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+5    ✩✭✩ ON SALE 50% OFF ✩✭✩ If you are looking for a fullfeatured and a super easy to use app to organize your bills, Bill Reminder PRO is the one you need With this app you will never forget to pay ...    6 MB    Views 8599
+25    Stock Charts CAC 40 France (ChartMobi) The most comprehensive stock app in the mobile world. Brings you free streaming live quotes, premarket, portfolio monitoring, advanced full screen chart, push notification based alert, economic news, market filters and many ...    8 MB    Views 9439
+1    This app can check wasteful spending quickly. Do you have experience frustrated in household account book? I always can't last for two reason. 1. Registration is troublesome > Need tap several times to display the input screen. 2. Vain > When register all, such ...    563 kb    Views 4884
+18    Track Commodities Futures on your iOS device. iFutures gives you an instant detailed snapshot of over 100 futures from multiple markets from the convenience of your mobile device. RECENT REVIEWS 5 Stars This app is absolutely incredible... Dec. 22 5 Stars ...    31 MB    Views 9172
0    MoneyTracker is a simple, friendly and powerful finance management application. MoneyTracker automatically organizes and tracks your income, expenses, accounts and budget. Features: Transactions Add/Delete/Edit transactions (Expense, Income & Transfer) View transactions by daily, weekly, monthly & yearly Get the summary of Income ...    2 MB    Views 952
0    The chart analysis combines the popular technical indicators MACD, Moving Averages, Stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index), various volume oscillators, Money Flow Index, Rate of Change, Volume with Moving Average, Williams Percent Range, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic Stop and Reverse, Splits. No ...    350 kb    Views 7934


time account real line data tab balance chart journal
+21    Now that you have real time financial data, of course you need to access it on the go. The Subledger app allows you to quickly and easily access your existing Subledger account just about anywhere. Want to see real time accounting ...    7 MB    Views 4066


market multiple types chart change quoteboard trade analyse alarms
+2    Trade forex and CFDs as well as spread bet from anywhere with PlutusTrader for the iPhone and iPad. These apps offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, colour charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming ...    6 MB    Views 9111

Gold Rising Pro

history gold chart year price months live system days
+19    To gain your maximum profit from Gold market, you need a perfect alert notification system by this app Obtain the latest gold chart, history chart in 30 days, 3 months, half year and 1 Year. Feature Universal App (iPhone, iPod and iPad support) Live ...    1 MB    Views 1533


-5    A very simple app for storing your daily expenses with amount, type, fund source, comment. Easy to review the expenses by date and view reports on your spending daily or monthly. 1. Quickly enter expense and store in your phone 2. List ...    170 kb    Views 1182
transactions year ios month designed easy category icloud accounts chart
-2    Transactions is a personal finance manager application that helps you keep track of your income and expenses in an easy and flexible way and an intuitive interface. BEST SELLING FINANCIAL APP IN THE GREEK APPSTORE TRANSACTIONS IS √ Designed specifically for iOS 7 √ ...    3 MB    Views 9982

Chart Tool

tool data chart etfs indicators indices world
0    CHART TOOL "God's gift to all traders around the world ...." +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Drawing Tools Line Andrew's Pitchfork Elliott Wave Labels Fibonacci Retracement / Projection tool Annotation Indicators 3 Moving Averages Bollinger Bands CT Trendline MACD Stochastic Volume Capabilities Save charts Place alerts on lines ...    6 MB    Views 7994
analysis technical channel chart index top average decisions pattern bottom
-5    Learn Technical Analysis with this concise EBook that covers the essentials of technical analysis. Apply technical analysis to your stock, forex, derivative, futures and just about any other product trading decisions. This ebook is a handy technical analysis resource for you to ...    19 MB    Views 2786

Dealbook 360

market orders types limit chart quoteboard change
+20    Trade forex from anywhere with DealBook powered by for the iPhone and iPad. Place trades, manage positions and access research all with the touch of your finger. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell quotes ...    9 MB    Views 226


users functions chart analysis japanese entering number enter functionality
-6    One of the reason people don’t like financial recording application is that there are so many functionality in the application Users will like to have to functions, BUT Lazy to enter the number in a complicated way. Archimoney can solve this ...    1 MB    Views 4974
stock market charts stocks watchlist chart add button application
0    Chart It is a stock market application that lets you see stock charts from Finviz ( These stock charts load fast and draw trendlines for you. You can add multiple stocks to your watchlist at once. Also, you can see ...    881 kb    Views 5919

My Stock Charts

stock chart charts information lists save stocks easily application
+6    Ever get tired of going to yahoo finance or some other site and spending what seems like forever just to view a chart of a stock that you care about? Well My Stock Charts attempts to solve this problem by ...    7 MB    Views 7514


measure business chart choose graphs bar comparison giving data create expenses
-8    Whether you want to track sales and expenses, measure differences between products, or track the productivity of a work team. Then Chartit will become a valuable tool in your business management toolbox. How? By giving you these simple yet powerful ...    5 MB    Views 4077

iFinance Tracker

0    iFinance Tracker is a CUSTOM driven App by the user.... iFinance creates an INCOME and EXPENSE category, as many as the user likes. Lists the Amount of the sale, create the INCOME category amounts and have an option to VIEW total income. ...    217 kb    Views 5908

Bitcoin Delta

time chart bitcoin prices opportunities delta historical exchanges full tap
+10    Bitcoin Delta is THE tool for identifying and monitoring Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities between ten USD/Bitcoin exchanges: AnxBtc, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BitYes, BTCe, Bter, CampBX, CrxZone, HitBtc, ItBit, LakeBtc, and OKCoin. Features: Realtime display of prices from multiple sources simultaneously Swipe/Pinch to pan/zoom ...    45 MB    Views 8332
budget running transactions transaction balance chart table color
+26    uccBudgets is the must have Mobile Checkbook App to keep control of your personal finances A simple to use account ledger, that maintains a list of income and expenses for multiple accounts. When you enter a new transaction, you can capture ...    643 kb    Views 5028


chart report monthly pie cost billing share column
+2    Smoney Meanwhile billing, and I want to share the photo a friend? Tired of the traditional way of accounting for the text? Features: 1 picture for the protagonist as a cost per display. 2. Clear classification labels quickly identify where to spend. 3 billing can share ...    7 MB    Views 1184


program ratio charts gold values days ratios chart percent mode
+7    GoldRatioLite is the free lite version of our app GoldRatio. It draws ratio charts of five different commodities (gold, silver, platinum, palladium and crude oil). For example gold/silver ratio or gold/oil ratio. Two ratios can be compared in the same chart. The ...    5 MB    Views 9921

Chart Cheatsheet

search function analysis technical quick chart
+1    This is a cheatsheet designed for Technical Analysis / Charting functions within the BLB Terminal. It points you to the command keys when you search for a particular technical analysis function. Looking for an often used technical analysis function such as ...    618 kb    Views 9411


-8    Know your financial position better with iInsured iInsured summarises the benefits (or protections) of your personal financial plans and premium schedule (with alerting feature). Features: Chart your benefits against age for easier understanding about your protections. Chart your premium schedule and know ...    950 kb    Views 5211

OPC Trader

market news board trader account open chart quote types charts
-3    OPC Trader for iPhone and iPad is your tool for Forex and CFD trading from virtually anywhere with internet access. The OPC Trader app offers everything an investor needs to analyze, monitor market activity, make timely trades and protect open positions. ...    9 MB    Views 7909
chart account accounts languages developed
+5    This application was developed to lead the user in an efficient way through the Belgian Chart of Account. This Chart of Account App has been developed on the basis of the standard Chart of Accounts, but goes up to a 6 ...    14 MB    Views 3908

Live Charts

+30    A simple Tool of 24hour Live Chart. Include Gold, Silver and Forex chart, both Live Chart are real time and auto refresh.    2 MB    Views 2254
stock madrid exchange data chart high ratio open version
+4    The stock data is from yahoo finance ,so it is reliable. It will be a good helper in investment. Features: Stock chart: Candlechart is available from IPO until now .For example,the chart of AAPL is available from 1980 until now You can touch to ...    4 MB    Views 9917


Related Apps market orders types change open list chart charts alarms
+6    Trade forex and CFDs from anywhere with FlatTrader for the iPhone and iPad. These apps offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell quotes with fractional pips ● ...    7 MB    Views 1315


carbon cost life values benchmark cycle chart
0    LifeCYCLE has been developed by Mott MacDonald in direct response to requests to help benchmark and reduce life cycle cost and carbon values for construction projects. It is a powerful yet simple to use app that enables users to see ...    2 MB    Views 6719

GFT Prime

market monitor prime types analyze chart alarms change orders ability
+20    The GFT Prime app is view only and gives GFT Prime customers the ability to monitor their positions on their mobile devices. These apps offer everything you need to analyze and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, color charting with multiple timeframes and ...    9 MB    Views 4052
Related Apps stock history chart charts supported fibonacci quotes data quote seng
0    Stock Chart allows traders to monitor worldwide quotes and study them with many popular indicators. Stock Chart also supports intraday and EOD history data. Quotes & Markets: NASDAQ Nikkei225 S&P500 Shanghai Hang seng KOSPI Hang Seng FTSE 100 Yahoo, Goog, Walmart, ...    7 MB    Views 1648
money budget budgets amount show add chart icloud create wiz
0    Stop asking the question that where my money went, and why there is no money left in my wallet. Budget Wiz keeps your money well managed and spent. By Budget Wiz, you can create income and expense budgets, which indicate how ...    13 MB    Views 9495

Stock Action

Related Apps tax action stock chart mode
+11    Action game of stock. Chart is scrolling. Push "Long" button to buy, and release to sell. Normal mode:no tax Hard mode:tax 20%(each gain) The chart is actual data.    4 MB    Views 1595
finance quotes hang world wide yahoo chart seng indicators
+14    Global Indices (or Stockcharts) is a finance application that allow people can monitor worldwide quotes or any exchange rate. Quotes: NASDAQ Nikkei225 S&P500 Shanghai Hang seng KOSPI Hang Seng FTSE 100 Yahoo, Goog, Walmart, Samsung... All world wide quotes that supported ...    7 MB    Views 4593
receipt consumption future logs displays recorded chart basis
+14    Forecost is the novel app which tells us location and amount of future consumption on the basis of receipt logs. This account book app forecasts your future consumption based on daily consumption logs recorded from receipt information. The prediction results might ...    32 MB    Views 865
+5    An application that records and charts numbers. An application to chart your household accounts. Suitable for recording daily figures. With very features it's easy to use. Save your charts as an image.    2 MB    Views 7586


time data chart icloud period settings periods add amounts
-4    Take control of your spending. Easily add amounts and watch how much you've spent for specific time periods. Sum, chart and list views are available. Synced to iCloud, means you can access the same data on all your iDevices. Features: Press ...    295 kb    Views 9234

Tradefair Mobile

market multiple chart types quoteboard orders charts change indicators
+3    Trade forex and CFDs as well as spread bet from anywhere with Tradefair Mobile for the iPhone and iPad. These apps offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, colour charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● ...    10 MB    Views 2174
candle history chart quotes indicators lite seng hang data
+2    StockChart (lite) allows traders to monitor worldwide quotes and study them with many popular indicators. Stock Chart lite also supports intraday and EOD history data. Quotes & Markets: NASDAQ Nikkei225 S&P500 Shanghai Hang seng KOSPI Hang Seng FTSE 100 Yahoo, Goog, ...    8 MB    Views 3061

FXTroll for iPad

Related Apps time ipad real trading chart trade view simple easy understand
+17    FXTroll is an application for Forex trading on iPad provided by Infinity Space Inc,. It will synchronise all of your trading transactions from your PC version of FXTroll in realtime by loging in using the same ID and Password. FXTroll features ...    NAN    Views 5331


investment trading live gold capital royal silver platform demo chart
-2    RCGold &SilverMobile Trading Platform Royal Capital Precious Metals (RCPM), wholly owned by the Royal Capital Group, is a member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) (Membership No. 76) engaged in bullion trading business. RCPM provides professionalspot goldandspot silveronline ...    17 MB    Views 227
account chart accounts full
+1    FULL VERSION WITHOUT ADS Application that allows to have in your pocket Official Chart of Accounts of SMEs. Besides basic account information, gives us the coding or structure of the selected account (Title, Major Category and Account). A detailed description of each account. The ...    446 kb    Views 6541


time investment market chart features trading financial gofx push risk
-2    GOFX is a trading and analysis tool for the foreign exchange market. You can get uptodate foreign exchange market information in the realtime, and can also trade anytime and anywhere.. Main Features: Online FX Quotes (30+ Currency Pairs) MultiTouch Live Chart Economic ...    10 MB    Views 8299

Wear Stock

stock user information wise company chart volume wear displayed
-1    Wear Stock app gives the information about the current stock status in the market. The user have to enter the company name the list of all symbol related to the company will be displayed to the user and the user can ...    25 MB    Views 3927


time market trading options binary easy supports visit chart min
0    OptionSmarter is a Binary Options Mobile platform which is offered to traders for FREE. You can earn up to 90% profit in time frames as short as 60 seconds or 15 minutes. Don't miss a trading opportunity, install and trade binary ...    5 MB    Views 7032


Related Apps currency converter currencies trend update chart view check
+26    50% OFF SALE FOR LIMITED TIME Don't miss the only currency converter you can view 1d/5d/3m/1y trend chart. A cool currency converter on iPhone & iPod touch. Key features: Up to 140 currencies & 3 metals supported. Favorite Currency List Set your primary currency ...    368 kb    Views 8466


Related Apps management organization org talent information charts application chart
+20    Stay on top of the game in your organization The FIT ORG Application enables you to plan an organization and keep an overview of structure, position and employee characteristics via flexible, graphic org charts. Have a quick look at all relevant statistics ...    10 MB    Views 1182

Forex Price Action

action video forex trading chart price tutorials examples free patterns
-5    The 1 Forex Price Action Chart Patterns Educational App. This free (yes, free) application gives you the information you need to learn Price Action Chart Patterns in Forex trading. With video tutorials and examples after examples you're sure ...    5 MB    Views 7172
Related Apps market ipad interactive types investor analyse spread forex chart multiple
0    Trade CFDs, Forex and Spread bets on the move with our Interactive Investor app for iPhone and iPad. Everything you need is here to trade, analyse and monitor the financial markets. Note This app is solely for our CFD, Forex ...    NAN    Views 1907

Stock guide

investment stock criteria stocks guide company radar displays chart
-4    The investor selects the stocks of the investment outlet by various investment criteria. For example, it is a relatively bargain stocks, high dividend stocks, high performance company... Thus, you can consider to locate stocks that meet the investment criteria these And I think that it ...    2 MB    Views 7768

Bar Chart Maker

ipad email chart charts bar data ability graph column
+12    Bar Graph Maker is a powerful graphing tool for creating interactive & printable Bar Graphs on your iPad. With this App you can quickly create a Graph and use it instantly in your other projects.The Ability to render fullscreen charts ...    38 MB    Views 4805
candle iphone chart line oscillator indicators index volume
+5    Stockchart++ is a special version of Stockcharts family which is designed for large iphones such as iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, other device also can use Stockchart++ as well. Stockchart++ features: World wide stock market Multiple watch lists (portfolios) Global indexes ...    8 MB    Views 2776


Related Apps time market trading supports min chart easy mobile binary
+25    BinaryBrokerZ is a Mobile platform which is offered to traders to trade the Binary Options. You can earn up to 90% profit in time frames that varies from 60 seconds and up until several months. Don't miss a trading opportunity, install ...    1 MB    Views 7392

Bitcoin Kan

Related Apps news markets bitcoin coins share earn price chart
-8    Allinone app to track Bitcoin/Litecoin/Altcoin markets and buyll coins directly in app. NEW Share news to earn bitcoin.Share news with "Share&Earn" flag, you will get Bitcoin for bonus. Favorite features: Add coins to your watchlist to get realtime quotes (candle stick chart/depth chart is ...    18 MB    Views 2205


Related Apps calculator iphone transaction expenses bank chart check account report expense
+8    A great companion for any road warrior, whether in the office, or on the go U. S. Tech's EZ Calc iPhone electronic checkbook and calculator is one of the world's fastest softwares with loads of great new features ...    1 MB    Views 2531

Beaufort Trader

Related Apps market multiple beaufort types chart open orders charts trade indicators
-3    ​Trade forex and CFD's as well as spread bet from anywhere with Beaufort Trader​ iphone and Ipad This app offer everything you need to analyze, trade, and monitor market activity. ● Fullscreen, colour charting with multiple timeframes and chart types ● Streaming buy/sell ...    6 MB    Views 562

iKit Chart

Related Apps email ipad data chart
+27    iKit Chart is the iPad version of iKit. Data can be transfer to iPad simply by email. Feature return calculation. cost averaging. correlation index. 50 days moving average. update data through email.    242 kb    Views 4059

Pie Chart Maker

ipad email charts chart pie ability data copy create
+12    Pie Chart Maker is a powerful graphing tool for creating printable Pie charts on your iPad. With this App you can quickly create a Pie Chart and use it instantly in your other projects.The Ability to render fullscreen charts allows ...    37 MB    Views 95
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