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+24    Finally, you can check the balance of your gift cards this holiday season. Use the Gift Card Bunny to check your Christmas Gift Card balances when you're out shopping before and after Christmas Get access to over 300 Gift Card ...    14 MB    Views 5991
+10    C.O.B Mobile Banking service lets you easily and securely access balance information, pay your bills, transfer funds, and check for promotions. The following features are available directly from your mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Access available ...    8 MB    Views 6639

Turkmen Balance

+7    Application to control the balance provider TurkmenTelecom    NAN    Views 6467
bank account balance accounts funds transfer mobile
+23    The easy way to manage your Meezan Bank Accounts on the go. Check your account balance View transactions of your account Transfer funds between Meezan Bank accounts Transfer funds to any Bank account with IBFT Temporarily block or unblock your Meezan debit cards Pay utility bills Topup ...    9 MB    Views 9729
+5    BOCPT Mandatory Provident Fund iPhone App 提供公司最新動向及基金價格,方便閣下隨時隨地掌握現況,計劃未來。 貴為中銀保誠強積金客戶,更可透過此iPhone App登入閣下的強積金賬戶,並享用以下增值服務: 1. 賬戶查詢: 基金結餘 / 供款紀錄 /基金交易 / 供款投資 2. 基金價格: SMS到價提示 / 走勢圖表 / 52週高低價 /基金價格比較 3. 分析工具: 收益率計算表 4. 提交指示 : 基金轉換 / 重新調配投資組合 / 更改新供款投資組合 5. 電子報表 BOCPT Mandatory Provident Fund iPhone App provides uptodate fund ...    NAN    Views 2661


account pay balance registered entering
+10    mySmartPhoneMoney is a mobile wallet eMoney application that allows registered account holders to pay for goods and services at a range of outlets. Payments with the app can be made by scanning the barcode poster at the till, entering the ...    9 MB    Views 2384

Bilancio Famigliare

+18    Bilancio Famigliare is a tool for tracking expenses and income made to be simple to use. Through a chart, you know whether you're spending most of the proceeds. You can use this application in various ways, such as planning your monthly budget ...    8 MB    Views 5470
transaction add balance date application user account
+3    The iAccounts application provides the facility to maintain all your transaction records credits and debits. User can add bank account within the application and add the opening balance to it and add your debit and credit transaction and keep ...    3 MB    Views 9832
mobile balance account check corner
+14    The convenience of online banking in your pocket with CornerBank Mobile. Want to check your account balance before swiping your debit card? Just use your mobile device to log on with a secure name and password. You can view account ...    5 MB    Views 7763


+15    Pay2Nepal is the best recharge app that is simply convenient, light and secure which helps you choose the right Topup. With this free app you can send mobile phone recharge to your loved ones. Pay2Nepal has got connection with all the ...    6 MB    Views 2175
+24    This app calculates asset depreciation using any of the following methods: Straight Line Reducing Balance Sum of Years Double Declining Balance FEATURES Easy to use interface Flexible settings options Results can be easily emailed for use on a desktop Page through ...    419 kb    Views 8041

Gift Card Genie X

card cards gift lookup balance supported genie
-3    Gift Card Genie X is a utility app which will allow you to lookup the balances of gift cards (from supported merchants) in real time. The application is simple: 1 Log In 2 – Enter the info for your card (Add ...    499 kb    Views 2450
wallets balance bitcoin
0    Scan to check the balance in bitcoin wallets. Does not support offblock chain wallets.    1 MB    Views 7381

DV mobile HD

Related Apps card information account deposits operations balance
-9    Now your financial data are available from your iPad Main functions: Cards information about card account balance, active limits details of the last card transactions Accounts information about account balance viewing account operations receiving statements to email Deposits information about balances, ...    6 MB    Views 6897

Balance Sheets

business financial balance statements sheets sheet book save
+9    If you are a business owner, financial planner, accountant, treasurer or a financial controller for a small or midtier enterprise, and are looking for a cost effective, selfcontained application for financial book summarising what your company owns and owes,Balance Sheet ...    19 MB    Views 7157


Related Apps balance view accounts account rates check
+2    The Horizon Credit Union app makes it easy to check your balance, make transfers, view our rates and more. Accessing your account while on the go has never been easier with this free app. Login to your account securely just ...    20 MB    Views 3466

Fake Bank Free

fake bank account free friends balance showing 000
-4    Give yourself all the money in the world with Fake Bank Impress your family and friends by showing off your new found wealth. Fake Bank is the most realistic looking "Fake" baking application allowing you to customize up to 3 accounts. Customizable ...    557 kb    Views 5126


Related Apps inquiry view balance transaction mobile activity customers
0    BII Regional Cash Management customers are now able to use the new BII M2E on Apple mobile devices. With interactive graphic displays, it will help you to visualize your company’s finances, plan your working capital and execute your tasks on ...    7 MB    Views 1729
-1    Savings Plan Lite allows the user to estimate how much money can be saved over a period of time. Enter your beginning balance, interest rate, monthly contribution (if applicable), length of investment and select how often interest is compounded. The use ...    416 kb    Views 7586


Related Apps banking mobile balance service features bank
+20    Andhra Bank offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest technology in ...    32 MB    Views 9361


balance sheet graph
+14    MyBalancesheetApp is app used to manage your personal balance sheet .It can calculate your balance sheet snapshot of future based on current data like salary,mortgage,interest.It also give you your asset allocation graph,liability breakdown graph It also allow you to allocate budget    1 MB    Views 7885

Orange Cash

card cash orange balance phone load
+23    Got an Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard? Well, this is the app for you. Once it's installed you can manage your Orange Cash card on the move. View your balance, load more cash, see your transactions, get balance notifications and redeem ...    NAN    Views 8311

DogeCoin Manager

calculator dogecoin mining usd balance btc
-4    Dogecoin Information. Gives you the current exchange rates for Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Allows you to get the balance of your Dogecoin wallet, and see the value of it in USD and BTC. Mining Calculator Value Calculator see how much a given number of ...    5 MB    Views 9551


Related Apps view list lists transactions balance expenses application members
+4    This is a unofficial application for On it is possible to keep an online list of your shared expenses. Each user can easily fill in his or her own expenses, to find out what the balance is between the ...    1 MB    Views 203

TR Karta

+27    Check available balance on your Ticket Restaurant Card easily and quickly. TR card enables you to see current balance and to keep it in the memory of phone or tablet even when your device works offline. You can also search ...    6 MB    Views 8254
Related Apps budget management balance week enter simple
+23    Budgety budget management app is very simple. Only one to decide, is the budget of the week. Each time to shop, let's enter the amount paid by Budgety. Keep a receipt, you may want even if you enter together. Balance of this week on ...    750 kb    Views 1062
delivery truck press key level balance physics
-4    Delivery Balance Games Hoop level Novice refused You can drive the DumpTruck fast and safely to the Finish Line in each level of DumpTruck Delivery game. without causing much damage to the truck. Press FORWARD key to Accelerate Press BACKWARD key to Reverse Press BALANCE keys ...    NAN    Views 7834

NBI Mobile

+10    With NBI Mobile, you can manage and monitor your accounts anytime and anywhere. This free app will serve your financial needs securely round the clock and keep you updated with your balance. Below are some of the main features: · Balance ...    3 MB    Views 3562

Card Balance

Related Apps card cards balance amount
+10    Now you can keep track of the amount left on all those gift cards and prepaid debit cards in your wallet. Simply add a card with a name and a starting balance and each time you use the card subtract ...    215 kb    Views 1266

Buckeye State Bank

Related Apps bills bank state view account manage check balance
0    Bank locally with Buckeye State Bank Mobility App and see how easy Mobile Banking can be. Check your account info, view your balance, manage your bills and make payments all from your iPhone – thanks to Buckeye State Bank. ACCOUNT SERVICES: • ...    1 MB    Views 9375
balance mobile account
0    Manage your finances easily and securely with Telbec FCU's Mobile Banking. Our new Mobile App makes it easier than ever with 24/7 access to your account information • Detailed Balance and History Inquiries • Balance Transfers • Loan Payments • Account and Event Alerts • ...    1 MB    Views 3349
bank balance accounts pocket
+3    An overview of the balance of their bank accounts and the last three operations, without worrying about budget or categories. Management up to 4 accounts on one screen. Transactions entered in seconds Adjustment of the balance at any time. Bank in ...    3 MB    Views 7606
Related Apps banking bank wisconsin trust mobile balance account
+26    Take Wisconsin Bank & Trust on the go With the Wisconsin Bank & Trust (WB&T) mobile app, you can check your balance, view account activity, pay your bills, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks and find the nearest WB&T location ...    3 MB    Views 3908


account access balance
-1    Access your Payoneer online account directly from your iOS device FEATURES • View your account balance in over 20 currencies ( Local currency balance is an estimation only) • Direct access to your detailed transaction and payment history • Set a custom 4digit login ...    3 MB    Views 8402

MeG Money Minder

Related Apps money kids balance track
+3    This is a simple application to let you keep track of how money someone owes you or you owe them. This was created for my kids who constantly get money that mom and dad 'hold on to' and then try ...    121 kb    Views 9428

Keeper apex

Related Apps time keeper state balance accounts
+10    Keeper is designed to take care of your finances and have a real time balance of each one of your accounts. Bookkeeping is made simple, fast, and reliable. Generate reports at any time, get to know exactly the state of a ...    638 kb    Views 6562
depreciation double book balance schedule mail print asset
+28    Double Declining Balance application generates depreciation schedule using double declining balance method of depreciation. AD and remaining BV graph is displayed. Input: (a) Book Value of Asset (b) Useful life of asset (c) Salvage value of asst Output: Table with beginning book value, depreciation expense, depreciation rate, ...    906 kb    Views 9392

HOP Balance

+8    Get the balance of your AT HOP card with a single tap on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Application allows you to access all of the card's details including: Current balance Latest transactions Expiry day Save your username and password once, so you don't have ...    36 MB    Views 5103

Kaiku Mobile

money card history visa account activity balance
+1    The Kaiku app is everything you need to track spending and manage your money on the go. Check your balance and transaction history, send money to your friends on Kaiku, load checks through Ingo Money (iPhone only), or find nearby ...    76 MB    Views 6518
Related Apps check assets balance simple book account
+2    "Plus Minus" is usable and functional account book. Features: Fast input with simple operation Easy to understand in icon view Support multiple assets Major Functions: Customization for expense and income categories Customization for assets Check of wasteful spending Setting of budget and ...    4 MB    Views 6312
Related Apps time calculator loan principal payment interest balance
+14    Loan Payment Calculator is a free app for everyone interested in understanding loan payments and principal balance over time, including principal and interest amounts. The primary screen allows input of loan amount, loan duration, interest rate, and payment frequency. The ...    2 MB    Views 8012


Related Apps inquiry view balance transaction mobile activity customers
+2    BII Regional Cash Management customers are now able to use the new BII M2E on Apple mobile devices. With interactive graphic displays, it will help you to visualize your company’s finances, plan your working capital and execute your tasks on ...    7 MB    Views 7086
personal finance balance financial
+24    The Balance Personal Finance app allows you to access a host of financial tools which are available through your digital workspace. It includes many features such as financial reporting, transaction history, account balances and more. You will also be able ...    5 MB    Views 9279

Family Cashflows

family income records cashflows expenditure kind expense balance
0    Family Cashflows shows the family macrobalance of income and expense with visual information for you to make your family fiscal policies. Family Cashflow includes family summary, common, husband, wife and children five pages to show the overall balance of income and ...    6 MB    Views 255

Bobdog Owe Ya

Related Apps money owe contacts tracking borrowed balance
+10    Introducing Owe Ya, a simple smallfinance tracking mechanism. Owe Ya allows you to register balances against phone contacts or created items. Each balance represents the money borrowed or the money lent to that contact. With Owe Ya, you will never lose ...    1 MB    Views 5570


Related Apps card money financial services prepaid balance stores
-3    You must have a Prepaid Money card to use PpdMoney. PpdMoney is a reloadable prepaid card provided by your financial institution. It offers financial services through your Prepaid payment card that allow for increased convenience, control over your finances, and ...    4 MB    Views 139

ARM Engage

retirement account savings rsa information access arm balance view
-8    The ‘ARM’ is an easy to use application from ARM Pension designed to give clients quick access to their Retirement Savings Account information as well as provide useful information to help with retirement planning. Key Features: • Realtime access to Retirement Savings Account ...    3 MB    Views 719
Related Apps banking bank mbt mobile trust minnesota account balance
-7    Take Minnesota Bank & Trust on the go With the Minnesota Bank & Trust (MBT) mobile app, you can check your balance, view account activity, pay your bills, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks and find the nearest MBT location ...    4 MB    Views 8579
Related Apps retirement investment account plan access information date accounts participants balance
+2    Transamerica Retirement Services ("Transamerica") offers customized retirement plan solutions designed to fit the growing business needs of today’s companies This free app, for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch, allows retirement savings plan Participants to access account information using their existing ...    345 kb    Views 6682

DebtTracker Pro

Related Apps pro payment debt due date track balance credit currency
+21    New Year's Sale Make a resolution to pay off your debt. DebtTracker Pro helps you stay on top of your finances by providing a simple interface to keep track of your debt. DebtTracker Pro also features the ability to track a payoff ...    1 MB    Views 7125

PSB mPay

Related Apps banking mobile balance features services service psb bank mpay
-9    Punjab and Sind Bank (PSB mPay) offers ‘’mPay’’ solution to the next generation mobile banking service. We aim the Bank to be in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage ...    6 MB    Views 5144


Related Apps balance deposit manage
+1    This app can make you to manage your financial records. It can manage your deposit as a asset and you can check your balance. It can display the summary of expense or the balance of your deposit as a monthly graph.    3 MB    Views 9194

Infinite Energy

account energy infinite mobile balance pay view
0    It’s time to go mobile with Infinite Energy. The new Infinite Energy mobile app lets you access your account and pay your bill using your iOS device. Current features include: View account balance View 12 months of billing history Pay balance ...    5 MB    Views 4461

Zero Balance

debt balance
+29    Problems with debt? Zero Balance’s official iPhone app can help Users may use the Credit Counseling or Principle Reduction options to create a plan to get their accounts to a ZERO BALANCE directly on the app Simply input the numbers ...    441 kb    Views 8563


Related Apps banking mobile service balance bank services features
+12    Oriental Bank of Commerce offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service. We aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features; taking complete advantage of the latest ...    2 MB    Views 1470

Rocky Mountain Bank

banking bank rmb mountain mobile account balance
+12    Take Rocky Mountain Bank on the go With the Rocky Mountain Bank (RMB) mobile app, you can check your balance, view account activity, pay your bills, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks and find the nearest RMB location or ATM ...    3 MB    Views 2263

Citizen Card

Related Apps card transactions check balance track
-5    Citizen Card – This moible application allows you to keep track of your Citizen Card transactions in realtime. You can easily check your balance, account information, transactions history and promotion messages from us. It’s safe, convenience, and fast. Features: Quick registration Balance ...    14 MB    Views 2011

GRS Balance

-8    GRS Balance displays the current balance of one GRS address and the value in EUR or Dollar.    711 kb    Views 4470

Money Forecast

money forecast future balance account
+23    Remember the days of balancing the checkbook. Nope neither do I, I forecast, not balance my accounts. The app gives you a view into the future to assist with making purchases, building a budget, and knowing how much money will be ...    546 kb    Views 5212
Related Apps banking bank arizona trust mobile balance account
+28    Take Arizona Bank & Trust on the go With the Arizona Bank & Trust (AB&T) mobile app, you can check your balance, view account activity, pay your bills, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks and find the nearest AB&T location ...    3 MB    Views 5675
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