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+21    TUI Group's IR Briefcase App delivers key investor relations content directly from its corporate website to those stakeholders wishing to access content optimised for either their iPad or iPhone. The App provides the latest corporate news, reports and presentations whether online ...    12 MB    Views 3530


0    TabSplit allows users to keep track of their "social debts". So if you go out and share a tab it’s easy to split it up between your friends and know who has paid the tab and who owes you the ...    523 kb    Views 3416


+1    Smoney Meanwhile billing, and I want to share the photo a friend? Tired of the traditional way of accounting for the text? Features: 1 picture for the protagonist as a cost per display. 2. Clear classification labels quickly identify where to spend. 3 billing can share ...    7 MB    Views 1184
+1    Stock Calculator is the perfect assistant for anyone doing online stock trading Stock Calculator is a stock trade profit/loss and share price calculator application. Stock Calculator is also ideal for performing 'what if' analyses, such as determining what share price a ...    524 kb    Views 2133
Related Apps share expenses split group manage groups payments easy
+27    Splid helps friends manage their money. Perfect for vacations, share housing and groups who need to share expenses, Splid keeps track of every transaction and shows who owes whom how much. It is simply the easiest way to manage group expenses. FEATURES – ...    NAN    Views 3495
0    The Santander Shareholders App provides the following information relevant for shareholders in Poland with shares in Banco Santander S.A.: • Information about shareholder remuneration • Details about the shareholder base and capital distribution • The Santander share price • Frequent reports about the performance ...    8 MB    Views 1440
person party share bill fair items tip group simple split
+5    Fair Share allows you to quickly figure out your tip and split your bill when dining out. While providing a simple interface to allow for fast calculation of simple tips, Fair Share also can help you easily divide the bill and ...    560 kb    Views 1574


activity invoice multiple records participants http reports share
+20    Chip In by Moneywise: a musthave App to make it easy to share expenses with friends, with roommates, and with anyone. ·A smart solution to share bills and IOUs functionalities to care for such as Unequal Prepay, Multiple Payers, Customized ...    9 MB    Views 7652


people money save decisions thousands connect share
+26    Plentifi is a network of people who are driven by saving money and making smarter banking decisions. Connect Great minds think alike. Connect with thousands of people, including experts, who have one common goal: financial success. Share Our Community content is created by people like ...    3 MB    Views 7361

Share of Taxes

0    Application helps to quickly compute share of Income or VAT taxes. Chose tax rate, enter amount of tax or price. All remaining values will be computed for you. Application computes: Price with VAT VAT Price Income Tax Price without income tax    696 kb    Views 5655

approve approval invoices norway share documents capture
+4 from Compello is an app for enterprise networks to capture and share documents, receipts, invoices among the fellow staff members. This simple app has an intuitive and userfriendly design, making it easy to use. The app enables greenIT to ...    7 MB    Views 3942

Value Credit Union

Related Apps credit union share members loan
-6    Value Credit Union members can now download this app and manage their account on the go. Members can view their share 1, share 2 and loan accounts, showing the last 5 transactions. Gain simple access to Share withdrawal, Loan application ...    3 MB    Views 7650


expenses custom notes simple share
+7    A simple app to keep record of your daily expenses, share them easily, and more. App that allows you: 1. Take note of your ordinary expenses in a very simple way, distinguing between cash and bank. It can be created several accounts ...    4 MB    Views 2791
investment speakers conference institute cfa annual share
+29    The 68th CFA Institute Annual Conference app has everything you need to navigate, learn, network, connect, and explore: View detailed information on sessions, speakers, and exhibitors Build your personalized conference schedule Access speaker presentation materials Search the complete delegate list and message other attendees Keep ...    37 MB    Views 8078
bank currency data national rates sources charts source central share
+5    Featured in AppsGoneFree. Your daily free app resource. If you have any difficulties or feature request, please email us before posting bad reviews FEATURES Currency Rates; Currency Charts; Currency Conversion; Share currency rates data; Share currency charts data; ...    5 MB    Views 1449

Title365 Mobile

Related Apps property office search information share account contact sales mobile
-6    Title365 Mobile from Title365 Company is your portable window into Title365. Real estate professionals: get the nationwide property information you need, when you need it, in an instant right at your fingertips. ___________________________________________ KEY FEATURES Search realtime property information using iPhone's ...    2 MB    Views 2878


Related Apps people events accounts settle share friends present
0    The journey in America, the present for Paul's birthday, a graduation party... do you spend money with your friends and now you don't know exactly what are the credits and debts against them? If it is true that having so many ...    1 MB    Views 1836

Swisscom Docsafe

documents share swiss paper store passwords companies free switzerland
+7    All of your documents at your fingertips, stored safely in one place. With your free Docsafe, you can store documents and passwords, organize, retrieve them from anywhere and share them with others. The encryption on Swiss servers promises the highest security ...    NAN    Views 1142

Expenses Share

+5    If you love hanging out with friends, but hate to make the numbers when the bill comes, then this is the right application for you. Create an event, add the expenses and participants, and that's all, Expenses Share will do the ...    3 MB    Views 8894
santander shareholders information share shareholder development www san group
+3    The Santander Shareholders App provides important information for Banco Santander shareholders in the US including: • Information about shareholder remuneration. • Detail on the development of the shareholder base and capital distribution. • The SAN share price. • Reports about the development of the ...    8 MB    Views 4402


iphone account share check live
-5    Introducing the tradersOwn iPhone App from tradersOwn Trade on line in real time wherever you are. The live Share Dealing App for the iPhone from tradersOwn. tradersOwn’s iPhone App is ideal for managing your share dealing activities while you are on the ...    296 kb    Views 4344


card expenses purchases generate monthly share account track
+3    No more clutter in your wallet or purse help you to track all of your purchases today, credit card, Cash, debit card or even online with no effort at all. No need to Scan, No Need to enter manually ...    3 MB    Views 5414
presentations financial reports latest investor corporate price share
+9    SCOR Investor Relations App gives you all the latest SCOR’s investor and financial media information you need in an iPadoptimized App. The App allows you to get the latest share price information and corporate news as well as review financial reports, ...    6 MB    Views 5904


expenses income simple month finances control share
-1    Who would not want to easily control their finances in a simple and also seeing a nice Ballenita? Well, here's Whallet a tool for both Web and mobile, where managing personal finances of any user, in an easy and simple ...    3 MB    Views 4491
-5    We give you visibility and control of the information that you generate in your digital life. We store it safely so that you can look at it whenever you want to and we will never share anything with anyone else ...    4 MB    Views 2021

HSW News

Related Apps news twitter facebook email articles share page save google posts
0    Updates and gourmet news delivered directly to your pocket by us, HSW Advisers. News articles, analysis and commentary covering a range of interests including financial markets and business are sourced from the worlds largest local and international news agencies. Read ...    NAN    Views 1599


event message create share
+8    App For Venhouse intranet Functions: 1. Message System send message receeive message reply and forward 2. Calendar create event dismiss event share event to other 3. Things To Do create things to do delete things to do share things to do to other    2 MB    Views 6286

Bitcoin Kan

Related Apps news markets bitcoin coins share earn price chart
-8    Allinone app to track Bitcoin/Litecoin/Altcoin markets and buyll coins directly in app. NEW Share news to earn bitcoin.Share news with "Share&Earn" flag, you will get Bitcoin for bonus. Favorite features: Add coins to your watchlist to get realtime quotes (candle stick chart/depth chart is ...    18 MB    Views 2205


Related Apps share savings account view transfer
-5    View account balances for share draft, share savings; View Transactions for share draft account including drafts, deposits, ach payments etc. ; Transfer between share savings and share draft account; View statements; Transfer from share draft or share savings to loan.    4 MB    Views 8158

Alankit RTA

Related Apps share india providing investor
-6    Alankit Assignments Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company has got more than 20 years of experience in providing share registry, investor communication and voting services to India Inc. We are the first Registrar and Share Transfer Agent to start providing ...    1 MB    Views 9852
tips economic times finances application bad share day
+2    "The Recession Safety Tips application shows you multiple ways to handle and control your finances during a rough economic period. These tips are simple and easy to implement in real life scenarios. These tips are generated from inputs from our ...    2 MB    Views 1124


news share latest price financial
0    Inside the Amlin app you will find the latest investor and financial information, latest share price, corporate news, reports and results announcements. The Amlin app is available for iPhone and iPad. Features include: • Company profile • Latest News • Financial Calendar • Up to the minute share price display ...    15 MB    Views 2096
time money share selling sell learn tips matter fixed
-1    If you're going to sell your time share in the near future... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read You're About To Learn The Secrets To Selling Your Time Share For The Highest Price Possible, No Matter How ...    772 kb    Views 6054


time share
-6    givn is a free social sharing app that helps you be a champion for your favorite causes. • Easily share the good you do to spark generosity in others • Socialize text and images that bring attention to your charity’s mission, campaign, ...    29 MB    Views 2848


bills share easy update live friends
+8    An easy everyday Bills Sharing App. Now share bills with your friends and families and get live update with notifications on your phone. 1) Get online friends instantly to share bills with. 2) Live Updates with every transaction. 3) Split your bill or ...    NAN    Views 4603
people expenses expense day add debts split paid share
-4    Hurry up The 60% discount will end soon iSpent lets you track and split expenses between friends, colleagues and roommates. For people who live together or commonly share everyday expenses, keeping track of debts is always a big issue. iSpent can help ...    4 MB    Views 8210


+13    When you get the bill, you just want to add the tip and work out your share as quickly as possible WatchTip gives you two ways to get the job done, either on your phone or on your wrist We've designed our ...    3 MB    Views 7920
news latest financial investor relations share price stanley black
-8    The Stanley Black and Decker Investor Relations app provides the latest news and events, presentation slides and videos along with financial and non financial data. Features include: Document content available online and offline Up to the minute share price display Latest ...    10 MB    Views 370
Related Apps stock ipad trading alliance istock share trade order online
+1    Seize your investment opportunities with our omnichannels approach in stock trading. In addition to Call N Trade via Alliance Bank’s Share Trading Centre & allianceonline STOCKBANKING / Online Share Trading; are introducing a new channel "Alliance iStock", a mobile app ...    3 MB    Views 9676

VAT Info Pro

Related Apps email vat results member national info pro share
+4    This application allows you to verify the validity of a VAT identification number issued by a EU Member State. For the purpose of the verification, your request is sent to the national database via a secure Intranet service connecting national Customs ...    741 kb    Views 3702
Related Apps news library latest price documents share relations download
+2    Download the Halma investor relations iPad app to keep up to date with the latest Halma news, check the share price, view our webcasts and download financial documents. Features include: •Online and offline content •Share price graph •Latest press releases •Latest regulatory news •Document library ...    5 MB    Views 1998

Let's share!

Related Apps amount share fixed mode enter payment application balance
-3    This is an application that helps you easily and quickly to share your bill. There are some ways to share as below: Share alike. Specify a fixed paid amount for female and the rest share fairly for male and vice ...    9 MB    Views 9244

Share Radio

radio listen share
+3    Listen live and listen again to Share Radio, the station designed to help you with information about money and investments. Don’t miss any of your favourite shows: listen on the move with our mobile app.    NAN    Views 9833
version full upgrade free calculations share user calculate
+5    You plan to finance a real estate for owner occupation or for investment? ImmoByte helps you calculate and compare home mortgage loans fast and easy. Save, add, calculate or edit an unlimited number of assets with the free version if you ...    2 MB    Views 706


Related Apps documents insurance policy agent view share
+23    We store your important insurance documents in one place for you to view and share when you need them. Regardless of your insurance carrier or agent all policies are welcome. We are integrated with 1,000's of Brokers and Carriers, we make ...    1 MB    Views 716
tax bill simple screen tip share pay summary
+6    Billy The Bill Samurai will fairly and conveniently answer the nagging question, “How much do I pay?” at the end of a meal with friends. With one simple screen and a few simple taps, Billy The Bill Samurai will divvy ...    3 MB    Views 8615

Sweep: QR Reader

addresses bitcoin share
-4    Free for a Limited time Please Review Sweep is the easiest way to import, store, and share bitcoin addresses. • Scan bitcoin addresses Share (AirDrop, Message, Tweet, Email) Copy to clipboard • Address book Favorites • Paste Directly from clipboard Coming Soon: • ...    4 MB    Views 6097
banking mobile access account safe share sign information device
0    Can't come to the branch? Take the branch with you. This app is free to credit union members and allows instant access to your account Check Balances View Recent Transactions Transfer Funds Pay Bills to Existing Payees TO ENROLL IN MOBILE BANKING: You must first sign ...    3 MB    Views 8801

ProAdmin Mobile

news time mobile platform alerts advisers share review
0    Aiva introduces the mobile application of its management platform. With ProAdmin Mobile you can be connected no matter where you are and regardless of the time in a fast and easy way. CLIENTS You can check your clients’ portfolios, pending notes, review their ...    5 MB    Views 1301
Related Apps latest share reports plc presentations corporate price features briefcase
-4    Xchanging plc's IR Briefcase App delivers key investor relations content directly from its corporate website to those stakeholders wishing to access content optimised for either their iPad or iPhone. The App provides the latest corporate news, reports and presentations whether online ...    12 MB    Views 4464
Related Apps news price data latest share relations investor
+27    The Almarai Investor Relations app will keep you uptodate with the latest share price data, stock exchange news releases, IR calendar events and much more. Features include: · Detailed interactive share price data · Key financials and KPIs · Historical price lookup · Investment calculator · ...    20 MB    Views 5028
market dining bar share friends offer restaurant simple
-4    Winner of the best Nationwide Restaurant award 2011/2012, Market Kitchen and Bar is situated in the heart of New Market Auckland and showcases Head Chef Courtney Rotherham’s talent and creativity, delivering signature selections in an intimate and relaxed dining experience. ...    12 MB    Views 1244

ABN AMRO Insights

insights amro abn articles share economy
+20    ABN AMRO conducts research on the economy, financial markets  and commodities to support our clients. Through ABN AMRO Insights we share our views. ABN AMRO Insights is available on the Insights website ( and through the iPad and iPhone apps. The ABN ...    19 MB    Views 7204
calendar news information access price share including relations investor
0    The DMGT Investor Relations App gives you access to all the latest financial information, a sleek information hub for DMGT investors. Features include: Fast access to the information that matters Share price graph across a selection of time periods, and access ...    2 MB    Views 8192

EZBind Insurance

Related Apps insurance documents policy agent view share
+13    We store your important insurance documents in one place for you to view and share when you need them. Regardless of your insurance carrier or agent all policies are welcome. We are integrated with 1,000's of Brokers and Carriers, we make ...    1 MB    Views 1934

Jangi Account

Related Apps money expenses owe friends share
-3    Do you live in the same apartment? Do you have to share expenses with your friends? Do you share your groceries? Do you pay rent for all? Do you owe money? Does your friend owe you money? Jangi Accounts is there ...    559 kb    Views 8803
tally expenses share payments shared optimal settlement
+4    Tally makes it easy to share expenses when you eat, drink, dine, party, travel, shop, give or live together with friends or family. No more outofsync spreadsheets with dubious math to settle your shared expenses made weeks after your expenditures. No ...    4 MB    Views 431
Related Apps price download share investor
+29    Follow investor events and share price. Download stock exchange announcements, presentations, and annual and quarterly reports Features include: · Detailed interactive share price data · Key financials and KPIs · Historical price lookup · Investment calculator · Document library with download facility · Latest regulatory news · Online ...    17 MB    Views 4693
Related Apps news management latest share investor price facility download relations
+2    The St. James’s Place Investor Relations app provides the latest company news and financial information for St. James’s Place Wealth Management in a dedicated iPad app. The app allows you to view the latest share prices and corporate news and events, ...    22 MB    Views 8851
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