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+14    Prical helps you shop faster & within budget A very simple app to help you quickly find out how much an item is after tax and discount Save your items in your shopping list to help you find your total & ...    5 MB    Views 3954
+5    Take your credit union wherever you go with Pacific Oaks Mobile Banking for iPhone. Whether you need to check balances, find an ATM, or move a little money around, our app allows you to carry the credit union in your ...    9 MB    Views 6441
+5    DO YOU STILL PLAY QUICK PICKS IN LOTTO ? FIND OUT YOUR OWN LUCKY NUMBERS Never win a lotto ? Find out your own lucky numbers by World Lotto My Own Lucky Numbers "World Lotto" generate lotto numbers depending upon ...    4 MB    Views 3918
union credit atm branch atms branches find
+12    The Servus Credit Union ATM & Branch Locator helps you find Servus Credit Union branches and automated teller machines (ATMs) near you, all acrossAlberta. Shopping, on vacation, running errands – you can find your closest Servus branch or ATM. •Get information ...    3 MB    Views 7886
+15    Do you need to find a cashier in your area? You don't know the area? Yo don't remember where the nearest bank is? Download My Bank FREE and enjoy all the advantages: FIND all the ATM in your area. FILTER by type bank. ...    11 MB    Views 2004

Find UK Accountant

+4    Find an accountant for your business A directory of chartered accountants, tax accountants, accountancy services & payroll services. Accountants & bookkeepers provide accounting advice & business tips.    NAN    Views 8431

Peard Real Estate

+5    Search for properties to buy and rent in Western Australia. • Search for sale and for rent properties by suburb and/or current location • Search properties by home open • Save properties to favourite list • Create ‘my properties’ alerts so when properties that ...    5 MB    Views 7116


-3    Your finances uptodate. Always. No effort. This App lets you scan & find important invoices, tax documents, insurance policies etc. Your personal finances stay organized this way because you won’t have a backlog anymore. Add new documents to the right ‘shoebox’ ...    4 MB    Views 2280
+2    All Reverse Mortgage introduces their innovative new reverse mortgage calculator app. Find out how much you may be eligible for in seconds, then compare programs to find the right reverse mortgage to fit your needs. Have your quote delivered by email ...    2 MB    Views 8814
-1    Flip it quickly provides you with an estimated market value for any item. Search by keyword, UPC code, or ISBN number to find out how much you could expect to buy or sell your item for. Flip It recognizes and filters ...    8 MB    Views 4872
calculator property mortgage quick find monthly
-8    Quick Mortgage Calculator is a simple and easy app to help you find out what your monthly mortgage payments are going to be when shopping for a home, or refinancing your existing house. The app allows you to include your ...    3 MB    Views 9611


-2    From now on You can easily find any necessary information concerning the ARDSHININVESTBANK CJSC and all services provided by the Bank with the help of Ardshininvestbank CJSC iPhone application. We have designed separated section named Locations, which will always help ...    3 MB    Views 1120

Finance Info

finance find banks atm
+2    Using this application you can Find different Atms, banks, finance & accountings. By switching ON your GPS and find the nearest ATM's Banks, Finance. And you can have the bank or Atm information, then by click on the route icon ...    8 MB    Views 3710


left find hard entries
-1    Which curd is cheaper? 250g for 0,46 or 200g for 0,39? The law should make this job easy even if you are not good at mental arithmetic there should be a price per 100g for example. But in reality this ...    53 kb    Views 6771
Related Apps banking ipad mobile find
0    Start banking wherever you are with AB&T Mobile for iPad Available to all American Bank and Trust of the Cumberlands online banking customers AB&T Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, and find locations. Need to find a Branch ...    8 MB    Views 8108


tax rate location find sales
-7    Use this sales tax calculator to find the exact tax rate for any location in Nebraska. TaxNE harnesses geolocation technologies to deliver the precise sales tax rate given all of the applicable taxing jurisdictions. TaxNE is a powerful tool that’s easy ...    13 MB    Views 9730
calculator loan quick find compare estimate
-9    QUICK AND EASY Just enter some basic loan info and get your loan numbers. KNOW YOUR LOAN Use an estimate from Loan Calculator to get a quick read on your loan in a table, graph and a piechart. COMPARE AND FIND THE BEST You can ...    6 MB    Views 1115


business starting offices costs latest find
+11    Starting a new business or need help taking your business to the next level? Use the SBA app to find Small Business Administrationaffiliated advisers near you and get free, personal, oneonone help with starting and growing your business. You can ...    3 MB    Views 6424
+26    Find out if you or your clients prequalify for a mortgage in under a minute.  Find current rates and gain valuable information such as PITI payments, debt to income and loan to value with an easy to use form right ...    530 kb    Views 3396


locations find manage
+11    Manage your State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union accounts with SHPFCU To Go the free, secure and simple way to manage your money from wherever you are, 24/7. Features: Check Balances, View Transactions, Transfer Funds, Use Bill Pay, Make Deposits ...    4 MB    Views 7884


move staff find
+9    As Liberty Specialty Markets begins the countdown to our move to 20 Fenchurch Street, staff can now use the LSM HQ mobile app. The app is a handy source of info for our new home. Scroll through to find out what ...    NAN    Views 7770

Save fuel

fuel save efficient find lot
+1    With the right tire you can save a lot of fuel and therefore a lot of money. The certified Fuel Saving App from LANXESS shows you how to do it. Since November 2012, obligatory labeling for new tires applies across the ...    NAN    Views 4777

3in4 Need More

planning find plan care
+12    Statistics show that 3 in 4 people will need more than traditional healthcare. The goal of the 3in4 Association is to conduct outreach activities to raise awareness for each citizen to develop a long term care plan, and to provide ...    17 MB    Views 8769

Bond Calculator

Related Apps bond yield find price
+22    Make good bond trading decisions with this app. Calculate the intrinsic price or yield to maturity of a bond to find out if this bond is worth investing in. A slider bar provides for QUICK adjustment of required yield to find out ...    1 MB    Views 8337

Asset Pricer

+14    Asset Pricer is a financial pricing application that provides insight to financial pricing fundamentals across a broad range of topics and asset classes (ranging from fixed income to derivatives). The scope of the application is mainly educational as it targets users ...    3 MB    Views 2812

DuGood FCU

mobile free find nearest features access
-4    DuGood Mobile is more than mobile banking. It combines multiple features into a single mobile application. Download our free app for fast, secure access to your accounts, and much more. Features: Access your account 24/7 Apply for a loan Live Chat ...    40 MB    Views 9105


+10    INVESTOR RELATIONS Find the latest press releases, the last share price and the most important financial dates in the IR area HUMAN RESOURCES Get to know BAUER as an employer and start your career with us now Learn more about us through the publication ...    3 MB    Views 1904
-5    In FirstMortgage we thrive to be with you at all times during your financing process. With this in mind, we decided to become even more available right at the palm of your hand. Tu Casa provides mortgage orientation, allowing you ...    7 MB    Views 9391

Prospera CU

loan find view prospera
+9    The Prospera Credit Union free mobile app makes it easier than ever to manage your accounts conveniently and securely from your phone or tablet. Available 24/7, you can view account balances, transfer funds, deposit checks, pay bills, view rates, find ...    34 MB    Views 1122

Big Dreamers

parents career big dreams find
+1    What do you want to be when you grow up? The Big Dreamers App is a fun way to find out. Big Dreamers helps young people explore career options, discover their dream job and map out how to make it a ...    36 MB    Views 8539

Element Mobile

Related Apps find account element information
-5    The Element Federal Credit Union app is an awesome tool to keep you connected to your account and the innovative products and services available at your fingertips. If you can't find the information that you need, let us know and ...    21 MB    Views 4960


0    Use our App to find the area under a normal curve when finding an approximation for a binomial distribution . To find tScore you must choose n value (N) and confidence level (C), our app will show you result in a ...    7 MB    Views 2226
Related Apps calendar finance stocks dates find financial
+3    The Oslo Stock Exchange financial calendar is here. It has never been easier to find out when the quarter results are released Features: See the whole financial calendar by OBX, OSEBX or OSEAX. Search up stocks and find their planned calendar ...    395 kb    Views 8885
reading vale annual report page form find information
+10    Reading Vale's annual report anytime, anywhere just got easier The app is free to download and includes Vale's latest annual report. The Form 20F is Vale's annual report of 2010 pursuant to the United States Securities Exchange Commission's requirements. The Form 20F ...    1 MB    Views 6197

Find my LA Home

Related Apps home find
-4    Enjoy your stroll through my app for all your real estate needs. Find your dream home in Southern California with my Search for Homes feature. Please use this service as often as you desire as I pride myself in being ...    14 MB    Views 5362

Devall Lite

lite percentage keys find large version
0    Devall Lite is the FREE version of the full app Devalluator It's a neat little app designed to make calculating percentages fast and simple. The lite version provides the basic function to work out what the percentage off a given value is. All ...    917 kb    Views 1166

Sum of Sets

sum charges find check
-9    If you have ever received a single check that paid multiple invoices or charges, you know that going through and adding numerous costs until you find the same amount as the check is a long and boring pain. Sum of Sets ...    235 kb    Views 8144
-3    Here you can find the auto insurance quotes or car insurance quotes. We have built this country specific. So, you can find auto insurance quotes for USA, UK, Canada and Australia. So, no need to look anywhere else. You can find great cheap auto ...    54 MB    Views 3923
ipad banking mobile find
+3    Start banking wherever you are with Norrybank Mobile for iPad Available to all Northumberland National Bank Mobile Banking end users. Norrybank Mobile allows you to check balances, pay bills, make transfers, and find locations. Need to find a branch or ...    8 MB    Views 7222
Related Apps calculator mortgage premium loan year rates find
-5    Mortgage Calculator Premium allows you to easily find the present value of a loan, find the needed monthly payment for a loan, and the payoff times for given payments. Mortgage Calculator Premium also looks up the going rates for 30 ...    421 kb    Views 9613

PFCU Mobile Banking

Related Apps banking find pfcu pay locations check mobile
-1    PFCU Mobile Banking allows you to do many things from your cell phone 24 x 7. Features: Check Balances View Transaction History Transfer Funds Pay Loans Pay Bills Online Make Check Deposits Find ATM Locations Find Branch locations Budgeting Customization    6 MB    Views 8541

Wealthtrac Wrap

adviser wrap find
+26    The Wealthtrac Wrap app is an outstanding investor and advisor solutions package introducing a range of financial products, including superannuation, pension and portfolio services. Log in to your MoneyOne dashboard, find an adviser, stay up to date with the latest ...    3 MB    Views 4964

Loan & Mortgage

loan rate mortgage monthly pay fixed find
+27    This loan & mortgage calculator helps to find out how much you will have to pay monthly for a mortgage or a loan with a fixed interest rate. You can calculate any value in the loan equations, so that you can ...    662 kb    Views 3163

Find Your Home

Related Apps home find
+4    Find Your Home App has many powerful tools such as a Mortgage Calculator, Virtual Tours, Contact Info, Property Searches and much more, all in this free app So even if you're a buyer, a seller or just a real estate ...    14 MB    Views 9644

Find a Home

Related Apps home find
-4    Enjoy your stroll through my app for all your real estate needs. Find your dream home in Southern California with my Search for Homes feature. Please use this service as often as you desire as I pride myself in being ...    16 MB    Views 9898

Pasha Bank

mobile bank view find application nearest
+24    Mobile Application is the next generation mobile banking service from Pasha Bank. Mobile App lets you to: Find nearest ATMs and view it on the map Find the nearest branches A quick call to the bank Receive recent currency exchange rates View on the latest financial ...    3 MB    Views 2257


Related Apps locations apply loan find check
+1    Our mobile app allows you much more than just checking your accounts. You can also find our convenient locations, check rates or apply for a loan. Home Banking Check your balance Remote deposit checks Transfer money Pay bills Locations Use the locator ...    3 MB    Views 74

Bank IFSC Info

Related Apps search ifsc bank code codes find
+3    The easiest way to Find IFSC Code for Banks in India is to start by the Bank you are looking for. You can further filter List of IFSC Codes by State, District and City. You can also try our FAST ...    5 MB    Views 7975

Sale Selector

find costs price size ios
+5    You go to the store to buy something and find that out that it comes in two sizes. One size is 18 oz and costs 3.22 and the other one is 27 oz and costs 5.19. Which size has the ...    NAN    Views 5595
calculator bill tip friends friend find
-9    Imagine you're out with your friends and are dining out at your favourite restaurant. When the bill comes you pull out the tip find app and with in a second you can find what each friend owes including the tip. ...    5 MB    Views 8102


Related Apps ipad banking check find accounts transfers
-4    Start banking wherever you are with PNB2GO for iPad Available to all Peoples National Bank online banking customers, PNB2GO for iPad allows you to check balances, make transfers, and find locations. Need to find a Branch or ATM closest to ...    8 MB    Views 2121
Related Apps banking information american accounts account find bank community
-4    Easy 24/7 access to account information and bill payment. To start, just sign up for our online banking service by visiting our official website at If you are already enrolled you are ready to go Monitor Your Accounts See Account Balances Review Transaction History Perform ...    2 MB    Views 3491
Related Apps loan rate mortgage monthly pay fixed find
+5    This loan & mortgage calculator helps to find out how much you will have to pay monthly for a mortgage or a loan with a fixed interest rate. You can calculate any value in the loan equations, so that you can ...    733 kb    Views 1440

Find a Home on MLS

Related Apps home find
+6    Enjoy your stroll through my app for all your real estate needs. Find your dream home in Southern California with my Search for Homes feature. Please use this service as often as you desire as I pride myself in being ...    14 MB    Views 4269
Related Apps banking permanent tsb mobile online find customers
-2    The permanent tsb – mobile banking app lets you use online banking on the go. permanent tsb customers who are registered for online banking can: • Check balances • View recent transactions • Pay bills • Transfer money • Find your nearest branch or ATM • Use ...    4 MB    Views 9201


percentage figure find functions buttons entered
-8    Devalluator is a neat little app designed to make calculating percentages fast and simple. It uses large buttons to input values and hot keys to let you select the percentage you want to apply to a figure. Ideal for shopping environments when ...    435 kb    Views 4552


coupons deals ads find hot
+8    Discover over 160,000 hot deals. Grabit has the best deals and coupons across the top brands in the UK. Browse by category, or find out what's hot right now in the trending section. If you find a deal you like you ...    NAN    Views 7606
Related Apps banking branch mobile find account access
+2    Now a MIDFLORIDA branch is as close as your phone with the tap of your finger you can access Mobile Banking, find a branch, get a quick contact guide or see special promotions. MIDFLORIDA's Mobile Banking allows: • Realtime account balances ...    4 MB    Views 1145

Find Richard Online

-2    Enjoy your stroll through our app for all your real estate needs. Find your dream home in Southern California with our Search for Homes feature. Please use this service as often as you desire as we pride ourselves in being ...    15 MB    Views 8508

Allied Group AR

Related Apps services www find allied group
-8    The Allied Group gives you a new way to look at the world and find out more about our services through your smartphone or tablet. You can give us feedback and learn more about our services through the power of augmented ...    20 MB    Views 4955
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