternative to all those complicated expense tracking apps. This app allows you to maintain four commonly used budget categories and calculates how much you ...    66 kb    Views 4955


business tax money maps recording expenses receipts payroll startup hot entry
+5    Are you tired of forgetting to claim business expenses? Is your wallet bulging with fading receipts? Missing out on all the tax you could reclaim on Mileage by not recording business journeys? The Bullet iPhone app will save you money ...    5 MB    Views 7604


time calculator strategy management price risk loss number determine stop entry trade prices based
+16    The Stock Trade Calculator application is a must have risk management tool for both professional and part time traders. This easy to use, three in one utility gives you key values for a trade. Choose one of the three calculators by ...    546 kb    Views 9389

Money Planner

money bills running time easy income day entry planner don expenses
+5    MoneyPlanner is an easy to use app for helping you manage your short term finances. This app will help you avoid bank charges, or running out of money, by giving you daily feedback on money available to spend. The app looks ...    6 MB    Views 1741
Related Apps calculator rpn financial 12c entry analysis
+21    HP 12C Financial Calculator is a powerful Financial RPN Calculator universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It uses the same RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry system, and adds in big improvements for mobile to guarantee the best user experience ...    1 MB    Views 7871
Related Apps photo email gps business video driving mileage track reports start receipts screen entry
+2    MileTracker is the easiest and most feature rich app to track your mileage & driving expenses. Data can be exported to create custom expense reports. Start saving money now MileTracker allows you to track mileage the way YOU want, offering several ...    10 MB    Views 8751

Simple Cash Lite

Related Apps management budget iphone tracking transactions entry file quick view accounts categories designed period
-9    SimpleCash Lite is a full featured cash management software specially designed for iphone and ipod touch. ALL THE FUNCTIONS OF SIMPLECASH. NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS LIMITED TO 25 (itunes file sharing support : backup and restore SimpleCashdb.sql file to migrate to SimpleCash without ...    3 MB    Views 969
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